Me- sup people I am back with my second fanfic!

Yuu- hellooooo world I am here with Shiv-Shiv

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Yuu- Yup

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Yuu- blackstardragon2 does not beyblade metal fight she only owns the oc Simi

Me- sad but true if I DID own beyblade then Yuu would defiantly have a love interest

Yuu- Really?

Me- yup and I would I at least 100 video games now on with the story

.Start of Story .

Simi's Point of View

I can't believe this how the hell did I get in to this mess anyway?


I was on my computer scanning trough o bunch of different volenterley jobs. I had to put in at least 50 hours of community service for my Girl Scout patch, but what should I do? Pet shop helper? No. Elederley care giver? No. Nurse? Hmmmm…. Why not?


Oh, that's how. I can't believe I am stuck being a nurse in the WBBA hospital. Now I am running around like an idiot trying to make it to my next patient in time.

I glance at my clipboard and see room # 9. Shit I cursed at myself because room # 9 is on the other side of the building. I am gonna have to go faster if I ever wanna make it to lunch time.

I secured my caramel clipboard and took off. My long white lab coat fluttered in my attempts to reach the room.

About 5 minutes later I reached room # 9 but being the clumsy fool I am, I ran straight into the wall. Of course I tough to myself while recovering over the slight headache.

I picked up my clipboard and walked in the room. I did not see the small figure on the bed at first because I was looking down at my clipboard.

Name- Tendo, Yuu

Age- 11

Room #- 9

Incident- Severe injuries during beybattle

Diagnosis- Broken arm, broken leg, broken ribs dislocation of right foot, cracked fingers and cracked skull

Wow, this kid is my age I thought. I wonder what he looks like so I glanced up and what I saw made me drop my clipboard.

I saw a small boy about my high. He had bright orange hair and beautiful pale skin. Unfortunately for the poor boy his beautiful skin was bruised everywhere.

I walked over to him. He started to stir. I touched his shoulder with one hand and his eyes began to open a little. Soon they opened all the way and I saw that they were the most brigthest shade of emerald green I had ever seen. They were beautiful. He was beautiful.

"Hi" I whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

End of Chapter

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