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I feel a little nervous walking into The Kingslander with Esme and Alice for the first time since that awful night three weeks ago, but mostly pumped up for a fun night out. Our boys won their first game of the season and everyone looked and felt great. I could tell Jasper was happy with my part in their success and I'm looking forward to celebrating our victory.

Alice and Esme lead me around the bar to the back room reserved for the team. We grab a corner table and order a round of drinks while waiting on the team to show up. As I take my first sip of Monteith's Cider, I'm pleasantly surprised at the apple flavor and quickly follow with several more sips.

"Told you it was good!" Esme smirks at me as she drinks from her own glass. The first time I came here with the team I was too scared to order anything other than a Heineken. It was the only beer I recognized on tap, and they haven't let me live it down yet.

I smirk back at her, wrinkling my nose and wiggling my head before mimicking, "Told you so," back to her. I know… I'm so mature.

"The guys looked amazing tonight. It's going to be our best season yet. I know it! I'm so proud of Jasper," Alice says, bubbling with her usual excitement.

I nod in agreement. I don't know the ins and outs of rugby yet, but their teamwork was incredible and their endurance and strength were palpable at the end of tonight's game. I take several more sips of my beer while Alice and Esme discuss key plays of the game and I'm surprised when my glass is nearly empty. I set it down gingerly, push it away from me, and decide to wait until I eat something before ordering another one.

As if on cue, a server arrives and places a platter in front of us overflowing with chicken tenders, terakihi bites, crusty bread, fries, and several dipping sauces… along with another beer for me.

Esme laughs at the expression on my face and grabs one of the fries. "They know us well here," she shrugs.

I dig into the chicken tenders, tearing it into bite-sized pieces so I can taste each sauce and decide the aioli is my favorite. I've just polished off my first tender when Alice looks at me and asks, "So, before this piss-up starts, tell me what's up with you and Edward? I feel like I haven't talked to you at all since you moved out last week. We need to make a point to get together at least once a week from now on. It's a shame Rose's rellies are in town and she couldn't make it tonight, but it's always a riot to see Emmett pissed. Enough rambling, though! You and Edward…?"

I glance at Esme, slightly uncomfortable talking about Edward in front of his sister-in-law, but since there isn't much to tell, I continue anyway. "Not much to say, Ali. I treat him the same way I treat everyone on the team and vice versa."

Big fat lie. We flirt all the time when we're alone.

"I told you that kiss was a huge mistake and I'm still glad I stopped it before it got any further," I continue.

Lie number two. Best kiss of my life to date and for the life of me I don't know why I stopped it.

"I'm sure he regrets it... he hasn't brought it up since he apologized and acts as if nothing happened," I finish.

Might as well go for the trifecta in the lie department. The way his eyes linger on my lips leave no doubt in my mind - he does NOT regret it.

Esme chuckles, "Girl, you are in deep denial if you think Edward regrets that kiss. I know that boy better than most and he is so smitten with you. You need to just give him a chance to show you that."

I roll my eyes at Esme. She hinted this week she's hoping for some grand love story between Edward and me. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind it either, but the likelihood of that happening is slim considering our circumstances. I'm over any qualms I had before about dating Edward, and I hope he's still interested. With the team preparing for their first game this week, I barely spoke to him at all so I'm not feeling as confident as I was about his feelings last weekend. Maybe he's realized there's no point in pursuing anything with me given my time here is up in less than a year.

Regardless, the girls don't know I'm ready to pursue something with Edward. After two weeks of Edward's unquestioning support while I figured myself out, I wasn't about to let them in on my decision before talking to him. As far as they are concerned I'm still thinking that if I want to be taken seriously, I need to act like a professional which does not include bonking the hottest, most successful player on the Blues rugby team.

