All right, so it took me a really long time to decide what I was going to do for this chapter. There were many ways I could have gone about it, so in the end, here's the result. I hope it's as good as the last chapter. I was honestly surprised by all of the positive reviews. Thanks a lot!

Chronicle Two: Elemental Crisis


The hacked game Pokémon Chronicles Version did not exist anywhere. And considering how enormous the Internet is, for a search of something to come up empty is shocking.

All I could think was that I own the only copy of this game. It wasn't unfathomable or anything, it was just kinda…crazy. Why would someone only make one copy of a game? And from what I've played so far, it's a well-designed game. I mean, someone took the capabilities of a DS game and lower it to near-perfection 8-bit level. I wasn't even sure that was possible. It must have taken a lot of hard work.

And here was the only copy. I held up my DS and gazed at it intently, remembering the intention of this game.

"Pass on its story."

I lay down on my bed and glanced over at the clock on my side table. Ten twenty-six. I didn't have school tomorrow, so I figured I could play through the next Chronicle.

I turned on the DS and the screen remained black. After a moment of flipping my DS around and making sure it wasn't broken, I noticed the familiar Mystery Dungeon text appear.

"Chronicle Two: Elemental Crisis"

The DS menu didn't come up again. I still found this very bizarre, as it seemed as if the game was able to eliminate the DS menu from showing up. I shook my head and just ignored it, as it wasn't entirely important anyway.

The text faded and another character's sprite appeared in the middle of the black screen. I thought it was Kris at first, but I was mistaken. She had brown pigtails, a poofy white hat, and red and blue clothes. It was Lyra! Although, all of her features weren't entirely evident. She was 8-bit also.

"Hi!" a text box appeared underneath her. "I'm Lyra! Nice to meet you, Brandon!"

I made a face. Did this mean that I was going to see this Chronicle through the eyes of Lyra? What about Kris? I did like Lyra, but I didn't like how they replaced Kris with her in HeartGold and SoulSilver. I wonder if this would explain what happened to her…

"Now, you might be wondering where Kris is, right?"

Well, that helps answer that question. I didn't realize when I gripped my DS tighter.

"Well, that will be explained in my story, which I will begin to tell you soon," she said.

I had read many a story and Creepypasta about Kris's disappearance from Pokémon Crystal and replacement in the remakes, most of them tragic. I was honestly hoping that this story would be a little better. Considering the last Chronicle, I didn't think the chances of things ending well for Kris would be good, but I could at least hope that she wouldn't be killed or something.

"But before I begin, I want you to answer a question for me," the text box disappeared, and I wondered what was taking her so long to ask. Once she finally did, though, I understood.

"Do you like Kris more or me?" a box appeared off to the side. It was like a yes/no box, except the options were Kris or Lyra. I blinked. How could I answer her? It was true that I preferred Kris to Lyra, but I couldn't pick Kris! But I didn't want to lie either. I kept pressing the up and down buttons, the cursor moving between the two names. Should I lie and not hurt Lyra's feelings?

Surprisingly, I didn't have to do either. After a minute of not choosing, the options disappeared and Lyra continued talking.

"Is it hard to pick? Or do you really like Kris more than me?" I frowned, but she kept talking. "It's okay. If you liked me, you would have just told me, but since it took you so long to answer, it makes sense that you couldn't choose Kris because you didn't want to upset me."

I felt like I was in a psychology class. They say that lying is bad, but can any one person really truly go a long period of time without lying? Considering this question, when given the option to either lie not to hurt someone's feelings or tell the truth and hurt someone's feelings, which would you go with?

Was she testing me on purpose to really make me think about this?

"I'll be honest, I would prefer if you told me the truth rather than lie to me," Lyra said. "Many people say they would feel the same way, but do you think that's true?"

I wasn't given a yes/no option, but it did make me think. My parents always told me that telling a lie is worse than telling the truth. But I lie to them all the time about little things. One time my mom asked me if I liked a dress she was wearing to attend a party. I actually disliked the dress very much, but my mom looked really happy in it and I didn't want to upset her, so I told her I liked it anyway. But the next time we went out, she spotted a dress she thought was cute and asked me if I liked it. When I made a face at it, she frowned, put it back and walked off, not talking to me for awhile.

I blinked and didn't even realize that Lyra had continued. "You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with anything, right?"

Now that I thought about it, she was right. Why had she asked me that question about who I liked better?

"Well, just think of it this way: you might think of me much differently by the time I finish telling this story."

Uh-oh. That couldn't be good. Could Lyra have possibly done something to Kris? Maybe that's why she wasn't so upset that I stalled in choosing an option. But it was too early to tell.

"Okay, Brandon, I think it's time I begin telling you my story," Lyra said. "But, it's not so much my story as it is all six of ours…"

Six? I figured I was right to assume from what Leaf had said in the last Chronicle that the rest of hers, Green's and Red's story would be included in this Chronicle, as Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions were the sequel to Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Versions. Lyra also said that Kris would be included, so that made five characters. I'm pretty sure that Silver would be included as well, since he's apart of the storyline. The only person that didn't fit was Ethan, since the opposite character in Crystal Version doesn't appear at all in the storyline.

But Leaf appeared in the first Chronicle, even though she didn't even exist in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. So would that mean that Ethan would show up after all?

Regardless, someone was going to be missing. All I could do was wait and find out.

Lyra slowly disappeared into the darkness and I began to make guesses as to how this story would take place. There were already two different stories to tell: the characters from Gen I and the characters from Gen II. But the characters from Gen II could be split up in multiple ways. Silver's backstory could be fully revealed, Kris's explanation for disappearing from HeartGold and SoulSilver, Ethan possibly being the opposite character could be off doing his own thing…there were several ways to go about this story. So which one would I witness?

