A Siren's Call

Chapter 7

The yule holiday went quicker for those staying at Grimmuald place than Hermione would have liked. She wanted nothing more to stay cooped up in the library, listening to Cedric comment on everything she read to them from 'The Odyssey book II'. She wanted to sit and watch Fred and George pretend to be pirates, fighting with swords they had transfigured from some small trinket laying about. She wanted to snuggle up close to each and every one of them and never move; but alas it wasn't something they were able to do.

If it wasn't Molly keeping a strict eye on them to be sure that there was no 'tom foolery' going on. Then it was Remus sitting down in the library pretending to read, or Sirius coming in and steeling the twins away to show them a prank of some sort.

There were even times when Harry and Ron would come and steel Hermione away from the library to their room, where they would sit and conspire about what to do when they returned to Hogwarts.

All Hermione wanted was some time alone with her boys. And it wasn't until the night before they were to return to Hogwarts that she got any time alone with Viktor.

After dinner that evening, Hermione was sitting in the library, on the window seat reading. Suddenly she felt the urge to look up, and there was Viktor standing in the door way.

Hermione sat up straight, and put her book down next to her. Silently she beckoned him to come closer, as she scooted towards the edge of the seat. He stalked towards her, seemingly to be moving in slow motion, but really he was taking long strides. It wasn't until he was towering over her that either of them realized how close they were.

She rose slowly from her seat, his form still towering over her slightly. She leaned her head back to look at him, what she saw made her breathless. There he was looking at her with such longing, with such passion that it stole her breath away.

There were no words between them, for over the past 2 weeks there had been nothing but word. Now was time for action. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into him. He'd done this so quickly that she hadn't had time to do anything but gasp as her body came into contact with his.

Her arms came instinctively around his waist, and they stayed like that for no one knows how long.

After some time, she stood on her tippy toes, and instinctively he bent down, and their lips met. There weren't any shocks, there wasn't any fire works; but it still felt right. Two the two of them they were home.

The kiss progressed slowly to more than either of them expected, and soon they were stepping back from one another panting, and breathless.

He wanted so badly to touch her, and he knew from the dreams he had had, that she wanted the same. He knew what she and her mates were up to at school, it wasn't any surprise that they hadn't been able to resist temptation. And he wanted so badly to know the taste of her skin, when she was writhing beneath him. He wanted to badly to have her ample breasts in his hands; but he knew this was neither the time nor the place. So he did the only thing he could think of to relieve the tension, "read for me?" he asked, in a slightly breathy voice.

"Okay," she said picking up the book that they were reading the night before.

They sat together in the window seat, she leaned against his chest and read aloud to him. Shortly after she started, Cedric, and the twins joined them. And together they dove into the story.

Remus and Sirius stood in the door way and watched at the four of them sat together in rapt attention as Hermione captured the emotions of the story as she read.

And it was like that, that the yule holiday ended.

The very next morning, they were bringing their trunks down the stairs. They enjoyed a heavy breakfast before they were shipped off to Kings Cross to catch the Hogwarts express to Hogsmeade.

Hermione and Viktor shared a tear-less goodbye, before she too boarded the train. She waved from the window before moving to the compartment she would share with some of her fellow D.A. Members.

Upon the arrival back at school, the D.A seemed to pick up right where it left off. They started learning the Reducto Hex, and the Patronus Charm.

It was becoming harder and harder to dodge Malfoy and his goons. It was also becoming more and more difficult for Cedric, Fred or George to get any time alone with Hermione without being interrupted by someone. So most contact was limited to the common room as it was near impossible to get into the girl's dorms. It would have been out of the question to take her to the boy's dorm; too many prying eyes.

Cedric had taken to stealing glances and pretending to bump into her in the hall way. Not only did he get to hold her hand to help her up from knocking her over, he got to feel the warmth of her skin on his.

Fred and George had taken to stealing all her free time in the evening. They would sit next to her in the common room, they would commandeer her table in the library so that it was impossible for anyone else to sit with her in the library. They had to do this while keeping the regulation distance between them. They were close to getting detention many times because they were 'Sitting' to close, or 'standing' or 'being' to close to their girl.

There were several time where Hermione had to stop them from plotting Professor Umbridge's demise. Not that they hadn't taken to plotting when they were in their dorm. In between, them, Lee and half of Gryffindor's male population, they had an extensive plan devised. It involved hot wax, the forbidden forest, and a big enough cauldron to fit a body.

However it wasn't until easter that things took a turn for the worst. They were in the middle of a meeting, when Dobby popped in out of breath. After panting for a moment or two he was finally able to get out that they were in trouble. That the horrible pink Professor had figure out where they were hiding. That she had drugged a student, and the student had to tell the truth.

After Harry thanked Dobby for warning them, they attempted to escape. The room of Requirement had given them another door to escape through, however their secret was out, and the D.A. Was out of business.

