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Chapter 16: A Light of Forgetfulness

"Let me go, you pious bastard!" Olivia snarled, kicking and punching his arm to make Octavian let her go as he dragged her into a clearing with the rest of the group.

He finally stopped and roughly shoved her onto her feet, making her stumble away from him before she turned a burning glare to him and charged at him with a roar of rage. She was intercepted by River when she stepped between the two, gripping Olivia's raised wrists when she tried to strangle the Bishop.

"Olivia! Stop!" River urged, struggling against the girl's strength. "He's trying to help us! He was just doing what the Doctor told us to! You can't strangle the man trying to get us out of here!"

Olivia growled, shoving her hands sideways, making River lose her grip on her wrists, but Olivia was still fuming with a burning fire in her jade eyes.

"No!" she growled, looking River in the eye. "The Doctor is the one trying to get us out of here and we might've just left him for dead! That's not helping!"

"Getting yourself killed isn't going to help either!" River snapped as Olivia glared at her, gritting her teeth. "And you know full well the Doctor will get out of it! He gets out of everything!"

Olivia continued glaring at her before her peripheral vision caught Amy swaying on her feet and her glare instantly dropped, drawing River's attention to Amy as well.

"Amy?" Olivia called, both of them hurrying toward her, River holding onto Amy's arms as Olivia looked her over. She looked ready to puke.

"Amy, what's wrong?" River questioned her.

"Four," Amy blurted, making Olivia's eyes widen at her.

"Sit her down," she instructed, guiding Amy to sit on the rock they were gathered around and when Amy clutched at her head, she gently ordered, "Lie down, Amy."

"Med-scanner, now!" River ordered one of the clerics as Amy curled up in the fetal position on the rock, Olivia kneeling at her head and brushing her hair from her face, stroking the red locks soothingly.

River sat at her feet on the rock with the med-scanner as Octavian called, "Doctor Song, we can't stay here. We've got to keep moving."

Olivia turned a glare to him as River busied herself with putting the blood pressure cuff on Amy's arm.

"We wait for the Doctor," Olivia snapped at him, drawing his attention to her in the form of a glare that she met with her own.

"Our mission is to make this wreckage safe and neutralize the Angels," he ground out at her as he approached them. "Until that is achieved—"

"Father Octavian," River snapped, still strapping the cuff to Amy's arm. "When the Doctor's in the room, your one and only mission is to keep him alive long enough to get everyone else home."

"Not an easy mission," Olivia chimed in, glaring at Octavian, but it was River that spoke for them both as she stood tall to look at Octavian.

"Now, if he's dead back there, I'll never forgive myself, and if he's alive, I'll never forgive him," she shot back. "And Doctor, you're standing right behind me, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah."

Olivia shot her gaze up in the direction of his voice, and her face lit up with a grin as River turned to look at him.

"I hate you," River smirked.

"You don't," the Doctor smirked back.

"Doctor!" Olivia shouted, scrambling to her feet and rushing toward him. He grunted when she landed against his chest, throwing her arms around his neck to pull him close as he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her in turn. "I'm so glad you're safe." She pulled back with a frown and looked him over before meeting his gaze to ask, "Where's your jacket?"

"Who needs a jacket when I run to keep warm?" he smirked, avoiding the question and she opened her mouth to reply, but he was heading toward the group. "Bishop, the Angels are in the forest."

He rushed toward Amy, Olivia right behind him as Octavian gave orders to his men and the Doctor knelt at her head, Olivia next to him.

"How did you get past them?" River questioned with wide eyes.

"I found a crack in the wall and told them it was the end of the universe," he replied, casually.

"What was it?" Amy asked, weakly as she still lay on the rock.

"The end of the universe," he replied, taking the monitor in River's hand to look at it. "Let's have a look, then."

"So what's wrong with me?" Amy wondered as Olivia gently stroked her cheek and hair to sooth her.

"Nothing, you're fine," River replied, and just then the monitor in the Doctor's hand beeped wildly.

"Everything, you're dying," he blurted.

"Doctor!" River chided, incredulously as she shot wide eyes at him in disbelief.

"Right, 'cause if we lie to her she'll magically get better!" Olivia snapped at River.