The screen turned completely white and faded in to Kris facing Silver outside of Professor Elm's lab. I raised an eyebrow. It was like I was playing Crystal Version. Where did Lyra go?

"Lyra: Does this scene look familiar at all to you?"

I should really stop being so impatient. But I was still confused. Kris was on my screen but Lyra was talking. I knew it was Kris because the poofy hat was gone and her hair was blue. But where was Lyra and why was she the one talking?

"Lyra: This is where it all started. Kris leaving to start her journey to become the Champion."

The text box vanished and nothing happened. I habitually pressed the up button and Kris moved upward. I moved her forward and turned to talk to Silver. I pressed A.

"?: … … So this is the famous ELM POKéMON LAB…" he then turned to face me. "?: What do you want?" He then shoved me away like I expected and walked back to the window.

"Lyra: Kris knew this kid was up to something, but didn't know what to do about it. So she just continued on into the lab to get her Pokémon."

Kris then moved on her own into the lab. She vanished behind the door and the screen faded out.

The next scene appeared and it was inside Professor Elm's lab. Elm was standing in front of his computer. Kris was nowhere to be seen, but I noticed that there were only two Poké Balls on the table. I had a feeling of what was coming next.

There was a loud crashing noise and an exclamation point appeared above Professor Elm's head.

"PROF. ELM: What in the…?"

Silver suddenly appeared on the far left side of the lab, supposedly coming in from the non-visible window. He walked over to the table and one of the Poké Balls disappeared.

"PROF. ELM: H-hey! What do you think you're doing?"

Silver turned to face Professor Elm. "?: I need this," he answered simply.

"PROF. ELM: You can't just steal one of my POKéMON!"

"?: Too late." Silver then ran out of the broken window. Professor Elm ran frantically back and forth.

"PROF. ELM: Call the police! I need to call KRIS!" The screen then faded out again.

I was then shown the scene where Kris fights Silver for the first time, right outside of Cherrygrove City. Apparently they had already battled because of Silver's first line.

"?: … … My name's SILVER. I'm going to be the world's greatest POKéMON trainer." He then stormed off into Cherrygrove.

Kris began walking back toward New Bark Town on her own while a text box appeared.

"Lyra: Kris knew that Silver stole that Pokémon from Professor Elm's lab, but she wasn't sure if she would be able to get it back from him. She was determined to do her best, though, for she knew that for him to steal that Pokémon was obviously wrong.

"But…there was something about this red-haired kid that she didn't know about, and soon she would be caught up in something bigger than she ever imagined."

So far, this story was playing out just like Crystal Version. I already knew the reason behind Silver stealing his Pokémon from Professor Elm, and it was made more evident in the special Celebi event that happens in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Giovanni was Silver's father and, instead of remaining by his side and helping his father with being a part of Team Rocket, rebelled and ran away, vowing to become a powerful trainer and take down Giovanni and Team Rocket himself.

Even though the English script changed the dialogue and never officially revealed that Silver was in fact Giovanni's son, it had been speculated for awhile and became quite obvious by a scientist in the Rocket Warehouse in FireRed and LeafGreen when he stated that Giovanni's son had red hair. Plus, his motive for wanting to take down Team Rocket seemed reasonable.

But what would make this Chronicle different than the actual Crystal Version, besides maybe some scenes from Silver's point of view? My impatience was starting to get the best of me and I continued on.

The screen with Kris still walking to New Bark faded out and I suddenly realized that Kris hadn't had any dialogue yet. I knew that it would make sense for the protagonists to not have spoken since they normally never speak in-game anyway, but Leaf and Lyra were telling their stories. I figured Red wouldn't speak anyway because Game!Red isn't known to speak in the Pokémon fandom at all.

But then I began to wonder…is Lyra doing all the talking because Kris isn't able to? Would that mean that she really is…?

The screen returned to show something I definitely hadn't expected. Kris was standing in the Ilex Forest underneath the only tree in the forest you have to Cut down. Above her, you could see the shrine dedicated to the forest's protector, Celebi.

But what shocked me was that Silver was in front of the shrine.

Without me having to do anything, Kris Cut down the tree and walked over to Silver. An exclamation mark popped up above his head and he turned to face Kris.

"SILVER: What are you looking at?" He turned to face the shrine once more before walking westward off screen.

Kris then stood where Silver had before and stared at the shrine. I pressed A.

"ILEX FOREST SHRINE… It's in honor of the forest's protector…"

Lyra then began speaking unexpectedly. "Lyra: Kris stood here for quite some time after encountering Silver and wondered why he would be staring at this. She made the correct assumption that the forest's protector was a Pokémon, and then was struck with the intense urge to meet it…"

I blinked. Silver never showed up in front of the Ilex Shrine in any of the games. And for Lyra to say that Kris was curious about meeting Celebi…I wondered if this had anything to do with learning about Silver's past through the Celebi event. My only confusion with this, though, was that the event was only available in HeartGold and SoulSilver. That's not to say that the person who made this game couldn't have added it in to this Version.

Kris then began walking on her own westward, but the screen didn't follow her. It instead faded out to black, with a text box appearing.

"Lyra: Kris then made her way to Goldenrod City, the place where her adventure would take an unexpected turn."

Goldenrod? I didn't think this Chronicle would take a turn for the worse so soon.

But I was misinterpreting what Lyra was saying. I assumed by unexpected that she meant bad. But I was wrong.

At least, in Kris's case.

The next scene showed Kris walking in Goldenrod City. Everything was normal, until the Pokémon Center showed up on screen.

It was bigger than the normal Pokémon Center and the sign next to it said PCC.

