Chapter 8: Stupid Girl

"Man, I'm tired." Nat said later that night. He was on the couch, watching TV with Rosalina. Rosalina was flipping through the channels and settled on the Ex Factor, a show about girls trying to get back together with their exes from their past. She was cuddled up against Nat and they were both covered by a blanket. A thunderstorm was in full effect outside, with rain pounding against the windows. "Really? This show is so dumb."

"Nat, it is not!" Rosalina denied. "I love watching the romance grow."

"What romance? This show is for a bunch of lame girls who haven't been on dates in years and spend all their time trying to get back with their exes." Nat said. Rosalina moved away from him.

"Why is that so bad?" Rosalina asked.

"Because it's so desperate. I bet you most of those girls cheated on their exes in the first place and then realized they screwed it up and want it all back." Nat said. "Typical stupid girls."

"Wow Nat, thanks…" Rosalina said, getting off the couch and storming out of the apartment downstairs to the street. Nat ran after her and caught up to her in the middle of the street, grabbing her hand.

"What's going on?" Nat asked as the rain pounded on both of them.

"You just described me, down to a tee. I'm that piece of crap girl that belongs on that show." Rosalina said, pulling away from him. "Thanks for letting me know."

"Wait, I didn't mean that…" Nat said, but it was too late. Rosalina had already ran away down the street. Nat ran inside to escape the pouring rain. Around the corner, Rosalina ran to Kristina's house and threw a pebble at her bedroom window. Kristina appeared in a second and saw her best friend standing below her, soaking wet in the pouring rain, with tears running down her face. Kristina was downstairs in a flash and ran outside. Rosalina ran into her arms and started to sob even harder.

"What's wrong hon?" Kristina asked, holding her best friend's head close to her.

"Me..and..Nat got in a big fight…" Rosalina stammered and then she burst into tears. Kristina sat her down on the step and put her arm around Rosalina's shoulder. Rosalina leaned her head onto Kristina's shoulder and continued to cry. Kristina rubbed her back and did the only thing a best friend could do in this situation: be the shoulder to cry on.