Of course, Umbridge had all the information she needed, but it was plain to everyone who the snitch was. It was Edgebomb, the proof was as clear as day, written on her face so to speak, in big bold letters; SNEAK.

It was then that the D.A. Came to realize how devious Hermione Granger was. Fred and George looked at her in awe, they knew that she was the one who came up with the parchment that held everyone's names. She had said that something would happen if anyone chose to snitch on them.

"Brilliant but scary," Ron was heard saying more than once. Hermione glared at him briefly before smiling at him, with a brilliant smile. She found it was very hard to be angry with him, and maybe it was true, maybe she was scary. She shrugged mentally, Oh well, she thought, it didn't really matter.

However, with Dumbledore dismissed from his position due to ministry interference, Umbridge was now in charge.

Everyone who was on the D.A. List was sentenced to lines, in mass detentions held in the Great Hall. Fred, George, and many of the other 7th year students started plotting among their own houses. They were going out of their way to cause commotions.

However things calmed down during testing, as it was OWL's and NEWTS, it wasn't until after that Fred and George put their plan into action.

After the twins flooded the courtyard, with their might swamp, and set off fireworks all over the castle. They set off a giant firework in the form of a dragon, that chased Umbridge down the corridor. Everyone had a great time, it wasn't until the finally of their grand show that Harry had a vision of Sirius in trouble.

Cedric and Neville ran interference, setting off a dung bomb in the dungeons. Harry and company attempted to get to Umbridge's office so that Harry could Floo Grimmuald place. It wasn't until Kreacher refused to talk to him, that Harry left the office and dragged Hermione into the office with him.

"Talk to Kreacher," Harry demanded, "he won't answer my questions about Sirius."

Hermione stuck her head into the Floo, "Kreacher," Hermione called, "Kreacher it's urgent."

"What can Kreacher do for mistress Hermione," Kreacher asked.

"Kreacher," I need to you think a moment," Hermione said softly, "I'm in a big hurry, and I need to know if Uncle Sirius or my father are at home?"

"They are both here at present miss Hermione," he said, "though Kreacher wasn't supposed to say that, Kreacher was supposed to say that they weren't here."

"Kreacher," Hermione said, "tell who ever it was that told you to say that Sirius was away from home, that you did as they said. I'll handle the rest from here."

"Yes Miss Hermione," Kreacher said, "thank you Miss Hermione."

"No," Hermione said, "Thank you Kreacher."

As she and Kreacher were ending the conversation she was bing yanked from the Floo, by the collar of her shirt. "Lookie lookie what we have here," Umbridge said in a sickening sweet voice, "trying to sneak out were you? Where were you going? You were trying to Contact Dumbledore weren't you?"

Harry and Hermione both remained tight lipped on the subject, and just when she was about to hex Harry; Draco and his band of misfits tumbled in, holding Ron, and Neville.

"Mr. Malfoy," Umbridge said, "Go and fetch Professor Snape."

They only needed wait a few minutes, and Professor Snape was gracing the door way, "You called Madam?" Snape drawled in an unconcerned tone.

"Severus I need some Truth serum, immediately,"she said menacingly.

"I am sorry, Madam, but you you used the last of my stores, questioning several of the D.A. Members," Snape said

"Brew some more," she demanded.

"It would take a month to brew another batch," Snape said, "so unless you wish to poison them I cannot help you."

Hermione looked at Snape imploringly, while Umbridge was contemplating what to do. While Umbridge was distracted, Snape took the opportunity to look into Hermione's mind. There he found all the information that he needed.

Snape nodded, when Umbridge ushered him off, he knew just what to do.

However back in the Headmasters office, Umbridge was threatening to use an unforgivable on Harry to get info, she really despised the boy. And it was then that Hermione improvised, "If you won't tell her Harry, I will."

"Tell me what? Well speak up!" Umbridge demanded.

"Where Dumbledore's weapon is hidden," Hermione said cryptically.

And before they knew it, Umbridge was walking out of her office behind Hermione and Harry. It wasn't until Hermione entered the Forbidden forest that Harry started to understand what Hermione was up to.

"Why would he keep a weapon out here?" Umbridge questioned.

"Dumbledore needed to hide it where no one could stumble upon it," Hermione said looking pleadingly at Harry.

"Surely someone would have noticed if he'd hidden it in the dungeons," Harry said.

Or in the third floor corridor, Hermione thought, before trying to hide her smile.

Hermione and Harry stumbled towards where Gwap, Hagrid's younger giant brother was supposed to be, only to find him gone. Hermione looked around looking for him, "It should be somewhere around here."

Umbridge stepped forward, pushing Harry and Hermione out-of-the-way as she searched for the "weapon" they were supposed to be looking for.

It wasn't until they felt the ground shake beneath them, and saw Umbridge's face bunch up in anger that they realized that they were surrounded.

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