The Doctor tossed the monitor away saying, "Amy, Amy, Amy, what's the matter with Amelia? Something's in her eye…"

"But what does that mean?" Olivia asked him. "Does it mean anything?"

"Doctor," Amy groaned.

"Busy," he replied.

"Scared!" she shot back, desperately.

"Course you're scared," he retorted. "You're dying. Shut up!"

"That's going a little far now, Doctor!" Olivia snapped before looking back at Amy to murmur, "He needs to think."

"What happened?" the Doctor recalled, standing to pace near them. "She stared at the Angel, she looked into the eyes of an Angel for too long…"

River looked over Amy as Olivia looked up at the Doctor to watch him pace and ruffle his hair in thought, ignoring the calls of the clerics that the Angels were moving in.

"Come on," he groaned at himself. "Come on! Wakey, wakey! She watched an Angel climb out of the screen, she stared at the Angel and…and…"

"The Image of an Angel is an Angel," Amy replied, weakly.

"A living mental image in a living human mind," the Doctor continued, coming back to them to kneel near Amy's head again. "We stare at them to stop them getting closer, we don't even blink, and that is exactly what they want, 'cause as long as our eyes are open they can climb inside. There's an Angel in her mind!"

He slapped a hand over his mouth, staring down at Amy as Olivia and River stared wide eyes at him in disbelief and terror.

"Three," Amy blurted and the Doctor shot to his feet to reach into one of his pockets on his pants. "Doctor, it's coming. I can feel it. I'm gonna die!"

"Please just shut up," the Doctor blurted. "I'm thinking. Now counting – what's that about?"

The Doctor lifted the com to ask, "Bob, why are they making her count?"

"To make her afraid, Sir," Angel Bob replied from the com.

"Ok, but why? What for?"

"For fun, Sir."

Olivia shot her gaze to him and watched him growl before throwing the com with all his might into the ground, no doubt busting it and she swallowed in fear. They'd made him even more angry now, and things were gonna get bad…for them.

"Doctor, what's happening to me?" Amy asked, weakly. "Explain."

"Inside your head, in the vision centers of you brain, there's an Angel," he explained, stepping toward her again to sit on the rock next to her head. "It's like there's a screen, a virtual screen inside your mind and the Angel is climbing out of it, and it's coming…to shut you off."

"Then what do I do?" Amy shuddered.

"If it was a real screen, what would we do?" the Doctor wondered, glancing between Olivia and River. "We'd pull the plug. We'd kill the power. But we can't just knock her out. The Angel would just take over!"

"Well, then what?" River wondered. "Quickly."

"We've got to shut down the vision centers of her brain!" the Doctor explained. "We've got to pull the plug. Starve the Angel."

"Doctor, she's got seconds," River reported, looking to the monitor.

"How would you starve your lungs?" the Doctor questioned.

"I'd stop breathing," River replied, distracted, but listening at the same time.

"Amy, close your eyes," Olivia ordered her.

"No…no, I don't want to," Amy groaned, pathetically.

"That's not you, Amy," Olivia insisted as the Doctor slid up next to Olivia but she kept eye contact with Amy. "That's the Angel not wanting you to. You can do it Amy. Close your eyes. It's like your hand, remember? You couldn't move it but it wasn't stone. Just close your eyes. You can do it."

She looked to her in fear before she somehow willed herself to close her eyes and Olivia looked to River as the monitor beeped again, the Doctor looking to her as well.

"She's normalizing," River breathed, looking to Olivia as they all breathed a sigh of relief and Olivia bowed her head with her sigh before lifting her head and stroking Amy's hair with a smile. "Olivia, you did it."

"No, I didn't," Olivia smiled, making both River and the Doctor look to her with frowns each before she explained, "Amy did it."

"Yes, she did," the Doctor smiled before kneeling closer to Olivia to press a kiss to her head, murmuring, "But you helped."

Amy slowly sat herself up and River monitored her vitals before pulling the cuff from her arm. The Doctor stood to step in front of Amy to look at her as she kept her eyes closed.

"Still weak," River reported. "Dangerous to move her."

"So can I open my eyes now?" Amy wondered.

