"How long?" Peppy Ankylosaurus droned as he panted, the dinosaur duo getting closer to Nabnut's house as they were on the floating wooden platforms.

Yoshi helped Peppy up as he pointed at the giant yellow wooden platform jetting over the entrance garden. "Come on, dude, we're close! Don't give up hope yet!"

Peppy rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "I'm about to give up my lunch if I actually had something in my stomach..."

Yoshi sighed in annoyance as he carried Peppy on his back, fluttering to the yellow wooden platform as he set Peppy down, opening the wooden door as he was about to walk in, only to be blocked off.

"Ey, what the hell?" Yoshi gawked as he shook his head, placing his green hands on his hips.

Peppy squinted, recognizing the figure that blocked Yoshi. He gasped as he shook his head. "Oh no... it can't be..."

Yoshi also recognized the figure, dropping his jaw in disbelief. "Good God, it's..."

The figure revealed himself, laughing as he folded his arms together. "Oh, heya, guys! I don't recall seeing you two in Bedrock! Ahehehe!"

"BARNEY RUBBLE!" Yoshi and Peppy screamed in unison as they held onto each other. "AHHH!"

Barney Rubble continued laughing as he wrapped his right arm around Yoshi. "Ahehehe! That's right! I, uh, was assigned by Arceus to help you two find Nabnut the squirrel. He's a real nutty one, that squirrel! Ahehehe!"

"KILL HIM! KILL HIM!" Peppy exclaimed as he tried smashing Barney on the head with his yellow tail club. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KILL HIM!"

Barney only laughed as he felt nothing from Peppy's various tail club attacks. "Ahehehe! Sorry, Mr. Yellow Ankylosaurus, you can't kill me, for I am immortal." He snapped his fingers as he summoned Eyrie The Eagle, who was a fully grown eagle somehow, jumping on his back. "Now come on! We can't stay in Click Clock Woods! Nabnut went exploring!"

Yoshi sighed as he dropped his arms in disbelief. "Well, I guess we don't have a choice..." He muttered as he climbed onto Eyrie's back, being behind Barney.

Peppy also climbed onto Eyrie, glaring angrily at Yoshi. "We don't have a choice? We could have rejected this guy!" He then slapped Yoshi across the back of his head. "In fact, why the hell didn't you help me? If you attacked at the same time as me, we could have killed him!"

Yoshi rubbed his newly acquired injury on the back of his head with his left hand as he turned to Peppy, feeling sheepish. "Well, I don't want to kill the guy who was assigned to help us... that's just not my style."

Peppy sighed in annoyance as Eyrie cried out, taking flight as he left the Click Clock Wood, with Barney, Yoshi, and Peppy holding on tightly to him.