Beast Boy knew this time he would do it. He stopped in front of her door, raised his fist to knock, and then… he stopped. His fist would not make contact with the metal. Groaning, he lowered his hand and began to pace.

"Why can't I just knock on her door? I've done it a bazillion times before, but nooo,not this time. Ugh!" He pulled at his hair in irritation. Suddenly, Raven's door slid open. Beast Boy froze, turning to face it.

"What is it you want, Beast Boy? I'm busy." The empath stared at him, her face as emotionless as usual. Beast Boy released his hair and coughed nervously. "Eh heh… Uh, hey, Raven. I was just wondering if…" He paused, looking anywhere but at her. Raven raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

Raven smiled inwardly. She knew exactly what he wanted to ask, but she was going to make him say it. She watched him try to form the words and then stop as though they were stuck in his throat. After a rather lengthy amount of time, he just sighed and turned to walk away. "Never mind, Raven." He sounded so defeated it was as though he lost a war.

Beast Boy felt a hand on his shoulder. He nearly jumped in shock but managed to just turn his head toward her. Raven's hood was down, allowing him to see her face completely. A small amount of pink was visible on her otherwise dead-pale skin, making him curious. "Yeah, Rae?"

"I know why you're here, Garfield. I didn't mean to, but your mind was kind of shouting it for fifteen minutes. I would be happy to go to the Titan's Halloween Ball with you." She smirked. "On one condition."

Beast Boy was grinning so wide Raven was convinced it would tear. "YES! Anything for you, Rae-Rae!" He grabbed her hands. "What do you need?"

"I get to pick the costumes."

And all of a sudden Beast Boy went from enthusiastic to horrified. Something told him they'd be going as Frankenstein and his wife if she had anything to do with it.

Now she had complete control.

"Oh, boy…" Beast Boy groaned. Raven just smiled wickedly.

"Maybe being your date will have its perks after all, Gar." And with that, Raven returned to her room.