Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Kira's Change of Heart

By: Scarlett Skylar (Formerly Blood Scarlet Dark)

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Chapter 1: The beginning of the end

A/N: This story starts around episode 9, when Lacus is taken aboard the Archangel. When Kira returns from the battle after Flay threatens Lacus' life, Kira is asked to watch over her; just to make sure Miss Lacus is not harmed. Hope you all enjoy!

Note: Athrun and Lacus are not engaged; they sent Athrun's team because they are all children of the defense council. (Dearka's dad, Yzak's mom, Nicol's dad, Athrun's dad, and Lacus' dad are all on the defense council.)

"May I ask your name?" Lacus was asking with a friendly smile.

"My name is Kira. Kira Yamato."

"Kira, such a nice name."

"Thank you, Miss Lacus. Are you hungry?"

"A little, yes." She replied with a shy smile, that was full of honesty.

"Would you like to come with me to the cafeteria?" Kira asked Lacus gently.

"Of course."

Together they walked to the cafeteria, with Lacus carrying a happily chattering pink Haro. When they arrived, everyone in the cafeteria which was mostly civilians, turned and stared, Kira could tell Miss Lacus was not comfortable with the change, and the way some of them were gazing at her made him feel uncomfortable and protective of her. He could hear all the whispers, the ones they assumed he didn't because he never commented or defended himself. He took hold of her elbow and led her through the cafeteria, retrieving two trays, and he guided her swiftly back to her room away from all the judging stares and whispers.

"Why are we not eating in the cafeteria Kira?"

"Miss Lacus… I was asked to stay with you, because there are people on board that do not wish you well. I don't think being in large groups like that is a very wise idea at the moment."

"People here wish me harm?" Miss Lacus was alarmed, she knew that the red-haired girl, Flay, didn't like her; but she had hoped she was just an odd one out of the bunch. She didn't want to believe that all naturals were like that.

"Unfortunately, yes. Flay caused quite an uproar earlier. Many people had hoped you would have been sacrificed, to save themselves." Kira was frowning, the whole incident unsettled him and was deeply disturbing. Especially the conduct of Natarle, holding Lacus hostage! It was just absurd.

"Oh my. Well that is just unfortunate."

"Yes, yes it is." Kira said kindly, with a small nod, coming back out of his thoughts. They ate their meals in relative silence; Miss Lacus asking a few questions every now and then, and Kira answered the few he could.

Kira went to return the trays to the cafeteria, and hurried back, he had locked the door; so no one should be able to harm Miss Lacus. When he returned all was well; so they sat and talked for a short time before the door was opened again.

It was Flay, Kira stood moving him body to block Lacus from Flay's view. "Can I help you with something?" Kira sounded tense, and there was a hard edge in his voice, a warning. Flay should be locked in her room, why and how was she here?

Flay didn't say a word, and Kira shifted his weight a bit anxiously, he didn't want to hurt her but he also wouldn't let her harm Lacus. Then Flay started to whisper. "I swore I'd kill her… they killed my father… so I must kill her." Flay had been looking down, and when she finally looked up, Kira saw the crazed look in her eyes; and he saw the knife in Flay's hand, not a second to soon. She lunged at him, "I HAVE TO KILL HER!" Kira was standing fully in front of Miss Lacus, so Flay crashed into him; the knife sinking into his chest, far too close to his heart Lacus was screaming, and as Kira's world started to fade to black, he heard Lieutenant LaFlaga's voice yelling, but he couldn't quite tell what.

Kira's world went totally black then; and he was rushed to the infirmary. The doctor on call was very startled to see Kira with such a bad injury, and had to take a moment to regain his composure before stitching the wound shut after checking for fragments of the knife; Kira also needed a blood transfusion because he had lost far too much, even if he was a coordinator. Kira was going to be out of commission for awhile; he was a coordinator, not immortal.

She was put in hand cuffs and detained, before being taken to a separate part of the ship from everyone else. Lacus explained to the officers what happened, and they were horrified to hear how exactly Kira had been injured.

Miss Lacus requested to stay at Kira's side while he was in the infirmary as she was genuinely concerned for his health, more so since he had been injured protecting her. She was allowed as long as she was not left alone there, usually Lieutenant LaFlaga was the one present.

After a while; Kira woke up, and the Lieutenant left; he was confident in Kira's ability to care for himself.

"How're you feeling?" Miss Lacus asked kindly.

"I feel alright; what happened?" Kira asked her, she explained the best she could, and Kira just nodded. It was late, and Kira seemed disturbed by the events.

"What's wrong?" She asked him, hoping not to upset him worse.

Kira stood and took her hand, covering his lips with the other in a shushing signal. "Please, just stay quiet, and come with me. I think it's time we get you home, where you'll be safer."

Miss Lacus looked a little confused. "You're still injured."

