Chapter 7
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The wedding was a simple one, just the two of them and Ronald as a witness. The ceremony they had waited until until the spring came. Both hoped to have it outside, the sky was bright in the sky and the flowers were booming it couldn't have been more perfect. When they were planning a fellow reaper brought up that he had been a minister before he came here so they had him lead the ceremony. Weddings weren't that big of a thing here so it took a little to get a certificate written up but they had that done too. Neither really needed any of this, they were happy with just getting rings but figured if they make it an actual wedding they might as well.
Being allowed to kiss each other, being officially married gave them such a feeling of love and bliss. They were truly forever together. They kept the line about 'till death do you part" because they would never die thanks to Eric so that meant they would never part. As Alan was brought closer by Eric's arms he could feel such love and joy and gentleness coming from them while they told him they were never letting him go. Eric had made his promise, his commitment to him and was never going to break it.
After the ceremony the three of them went to Rexam for lunch and a celabortary party. It was the nicest place up here and since they were dressed for it they figured why not. Eric opened the champagne and Alan watched as it just missed his head.
"Eric you should really wait twenty four hours before trying to kill him." Ronald was full blown laughing as Eric apologized to Alan again and again while making sure he was okay. Settling down they toasted and started ordering some food to start with.
"And to think all of this and all I ever wanted was a serene promise. I never even thought of marriage. "
"We'll I guessed I was raised differently. "
Both looked at Eric with their eyebrows raised before they all started laughing.
"So did you guys take each others names?"
"No, Ronald have you put our names together? They sound terrible together no matter which way you place them. " Alan reached for a carrot dipped of while he watched with Eric as he tried to put it together.
"Yea they don't sound right either way. "
That night, after they ate and parted ways with each other they went back home. Alan had slowly started moving his things back in over the last few months. Though he hadn't slept over due to Eric's request.
"Close your eyes. "
"What did you do to my bedroom?"
"Just close your eyes. "
Closing his eyes he let Eric guide him into the room.
"Okay open them."
Opening them he saw Eric had added photos of them throughout the room along with little things they had collected while being together.
"Oh wow, Eric look at this."
"I wanted to show you how important you are to me and our time together. Forever is the the same without you."
"And now you can never get rid of me."
Moving closer to Eric he had him drop his head so he could kiss him easier.
"And I wouldn't have it any other way."
That night they for lost in each other. Taking in the other's body as if they had never seen it before. To them they hadn't, this all new, they loved the other with new eyes.
"So, have I given you the promise you were looking for?"
Eric whispered in his ear As he kissed his face and working his way down. He could feel Alan blushing under him, he loved doing that too him. It has been so long since he felt Alan, he wanted to savor these moments. Forever together didn't matter when they were, when they only this moment.
"I love you Alan. "
"I love you too. "
"Thank you for taking me back. "
"Thank you for promising me to always be mine."
Smirking at Alan, Eric brought lips together.
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