This is my first fanfic so please be nice and review! :) I refuse to believe that Lexie is dead in the world of Grey's Anatomy so I began to read Slexie fanfics which later on inspired me to write one of my own as in fanfiction world, Lexie still lives on. In my fanfic, Lexie doesn't pursue a relationship with Alex Karev and only has that one night with him.

Lexie sighed as she opened up the bathroom cabinet, after the unexpected turn that her conversation with Mark went, she couldn't understand how she was made out to be the bad guy even though Mark had slept with Addison. Addison. Of all the people Mark could've slept with, it had to be her. Lexie could feel rage consume her and she began to mentally kick herself for not standing up to Mark when she had the chance. Instead she just stood there like a deer caught in headlights. Lexie then rummaged through the bathroom cabinet, desperate to find some sleeping pills so she could finally get some sleep. Facing Mark tomorrow would be an uphill battle and she was going to need all the rest she could get.

"Hey Lexie, did my speech seem...chief-y to you?" Derek asked as she walked into his new office.

"Erm yeah, it was fine. Great in fact." Lexie lied.

"Are you sure?" Derek asked not totally convinced.

Lexie completely ignored Derek's subtle plea for reassurance and went straight into the topic of Mark. If anyone knew Mark, it was Derek so Lexie decided to vent to him with hopes that Derek would maybe talk to Mark for her or give her some much needed advice.

"Mark still won't even look at me. I mean I know what I did was wrong but he slept with Addison. In fact, he slept with Addison twice! I just found out from Callie. He wasn't even going to tell me that he slept with her twice so I would stay the bad guy. Well you know what? I am done with him. If he wants to-"

"Lexie, Lexie!" Derek yelled over Lexie's ranting.


"I am not having this conversation with you. Get out."

Lexie gasped, expecting a much different reaction.

"We are at the hospital which means I'm not your brother in law but your boss so no personal stuff."


"Lexie!" Derek warned.

"Fine, I'm leaving."

Lexie walked out of Derek's office and bumped right into Mark. She froze and stood waiting in front of him, hoping for some sort of reaction from him but Mark looked down and walked past her as if she wasn't even there. Lexie scoffed at Mark's reaction but could feel her heart aching...or maybe it was indigestion. Whatever it was, Lexie was in pain and she wanted it to stop.

As Lexie got changed and made her way to the elevator, she regretted even coming in that day. The whole day, Mark had completely dismissed her existence. It hurt that he could pretend she didn't exist, as if their whole relationship didn't matter…as if he didn't care about her anymore. She could feel herself tearing up at the thought that Mark no longer cared about her, no longer loved her. Just as she looked up, she saw Mark get onto to the elevator. Her heart sunk when she saw the disappointment on his face as he realised who she was. It sunk even deeper when Mark had tried to walk out of the elevator until it closed in his face. Lexie slightly turned her face away so Mark couldn't see the tears from her face and as soon as she heard the elevator doors opened, she ran out as fast as she could.