I gasped. How could I forget? Well, it wasn't something I was expecting; this game was throwing every curveball possible.

The Pokémon Communication Center, or PCC, was something that was only available in the original Japanese Pokémon Crystal. It was designed to be used with the Mobile Adapter system on Japanese cell phones. But since the system wasn't available elsewhere, considering cell phones weren't as big back in 2000 as they were in Japan, the PCC was removed from the international versions of the game.

But because of this, two big events were left out of the international version. One was the ticket received in the PCC, which could be given to the Daycare man and woman for the Odd Egg. Sure, you could still receive an Odd Egg from the couple in international version without the ticket, but in the Japanese version the Pokémon that hatched out of the Odd Egg had a fifty percent chance of being shiny, while the Odd Egg in the international version only had a fourteen percent chance. The chances we still better than any other Pokémon you could find in the game, but they were still much slimmer.

The second event was the GS Ball. The GS Ball, which was rumored in the anime to contain Celebi but was then never revealed due to the writers shelving the idea in place of the fourth movie, actually existed in the Japanese version of Crystal. You could obtain it in the PCC and take it to Kurt who, after a day, would meet you by the shrine where you could catch a Celebi.

The fact that this PCC was here meant that Lyra had to be foreshadowing Kris in meeting Celebi.

It took me a moment to realize that Kris had stopped moving into the city on her own. I controlled her toward the Pokémon Center and stepped inside. When I walked in, I immediately made my way to a lady standing behind a counter to the right.

"Hello!" she said enthusiastically, I assumed from the exclamation mark. "This is for you, Kris! A gift from a girl with brown hair!"

Brown hair? Lyra? I was ultimately confused. Why would someone randomly give Kris the GS Ball? And why Kris? This felt like a trap.

I obtained the GS Ball and Kris didn't move as the screen slowly faded. I waited for Lyra to add her input, but she said nothing.

This definitely made the assumption that Lyra had left the GS Ball to Kris more solid. But why Kris? Did Kris even know Lyra?

The scene automatically skipped to Kris and Kurt standing in front of the shrine. Kurt held out a brown Poké Ball in front of both him and Kris.

"KURT: This is it. I'm not sure how you got ahold of this, but this GS BALL contains the protector of this forest, CELEBI."

I wasn't sure about the original dialogue of the GS Ball event, but I doubt it was that. That makes me think that the creator of this game wanted me to question how this GS Ball was obtained in the first place, which goes back to Lyra. I was positive that she was the girl with brown hair that the lady mentioned.

"KURT: Are you ready, KRIS?" he asked. Kris didn't respond, but Kurt continued anyway. "KURT: Okay. CELEBI, come on out!" There was a flash of light and Celebi appeared in the spot where the GS Ball was previously.

"KURT: There it is! The Legendary CELEBI!"

The Celebi began spinning around Kris. It cried out twice before glowing.

"KURT: W-what's going on?" When the text box disappeared, the whole screen glowed white. I was prepared for a Pokémon battle with Celebi, but something didn't seem right.

I heard Celebi's cry once more as the screen faded in to show something…bizarre. Kris was standing inside of a very familiar house. She was her normal color scheme, but everything around her was gray.

I pressed a random button on the directional pad and found that I could move. The first thing I noticed was a set of stairs in the right hand corner. I walked up the stairs and gasped at where I ended up.

I was in Green's house in Kanto. And Green, Leaf and Daisy were standing in the middle of the room. They looked the same as they did in the first Chronicle, except that Leaf was a complete dark blue color scheme, while Green was a dark green shade. Daisy was a dark gray, probably indicating that she wasn't as important as the player characters.

"Leaf: GREEN, I can't believe it!" Leaf walked over to Green. "The POKéMON LEAGUE ASSOCIATION recognized you as suitable for the position of a GYM LEADER!"

"DAISY: This is great, GREEN! Are you going to take the offer?"

It seemed that no one noticed that Kris was standing right in the room. Celebi must have taken Kris back in time and made it to where nobody can see her.

But how far back in time was this? Was Red still the Champion? Green's clothes were still the same from his sprite in the Gen I games, so it couldn't have been too long after Red became Champion. But there was no real way to tell; the squeal games take place three years after the events of the Gen I games, so it could be anywhere between that time.

"GREEN: Of course I'll take the offer!" he said. "RED can be the stupid Champion all he wants! At least the LEAGUE recognized me for something!"

"Leaf: Don't worry, GREEN. I told you that I would take him down. For the both of us."

"GREEN: …BLUE, I told you that you don't have to do that."

"Leaf: GREEN, I'm not going to let this go! It was awful for RED to do that to you, and I told you I would get him back for it!"


"Leaf: GREEN, stop it!"

The room was then silent for a moment. Daisy suddenly faced away from them.

"Leaf: We all made a goal from the beginning. To be the best and to always stay friends, no matter what. He broke that rule and I'm not letting him get away with it. He hurt both of us. Do you just not care?"

"GREEN: …I do, but…I know that you're my best friend, BLUE. We don't need him."

"Leaf: I don't want his friendship back, GREEN. I want to tear him down. To prove to him what he did. When I defeat him, he'll have no one to turn to."

This was pretty dark. Green seemed like he was trying not to care about it, but Leaf was still holding a grudge. She must have been taking this harder than Green was.

But Leaf did have a right to be upset. Over the six month journey, Red never tried to talk to Leaf once. Sure, Red is practically a mute, but according to Leaf, Red never tried to find Leaf or ask how she was. And if Green had never challenged Red at any point in their journey, who knows if Red would have talked to him either.

"GREEN: …Okay, BLUE."

