Okay, so I've always wanted to write a Creepypasta, but I didn't want it to be any cliché or ridiculously outlandish. Some Creepypasta end with like some sorta moral or something, and some are really thought out, while others are just…bizarre. And besides, even if I did right one, what game would I do it for? Ugh, such tough choices…

But then I got an idea. I wanted to do a one-shot, but I think this will be separated into five different parts, for each generation. And instead of a real Pokémon game, it will be something different. So here we are...

Prologue: Pokémon Chronicles Version

I'm a very avid collector of Pokémon games. I own all of the handheld games, even the rare Japanese Green Version. I also own every spin-off game, from Stadium to Mystery Dungeon to XD to Ranger. Black 2 and White 2 are coming out soon, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

But that's not all. I've also been seeking out hacked games.

Normally the makers of hacked games say that if you have purchased a bootleg copy of a hacked game to immediately return it and get your money off, as you were ripped off. But I don't see it this way. I honestly am happy to pay ten dollars for any unusual Pokémon game from a flea market, garage sale, or the Internet. I think fifteen was the most I ever paid for one.

I've been able to score a copy of Naranja, ChaosBlack, ShinyGold, the awful Jade Version (I haven't been able to find Diamond, its counterpart), and somehow found myself a copy of Pokémon Adventure, which I didn't even think was in a cartridge form. It was really glitchy, though, but still fun to laugh at. That poor Pikachu…

But this story is about a hacked game that you may have never heard of. A very unusual hacked game, which I'm sure only one of exists. I mean, this game is so out of the spectrum of hacked games… Actually, I'm not even sure you can call it a game. Not much gameplay even happens. But I'll explain this later.

If someone made copies of this game or holds their own copy, I'd really like it if you tell me. But honestly, I think I'm the only one who has one. So…I have to tell this story.

The story of the hacked game Pokémon Chronicles Version.

One Saturday morning, I made a trip to a flea market that I visited once a month about a half an hour bus ride from my house. It's a very big flea market, and it's where I obtained my Pokémon Naranja game.

I was obviously floating around the market, which actually wasn't as crowded as usual. I walked over to the gaming table, glancing over the home console games first. You never know, someone could have been skilled enough to hack a Pokémon Gamecube game, and if so, I'd be the first to know. At least, in the general area of my hometown.

When my search failed there, I glanced at the glass case full of Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and DS games. I wasn't paying any attention to if there were any 3DS games. I didn't have a 3DS, and I wouldn't care to have one unless a Pokémon game was to be released on the system.

Looking over the DS games carefully, something immediately popped out to me. A cartridge labeled 'Pokémon Chronicles Version'. It wasn't written on there; it was on the sticker for the game and if I wouldn't have known better, I would have actually thought it was a real Pokémon game from Nintendo. I picked it up and upon closer inspection, I noticed that the sticker was on another sticker. My only thought was that this was a hack of any of the Pokémon games released for DS, which could have been one of seven games. Unless it was a Japanese cartridge, which I hoped it wasn't.

I picked up the cartridge and asked the older man behind the counter how much he wanted for it. He lowered his glasses to inspect it closer, then huffed loudly.

"Wow, I didn't think someone would pick this up so quickly," he said in a gruff tone. I widened my eyes. Normally, the people in these flea markets don't pay much attention to the games they sell. They just tack on a price and move along to the next customer. I decided to ask him what he meant by that statement.

"Well, I recognize this game because an odd woman brought this in earlier and asked me a favor concerning this specific game," the man said. I asked what the favor was.

"She said to tell anyone that purchases this game to pass on its story."

I blinked in confusion. What did that mean? I wouldn't realize until later what this meant, but at the time it was a very confusing request.

I told the man that I wanted to purchase the game and asked again for the price.

"The woman said to just give it away to the first person who asked for it," the man shrugged. "I didn't want to agree to that, but she sounded very desperate to get rid of it."

He handed the game to me and I stared at it in shock. Was there something wrong with this game? I had heard of Creepypastas and even read a few myself. Although they were well written, I didn't really believe they were true. I just assumed it was another hacked game and tried not to worry so much about its backstory.

But I did have one more question. I asked him what the woman looked like.

"She was pretty young, maybe in her late teens. She looked frightened and jittery. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was her blue hair."

Blue hair? Well, sure, many people dyed their hair strange colors these days, so I didn't really think much of it.

But I never would have thought that the woman herself would play such a huge role in all of this.

I thanked the man and left the flea market, gazing intently at the cartridge. I thought about removing the sticker to see what this was a hack of, but I didn't want it to tear. I assumed I would just figure it out once I actually began playing the game.

When I got home, I decided to make lunch before delving into the game. I was hungry and I knew that once I started the game, I would probably play it non-stop until I absolutely needed sleep. Since I didn't recognize this hacked game, I had no idea what to expect. I could be playing this game for hours and hours and not even realize when it's three in the morning.

