Lexie rushed to the hospital, Meredith was vague about the accident except that Noah was with Arizona meaning he was safe and sound. She saw Meredith and Noah waiting for her near the entrance; Lexie took Noah from Meredith's arms and squeezed him tight for comfort.

"How bad is it?" She asked a quiet Meredith.

"Mark's seems to be doing well but Callie…its pretty bad."

"Oh god. Can I see Mark?"

"Yeah, I'll take Noah then."

Lexie gave Noah back and made her way to Mark's room. Mark was awake and barking orders at the interns assigned to him; he was mainly asking them to check on Callie but Lexie also heard him ask if Addison was nearby. Lexie's heart sunk, she knew how much Addison means to Mark and was afraid of losing Mark to her. Lexie gathered up as much courage as she could find and walked into the room.

"Hey." Lexie said with a smile; she gave a look at the interns which prompt them to leave the room.

"Hey." Mark mumbled, he showed no emotion on his face which upset Lexie.

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine, I just wish they would let me out of this bed so I can be with Callie."

"Everyone is taking care of her, don't worry. She's in the best hands."

Mark just rolled his eyes at Lexie, making her feel even more self-concious.

"What's wrong?"

"What's wrong is that my best friend who happens to be pregnant with my baby has been in a car accident and you being here is just making things worse!"

"Oh, well then…I'll go." Lexie said, quickly leaving so Mark wouldn't see the tears falling down her face.

"Lexie, wait!" Mark called out, realising he was in the wrong; he just needed to take his frustration out on someone.

Later on, Lexie was snuggled up to Noah on Meredith's sofa, she was too upset to go home herself so Meredith invited her over.

"He hates me." Lexie muttered to herself. "He actually hates me."

"I'm sure he doesn't." Meredith replied as she walked into the room.

"No, you should've seen him. He couldn't even stand me being in the same room."

"He's probably still in shock. And worried about Callie and the baby."

"Even before that, he was so bitter towards me. What do I do Meredith?"

"Tell him how you feel."

"What if that isn't enough for him?"

"Then you move on."

"How am I supposed to move on?!"

"Lexie, you and Mark are even more complicated than me and Derek so do me a favour and just do something or do nothing but don't ask me for advice."

"I guess I'm going to talk to him then…tomorrow though."

Meredith rolled her eyes at Lexie. Suddenly the phone began to ring, Meredith got up to answer it and Lexie saw the irritated look on her face.

"That's great." She said dully. "Yes, I am glad for them Derek but you're making her out to be a god or something."

Meredith huffed as she hung up the phone.

"Callie and the baby are fine, thanks to Addison." Meredith spat the last part out sarcastically.

"Oh thank god." Lexie sighed, full of relief.

It had been two months since Lexie went to see Mark; two months and Lexie still couldn't get over what had happened. All she could do was punish herself for not loving her own baby right from the beginning and maybe none of this would've happened. She was back living in Meredith's house but had upgraded from the attic bedroom to an actual room so it would be suitable for when Noah was over. Lexie was surprised when Mark agreed to shared custody but realised it was only because he was spending that time in LA with Addison.