Chapter 1

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One night, that's all it took to shake his faith in the one he had trusted. One night and new truths came to light, new sides to people he thought he knew. God how could he be so stupid? He felt like an idiot here, especially with others around. Getting up he made his way of the room and out of the establishment they had gathered in. He couldn't take it anymore; he refused to be humiliated in this way. Walking down the road he tried to dry his eyes as he felt his heart breaking. How could he?

Getting to their shared house Alan unlocked the front door and went into their bedroom. Pulling out some of his clothes, he threw them in his suitcase before grabbing his toothbrush and sleepwear. Having everything he would need for tomorrow he grabbed the case and left the house. He could grab the other things at another time if need be. Out of the house he walked up the street trying to figure out where he could go.
"Alan? Hey Alan!"
Seeing someone running towards him he stopped and prepared himself for whatever was coming though he really wasn't up for it.
"Ronald?" Hiding his bag behind his back the best he could he tried to make sure he looked pulled together. "Surprised to see you, usually aren't you out much later then this?"
"I'm a little drunk, well more than a little."
"Can I help you get home? You seem unstable."
"Sure, actually please? I see two of you and I already fell like four times."
"No problem, and can I stay at your place tonight. I don't have my key"
"Sure! Sleepover! This is gonna be sweet!"
As they walked together, Alan, trying to hold up Ronald, both laughing like idiots neither knew they passed someone on the other side of the street. Neither knew that person saw them both fall and in attempt to get up they ended up on top of each other laughing. Nether knew that the other person saw as their lips touch. But, what that person didn't see was Alan pushing Ronald away, from storming away from the scene he had witnessed.
"What do you think you're doing Ronald? You know I'm with Eric." Though after tonight he wasn't sure.
"You're right, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I want you to know something though Alan, Eric is really lucky to have you."
"Let's get you home." Helping Ronald up he got him stable enough to walk the remaining block and a half.

Getting Ronald inside Alan watched as he stumbled into his bedroom. Well at least he was safe. Going further inside the house he went into the guest bedroom and opened his suitcase so he could relax for the night. Sleep was still so far off but at least he would be comfortable. Once changed he went into the kitchen, he had been over here so often he knew where everything was, plus, Ronald was too drunk to care.
"Hey Alan…what's with the suitcase?" Hearing Ronald walk in he looked up from his glass of water he was holding. Watching Ronald, who was making himself some strange concoction, "to help sober up," he said. He sat across from him at the table, Alan watched as he waited for his answer.
"I decided not to stay at my place tonight. Sorry for lying to you."
"Nah it's no big deal. Where were you headed before we stumbled into each other?"
"I hadn't gotten that far."
"You and Eric get into a fight or something? I noticed at the party you weren't near him."
"Sort of, I guess you could say we are fighting. I had gotten up to get us something and when I got back some woman was flirting with him. It's happened before and he usually ignores it so they leave so I sat on the other couch and waited, until he started flirting back. I couldn't watch it anymore so I left and decided to stay somewhere else for the night and, well, you know the rest."
"That sucks."
Alan took Ronald's lack of support as a part of the alcohol. Though, something a little better would have been great. They sat together a while longer not really saying much before they called it a night.

After a restless night of barely sleeping Alan decided to go back and talk to Eric. He wanted answers to his questions and maybe savage whatever relationship they had left. Thanking Ronald he grabbed his bag and headed home determined to get what he deserved. Coming into the house he noticed it sounded quiet, Eric may be asleep still. Usually when he was drinking he slept in later to deal with a hangover. Opening the bedroom door he noticed it was empty and there were bags in front of the dresser.
"Welcome home." Turning around he saw Eric standing behind him.
"Eric. What's going?"
"What happened to you last night? After you left?"
"I stayed with Ronald. He was drunk and could barely walk without falling. Now what is going on, what's with the things in front of the dresser, are you going somewhere?"
"No, you are. I want you out of the house. You can get the other things of your once you find a new place."
"What?! Eric, are you…are you throwing me out? Why?"
"Because I can't stand your backstabbing face anymore and I want you out."
"My backstabbing face?! You're the one that was flirting with someone all last night. If anything I should be throwing you out!"
"Don't lie and act all innocent to me, I may have been drinking but I know what I saw. Now get out or I will physically throw you out!"
"Eric don't do this. You know me; I would never do anything to hurt you. I lov,"
"Get out of this house! I thought I knew you but you're not as innocent as you look!" With that Eric walked away and opened the front door. "It's time you left."
"Fine, you stupid hypocritical bastard I hope she is worth it!" Leaving he heard the door slam behind him. Too mad to cry and having no idea where to go he went to Ronald's. It was a good thing they were close friends.

"He what?!"
Ronald stood in his doorway, mouth hanging wide open as he heard what Alan said when he came back. He had busted him about forgetting something; he never thought Alan would tell him this. Letting him in his house he helped him sit on the couch seeing he was too much of a wreck to walk properly.
"Why would Eric throw you out?"
"I don't know, he told me I was a backstabber but I would never, I have never," Crying into his hands Ronald sat beside him and rubbed his back. What was Eric thinking? Alan was the last person to ever cheat on anyone, everyone knew that too.
"I know you are upset now but give it time, he'll come around. I'm sure he still loves you. And you're more than welcome to stay here however long."
"Thanks Ronald, I really appreciate it. He seemed so mad; I don't know if he'll ever come around. I mean he wouldn't even let me talk to him, you know figure out what he was talking about. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this and maybe even a miss communication."
"We'll figure it out, don't worry."
"Thanks Ronald."

Eric opened the door not totally surprised to see Ronald there. He figured Alan would go running to him. Though, he was one of the last people he wanted to see as well.
"I came for some of Alan's stuff."
"I figured, bedroom."
Pushing past Eric he went into the bedroom and saw which bags held essentials. He had no problem with Alan staying with him but the guest bedroom wasn't all that big.
"His clothes are in the large one; his bathroom stuff is in the shoulder bag. His shoes are with his clothes."
"Got it." Grabbing those he turned and faced Eric. "You're making a huge mistake I hope to realize this. You're losing the best thing that has happened to you and I hope that when you get the shit out of your eyes to see the truth Alan doesn't take you back. I hope he finds someone that treats him as well as he deserves."
"Who, you? Yea, someone I doubt it."
"Me? Are you fucking nuts? You know what, I don't feel like dealing with you and your out of nowhere jealously." With that he left the room and the house.

Alan was in the guest bedroom unpacking some of his clothes trying to go five minutes without crying. Hearing a knock at the door he saw Ronald in the doorway.
"You don't have to knock it's your house."
"It's your bedroom. Need a hand?"
"Nah I'm alright. Thanks again for doing this for me."
"No problem. I figured you really didn't feel like going back there and dealing with that asshole."
Stopping folding his shirt he stared at Ronald with what felt like a smile on his face.
"You cursed. I didn't think you did, I've never heard anything like that out of your mouth before."
"You should have heard me earlier then. I went off on him."
"He seems to bring the worst out of us I guess."
"Seems that way."
"So…umm…can I ask what you said to him?"
Alan sat with a blush on his cheeks as he heard Ronald tell him what he told Eric. No one ever said something like that about him before.
"You know, I wasn't lying either, I hope you don't take him back. After this, after all he has done you deserve better."
"Thanks, though I'm not up to thinking about that right now."


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