"Leaf: I'll get stronger. In the meantime, you take the position of VIRIDIAN CITY GYM LEADER. Who knows where GIOVANNI went, but good riddance. He was an awful man, anyway."

Celebi's cry echoed again and the screen flashed white again. I began to wonder if Leaf would make good on her promise.

And make good she sure did.

The whiteness faded to reveal Kris, Leaf and Red in the Champion room. Kris was standing behind Leaf, who was facing Red. The whole room was gray, while Red's sprite was completely crimson.

This scene was completely short, as only one line of dialogue was exchanged.

"Leaf: You lose, RED."

Red didn't say anything and just walked past Leaf and Kris out of the room. Leaf walked forward and stood in his previous spot. She turned as if she was looking at Kris, but she couldn't see her. Nothing else was said as the screen brightened again.

So it was Leaf that defeated Red. And that's why he retreated to Mt. Silver. I guess? It still doesn't explain it, but maybe Leaf was right. After she defeated him, with no one to turn to he just decided to remain in solitude in the one place he was sure people couldn't reach him.

The next scene was another definitely unexpected one. Kris, Leaf and Green were standing in Red's house. I knew because of the TV on the first floor, and because his mom was sitting at the table. His mom was the same gray shade as Daisy. Leaf and Green had changed to their clothes, Leaf's from FireRed and LeafGreen and Green's from Gold, Silver, Crystal and their remakes. They were still 8-bit.

"RED's MOM: *Sniff* Why hasn't RED come home? Where is he? No one has heard from him in over a year!"

"GREEN: I-I don't know… Would you like us to look for him?"

"RED's MOM: …I think he's okay. I just don't understand why he couldn't bother to tell anyone where he's going…"

"GREEN: It's okay, I'm sure he'll come home soon."

It took me a minute to notice that I couldn't see Leaf's eyes. Not in the Lost Silver Hidden way, but that the shade from her hat made it so that her eyes weren't visible.

That couldn't be good.

The screen brightened again and I was waiting to see the scene where maybe Leaf or Green would encounter Red on Mt. Silver. But instead I the scene changed to Leaf talking to Lance in his room in the Elite Four. Kris was, as usual, in the room, and Lance was the same dark gray color.

"LANCE: What? You want to step down as Champion?"

"Leaf: Yes. Please tell me you can take my place!"

"LANCE: Well, AGATHA is retiring and LORELEI is returning home to FOUR ISLAND, so their replacements are going to arrive within the week. If I step up as Champion, then they'll still be one vacant spot."

Four Island? Even though the Sevii Islands were only in FireRed and LeafGreen, it was interesting that they were being mentioned here.

"Leaf: Well, I tried asking GREEN if he would want to, but he said he liked being a GYM LEADER better."

"LANCE: Yeah, GREEN would have been the perfect candidate, but I guess it can't be helped. I heard that KOGA was training his daughter to be a GYM LEADER. I wonder if I could ask him."

"Leaf: Please, LANCE. It would be greatly appreciated."

"LANCE: Okay, but…why do you want to step down? Are you having family troubles?"

It was silent for a moment. I hadn't really been paying attention to the music—I had the sound all the way up just in case any mysterious music played, but so far all of the music was the same—but it felt like it was quiet to me.

"Leaf: …I-I just need some time to myself."

"LANCE: All right, that's understandable. You can return whenever you like, BLUE."

"Leaf: …Thanks." Leaf then turned around and walked downward to leave. The screen was focused on Kris, so it didn't follow Leaf as she disappeared off screen.

"LANCE: I hope she's okay. It's been two years since she defeated RED and no one has heard from him since…"

Two years. That means there's one more year until the events of Gold, Silver and Crystal. The screen flashed white once more as I thought about what else there was to see, besides meeting Red on Mt. Silver.

But I was shocked when Kris was returned to Ilex Forest. There had to be more to Leaf's story. Why did she step down as Champion? And did Leaf or Green ever confront Red on Mt. Silver?

"KURT: KRIS! Are you okay?" I wasn't even paying any attention to the fact that Kurt was still standing there. He walked up to Kris. "You were only gone for a few minutes, but I was worried! Did CELEBI take you somewhere?"

Kris didn't respond, but she stepped back and held out the GS Ball. Celebi's cry could be heard.

"KURT: Whatever happened, I think CELEBI wants to stay with you. Will you keep it?" The GS Ball disappeared. "KURT: Good! I think CELEBI really likes you. You must be a very suitable trainer for it, and I would agree! Take good care of it!"

The screen then faded to black. So, wait…Kris has a Celebi now? Well, I guess Celebi plays a pretty big part in all of this after all.

But along the black screen, a text box popped up.

"Lyra: But the adventures with Celebi weren't over yet. In fact, it was only the beginning."

Well, I figured the Celebi could also be used for the event where the character goes back in time to battle Giovanni, but would that play a part in Kris's storyline? Where did Lyra fit into all of this?

The scene returned with Kris facing Silver in the Burned Tower. The dialogue yet again indicated that he was speaking to her after being defeated, but it was different from in the original Crystal.

"SILVER: …You…have a CELEBI?" He sounded surprised. Well, I would be too if someone I knew was in possession of a Legendary Pokémon. Not that that would obviously happen in real life, but I'm sure it's rather bizarre in the Pokémon World. Except for maybe the Frontier Brains. Damn Brandon and his Regi's…

He continued. "SILVER: I…" he then paused and turned around. "SILVER: Never mind." Suddenly, a hole appeared below Kris and she fell through into the basement, which does actually happen in Crystal. A exclamation mark appeared above Silver and he turned around to face the hole.