"Amy, listen to me," the Doctor ordered, gently. "If you open your eyes now for more than a second, you will die. The Angel is still inside you. We haven't stopped, it. We've just sort of…paused it. You've used up your countdown. You cannot open your eyes."

River wrapped an arm around Amy's arms as Olivia slung one over her shoulders, both trying to comfort her.

"Doctor, we're too exposed here," Octavian called. "We have to move on."

"We're too exposed everywhere and Amy can't move," Olivia snapped, looking over her shoulder to glare at the Bishop, which he returned.

"And anyway, that's not the plan," the Doctor chimed in, drawing her attention back to him.

"There's a plan?" River and Olivia replied in unison, making them glance at each other with smirks as the Doctor glared comically between the two of them.

"I don't know yet," he muttered before climbing onto a rock. "I haven't finished talking. Right! Father, you and your clerics, you're gonna stay here with, look after Amy. If anything happens to her, I'll hold every single one of you personally responsible…twice. River, you and me, we're gonna go find the primary flight deck, which is…" He licked his finger and moved until he was facing Amy and River again. "Quarter of a mile straight ahead, and from there we're gonna stabilize the wreckage, stop the Angels and cure Amy."

"How?" River blurted as he ran back to step in front of her, Amy and Olivia.

"I'll do a thing," he replied.

"What thing?" Olivia frowned.

"I don't know," he retorted. "It's a thing in progress, respect the thing. Moving out!"

Olivia stood, her mouth open and about to say something but Octavian spoke instead.

"Doctor, I'm coming with you," the Bishop announced, approaching the Doctor and River stood to head toward them. "My clerics will look after Miss Pond. These are my best men. They'd lay down their lives in her protection."

"I don't need you," the Doctor replied as Olivia watched them from her spot.

"I don't care," Octavian retorted. "Where Doctor Song goes, I go."

"What?" the Doctor blurted, wondering if he'd heard right before he looked to River as she stood next to them then looked back at Octavian to ask, "You two engaged of something?"

Octavian looked to her before looking back at the Doctor, "Yes. In a manner of speaking. Marco! You're in charge till I get back."

His man replied in the affirmative as Octavian walked ahead with River.

"Doctor," Amy called, drawing his attention to her. "Please, can't I come with you?"

"You'd slow us down, Miss Pond," Octavian called before he was out of sight as Olivia sat back down with Amy and glared at him.

"Don't wanna sound selfish, but you'd really speed me up," Amy shot back, making Olivia smirk at her as the Doctor sat on the other side of Amy.

"You'll be safer here," the Doctor explained. "We can't protect you on the move. I'll be back for you as soon as I can. I promise."

"You always say that," Amy retorted, sounding like a pouting child and making Olivia smile.

"I always come back," he replied before looking around to stand and Olivia could tell he felt awkward. "Good luck, everyone. Behave. Do not let that girl open her eyes. And keep watching the forest. Stop those Angels advancing. Amy…later. River! Gonna need your computer!"

"Amy, don't move, I'll be right back," Olivia murmured into her ear before standing and hurrying after the Doctor when her ran off and he stopped nearby with his back toward Amy. "Hey! Bowtie Boy!"

He turned to look at her as she approached, stepping next to him and he turned back to examine his Sonic.

"You didn't tell me where to go," she noticed, setting her hands on her hips. "Too many women for you to keep up with?"

"Oh, stop," he shot back with a slight sneer, lowering his screwdriver. "I just thought you'd do as you usually do and never what I tell you to."

"Well, here I am, ready to take orders," she retorted, lifting her hands to present herself before they slapped back to her sides. "Where do you want me?"

"Stay with Amy."


"You see?! You always pick the most inopportune times to argue with me! You want a row? Wait till we're safe and sound in the TARDIS, not being chased down by an army of hungry Weeping Angels!"

"I thought you were gonna ask me to come with you."

"Look," the Doctor sighed, taking her arms in his hands to look into her eyes. "I know you hate being separated from me, but Amy needs you right now. I'll come back for you, I promise. You know I will."

Olivia swallowed before giving a reluctant nod and he smiled down at her before glancing to where Octavian and River had disappeared, making sure they weren't looking. He tilted Olivia's head to bring her gaze to his and leaned in, pressing his lips tenderly to hers. She had the urge to deepen the kiss, but knew she couldn't…they didn't have time. He pulled away and pressed another kiss to her cheek before smiling down at her again.

