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Beginning in the Middle

"Hey Myka, Pete and I are going into town for milkshakes, you wanna come?" Claudia asked from the doorway. When Myka didn't answer or give any sign that she heard her, Claudia started to get concerned.

"Myka?" she asked again, this time louder. She gave a sad smile when Myka lifted her gaze from the book she was reading and Claudia could see the unshed tears.

"Huh?" was all Myka could say, she had been so lost in a memory of HG sitting in her lap and reading her the same passage she was reading now, that she didn't hear Claudia.

"I was saying that Pete and I are going for milkshakes and wanted to know if you wanted to come." Claudia repeated her invitation although she was certain that Myka would refuse.

Myka had been different since she came back, at work she was the same, but at the B&B she wasn't herself or rather she wasn't her old self. She hardly talked to anyone unless it was about work. She always had an excuse for why she didn't eat at the table with the rest of the team, either she had a headache she was exhausted or she didn't feel well. She even stopped showing up for movie night. The only thing she did was sit in the library and read The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, or anything else by HG Wells. Everyone was worried about her but when they tried to talk to her about it Myka would snap at them and leave the room so nobody pushed out of fear she would leave the warehouse again.

"Thanks Claud but I'm tired I think I'm just going to go lay down for a while, but you guys have fun."

Claudia sighed then went into the library and sat on the armrest of Myka's chair.

Claudia knew that she missed HG, and a few nights ago she heard Myka talking in her room. At first she thought she was talking to herself but when she heard that sinful British accent she knew what Myka had done. Myka 'borrowed' the Pokéball without anyone noticing. She loves Myka and knows that what she is doing could be bad for her, and she would have said something but she couldn't because the first night she heard Myka talking with HG, was also the first night Myka didn't cry herself to sleep. Good or not, this was helping ease the pain and that was enough for now.

"Myka, I know you miss her and I understand that, but you can't keep doing this."

"You don't understand! No one understands! How could you?" Myka was yelling and getting a slight blush, and Claudia could see she was trying to hold back the tears.

"I understand losing someone you love, I understand seeing that person and not being able to touch them, I dealt with that for twelve years while Joshua was trapped. I get it, really I do. Which is why I am telling you that if you keep this up, keep isolating yourself and keep pushing away the people that love you and the people that care, you are going to end up just as trapped as she is. At least you know she isn't hurt or in danger and you can talk to her, with Joshua, I knew he was hurting and I couldn't do anything for so long even thought I tried. " Her voice cracked at the end of the sentence, it was still painful to talk about it even though Joshua was safe in Switzerland.

"Claudia I'm sor…" Myka wanted to apologize but she was interrupted.

"No, it's okay I just…" Claudia took Myka's hand and continued "you're not alone, and if you want to talk to someone who gets it I'm always here for you, okay?"

Myka nodded and then her eyes went wide when she realized what Claudia had said before.

"You… you know that I talk to her?" She said sheepishly.

"Yeah, I kinda heard her in your room the other night." When she looked at Myka and saw the worry in her eyes she reassured her "Don't worry it was late and everyone else was asleep and your secret is safe with me." She said with a smile.

Before either woman could say anything loud footsteps echoed through the B&B followed by Pete yelling "Claudster you ready to go?"

Claudia yelled back "Yeah!"

"Where are you?"

"In the library!" and with that Pete showed up at the doorway with his coat on and a huge grin.

"Hey Myka, you gonna come?"

"Nah she's-"

"Yes" said Myka

"I thought you were tired?" asked Claudia

"I can lay down when we get back besides it's nice out and I haven't been hanging out with you guys for a while it'll be fun" She answered.

"Awesome" was all the response she got from the redhead.

"Well then move it, I want to get my tummy full of milkshaky goodness" said Pete as he made his way to the door.

Claudia slid off the armrest and headed for the door.

"Hey Claudia…" she waited for the younger woman to turn around before saying "thanks."

"Don't mention it. Now come on before he leaves without us."

A Day in the Life

Claudia was glad that Myka had decided to go out with her and Pete.

She had spent all week trying to figure out a way to get Myka and HG together and so far she had nothing. It was beginning to frustrate her. She was on her bed trying to think when she heard muffled voices coming from Myka's room. She walked over to the wall and pressed her ear against it to hear. 'It's not eavesdropping if you just want to make sure Myka is okay.' She told herself to feel less guilty about what she was doing.