"SILVER: …KRIS?" He then faced forward before turning and walking upward, possibly trying to exit the tower. Then screen faded before I could figure out exactly what he was doing. Did that mean that maybe Silver was a little concerned? Well, if the screen faded before showing Kris in the basement, he must not have cared enough to jump down after her.

But first the Ilex Shrine and then being surprised at her owning Celebi. Did Silver have some fascination with Celebi all of a sudden? What was the deal with that?

Then I randomly realized something: I had no idea what Kris or Silver's starter Pokémon were.

The game then skipped over Kris and Silver's brief meeting in Olivine to their conversation in the Team Rocket Headquarters.

"SILVER:… Didn't I tell you that I was going to destroy TEAM ROCKET? …Tell me, who was the guy in the cape who used dragon POKéMON?"

Lance. By this time, he was surely Champion. Silver continued.

"My POKéMON were no match at all. I don't care that I lost. I can beat him by getting stronger POKéMON. It's what he said that bothers me… He told me that I don't love and trust my POKéMON enough. I'm furious that I lost to a bleeding heart like him. …Humph! I don't have the time for the likes of you!"

From what I could remember, that was his exact dialogue from this scene. He began to walk off, but this time he turned around.

"SILVER: I'm different from them. TEAM ROCKET are the ones that treat their POKéMON like dirt, not me! And I'll prove it!" He then walked off screen.

Now I didn't remember those words at all. My memory wasn't perfect, but I didn't think he spoke again after saying the first paragraph of dialogue. Maybe it was just to further indicate his hate for Team Rocket.

The scene obviously changed again, this time to the battle against Silver in the Underground Tunnel in Goldenrod. When his dialogue popped up, I really began to wonder if there was some reason that I hadn't been informed of Kris and Silver starter Pokémon.

"SILVER:…I don't understand… Is what that LANCE guy said true? That I don't treat POKéMON properly? Love… Trust… Are they really what I lack? Are they keeping me from winning? I… I just don't understand. But it's not going to end here. Not now. Not because of this. I won't give up my dream of becoming the world's best POKéMON trainer!"

I actually felt bad for Silver. It was beginning to remind me of the battles between Red and Green in the first Chronicle. But the thing about Silver was that it was a learning experience and that he eventually begins to care for his Pokémon, as evident by his Golbat evolving into Crobat. For Green, it was more like he was being humiliated. There was no evidence that Green mistreated his Pokémon, but Professor Oak demeaned him anyway.

Silver began to walk off, but he turned around again. Now I know for sure that he didn't say anything else in the original game, but his dialogue really tipped me off.

"SILVER: I wonder…if maybe I could ask you…" he then paused and turned back around. "SILVER: Not now, but maybe later." He finally walked off screen.

Ask Kris? What would Silver need to ask Kris? I had a strange assumption that maybe it was a favor, but Silver's not the type of person to ask for help so that seemed out of the question.

But boy does this game like to surprise me.

Kris was now standing right at the exit of Victory Road. She was one tile away from being approached by Silver, I assumed, since Silver wasn't there. So would I get to see a battle?

Kris automatically moved forward herself and was stopped by a text box.

"SILVER: Hold it!"

Kris turned around and Silver ran up to her.

"SILVER: Are you going to take the POKéMON LEAGUE challenge?" Yes, given this dialogue, this was surely before their battle. But his next words threw me off.

"SILVER: …Is there any way you can hold off on that for a little? I…I want to ask you for…"

A question mark appeared above Kris.

"SILVER: D-don't look at me like that! I want that CELEBI!"

Back to the Celebi again. I took this moment to realize that Lyra hadn't spoken in awhile.

"SILVER: You have a CELEBI and I want to use its powers. I-if it would be willing to. It's not like I can make it do what I want since it's your POKéMON. I really didn't want to have to ask for your help, but I don't think I have a choice."

After a moment of silence, Kris stood back and held out a brown Poké Ball. Was Celebi still in the GS Ball? An exclamation mark popped up above Silver.

"SILVER: Y-you'll help me?"

The GS Ball was replaced by Celebi's sprite. The forest protector cried out before glowing, the whole screen being engulfed in white. I stared intently at my DS, completely intrigued by what would happen next.

The whiteness slowly dimmed to reveal something I most definitely didn't see coming. I know I've said that a lot, and I will probably say it a few more times, but this one threw me for a loop. The scenery changed completely, and what I mean by that was that instead of playing Crystal Version, I was now playing HeartGold and SoulSilver. Lyra and Silver were standing in the middle of a room that looked a lot Giovanni's room in the basement of the Game Corner in Gen I and their remakes. And speaking of Giovanni, he was sitting on a couch across from Lyra and Silver.

And where were Kris and GenII!Silver? Right behind Lyra and GenIV!Silver, although they were still 8-bit.

Mind blown. What in the hell was going on?

The text box from the Gen IV games popped up, so bits of text weren't in all caps.

"Silver: Are you done now, father? Team Rocket is done for, and so should you!"

"Giovanni: …"

"Lyra: You've caused a lot of problems, Giovanni. Are you ready to give yourself up?"

Giovanni got up from the couch and walked behind it. He spoke with his back turned to them.

"Giovanni: I was done ever since losing to that kid in Saffron, and then again at the Viridian Gym. If I even tried for a revival, that kid would be right there to tear me down. So when I heard Archer and Ariana calling out to me over the radio, I knew they were going to fail. But I wasn't expecting it to be from you two."

So, I assumed this was taking place in the future after Team Rocket lost for the last time in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. But…Lyra was here instead of Kris. So when exactly does this take place? And where was Kris?

"SILVER: This doesn't make any sense!" the 8-bit Silver turned to Kris and spoke with the original Gen II text box. "You are the one that took down TEAM ROCKET! Sure, I helped as well, but who is this girl with brown hair?"