"Kiss for luck," he murmured. "And I'll see you in a bit."

Olivia couldn't help but smile before she nodded again and he grinned then took off down the trail. She sighed as she watched him disappear before turning to head back to Amy.

"Well, he's as mysterious as ever," she sighed, plopping next to Amy and looking to her as she obediently kept her eyes closed.

"Tell me about it," Amy agreed, making Olivia scoff with a frown before looking around at the clerics with them, four in all and Amy sighed, "So…what's happening? Anything happening out there?"

"The Angels are still grouping," one of the men replied, and Olivia straightened when the lights around them flickered. "You gettin' this too?"

"The trees?" one of the others called out. "Yeah."

"What? What's wrong with the trees?" Amy asked Olivia whose eyes were darting around the clearing.

"The lights are flickering," Olivia replied, taking one of Amy's hands for her comfort and in case they had to make a run for it.

"They're ripping the tree-borgs apart," one of the clerics reported to his leader.

"They're taking out the lights!" another called.

"I can't see," Amy breathed to Olivia.

"The trees are going out," Olivia replied, looking around. "Soon we'll all be in the same boat as you."

She couldn't see the Angels, but she knew the clerics could and tried to keep calm as they called out that they were advancing. Amy stood, taking Olivia with her and Olivia gripped her arm as Amy tried to look through her eyelids.

"What is it?" Amy asked her. "Just tell me!"

"Amy, don't open your eyes," Olivia ordered her. "Keep them shut. The Angels are coming in. If they get past the clerics we may have to—"

She was cut off when a bright light to their right shone through the forest, drawing her attention to it and making her frown at it through a squint.

"What is that?" she breathed, making Amy turn her head to her.

"What's what?" Amy asked.

"The ship's not on fire, is it?" one of the clerics asked, making the rest of them look to the light.

"It can't be," another replied. "The compressors would have taken care of it."

"What is it?" Amy asked Olivia again as they all stared at the light.

"There's a bright light coming from beyond the forest," Olivia explained. "I can't really see what it is."

"Marco, the Angels have gone," one of the clerics called, making Olivia shoot a frown at him in wonder. "Where'd they go?"

"What, the Angels?" Amy echoed, facing Olivia who still frowned in confusion.

"This side's clear too, Sir," another cleric called.

"The Angels have gone?" Olivia questioned.

"There's still movement out there," one of them replied. "But away from us now. It's like they're running."

"Running from what though?" Olivia breathed as she looked back at the light, suddenly finding something very familiar about its glow. But if it was what she thought it was, how could it be here and back at the secondary flight deck?

"Phillip, Crispin," Marco called, pointing to the light and calling, "Need to get a closer look at that."

"Uh…Marco? I don't think that's such a good idea!" Olivia advised, but Phillip and Crispin were already following their orders and heading for the light.

"What are you all looking at?" Amy called in frustration that she couldn't see. "What's there?"

"It's like…a curtain of energy, kind of shifting," Olivia explained as best she could, not wanting to alarm Amy since she had panicked when she saw the crack earlier.

"Makes you feel weird," Marco added as he and the other cleric stepped to either side of the girls, all staring at the light. "Sick."

"And you think it scared the Angels?" Amy guessed.

"What could scare those things?" Pedro, the other cleric, wondered.

Olivia frowned at Amy when she shifted on her feet, turning in her spot and asked, "Amy, what are you doing?"

"Point me at the light," Amy ordered.

"You can't open your eyes," Olivia shot back.

"Can't open them for more than a second," Amy replied. "That's what the Doctor said. Still got a bit of countdown left."

"Amy, you can't," Olivia ground out. "You wanna die?!"

"Miss Felton is right, ma'am," Marco agreed. "I'd advise against—"

"I need to see it!" Amy cut in, making Olivia sigh in defeat. She was sure the Doctor was gonna chew her out for this later. "Am I looking the right way? I have to be quick."

Olivia gritted her teeth before moving her in the right position and it took Amy a moment before she finally opened her eyes. They widened in terror when she saw it.

"It's the same shape," she breathed. "It's the crack in my wall."