(Myka's room)

Myka threw herself onto her bed and sighed contently as she watched Helena walk around the bed to be able to be closer to her.

"You seem quite happy, did you have an eventful day, darling?"

"Yes I did. Pete Claudia and I went for milkshakes then we decided to have an impromptu movie night and ate loads of junk food. We watched some new comedy and when they showed a naked man Claudia choked on her candy."

"Oh dear"

"Don't worry she's fine now." Myka said chuckling as she recalled the sight of Claudia turning very red first because of the image on the screen then because of the lodged candy.

"Well I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself."

Helena really was glad that Myka had had a good day. It had been way too long since she saw Myka smile.

"How was your day?"

"What?" she had not been expecting that question, how was she to answer that? After having Myka summon her for three nights, she had never asked her anything remotely related to her captivity. Mostly they talked about their relationship. Myka needed answers as to why Helena had acted the way she had. They had talked and it had been resolved, both new that the love they held for one another was more powerful than anything and they had made peace with their mistakes and decided to move on.

"How was your day? What did you do today?" Myka said as she sat up against the headboard.

"Well, the same things as other days I suppose."

"Well what do you do when you are not here? Are you alone? Are you in your own body?" Myka asked, she was starting to get very curious as to where and how they were keeping Helena.

Helena was a bit taken back by the sudden interest in her 'arrangements'.

"Does it really matter? The important thing is that I'm here now." She said trying to stop the inquiry.

"It matters to me. I want to know that you're okay, and I'm curious as to how they are doing this." She said as she waved her hand between the sphere and Helena.

Helena knew she would give into Myka's questions; there is nothing she could ever deny this woman.

"Very well then, what do you want to know?"

"Everything, what's it like?"

"Dark, there is no night and day which makes knowing what time it is challenging which is why I call it 'the abyss'."

"What do you do there?"

"When I'm not here with you, I am in my room well not exactly… It's hard to explain. I am not in my body, but I can move around like if I was. I have a bed, a lamp and a typing machine and I write most of the time. I don't get hungry which is how I know I'm not in my body. My guess is that they keep it in a secure facility in some sort of stasis."

"Can you feel anything in there?"

"Actually I can, the other day I accidentally jabbed myself with one of my fountain pens and it was quite painful." Helena said as she instinctively rubbed her hand. Myka could only assume that is where Helena hurt herself.

"Are there other people?"

"Not permanently. Sometimes complete strangers appear for a few seconds before disappearing. The first time it was quite unsettling after a few unexpected visitors it became part of my everyday life."

{'So people can go there?' Claudia thought to herself, she was now sitting on the ground still listening to her friend's conversation. "I think I got it!" she yelled out loud and ran to her desk to start on her new project. She was going to need to 'borrow' a few things from the warehouse to make this happen, but she was determined that this would work, and that once Myka was back to her old self Artie wouldn't be so mad. }

"When I activate the sphere do I ever interrupt something?" Myka asked trying to avoid eye contact, the last thing she wants is to pull Helena away from something important.

"Darling there is nothing that I would rather do than spend time with you."

Myka simply nodded and continued with her the questions.

"Where do you get things, like the typewriter?"

"I make it, or rather I conjure it. I can make anything I want or need as long as it is not alive."

"What do you mean?"

"Well if I want clothes, I just think of what I want and it appears, same thing with beds I just think I want a bed with fresh sheets or maybe a bigger bed and whatever I envision manifests itself. I attempted to make a bowl of petunias and I only made a bowl. It seems that because there is no light or water there, that life cannot be sustained therefore none is allowed in."

"Can you make things once you're here?"

"No, I've tried but I can't even make a pen or change my clothes."

Myka swallowed hard at the thought of Helena changing clothes because for her to do that at some point she would have to be naked, and there is nothing she likes better than a naked Helena.

"Wait. So if you're in 'the abyss' and decide to be naked and I activate the sphere at that moment, will you appear naked before me?" Myka sat up straighter and the corners of her lips tugged upwards in a wicked grin.

"I'm not sure, I suppose, we would have to test that theory of yours, darling."

"Okay, I'll de activate the sphere, you think naked and then I will activate it again. How long does it take to get naked?" Myka asked excitedly.