I was as confused as Silver, although I knew who Lyra was.

"Giovanni: But I'm not going to give myself up to the police. Silver, you've made your decision and I can't change your mind. So it's time for me to leave." A Poké Ball appeared next to Giovanni and out popped a Kadabra.

"Silver: No, father!" GenIV!Silver began to run toward Giovanni, but Kadabra cried out and used Teleport. Both Giovanni and the Pokémon were gone. GenIV!Silver was now standing where Giovanni had just a moment before.

"Silver: Darn it…" Lyra walked over to the redhead.

"Lyra: It's okay, Silver. Team Rocket is done for. They shouldn't make a comeback and if they do, we'll be right there to take them down."

"Silver: …" he turned toward Lyra. "Why does this feel familiar? Like…I've done this exact same thing before? Everything I've done up until now, like stealing the Pokémon from the Professor to this point in time…"

"Lyra: …Who knows? Maybe you have, in a different life."

…What? Why would Lyra say something like that? I get the feeling that there's still something obvious that I'm missing…

"SILVER: KRIS, do you know who this girl is?" GenII!Silver asked Kris. Kris turned toward him but didn't answer.

Then I heard Celebi's cry and a flash of light blinded my view of the screen. When it faded, Kris and Silver were back in the 8-bit Victory Road.

"SILVER: GIOVANNI…is my father. I wanted CELEBI to show me my future with him, if he would give himself up. But…who was that girl? Why did she claim to have taken down TEAM ROCKET? That's not true at all!"

Silver paused and turned away from Kris.

"SILVER: …KRIS… I know that it was you that took them down. And I will remember that. I'll confront my father and when I do I want you to be with me, because that memory is false." Silver began to walk downward when he stopped.

"SILVER: …Thank you." He then sped out of sight. Kris stood there frozen for awhile, as I wasn't able to move her. She then walked by herself out of the cave and then screen darkened completely.

I couldn't even ask anymore questions. I just had to hope that soon enough this game would answer at least the important ones.

The scene slowly faded in, and I was surprised at how far the game skipped ahead. Kris was at the very bottom of the final room of Mt. Silver. I pressed forward and Kris moved up. I took this moment to press Start to see if I could look at her party, but the menu didn't come up. I continued moving her forward. I guess this was the moment when I would get to see what Red was up to.

But Red wasn't the one standing on top of the mountain. I paused Kris's movement and stared at the girl at the top of the screen. She had her back turned, but I recognized her instantly, even in this 8-bit form. I continued to move Kris forward until she stopped herself. The girl turned around to face Kris.

"Leaf: Oh! I wasn't expecting a visitor!"

I wasn't expecting her. Where was Red?

"Leaf: You must be a really strong trainer to have gotten this far! Um, maybe I could offer a battle?"

A yes/no box appeared. Do I choose to fight her? Well, I was still curious about Kris's Pokémon; plus, it would be the first time that I will have actually battled at all since playing this game. I chose yes.

"Leaf: Oh! I'm sorry, I only have my BLASTOISE on me."

Leaf stopped talking and I frowned. Dammit, I kinda wanted to battle…

But why was Leaf here? Did she know that Red was supposed to be here instead?

"Leaf: Hey, that POKé BALL… I've never seen one like that before! Can I see it?"

Kris held out the brown Poké Ball. Celebi!

"Leaf: Wow, a CELEBI! I've heard of this POKéMON! Doesn't it have the ability to travel through time?

"…Maybe…maybe you can help me with something?"

And for the first time, Kris finally spoke.

"Kris: You're the girl…from the flashback."

An exclamation mark appeared above Leaf's head.

"Leaf: …So CELEBI did what I asked."

The GS Ball glowed and Celebi came out of it. The Pokémon slowly floated over to Leaf.

"Leaf: KRIS… I want to show you something." The Celebi cried out, and the usual flash of light happened.

But this time when the light dimmed, Kris and Leaf were walking slowly along a black screen. A text box popped up and a familiar character made a return.

"Lyra: Leaf had Celebi show Kris her past. Everything that you witnessed in the first Chronicle Kris saw and Leaf relived."

But did this mean that Leaf was the one that left the GS Ball for Kris, not Lyra? How did Leaf get the Celebi and why did she give it to Kris?

And where are Red and Lyra?

Kris and Leaf were then returned to Mt. Silver. The Celebi was still floating next to Leaf.

"Kris: I-I'm sorry, BLUE…"

"Leaf: …I'm sorry for you, too, KRIS."

An exclamation mark popped up above Kris. "Kris: What do you mean?"

"Leaf: I know about your childhood friend."

Another exclamation mark above Kris. I raised my eyebrow.

"Kris: W-what? How do you know about…ETHAN?"

I gasped. Ethan? He hasn't been mentioned at all since this game began! And what about what Lyra said in the beginning? About this not being just her story but six others? I left Ethan out because if Lyra and Kris were the main characters, Ethan didn't fit anywhere.

But with Ethan being mentioned, that would mean that there were seven stories to tell. I thought about it again and figured that maybe Red could be excluded since we already knew his story from playing Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Versions. But he was still an important character.

Nothing was making sense. I set down my DS for a moment and ran my fingers through my hair, clenching my fists and gripping it tightly.

This story sure was intriguing.

I picked up the DS again and took a deep breath. Leaf had already began talking.

"Leaf: KRIS… I can bring him back."

Bring him back? Did that mean he was…?

"Kris: …How? You can do that?"

"Leaf: Yes, I can. It would take a lot of power from CELEBI because time would have to be restarted. Back to when ETHAN was still around. That means that everything you've done up to this point will have to be redone."

