"Okay, I have to go get the window and then fix it. So I'll see you for lunch at the B&B?"

"Uh… no actually I think I'll eat here, lots of work and all that." Claudia said.

"Mykes I don't think that this is healthy, you locking yourself up in here. Why don't we call Claudia and we all go in to town for the window and then head to the B&B for lunch?"


"Myka com…"

"Pete! I said no! Just drop it, okay?"

He sighed and answered with a defeated voice "Yeah, okay." He knew that it was always a risk to talk to her about how isolated she was getting, but he had hoped that after yesterday she was getting back to her old self, but now it seemed that she was a little worse. He got up and started to walk away.

Claudia didn't know what to do. She panicked and she yelled and when she saw the look on his face after she snapped at him, she felt terrible. She was almost compelled to tell him the truth but there was something nagging at the back of her mind not to. She had been on the other side of Myka's outburst and she knew how that felt. Claudia also knew that Pete and Myka were very close and after yesterday's outing this must have been a bigger blow than usual.

"Pete wait, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go off on you. How about we have a game night, just the two of us tonight?" She felt better when she saw him smile.

"Yeah okay, so then I will see you at dinner tonight." It wasn't a question, just a statement and with that he turned and left. A second later, the umbilicus door opened again and his head popped back in "Don't be late, I am going to cream you at Zombie Attack 4: Invasion of The Bahamas. All the girl zombies are in bikinis." And then he was gone.

Claudia was alone in the Warehouse with a huge problem. She had just promised to have a game night with Pete and she had to lose because Myka sucks at video games, she hates losing. The bigger problem though, was that she forgot about her not-a-date bowling plans with Leena and now she had to be in two different bodies in two different places at the same time. She couldn't text cancel Leena that was too douche-y a move and she couldn't call her either because it would be Myka calling her to cancel. She could tell Leena the truth, she was sure that Leena would understand, but she couldn't do that either. Frustrated she yelled, letting all of her emotions out in a single word. Throughout the warehouse there was an echoing