"Count to five and then activate it." Helena took a deep breath as Myka turned off the device.

When she saw that she was back in 'the abyss' she instantly though 'I want to be nude,' and sure enough when she looked down she was completely bare. She smiled and before she knew it she was once again in Myka's presence.

"So that worked."

"Yes, your theory proves to be correct."

Myka shivered, she was starting to get aroused just by seeing her Victorian lover standing before her clad in nothing but a grin.

"Helena, you are so beautiful." She husked out once she remembered how to make words again.

Now it was Helena's turn to forget everything, she could feel the pull at the bottom of her stomach and her mouth went dry when she saw the pure desire in Myka's eyes. Eyes that normally shine like emeralds but that now are so darkened by the lust in them that they turned into the purest shade of dark green.

"Myka darling, would you mind taking off your clothes. I need to see you."

Myka could only nod. She could feel her nipples hardening simply by the rasp in Helena's voice and the dark eyes staring at her. She stood from the bed until only inches separated her and Helena and slowly began to remove her clothing.

Helena bit her lip as she watched Myka push her underwear to the floor never letting go of Helena's eyes.

There they stood both completely naked and fully aroused when the door swung open.

New Suit

Pete wanted to show Myka something and when he walked into her room unannounced, he was so busy looking at his Rubik's cube that he didn't notice that she was naked.

"What the hell?" the question surprised Helena. She had accidentally walked into Claudia's room.

"Claudia!" she yelped. 'Well this is going to be hard to explain' she thought to herself.

"HG? What are you doing here? How did you get in here? Why are you naked?" Claudia started spitting out questions a mile a minute. One moment she was working on how to get Myka and HG together and the next thing she knows there is a naked HG in her room looking somewhere between terrified and amused.

"There will be time for explanations later." HG said as she leaned closer to the wall. Claudia followed her lead and moved across the room all while trying not to look at her friend's naked holographic girlfriend.

From the other side of the wall they could hear Myka and Pete having a similar discussion.

"Pete!" She was so surprised by Pete that she didn't notice Helena wasn't there.

"Hey Mykes, look what I… Oh God! Why are you naked?!" He said as he turned around trying to give the woman some privacy.

"Why don't you knock?" Myka yelled back as she quickly started to put her clothes back on.

"Because I didn't know you were gonna be all … well…all naked." He said.

"So you were both naked? What were you doing?" Claudia asked HG with a knowing smirk.

"I hardly think this that is something Myka would want us discussing."HG said trying not to smile at the look on Claudia's face. She had never been uncomfortable being nude in front of others, but it would seem that Claudia was not as comfortable with Helena's nudity.

"I'm not naked!" Myka said flustered.

"Oh really, then what do you call someone not wearing any clothes, for no apparent reason."

"I was changing!"

"Into what exactly, the emperor's new suit?" That made both Claudia and HG snicker on the other side of the wall. "If you don't want people walking in on you naked you could either not be naked or lock the door." Pete said in a huff.

"Or you could knock."

"Okay fine. I'm sorry I didn't knock, I should have, obviously now that I know that you causally spend the afternoons naked I will knock."

"Thank you."

"You decent? Can I turn around now?" Pete asked peeking over his shoulder.

"Yes." Now that the embarrassment was wearing off she was actually smiling.

Once Pete saw the smile on Myka's face he knew that he was out of trouble.

"So before all that happened I wanted to rub this in your face." He exclaimed while shaking something in front of Myka.

"What is that?" she asked slightly confused.

"I finally finished it." He said holding out the Rubik's cube proudly for her to see "Which means that you owe me a pizza."

"No way! You probably cheated, broke it and then put it back together or just bought a new one." Myka said while she turned the small toy in her hand.

"Hey! I did it and YOU. OWE. ME. A PIZZA." He said punctuating every word by poking Myka in the shoulder.

"Fine, a deal's a deal, tomorrow we'll go get your pizza."

"Okay then, I'm gonna go, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about to start." He said as he made his way to the door. When he was outside of her room he turned around and said


"Yes Pete?"

"Why were you naked?"

When he saw her reach for a pillow he darted down the hallway into his room.

"I think he's gone now" Claudia told HG

"I do believe you're right"

"Okay, I'll go check it out, you stay here until you get my signal."

Claudia walked out of her room and went to knock on Myka's door. When Myka answered she walked in.