Kris ran up to Leaf. "Kris: I don't care! If you can bring him back, please! Do it!"

Nothing was said for a moment, then Leaf spoke up. "Leaf: If I do this, you'll have to do something for me in return."

"Kris: Anything, BLUE."

I began to panic as I remembered Leaf's eyes from the flashback. And the fact that I still had no idea where Red was…

The screen then began to dim. My eyes widened and I gripped the DS tighter, almost yelling at it. He screen couldn't blacken now! There were still too many questions!

I was gonna have to calm down if I were to get through the rest of this Chronicle. I took a sip of the lukewarm water that I left on my side table hours ago, ignoring that the time on my clock read after midnight.

The screen slowly returned to show the outside of Kris's house in New Bark Town. Except that it was highly detailed and in 3-D.

The graphics of HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Before she even walked out of the house, I immediately knew I wasn't looking at Kris's house. The girl with the poofy white hat and the brown pigtails emerged from the front door.

A Marill ran toward the girl, running into her and bouncing backward. A boy with a yellow and black cap walked up to her from below the screen.

"Ethan: Hello, Lyra! How's it going?"

Right at that moment, one of my questions was answered. Leaf used Celebi's powers to its full extent in order to bring back Ethan from…wherever. This could explain why he wasn't present in Crystal but was included in HeartGold and SoulSilver if the girl was chosen as the player character.

But…why did Lyra take Kris's place? What did Leaf ask of Kris that made her disappear? Would Kris really agree to do something that would cause her to not see Ethan?

Or maybe…it didn't matter to Kris. Maybe if he was just alive was what really mattered to her. Did Ethan really die? And if so, how and how did he know Kris?

The Marill ran off screen and Ethan looked over.

"Ethan: Sorry, Lyra, I'll catch up with you later! Marill seems in a hurry to go somewhere!" Ethan then ran after the blue Pokémon.

Lyra then began walking automatically over to Professor Elm's lab. She walked a little ways past it over to where Silver was. She stood there and stared at where he was standing and the screen faded to dark again.

I squinted my eyes in frustration. I may have answered one question, but there were still so many that needed to be answered…

The scene returned and Lyra was on Mt. Silver, the blizzard blowing harshly. And my eyes widened as I witnessed the one person that was still missing from the scene.


Lyra was approaching him and stopped only one tile away.

"Lyra: Hello, Red. It's been awhile."

"Red: …?"

Of course Red didn't have any dialogue, but the question mark threw me off. Lyra's statement indicated that they must have met before, but Red didn't seem to have any idea what she was talking about.

"Lyra: Did you hear about me taking down Team Rocket? Or do you really never leave this place after leaving your previous place as Champion?

"It doesn't matter. It took me forever to find you the first time, but I guess times changed because the guards wouldn't let me through until I had all sixteen badges from Johto and Kanto.

"It didn't take too long. Besides, I already had the badges from Kanto."

My head was starting to hurt as more questions entered my head. Lyra's dialogue was just confusing the hell out of me.

But out of everything this game had to offer, what happened next was definitely something I never would have seen coming. My mouth opened a little more with every word she spoke.

"Why do you keep looking at me like that? Am I really confusing you? You may not know me, but I know everything about you, Red."

Lyra took a step forward, but Red stepped backward.

"Lyra: What's wrong, Red? Aren't you one of the most powerful trainers in the world? Why are you stepping back from a little girl?"

Another step forward. Another step back.

"Lyra: This seems very familiar…but I wouldn't expect you to remember. I looked much different then. But I think there's another factor to all of this…"

Another step forward. Another step back…

Red was at the very edge of the mountain. He couldn't step back anymore.

"Lyra: Celebi had to use twice the amount of power in order to bring back to life not one person, but two. Poor thing. But I just couldn't help myself. I enjoyed it so much the first time that given the opportunity, I had to do it again.

Step forward.

"Lyra: Goodbye, Red. Nice knowing you."

It was like watching a horror scene in slow motion. Red was pushed backward and slowly disappeared off the cliff.

Lyra turned around and I was waiting for the reveal. I knew what was coming next, and I couldn't help but gasp anyway when she took off her hat and spun around. She was still wearing the overalls, but her pigtails disappeared. Her long hair was blowing along with the cold snowy wind.

"Leaf: I did it, Green. I did this for us."

The screen slowly faded to black and I set down the DS. I rubbed my eyes and lowered my head. That had to be the end of this Chronicle. I was positive of that.

I glanced at the screen and noticed a text box over the blackness. A sprite appeared above it. It was GenI!Red.

"Leaf: I humiliated Red when I defeated him in the Champion room. I told him that he should run and hide, for now that I had the power to destroy him I would do so. And he definitely took my advice. I vowed to find him, but I tried to move Green up to a position in Elite Four. When he refused, I decided to step down as Champion and devote myself to taking Red down for good. He had hurt Green and I and it was time for him to finally pay for it."

Suddenly, blood spots splattered on the screen and I actually jumped back. Red slowly faded from the screen and GenII!Green took his place.

"Leaf: Green never found out about my killing Red, but he didn't seem to care about him. He had moved on and hoped to never see Red again. So I made for sure that Red would never encounter him again."

Green disappeared and GenII!Ethan replaced him.

"Leaf: I met Ethan in Celadon City while I was on my way to battle Erika before becoming Champion. We got to talking at the Game Corner and became good friends. He was talking about moving to Johto to live close to a childhood friend of his that moved a few months prior. But after I became Champion, I found out that he was involved in an accident and never made it to Johto. I was upset to lose another friend and while looking for Red I told myself to seek out his childhood friend, who he mentioned lived in New Bark Town."

