Chapter one.

I don't own Hetalia, though I DO own the fifty states mentioned in this fic. You will meet them, ALL OF THEM.

England attempted to stop the idiot American at the door, when the time came to leave. "America! Hold on! Will you stay still and talk to me?" England called out, America called out over his shoulder "Sorry dude! I gotta get home to, uh, feed my cat?" that was the worst lie England ever heard, "You ijit! You don't own a cat!" America ran "I got one, as of now!" England had never seen the American more panicked in his life.

What was he hiding that he had to go home directly after a meeting without talking to anyone? Come to think of it, America had seemed rather tired lately, as of he wasn't sleeping enough anymore. America had almost dozed off half way into his Hero Speech. The git was drinking coffee by the gallons, his eyes were bloodshot with dark bags under them. His hair messier than usual, as if he hadn't washed or brushed it in days. The idiot even talked less, and when he did, it was hushed and sleepy. It was pretty scary to watch all this happen to the energetic fool so quickly. England decided to alert the other nations about it, starting with Japan. "Ah, Ingurando-san!" England bowed quickly and said "Hello Japan, have you noticed that America's been acting strange lately?" Japan looked at him. "Hai, I have noticed Amerika-kun hasn't tried to invite me over for movies ratery." England nodded, just as he suspected, America was avoiding the other nations. To double check, England went and spoke to the other nations. America was even avoiding Italy! "That's it! We need to know what's been going on!" The other nations nodded, for once they were all in agreement. The whole WORLD went to America's home in Washington D.C. Though, I'm going to skip how they got there. Just so your aware, it involved long plane rides, hot sticky buses and rude taxi drivers, that's you need to know.

America groaned, his bed right now, had never been so tantalizing, just a mere floor away. So close yet, so far. "PAPÁ! Phoenix won't stop pulling my hair!" Fey yelled as she darted down the hall with Arizona in tow "DON'T LISTEN TO HER PADRE! SHE'S LYING!" the two came at him full speed. The twins. Or, one set of them. America couldn't believe he managed to have so many kids without him knowing! There were only two kids out of fifty that didn't drive him up the wall. Alaska and Hawaii. And they were physically two. Well, Hawaii was two, Alaska was an infant, maybe six months, though, she could talk. His first words were "Coke a cola- Kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol." though the last bit was always ignored. "¡Phoenix y Santa Fe! Don't be so loud, please? Papá hasn't slept in a while, couldn't you, I don't know, play nicely for once?" The two apologized and zoomed off. Of course, two seconds later, America heard a vase crash. Oh, he could just cry. When these kids came at his front door three weeks ago claiming to be his kids, he almost slammed the door on them. Then, he had seen the uncanny similarities they all shared with him. The fifty of them were named after the capitals of their state. Massachusetts was named Boston, though her new human name was Jessie Jones. Jessie was a genius, though she was only sixteen. She graduated from Harvard, Yale, and MIT, all in three days. She had sandy blonde hair with a Nantucket strand, and two star shaped hair clips. Her eyes were different than America's though, her's were a hazel color. Phoenix and Santa Fey were Latino with black hair and elvish features. They're eyes were sky blue. Like his. Hawaii was similar, but her skin was tanned almost to a point were gold looked dingy. Her hair had blonde streaks and her eyes were the same shade as his. Alaska almost scared him, he wasn't a hundred percent sure Juneau was a boy or a girl. He never had to change the diaper. Food obviously went in, but nothing ever seemed to come out. But, the baby had pale white skin, and platinum blonde hair that was cropped in Ukraine's style, though it had Belarus's face shape, and finally Russia's nose. It wasn't NEARLY as big as Russia's, but it was pretty large. He only knew this baby was his kid by the way it knew he was it's father, the patriotic pride it has by seeing the American flag, and it's eyes were his to every last detail. His thoughts were interrupted by a pounding at the door.

Phew! Long chapter! Hope you like it so far, it's a lot of fun writing these! My favorite so far is little Juneau. Better learn your capitals if you want to understand this!

Ameriko, out.