"Please come in" Myka said to the empty hallway as she closed the door. When she saw the younger woman inspecting her room she asked.

"Claudia, what are you doing?"

"Making sure that no one is here. Pete left right?"

"Yes, wait how did you know he was here?"

"I'll ask the questions. Why were you naked?" she said with a smile.

"I wasn't naked, I was changing." Myka cringed at her explanation now that she had used it twice it really did sound ridiculous.

"Of course you were Myka. Then can you explain this?" She said gesturing to the wall and a second later Helena walked through.

Myka's cheeks turned crimson red at seeing Helena naked and not having an explanation for it.

"Well… Um… you see… we were just…Oh god!" she finally gave up and flopped onto the bed covering her face with her hands.

"It's okay Myka. Actually I wanted to talk to you guys about that."

"Do you need help in bedding someone?" Helena asked her while Myka groaned form under her hands.

"Huh?" Claudia tried to translate what HG just said to her into English that she understood. When she realized what HG meant she blushed.

"Oh god no! I can 'bed' people just fine. I wanted to talk to you about your sex."

"Why?" said Helena raising an eyebrow.

"Why, what?" asked Claudia.

"Why are we talking about this?" answered Myka sitting up.

"Because I think I can fix it. I think I found a way for you guys to be able to touch each other, but before I go on, could we maybe do something about the naked lady?" she said pointing at Helena with one hand while she covered her eyes with the other.

"Right, okay hand me the sphere." She said as she reached out expectantly. Myka deactivated it then counted to five and reactivated it. Helena was now in front of them wearing very tight dark skinny jeans, a white button up shirt and her boots.

"So like I was saying I figured it out."


"Well when HG said that people' show up unexpectedly for a few seconds then disappear', it came to me that these people are prob…"

"You were spying on me?"

"What? No. I was just making sure you were okay." Claudia said stepping back.

"Making sure I was okay, why wouldn't I be?" Myka said loudly as she stood up which made Claudia step back even further.

Claudia swallowed and looked down before whispering "I was just worried."

Myka could see that she felt bad and it tugged at her heart to see Claudia looking so small.

"I'm sorry Claudia. I know that you would never spy on me." When she saw the redhead lift her head she smiled making Claudia smile back.

The Answers are in the Dark

Helena didn't think it was her place to intervene in the argument going on before her she patiently waited for the two women to work it out, but now that it was resolved and nothing was getting done she decided to speak up.

"Claudia you were saying you found a way to fix our predicament."

"Oh right, okay the people that show up unexpectedly. I think that they might be unconscious, like when you faint or pass out." When she saw both women nod she decided to continue.

"So I figured if the Pokéball calls HG's consciousness then when she's in 'the abyss' she's unconscious, so if you were unconscious Myka you could be with Helena in 'the abyss'.

"Well technically, but that doesn't mean I would be with Helena. What if I show up at some weird old creepy guy's corner of the abyss instead?"

"I thought about that and I think once you are there all HG would have to do is think about you and you would show up at her corner."

"Claudia, how are you planning on making her unconscious? Fainting isn't an exact science that you can regulate and I hardly think that hitting her on the head could be good for her health."

"Yeah I know. That's why I am going to need your time machine."

Realization hit the other two women at the same time.

"So someone gets into the machine and takes over my body."

"And since your consciousness goes elsewhere you will be with me for the duration of the trip."

"But won't I forget?"

"I don't think so, others who have used the time machine say they don't remember but it might have to do with the fact that they didn't know where they were or for how long. Spending almost a day in complete blackness then they wouldn't remember anything, you will have HG there. I think?"

"But if we had been successful in the future wouldn't you already have a recollection of our encounter or at least have no recollection for the better part of a day?"

"So it won't work?" Myka asked sounding a little deflated.

"It's going to work." Claudia didn't like have theories being put down.

"Helena is right."

"No she's not, the reason you don't have the memories is because I'm gonna put the machine for one minute into the past on the day we do it. That way, you don't miss anything important. "

"Okay then, but who will take over my body?"



"Would you rather it be Pete running around doing god knows what in your body?"

"Well what if something goes wrong with the machine, who's going to fix it?"

"Me, Myka I won't be unconscious, I'm going to be running around doing god knows what in your body." The grin on Claudia's face made Myka smile.

