When she awoke, a small tapping could be heard from her door.

"Go away," she called. The tapping ceased before the door opened. She rolled over on her bed and found Beast Boy standing in the hallway.

Oh great. She thought. Now I'll never get better. She glared at the changeling.

"Hey Raven, how ya feeling?" His voice was low as he approached her. She threw her cover over her head in irritation. "Fine, until you woke me up. Now get out."

A series of sneezes overtook her at the end of that statement.

Gently, Beast Boy sat on the edge of her bed and pulled the blankets away. Her glare made him smile. "You sure don't sound fine. Here, I brought you some soup."

Raven watched Beast Boy rummage through a bag she didn't see him bring in. He pulled out a Tupperware container full of what looked like chicken noodle soup and a spoon. When he opened it, the smell made her mouth water.

"I wasn't sure what kind of soup you liked, but my mom used to make me this when I was sick. Here, I can feed it to you- if you want, I mean…" He blushed.

Raven wasn't sure what to say. No one had ever made her soup; she was pretty sure she'd never even had chicken noodle. She cleared her throat.

"T-thanks, Beast Boy. This means… a lot." She sat up and took the soup and spoon from him, blowing on each spoonful before eating it. It was delicious.

A large grin covered Beast Boy's face when he saw her eating it. "Sweet! I, uh, mean… You're welcome?"

Raven stopped eating for a moment to smile back at him.

I think I feel better already.