Ethan disappeared and GenIV!Silver stood in his place.

"Leaf: Silver was an unexpected variable. I didn't learn about his existence until I went back in time to disguise myself as Lyra and met him outside of Professor Elm's lab. Celebi was worn out from shifting time and reviving Ethan and Red so I had to find out about this kid by warming up to him. He was a tough nut to crack but when he learned that I had a Celebi, he asked for my help in Victory Road and wanted me to use its powers to take him to the future. When I told him that Celebi couldn't use its powers, I offered to help Silver in any other way I could. Which led me to discover that Giovanni was his father when we encountered the boss of Team Rocket in the underground of the Game Corner. But when he asked me if he had talked to his father before, I made the assumption that maybe before with the other pigtailed girl."

Silver slowly disappeared and Kris, the one and only from Generation II, now took up the middle of the screen.

"Leaf: And Kris… I didn't meet her until after I met Celebi. I had heard about the Pokémon with the ability to time travel when I got my Pokédex updated from Professor Oak and I knew I had to have it.

"When I heard that it lived somewhere in Ilex Forest, I found its shrine and discovered the GS Ball. Celebi had been sleeping and I woke it up. I asked if Celebi could take me back in time to three years ago and thought that maybe I could restart the journey between Green and Red, but just because I went back in time didn't mean that anything would change. So I scratched that idea off my list and decided to continue with my goal to destroy Red instead. But I still wanted Celebi; it could have been useful in the future. So I proved my worth to it by defeating it in battle, but it wished to remain in the GS Ball.

"But on my way to find Kris, I began to contemplate some things. Why was it that Red, Green and I had to fall apart? Why did Red change after he obtained his Pokémon? Was there some kind of fate that determined our journeys to fall into place this way? I looked at the GS Ball and figured that I had the ability to find out if there was more to the Pokémon World than I had previously thought.

"And after doing some more research, I discovered something very interesting…

"But I didn't have the resources to continue my research alone. I had to have help.

"Which is where Kris came in.

"I left Celebi some instructions and left it with the lady at the PCC to give to Kris when she arrived in the City. And everything else fell into place. I didn't want to con her, but I needed help from someone and I knew that if I promised her the return of Ethan she wouldn't be able to resist. It would take a lot of Celebi's power to revive Ethan and Red as well, but Celebi didn't do it alone…

"And revive Red? Well, if you hadn't caught on from the many hints I've dropped, then I'm not sure what to tell you, Brandon."

Kris's sprite slowly faded away and Leaf in Lyra's clothes took her place.

"Leaf: I probably didn't answer all of your questions, but remember, there are still three more stories to tell. I'm sure in due time, they can reveal the answers for you…

"Until next time, Brandon. May we meet again soon." Leaf bowed and disappeared into the blackness.

I was asked if I wanted to save the game. I chose yes and turned off the game. I set my DS on the side table and stared at the ceiling.

Here's my rundown of everything I just witnessed. The reason that Leaf/Lyra was telling the story was because Kris wasn't available to tell the story. There was no telling where she was, but I didn't believe she was dead.

The reason why Leaf/Lyra stated that she was telling six stories is because she actually was: Red, Green, Kris, Ethan, Silver and Leaf. Lyra didn't exist because Leaf and Lyra were one in the same.

Silver was on the hunt for Celebi as well, in order to find out his fate with his father. When he asked Kris for her help in Victory Road, he was shown the future with Leaf/Lyra because that would actually be what happened. The point in time in which Leaf/Lyra and Silver actually talked to Giovanni was never stated, but it could be assumed that Kris met up with Leaf on Mt. Silver before Silver got a chance to ask her to join him in finding his father.

And the reason that GenIV!Silver told Leaf/Lyra that he felt as if he had chased after his father at that exact point in time before is because he was recalling witnessing the scene when he was using Celebi's power with Kris. Leaf/Lyra confused this as Silver possibly getting dèjá vu from before she used Celebi's power to go back in time and start his journey over. But Silver never actually went to confront his father with Kris.

When Kris met Leaf on Mt. Silver, Leaf had already killed Red the first time. Kris had no idea, but when Leaf mentioned that she could revive Ethan if she did her a favor, Kris wasn't going to pass up on it. It was never mentioned what killed Ethan, but it didn't need to be brought up. All that I needed to know was why he didn't exist in Gen II if Kris was the player but why he did exist in Gen IV if Lyra was the player.

Leaf mentioned Celebi getting help in reviving Ethan and Red from somewhere else. I thought it had been strange that Celebi had the ability to being people back to life before Leaf pointed out this fact. That means that another Pokémon had to be involved. But I was sure that would be brought up again later.

And with Leaf using Celebi's powers to go back in time and start over from the beginning of Kris's journey but taking her place as someone else, that means that Leaf was the only person that remembered everything that happened while everyone else started over. Or maybe Kris would remember as well, wherever she was?

I thought about what Leaf/Lyra said at the beginning of this Chronicle, when she asked if I liked her or Kris better. Then what she said afterward:

"Well, just think of it this way: you might think of me much differently by the time I finish telling this story."

But there were still three obvious questions that needed to be answered:

What did Leaf discover about her research on the Pokémon World that she needed help with?

What was Leaf's favor to Kris?

And where was Kris?

How did this chapter end up this long? I honestly didn't mean to do that. This took two days. Just in time for Halloween!

Sorry if this chapter was a confusing mess. Trust me, this chapter was difficult to write and it's still not perfect. It happens, but I did my best. If anything was extremely confusing to you, point it out in a review and I'll make sure I focus on it in a later chapter. I may have missed or overlooked a detail or two.

Happy Halloween, guys. See you again in Gen III!