"Esme, I'm his trainer. I really want…"

"Don't give me that, 'How would it look to the rest of the team?' bullshit. You're past that. It wouldn't have even been a blip on your radar if it weren't for that skank, Tanya, trying to get all up in everyone's jock strap. It's not against the rules and with the improvement in the team, coupled with the fact that EVERYONE loves what you're doing here; no one would even bat an eyelash. It's so not a big deal. You need to take that boy out to the wop-wops and give his ferret a run," Esme waves her fry at me as she knocks out all of my reasons for keeping a safe distance from Edward Cullen.

I snort into my beer when Esme basically tells me to have sex with her brother-in-law and realize this is the first time I've seen Esme drink. She's apparently a lightweight as she's just barely finished her first. While she's always direct and says what's on her mind, I seriously doubt I'd ever hear her utter the phrase "up in everyone's jock strap" without alcohol involved.

"Whatever, Esme. Keep drinking and hush up. Can we please move on?"

I snatch the fry out of Esme's hand and pop it in my mouth as Alice laughs at us. "All right, I'll drop it, too… AFTER I lay it out there that you are completely wrong and Esme is totally right. Edward is so hot for you. I've never seen him like that with anyone. And speaking of… HEY JAS!" Alice basically screams her greeting before running to her man and jumping in his arms. Literally. She's a tiny little thing.

The entire team is filtering in behind their coach and I see Emmett, Edward, and Riley near the middle of the pack. Emmett makes a beeline for our table and of course, Edward and Riley follow. Emmett grabs the seat next to Esme, most likely because the food is right next to her. Edward gives me his patented, sexy smirk and sits between Emmett and me, while Riley grabs the seat on my other side, throwing his arm around my seat and giving me a huge grin.

"So, what'd you think of your first rugby match, Bella? You're hooked, right? Best sport you've ever seen and you don't know how you went 23 years without it in your life. On top of all that, you got to see the best team ever in action. Did you see my goal? It was a piece of piss getting around their winger. If I wasn't already on the All Blacks, too, I'd say we could've taken them tonight!" Riley exclaims.

I laugh at his antics and lean over to bump him with my shoulder. "A bit full of yourself don't you think? Perhaps maybe a little of the credit should go to Edward, who scored two tries… or Emmett, who got you the ball out of the scrum three times and Edward twice… or Jasper, who called for that risky play that helped win the game?"

I glance around the table as I praise his team members and notice Edward is the only one paying any attention to our conversation. Alice and Jas are wrapped up in their own bubble, and Emmett and Esme are going over the menu with the server. Edward's arms are folded over his chest as he leans back casually in his chair but I notice a quick twitch of his lips when I mention his tries.

"Aw man, babe. Don't be a wet blanket when I'm riding the high!" Riley grins and drops his arm off the back of my chair to rest on my shoulders. "I think we all know that a certain new trainer had a little something to do with it as well. I've never felt better physically and that's all on you." He grabs the beer our server has just delivered and raises it. "Cheers, Bella," he says before tipping it up and drinking the entire thing.

Riley catches me off guard with his playful affection. Emmett is usually the only guy on the team who shows me so much affection, but I remind myself we are in a social setting and it probably means nothing. I mutter out a thanks and drink the last couple sips of my drink. Before I have time to decide whether I want another one, our server is there with fresh beers for Riley and me. I motion to him before he leaves again and ask him to bring me water next time. I want to have fun tonight, but we've only been here 45 minutes, and I've already downed two beers. Puking all night does not equal fun for me. Edward overhears my request and apparently approves as he gives me a small smile before Emmett grabs his attention.

After about an hour I decide switching to water was a good idea as Riley is still handsy with me. I'm not sure of his intentions, so I do my best to remain politely friendly but distant. Riley is cute and all, but if I'm breaking my 'no dating the players' rule, it sure as hell is going to be for one Edward Cullen.

He crosses a line I'm not interested in crossing when he lightly brushes his lips across my neck before whispering, "Mmm… Bella. Has anyone ever told you how good you smell?"

I'm fighting with myself not to roll my eyes. His pick up line is somewhat lame. I briefly wonder if I'd feel the same way if the man on my other side were to whisper it in my ear, but quickly push that thought away. I'm getting ready to make an excuse to beg off and head home when there's a loud clang to my right. I almost break my neck turning toward Edward to see one of the appetizer plates upside down on the table, dipping sauces splayed out on the table, and, unfortunately on Edward's shirt.