"Right, so when are we doing this?"


"So soon? The machine is broken from the last time it was used."

"Actually I fixed it like a week after you broke it." She saw the look both women were wearing and felt the need to explain "What? I figured it was something handy to have and it should be ready in case we needed it again, and I was right. "

The next day

Claudia was downright giddy. Artie was off chasing a ping that he insisted he needed to do on his own. Pete and Myka had gotten the weekend off and she had been given inventory. This meant that she would have the warehouse to herself giving her the perfect opportunity to test her experiment. She had gone over every aspect of the experiment and was now waiting for Myka to show up with HG. She even wore her super comfy clothes because she knew her body was going to be sitting still for a long time. When she heard voices coming down the hallway she started jumping on the balls of her feet.

"Myka, HG! You're here."

"Hey Claudia"

"Good morning Claudia"

"Ready?" she said as she started to set the date for the machine and pressing buttons.

"So how is this going to work?" Myka said laughing.

"I sit in the chair you pull the lever and then before you know it you are with HG."

"Okay then sit down."

Claudia sat in the machine and attached all the pieces with Myka's help. Once she was ready Myka came up to her and said

"Okay Claudia, see you in a while."

When Claudia closed her eyes the last thing she saw was Myka pulling the lever. She opened them and she was now standing holding onto the lever looking at her body sitting in the time machine. She turned to see HG standing there.

"Did it work?"

"Yeah. Oh this is weird, Myka is really tall. Okay let's get you in there and see if it worked." Claudia said as she grabbed the sphere "Remember I'm going to call you back so don't get naked just yet" she looked at HG with a smile.

"Righty ho then, shall we?"

HG was sucked back into the Pokéball and Claudia had no other option than to wait. A few seconds later she reactivated the sphere and HG stood before her.

"So? Did it work? Is she there?"

"Yes darling it worked now if you wouldn't mind sending me back."

"Oh, right. So I will see you tomorrow."

Helena nodded and then was gone into the sphere.

Lost and Found in the Abyss

Myka realized that she was surrounded by darkness and she felt panic rising. She knew Helena would conjure her any moment but it didn't help to ease the feeling of dread. Suddenly she was standing before Helena.

"Helena? Did it work?"

Helena stepped closer and brushed her lips gently against Myka's. It was a sweet kiss that turned passionate. They had spent so long not being able to touch that now all they wanted to do was never let go.

"Myka wait" she said unconvincingly.

"I can't I've waited too long. I don't want to" She said as she licked down Helena's neck.

"Claudia is going to summon me any second."

That was enough to make Myka stop, and just in time, she had just moved back a bit when Helena disappeared only to show up a moment later.

"Now, where were we?" Helena said in a husky voice.

Myka couldn't help but shiver before she once again latched herself onto Helena. They only had a little less than a day to make up for months of pent up sexual tension, and she wasn't about to waste any of it. Myka wanted something behind Helena so that she could push her up against it, and there it was, a wall on the other side of Helena. Myka placed her leg between the other woman's and pushed into Helena's center making her moan.

"God you feel so good." Helena husked out then turned their positions so that she was between Myka's legs. Helena started to place kisses down Myka's neck and sucked at her pulse point making the other woman moan. She bit down slightly and felt Myka grasp her ass and pull her closer.

Helena worked her way to Myka's lips again and kissed her passionately. She had missed everything about Myka her mouth in particular, that taste that was undeniably Myka with a hint of Twizzlers.

Myka moved her hands to cup Helena's breasts through her shirt making her arch into the touch, she started to work on the buttons until the shirt was pushed off of Helena's shoulders and fell to the floor, then she reached around an undid the clasp and removed the only thing between her mouth and Helena's perfect breasts. Myka dipped her head down and took one of the small pink nipples into her mouth making Helena gasp and push herself into Myka.

"I want to feel you" was all that Helena could say. Her mind was fogged with the wonderful things Myka was doing with her mouth.

"clothes… off… now" she husked out between breaths as Myka bit, sucked, and licked her breast while pinching the other only to switch once more.

Myka was about to lift her shirt up but was met with hot flushed skin. She looked up to Helena who was staring at her with hunger. Myka locked lips with her again. She pushed off the wall and led Helena to the bed. They fell together never breaking the kiss until Myka thrust her hips into Helena.