"Alright, Amy, close your eyes!" Olivia ordered, her hands on her shoulders.

"It's following me. How can it be following me?"


Olivia followed Amy down when she fell to her knees, Marco kneeling next to them and Olivia covered Amy's eyes when she started whimpering. She felt Amy's eyelashes brush her hand, indicating her eyes were now closed and she lowered her hand to look Amy over.

"Is she alright?" Marco hoped.

"I think so," Olivia nodded, not looking away from her. "Amy?"

"Yeah," Amy whispered. "I'm fine. Olivia…it was the same shape."

"I know," Olivia murmured back, wrapping an arm around Amy's arms to rub her arm soothingly. "I know."

"Marco, you want me to get a closer look at that?" Pedro asked, making Olivia frown at him in wonder, but her frown turned to Marco when he gave his approval.

"Don't get too close," Marco called as Pedro began heading away from the three.

"Wait, shouldn't we just wait for the other two to come back?" Olivia wondered to Marco, making him frown at her in absolute confusion.

"What other two?" Marco asked, making Olivia's frown deepen.

"The ones you sent before," Amy vouched, turning a frown in his direction.

"I didn't send anyone before," Marco replied, making Olivia's eyes widen at him.

"Yes, you did," Olivia argued, gently. "Phillip and Crispin. Remember? I told you it was a bad idea but they went ahead anyway."

"Crispin and who?" Marco frowned.

Olivia shook her head in confusion, but it was Amy that spoke up.

"Phillip," she urged him to remember. "Crispin and Phillip. I heard you send them!"

"Ladies, there never was a Crispin or Phillip on this mission, I promise you," Marco insisted.

"No, I heard you," Amy continued. "Before you sent Pedro, you sent Crispin and Phillip and now you can't even remember them."

"Something must've happened," Olivia theorized to herself. "Don't know what, but how can you not remember them?"

She looked to Marco who was frowning again, making her frown in wonder in return.

"Pedro?" he echoed in wonder and Olivia frown fell.

"Yeah," Amy replied. "Before you sent Pedro."

"Who's Pedro?" Marco questioned.

"Not again," Olivia breathed, sitting back on her feet and placing a hand over her mouth in thought.

"Something's happening," Amy agreed with Olivia. "Pedro was here a second ago, and now you can't even remember him!"

"There never was a Pedro," Marco replied. "There's only ever been the three of us here."

"No," Amy insisted. "There were six of us. Why can't you remember?"

"Listen," Marco said, turning to Olivia. "I need to get a look at that light, whatever it is."

"Don't!" Olivia objected, shaking her head as she stared wide eyes at him.

"Don't worry," he assured them. "I won't get too close."

"No, you can't," Amy objected as well. "You mustn't!"

"Here," Marco replied, ignoring them both as he pulled his communicator from his bag and handed it to Olivia. "Spare communicator. I'll stay in touch the whole time."

"You won't," Amy argued, shaking her head. "Because if you go back there what happened to the others will happen to you!"

"There weren't any others!" Marco argued back.

"There won't be any you if you go toward that light!" Olivia snapped back.

"Two minutes," he assured them. "I promise."

"Stupid!" Olivia growled, shooting to her feet to march after him. "Come back!"

"Olivia! Don't leave me!" Amy called, grabbing her hand and pulling her back and Olivia stepped back to her side but didn't kneel as she let Amy hold her hand.

"I'm not leaving," she assured Amy, gripping her hand as she looked around then handed her the com. "Here, try this."

Amy obeyed and spoke into the com, "Hello? Are you there? Hello?"

"I'm here," Marco replied from the com. "I'm fine. I'm quite close to it now."

"Then come back," Amy urged. "Come back now, please."

"It's weird lookin' at it. It feels really…"

Olivia looked to Amy when she heard feedback on the com and gave a shaky sigh, knowing whatever had got the other clerics got him too.

"Really what?" Amy called. "Hello? Really what?"

"Amy, you can stop," Olivia murmured, kneeling next to her.

"Please say you're there!" Amy urged, desperately into the com. "Hello? Hello!"

"He's gone, Amy," Olivia whispered, wrapping her arm around her again. "Just like the others. We're on our own, now."

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