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Perry ran and jumped into the pool, tucking his knees up under himself in the typical cannonball position. He hit the water with a giant splash, sending water all over Phineas, Isabella, and most of his kids.

He was a ten-year-old platypus, and his humans, Phineas and Ferb, were sixteen, as well as their friends Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet, who'd joined them for a nice mid-summer party. His mate, Xhirxhti, would never tell him how old she was.

They had thirteen kids as of now; a set of quintuplets (there had been a sextuplet, but she died shortly after birth), a set of sextuplets, and twin girls that were just learning how to swim and were sitting in a nearby kiddie pool.

"Aw, Dad! Really?!" his oldest son, Legolas, or, as everyone called him, Lay, shook the water off of his face.

Resurfacing, Perry laughed. He always enjoyed messing with Lay because Lay was the most easily embarrassed.

"What, platypus doesn't like water?" Perry splashed more water at Lay.

"Sucker," Zoe stuck her tongue out at Lay and ducked underwater before he splashed her. She poked her head up again. "Missed me!"

Xhirxhti walked out of the house with Phineas' mom and Candace, Phineas' older sister. She came and dangled her feet over the edge of the pool. Perry swam over to her and propped his elbows up on the poolside.

"Hey, you," he said. "How you feeling?"

Perry placed one hand on her stomach. She was pregnant for the fourth time since they'd first mated, and by now, Perry was used to it. Laughing, she used her foot to flick water up in his face.

"I'm fine, silly," she laughed. "Quadruplets are way easier to carry than sextuplets, you know."

"Yeah, but you had such a nice break with the twins," Perry joked. She splashed him again. "Alright, you asked for it!"

Grabbing her by the arms, Perry pulled her underwater with him and resurfaced holding her in his arms. She popped him gently on the shoulder and kissed him. He laughed and kissed her back.

"Perry Bartholomew Flynn!" she chastised. "You could have scared me into labor!"

"Okay, okay!" he defended. "But you gotta admit, it was totally worth the look on your face!"

"Dad!" Lay covered his eyes and ducked under the water.

Hexolav, called Hex, ducked under as well. Zexovani, called Zen, rolled his eyes and jumped out of the pool to grab some snacks. Jamie rolled her eyes as well. She was sun-bathing on a lawn-chair beside the pool paying no mind to anyone.

"Hey, mom! Have you seen Ferb and Baljeet?" Phineas called from the pool.

"Yes, they're inside looking for scuba gear or something," Mrs. Fletcher returned. "If you kids don't mind, your father and I have to run up to the antique shop and take care of business up there. Candace, you and Jeremy are in charge!"

"Oh, joy," Perry and Phineas muttered simultaneously. "Jinx!"

"No talking 'til someone says your name!" Isabella shouted before they could protest. Perry really hated this game. It was hard not to talk. He set Xhirxhti back up on the side of the pool and made his best 'sympathize for me' face.

"I don't think so, mister," Xhirxhti laughed. "You pulled me under water."

"Okay, so me and my Jeremy are in charge, Phineas," Candace reiterated. "So, while I'm sleeping, you guys cannot bother me!"

"Why you so sleepy all the time, Mrs. Johnson?" Phineas called. "You pregnant or something?"

"Shut up, Phineas!" Candace shouted back. "I just want to take a nap!"

With that, she pulled up a beach chair and pulled it flat. She laid out a towel and grabbed a pillow and set the chair up like an outdoor bed. Lying flat on her stomach, Candace began to gently doze for a bit.

Jeremy and Candace had married as soon as they'd gotten out of high school they'd loved each other so much. They'd been married for two years now, and everyone knew that Candace wanted two kids; Xavier and Amanda. She'd named them without even knowing if she'd have kids or not.

Just then, Perry's boss, Major Monogram, and his assistant, Carl, walked up in their swim attire. Perry waved them over just before being tackled by Ling, one of the sextuplets. Carl laughed.

"Agent P, I don't suppose we could get some introductions, could we?" Carl asked. "It's the first time you've invited us to your house to meet your family."

"Of course," Perry laughed. "I'm sure you're a tad familiar with Xhirxhti, my mate, but these four are new."

Perry rubbed her belly and kissed her. She rustled the fur on the top of his head and kissed him back.

"This one with the red jersey on is Legolas, or Lay. Over there sun-tanning with the flower in her hair is Jamie, Hexolav, or Hex, is wearing the gold wristbands, Zoe's wearing the giant bow on her head, Zexovani, or Zen, he's…over there, Hwei-ru's got the lei on, and Meiying's wearing the blue glasses.

"Da-xia is chilling under the umbrella, Ling's wearing the red glasses, Chaoxiang, or just Chao, has the bandanna around his head, Manchu, or Manny, has the chip missing in his tail, Xayzy has on the tu-tu, and Dillon's wearing the necklace with a 'D' on it," Perry took a deep breath.