After eating my sandwich, I shut myself into my room, hopped onto my bed, and swiped my DS Lite off of the side table next to me. I removed the Pokémon White cartridge from the DS and replaced it with the Pokémon Chronicles game. I flipped the switch to turn on the game and waited for the start menu for the DS to pop up. But after waiting a moment, it never came up. I checked to make sure I turned the console on and noticed the green light was on.

Finally, I heard a noise come from the speakers. I glanced at the screen and noticed small white text scrawl across the black screen. The thing about the text is that it looked to be of the same font as the Mystery Dungeon games. It read:

"You are about to witness the Pokémon Chronicles. We are here to tell our story, and you have to play along. If not, turn this game off now and give it to another person. Our story needs to be told and someone needs to be willing to hear us out from beginning to end. Are you that person?"

Well, that surely had been unexpected. Who is 'we' and 'us'? It bothered me that whoever spoke in this text seemed oddly…realistic. Obviously, it was just a game; it wasn't real. This must have just been a cool twist on the plot for this game. I ignored the strange feeling I had and mentally answered the question. Of course I was the person to hear this story!

A yes/no menu had popped up, giving me the option to choose. I didn't even think twice as I answered yes. The text and the menu disappeared, leaving me with another black screen.

Then, the large font that indicated your position in a dungeon in the Mystery Dungeon games slowly faded in. It read:

"Chronicle One: The Red Seeps Through the Rainbow"

Not even bothering to interpret the odd title, I watched the words fade out and a small, familiar character instantly appear in the middle of the blackness. It was the sprite of Leaf, the female playable character from FireRed and LeafGreen.

Although…her sprite wasn't from the Game Boy Advance game. Rather, it looked like it belonged to the original Generation I games. And she was wearing different clothes. She didn't have a hat on and she had on a short, sleeveless black dress and black shoes.

My eyes widened upon the realization that she had the same appearance as Blue from the Pokémon Special manga. Blue was based off of the unused female character to Red and Green Versions, which later brought about Leaf's character from the remakes. The creators of the original games had plans to insert a female character to play as besides Red, but there wasn't enough memory space on the cartridge to add her so it was scrapped. Which explains why a female character wasn't playable until Kris in Pokémon Crystal Version.

I didn't notice when text appeared below Leaf. It was the same text box and font from the original Gen I games.

"Hi! My name is Leaf!" the text read. "Actually, it's Blue. Like Blue Version? You know that the rival is really Green correct?"

She was talking about Green Oak, whose name changed in the English versions of the games since Green Version wasn't released outside of Japan. It can get confusing, considering the English translation of Pokémon Special swapped their names as well, but most fans realize this change and stick to the original names.

Leaf continued. "But since there was only enough space in Red and Green Versions for one character, I didn't get my chance to shine until FireRed and LeafGreen. And I guess someone just decided to take the Leaf from LeafGreen and tack it onto me. So, here I am!"

When Leaf spoke, I was sort of reminded of her manga counterpart's personality. Although, maybe a little more cheery.

"But just because I wasn't in the original games doesn't mean I actually wasn't there."

I blinked and began to wonder what this game was a hack of. For a DS game, this was extremely…8-bit. I mean, it looked exactly like the Gen I games. I almost forgot I was playing a DS game until I noticed the second screen below it, which was completely black.

"I was there. The whole time."

None of these sentences had exclamation marks like before. That was starting to trouble me.

"Would you like to know what I was doing?" A yes/no box appeared. I was going to click yes, but I paused for a moment. What would happen if I chose no? Would she be upset with me? I was tempted, but I just decided to do it another time. I had a feeling I would be asked a lot of questions during this gameplay. I chose the yes option.

"Good," Leaf said. "Oh, before we start, you should tell me your name! Or at least what you would like us to call you. Can you tell me?"

I noticed instantly when she said 'us', but I decided to ignore it for now since I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get the answer to the question of who 'us' was right now. Another yes/no menu appeared, and I chose yes.

"Okay," she said. "So, what's your name?"

The original Red and Blue menu (with English letters) for naming yourself appeared. It looked exactly the same, except for the fact that there was something missing next to the seven blank lines: a character sprite. I overlooked this fact at first, but then wondered if I would be playing as any particular player at all. I didn't want to give her my real name, for the odd feeling in my stomach that this could turn into some weird Creepypasta moment. I hoped not, but this bizarre game was catching my interest and bothering me at the same time. I couldn't shake the odd feeling, but I wasn't going to let it deter me from figuring out what this game was really about.

Seven blank lines. Seven letters. Normally when I chose a name for my characters, I would just use their default names, like Red and Lucas. But since there wasn't a character sprite to base my name choice on, I went for the name of the childhood friend who introduced me to Pokémon all those years ago.

B-r-a-n-d-o-n. The cursor automatically moved to the end option, since I used up all seven spaces. I pressed the A button.

"Brandon…" Leaf said. "Okay, Brandon, let me tell you my story…"

The whole screen flashed white and I prepared for the inevitable…