This is not a chapter, just an info page.

I am making a love story about Beck Oliver and Tori Vega.

When you start reading it, you may think it is cliché. Trust me, it isn't.

Beck Oliver: rich, arrogant superstar

Tori Vega, simple, middle-class girl.

What happens when their worlds collide?

This story is not related to Hollywood Arts and such, but all the characters are in it, and I am trying to represent them in the best way. Some may be a little out of character at times, but this story is basically new characters and new personalities.

Each chapter will be short due to school work, etc, etc. So, I will try my best to keep updating. I know I will if I get fantastic reviews!

Thanks for reading, just click 'next' to read the first chapter.

I love all of my reviewers. Happy reading.