Okay, so I was a wee bit grounded, but I'm back and that's all that matters, right? Anyways, here's your America's states, personified! hope you enjoy!

America frowned how on earth was he going to get them to his big sister's house unnoticed? He couldn't do field trip because it was winter break, and having other nations drive them was out of the question unless it was Japan. He snapped his fingers, Canada! Canada could drive them with him! It was genius! "Yo Canada! Can you help me drive the kids up there?!" He asked with his voice booming; Canada obviously cringed away from the phone because there was a slight pause before answering "S-sure America…why not? It is the holidays after all…"

"Great! When can you get here?"

"…give me a half an hour."

America stood outside thirty minutes later as Canada rolled up in a bus, a try-hard expression on his face "Go get those kids…" America was half expecting him to pull out a bazooka and shoot down enemies and hide underneath cardboard boxes [Metal Gears reference anyone?] "Sure thing Snake." America chuckled; Canada just tightened the cloth wrapped around his head. Fifty two people (counting Tony and himself) go on board that bus and drove all the way to Canada's home.

When America entered, he had just enough time to hand Canada Tony and Juno before a battle axe flew and almost hit him "Dang it sis! Can't we do this later?!" America said as he dived for oddly *cough cough* not *cough cough* placed Viking helmet. A Viking-like woman appeared "No! You must train!"

"It's the holidays! Have a heart!"


America sighed "Fine! Just get it over with it would ya Newfoundland?!" He demanded as he braced for impact. The flat side hit him, sending him flying through the air. "WOAH! She hit dad!" Shouted Vermont. Forty nine children soared as they tackled Newfoundland "Having children do your bidding brother? How low."

"They're not. They're doing their own bidding." He muttered sourly. "I never told them to attack, they're fightin' for their dad. I guess they didn't like you hitting me with that ax sis."

After that little predicament was finished, they got to the presents! England and the other nations had jokingly bought t-shirts with the state flags on the front. America thought it was quite cute, the kids begged to differ. After the last of the presents, America went to go start dinner when there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" Chirped Solid Canada [Again, Metal Gears reference anyone?] "Hello Ameri- er- Canada!" Finland came inside in a big red Santa suit. Sweden and Hanatamago… England(?!)wore matching reindeer outfits while England's nose was painted red. Ladonia and Sealand wore bright green elf suits "Happy Holidays!" Peter and England said. England, despite looking ridiculous, had a bright smile plastered to his face and it looked genuine. "And a Merry Christmas! Well, I heard there was some good little boys and girls here that deserved some Christmas presents, I wonder where they are~?" Finland said teasingly as he got on his tiptoes, hand as a visor while craning his neck. Honolulu giggled and said "Here we are Santa!" Finland faked surprised "I guess Mr. Claus was right! There ARE some good little boys and girls here!" Canada chuckled "Glad I don't have to go get presents for kids. Hard enough buying fifty three for America's family alone!" Finland just gave him a sad 'Oh geez, you're screwed for life boy' smile. "What?"

"Nothing!" Finland said quickly and returned to the presents. "Now this one is for you~" he handed Juno a small plastic shovel. "Coka Cola-kolkolkolkolkolkolkol~!" She squealed "And last but not least, for you, Lilo. A little Japanese birdie told me you wanted this, he couldn't come because his boss is making him stay home. So here you go!" He handed her a small black and white puppy with a cropped tail and Japan's eyes. America sweatdropped "Geez, it looks like Japan…"


"I too have heard what you wanted Lilo, so I give you this." Newfoundland handed Lilo a small black bundle "This is Morning Hour, treat him kindly Lilo." The lizard looked up and hiccuped. "HOLY!" Blue fire burst from it's mouth. "It already shoots lasers and knows karate, it just need to learn to fly."


Thus turning into the strangest Christmas, ever.

Sorry for the delay! Well, hope you enjoyed!

Ameriko, out.