"Yes," he agreed quietly with a nod, "but if you don't get off this ship soon; you may be killed because I wasn't there to interfere." He sounded grim, and she understood.

They made their way to the locker room without incident. Kira gave Miss Lacus a flight suit, and he turned around so she could have some privacy as she changed; she tapped on his shoulder when she was done. She had taken the bottom of her dress off, and put it in the suit; it made her appear to be very pregnant.

They made it into the hanger, and into the Strike, before Murdock noticed them. "KID! What're you doing?" He shouted, his voice echoing in the nearly empty hanger.

Kira had already launched though, he sent a message to the ZAFT ships, informing them of who he was, his intentions, and his demands to cut their engines, and that he was to be met by only the pilot of the Aegis. Athrun Zala.

"Captain! He did this without authorization! We should attack!" Natarle was yelling on the bridge. Lieutenant LaFlaga interrupted, "If we do that, the Strike will attack US!" There was a horrified pause before he added "Maybe." With a helpless shrug. The Captain knew it to be a real possibility and they all knew if that happened they would not stand a chance. If it weren't for Kira they would not have made it this far.

Kira saw the Aegis approaching. "Athrun Zala?" he called out.

"Yes, Kira, it's me." Athrun said, sounding weary. "Very good." Kira said, he and Athrun had both opened their cockpits; and were standing outside the suits. Miss Lacus was holding onto Kira. "Miss Lacus, he can't see your face from here. You'll have to say something, so he is sure it's really you; so he knows it isn't a trick." Kira said turning to her.

"Oh!" Miss Lacus said with a smile, looking surprised she turned to Athrun. "Hello Athrun! It's very nice to see you again!"

"I confirm that it's Lacus." Athrun said, sounding relieved.

"Prepare to receive her then." Kira said calmly, he then assisted her in going over to the Aegis, to Athrun. The ships were watching each other closely, waiting for the other to make a move and start a battle. It was the Vesalius and the Gamow versus the Archangel. It would not be a pretty sight. The Gamow had caught up to the Vesalius and Archangel while Kira was unconscious.

Miss Lacus was safely with Athrun; and Kira felt relief soar through his chest. She would not be harmed by that lunatic, Flay Allster, or any other people on the ArchAngel.

"KIRA! Come with us!" Athrun called, just as Kira had started to turn back to enter the Strike. "What?" Kira said surprised, turning back to Athrun, with a shocked expression. "You don't belong in the Earth Forces! You belong with your own people! Please, Kira!" Miss Lacus laid her hand on Athrun's arm, getting his attention and causing him to fall silent.

The bridges of both ZAFT ships were tense, Athrun had left a link open so they could hear the conversation between the two pilots. Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol were confused; they were not aware that Athrun knew the pilot of the Strike. The captains and Commander LeCruset were tense as well, they were all watching the exchange in surprise. LeCruset was curious to see if Athrun would be able to convince the pilot to come with him or not, he truly did hope Athrun did not have to make good on his promise to shoot down the Strike's pilot. LeCruset ordered the three teenagers to prepare for launch while his own unit was also being prepped for launch. This conversation could be the start of a horrible battle, no matter the child's answer.

"Kira," Miss Lacus called kindly. "You're a truly intelligent individual, and we can both imagine the trouble that this incident will cause you. Civilian or not." There was a pregnant pause. "Please, come with us. You could have been killed by that girl because you were protecting me. I would hate to see you face any further harm on my behalf." Miss Lacus finished worried. "You only woke up an hour ago! You've risked your life for me twice already! Please come with us, where you will be safe." She finished.

Kira looked surprised and torn, he sighed and spoke quietly. "You really make things more complicated."

"Kira! Please come with us!" Athrun said, a near desperate tone in his voice.

There was a very long pause, people on all sides holding their breath.

"I will." Kira said with a nod. Athrun smiled, relief showing on his face. "Thank you Kira. Please, just follow me. You won't regret it!" Kira nodded, and followed his old friend's lead.

"NO!" Natarle yelled from the ArchAngel's bridge. "LAFLAGA! LAUNCH! BRING HIM BACK! NOW!" Captain Ramius was too surprised to contradict her, so Lieutenant LaFlaga was forced to launch, to go after him.

"What the-" Kira said surprised, "Athrun! Get Miss Lacus on board. I'll deal with him." Athrun couldn't argue, he had to keep Lacus safe.

The Duel, Blitz, Buster, and the Commanders mobile armor all launched, as soon as they saw the Archangel's Mobius Zero launch. Kira had turned and intercepted LaFlaga. "KID! What're you doing!"

"I'm leaving lieutenant. Go back, I don't want to hurt you." Kira did only enough damage to force him to return to the ship. It was over before the others had even arrived there. Kira turned and followed Athrun back to the ship.

End of chapter 1

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