"That's a mouthful, Agent P," Carl let out a whistle.

"Yeah, we like to say that Perry 'got busy' don't we, Ferb?" Phineas laughed, elbowing the platypus.

Ferb had just walked outside with Baljeet and both were covered head-to-toe with scuba-diving gear. Phineas and Perry doubled over laughing as they watched them waddle out to jump in the pool.

This summer had been perfect so far. It was the end of June, and the first of July was well on its way. Doofenshmirtz hadn't reappeared in the Tri-State Area since Perry was six. That was four whole years ago. He was probably working for the Ostragatha Mae Allyixanae; the greatest threat to Perry's family.

With Xhirxhti actually being the princess of the Kyea nation of Amoyx, the O.M.A. particularly loathed the Flynn family. Amoyx supported the Pune Teke Bane Allyixanae, not the O.M.A. It put a certain spin to Perry's relationship with the empirical alliance, and he had good reasons to dislike them.

The O.M.A. had not only kidnapped and tortured Phineas, but their leader had also lied to Perry's face. She'd promised to save the life of his daughter in return for whatever she wanted, and she'd let his daughter die anyways. He supposed he wasn't held to his promise after she hadn't upheld her end.

It didn't matter, though. His family was safe for now, and that's how he liked them to be; safe. With Xhirxhti's powers restored, she could sense villains from over a mile away. (Well, it was either that or she was trying to show off for Perry, in which case it worked.)

"Hey, who wants some ice pops?" Phineas asked, pulling himself out of the pool. Several hands were raised.

"Me, me, me!" Dillon exclaimed, jumping up and down out of the water, trying to get his hand up higher.

"Okay, let me see, that's one…two…three…" Phineas counted. "Oh, I give up, I'm just grabbing two or three boxes."

"Yes!" Dillon punched his fist in the air and fell back underwater, forgetting to tread after he jumped.

Phineas ran inside to grab the ice pops. Jamie looked over at the pool scene, rolled her eyes and put some sunglasses on. Perry looked at her and wondered what went through Jamie's mind sometimes.

She was the second oldest, technically, and she was the only kid they'd had so far that had the genes of Xhirxhti's ancestor Vampri, Exlairz. Jamie didn't know she was a lesser Vampri, and it was hard keeping it from her.

Jamie needed blood to survive, naturally. Perry and Xhirxhti had agreed that they would just give her transfusions when she was sleeping to keep her from wanting to bite anyone. So far it had worked, but Perry only had so much blood to give.

Of course, Jamie wasn't the only one they were keeping secrets from. None of their children knew they had a Kyea mother. They'd agree that the kids would feel most comfortable thinking they were normal.

A few minutes later, Phineas returned triumphantly with the ice pops. He waved one box in the air and everyone's head turned. Dillon freaked and scrambled out of the water, ready to receive his treat.

"So, I got blue raspberry, cherry, and green apple," he explained. "All of them are unopened, so have at it. There's plenty here, and a few more boxes in the house."

"Would you like an ice pop, Major, Carl?" Perry asked.

"I'm good, no thanks," Major Monogram replied.

"I'll take a cherry one, please, Agent P," Carl smiled. "And thanks!"

"And how about you, baby?" Perry swam over to the side of the pool Xhirxhti was on. "You want one? I can share if you don't want the whole thing."

"I'll take a blue raspberry one," she laughed. "And if you really must share yours, I can do that, too."

"You just want more than one," Perry joked, rubbing her large belly.

"Hmm, then get me however many you think I should have," Xhirxhti grinned. "It's hard eating for more than one, you laugh, but you have no idea."

Perry pulled himself out of the water and shook the droplets all over Xhirxhti. She laughed and held her hands up to her face, shrieking about it being cold. He stood up on two feet and kissed her head.

"You're bad," Xhirxhti waved her finger. "Now go get those ice pops!"

"Okay, okay!" he walked over to Phineas to retrieve the snacks. He looked up at Phineas and told him what they wanted and waited for him to pull them out of their corresponding boxes. He sighed happily.

"Well, having a good summer so far?" Phineas handed him one ice pop.

"Phineas, we live in the same house," Perry smirked. "I think you know how my summer's been."

"Ha, yeah, seriously, you and Xhirxhti gotta be more careful!" Phineas handed him the other two ice pops. "You'll end up with like, forty kids!"

"Don't even, you honestly don't know that," Perry smirked.

"Perry, with her personality, she'll be pregnant when you're on your deathbed dying of old age," Phineas said. "No offense at all, but seriously."

"And so will you," Perry replied, turning to return to the poolside.

"Ha, ha, true. Wait, what?!"

Perry laughed as he went back to sit down. Yes, Phineas was too gullible.

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