"Oh my gosh. Are you okay? What happened?" I gasp. We haven't spoken much throughout the night; both of us busy chatting with other players.

Edward scowls and mutters, "Uh…yeah, no big. I guess my hand slipped and knocked the plate over."

"Your shirt is going to be ruined. What a shame… I love how it looks on you." I dab a napkin in my water and hand it to Edward. "Here, maybe you can keep it from staining if you get it fast enough."

Edward thanks me and takes the napkin to rub at the stain on his deep blue button up Kenzo shirt, but it does nothing except smear the red sauce. "I guess I'm going to head back to Eden Park so I can go home and get changed," he says as he starts to rise. I feel Riley tugging at my shoulder as he tries to regain my attention and quickly decide I'd rather be uncomfortable with Edward for a few minutes than trapped with Riley.

I shrug out of Riley's grip to stand next to Edward. "Do you mind if I walk with you? I'm ready to head out too. It's been a long day."

Edward looks surprised but nods his assent before turning to say goodbye to Emmett and Esme. I turn and do the same with the rest of our group. Riley grabs my hand and stands next to me, "Are you sure you want to go already, Bella? I thought we were having a good time."

"I am having fun, Riley, but I'm tired and Edward is leaving now and I'd just really rather not walk back by myself. I know this is basically the safest place in the world but I'm stuck in my American roots. It doesn't feel right walking around alone in a big city without my .22 pistol in my purse!" I joke with him.

His eyes widen at my statement and I have to laugh. "I'm only kidding! Stay and have fun. I'll see you Monday in class. You better behave the rest of the weekend. I'm not going to ease up just because you won your first game."

Riley grins and gives me a little salute before bending down and lightly kissing my cheek. I look down at the ground, not sure what my eyes would convey if I looked into his, and turn around only to run smack dab into Edward's chest. His expression is unreadable as I take a tiny step back. Edward and Riley do their secret team hand shake, which is really just a regular hand shake with a funny flip at the end but I think it's adorable. "Take care of our girl, mate," Riley tells Edward.

Edward's eyes flicker down to me. "Will do," he says and abruptly turns to walk out into the main dining area. I scurry after him and catch up immediately. He is swarmed with fans as soon as he takes a step out of our private room. This is why The Kingslander is so good to the players when they come after a game. I'm sure their business skyrockets on game days when patrons know they have a pretty good chance of meeting one or more members of the city's rugby team.

Edward is gracious and takes time to sign several autographs, though I can tell he really just wants to leave. He's almost to the door when a group of girls surround him and ask to take pictures with him. I watch patiently as he poses and signs for them as well. I roll my eyes when I hear them proposition him. Edward politely declines but two other girls chime in. They are relentless and I'm really ready to go home so I walk up to him and grab his hand.

"Ready to go home, sweetie?" I ask Edward, but turn my eyes to the women fawning over him.

Edward, clearly relieved, tugs me a little closer and wraps his arm around my waist. "Sure am. It was nice meeting you, ladies. Thanks for your support." He turns us around and we head out the door, but not before hearing one of the girls mutter, "Bitch." I wrap my arm around his waist, laying my hand on his upper back and curling all of my fingers down except for my middle one, effectively flipping them off. I'm sure they didn't see it but I felt better regardless.

As we walk out the door Edward leans down to my ear and asks, "Did you just give them the finger? I am shocked, Bella Swan. Here I thought you were so good and innocent."

I laugh and pinch his non-existent love handle. "Shush, you. I never said I was innocent or good. They had no right to call me a bitch. You were clearly uncomfortable, and it's not my fault they couldn't take a hint."

We clear out of the main crowd gathered in front of the bar, and to my surprise, Edward does not drop his arm from my waist, so I leave mine around his and lean into his warmth. It's the middle of summer here in February, but there's a slight chill in the night air. Or maybe I'm imagining it to stay close to Edward. He's just the perfect height for me to rest my head directly on the outside curve of his shoulder. I can feel his fingertips lightly grazing the small line of bare skin between the top of my shorts and my shirt.

We walk like that in contented silence until we get back to the stadium where our cars are still parked. Edward swipes his key fob so we can get inside.

"I have a spare shirt in my office if you want to change before you go home," I tell him. I'm not sure how long our little tryst is going to last, and I'm not quite willing to let him go yet. I'm ready to tell him I want more, but this isn't exactly the setting I'd imagined. Maybe I can suggest we meet for lunch tomorrow and go from there.

"Sure. That'll be great," he replies. We walk toward my office and I feel Edward's gaze on me so I tilt my head and look up into his gorgeous face. He clears his throat before asking, "This is kind of awkward but… is there something going on with you and Riley?"

He must misinterpret the shock that registers on my face because he pulls away from me completely and continues, "I mean, it's fine by me, obviously, if there is. It's not like I have a say in the matter. I just thought you'd said no to me because of the whole trainer issue and wanted to let you know you can just tell me the truth. If you're not interested, it's fine, just don't feel like you have to lie."

We've reached my office and Edward is unbuttoning his shirt as he rambles on about me and Riley? I still his hands with mine just as he gets the last button undone. "There's nothing between Riley and me. I'm not sure if he knows that. Tonight was the first night he's ever really shown any kind of interest in me, but that's the reason I wanted to leave. I didn't want to lead Riley on, but I didn't think that was the appropriate time to get into that conversation."

Edward's eyes look up and find mine. He looks relieved but still slightly disappointed. "Oh, okay. Well, that's good I guess. If I can't have you, I'm glad he can't either… nor anyone else on the team so don't go changing your no dating policy anytime soon, okay? I'm not sure I could take it," he grins.

I want to swoon at his words. They are so incredibly sweet, and I can't believe that he's actually saying them to me. I look down at the ground and take a deep breath, "Actually, I'm thinking of maybe breaking those rules, anyway. The girls may have convinced me I'm being a bit unreasonable since I've already gotten in the team's good graces. So, really I wanted to get away from Riley because I knew it wasn't fair to start something up with him when I already have feelings for someone else."

Edward inhales sharply and his eyes light up.

"Oh, yeah?"

I look up into his face, which holds a hint of a smile, and can't stop my own lips from curling up. "Yeah," I reply.

He hooks his index finger into the waistband of my shorts and pulls me closer to him. I trail my hands up his chest and rest them on his well-defined biceps as he wraps his arms around my waist in an intimate embrace. "Bella… I'm feeling pretty good about my next assumption, but for the sake of me not making an arse out of myself with you… again… can you please let me know who that person might be?"

I love seeing the twinkle in his eyes. "Well, it's someone you know very well. I was actually hoping you could put in a good word for me, and let him know I'm tired of staying away from him. If he wants me… he can come and get me."

"Oh, I doubt that last part will be a problem," he practically guffaws. "I'm pretty sure he'd take you across this desk right now if you'd let him."

"Mmm… sounds perfect," I moan out, closing my eyes and letting a small smile form on my lips. "So, if you could just go find Emmett and put in a good word for me, and then distract Rose with your fine ass, I'll get right on that with him."

I open my eyes in time to see Edward's face morph from utter shock to pure elation. "You little tease!" he grins down at me. "You're in for it now. I hope you were serious about that desk sex, darlin'."

Edward grips me by the hips and pushes me past my desk against the wall as his lips finally claim mine again. He wraps one hand around my neck, his thumb grazing along my cheekbone and digs into the flesh of my ass with the other. I grab his open shirt so I can feel his chest against mine before sliding my hands up and around his neck. My fingers automatically reach for his beautiful, soft hair, and I grab a handful of it while I return his hard kiss.

This is not the sweet, tender kiss Edward gave me three weeks ago after my first night out with the team. No, this kiss is hard, fast, and needy… but still equally perfect. Edward wastes no time dipping his tongue into my mouth. I can feel his teeth clang against mine as he explores my mouth with his tongue. He sucks my bottom lip into his mouth and lightly clamps down on it with his teeth before pulling back slightly and letting go. "God, Bella. Don't ever make me wait that long to kiss you again," he says before diving back in.

His left hand slowly travels down my neck and between my breasts before he rubs the back of his knuckles back and forth, almost absentmindedly, across my stomach. As I shiver and drop my hands to his broad back and grip his shoulders, I realize nothing this man does is absentminded. He knows exactly what every touch does to me.

I slip my hands beneath his shirt and push it off his shoulders. Edward releases my lips and rests his forehead against mine. He moves both hands back to my hips, squeezing while pushing his pelvis against mine and grinding his hard length against me.

"You better stop me now if you don't want this to go any further. I've kept my distance from you for three weeks. I won't be able to stop myself once I finally touch you," Edward practically growls at me.

I grip the sides of his undershirt and do my best to pull him closer to me. "God, no…please don't stop. I want you," I breathe out, then tilt my mouth up to lick the scruff beneath his chin. My cheek grazes his as I nip my way up his neck, the rough texture feeling strangely good against my face. A low moan emanates from within Edward as he tips his head to give me more access to his throat.

"I've wanted you since the very first moment I saw you in the car park. You were so hot. Your back…" kiss… "your fucktastic hair…" lick… "your face…" bite, kiss… "and then, when you opened your mouth…" nibble… "and I heard your voice for the first time, I thought I would have to change my panties before I met with Jasper." I whisper the last part in his ear and pull it between my teeth before shifting to look in his eyes.

Edward spins me around and backs me up against my desk, shoving my chair out of the way. He grips my hips even harder with his large hands and lifts me onto my desk. I expect him to continue kissing me, but instead he places his forehead against mine and looks into my eyes. "Are you sure, Bella? A hard desk isn't exactly the most romantic place for our first time."

"Our first time, huh? You expect a repeat then?" I tease him. His eyes widen slightly until he realizes I'm joking, and he gives me his adorable smile.

"I can pretty much guarantee it."

"Then we have all the time in the world for romantic. I've had romantic. I want you…" I wind my fingers up through his hair and pull his face down to mine, kissing him lightly before adding, "Now."

Edward moans into my mouth and deepens our kiss. He wiggles the knot out of my shirt and slides both hands up my sides to lift my shirt over my head, tossing it to the side.

The look in his eyes is sinful… lust the most prominent emotion staring back at me as I return the favor and tug off his shirt. I splay my fingers out on his hard chest just to feel his pecs. My job requires a good deal of touching, but it doesn't come close to feeling this skin-on-skin contact.

Edward's hands return to gently rubbing back and forth over my bare stomach and the feathery light touch is almost too much to handle. I reach behind me and unhook my bra, quickly sliding it down my arms and toss it in the general direction of the pile of clothes strewn about my office. I briefly hope we locked the door, but as Edward's warm mouth sucks my right nipple in, I can't find it in me to care enough to check.

My fingers find their way back into Edward's thick hair before moving down his neck and caressing his strong back. I'm desperate to get my lips on it so I can lick and kiss every inch of his toned, sculpted muscles and smile at the idea that we will have time for that another day.

I gasp as cool air hits my nipple when Edward pops his mouth off it and moves to suck my left one in his mouth. His hands never stop moving around my stomach, sides, and back, leaving goose bumps in their wake. He's driving me wild, and I realize I'm just sitting here clinging to him for dear life. I move my right hand down to his perfect six-pack abs. I feel the beginnings of his happy trail right before I reach the button closure of his jeans.

He pulls back slightly to stop me from unbuttoning him, causing me to whimper. My distress is unfounded as he starts to fiddle with the clasp on my shorts. While kissing my lips he mumbles, "Uh-uh. You first. Lift up." He starts tugging on my shorts, hooking my panties in his fingers at the last minute to pull everything off at once.

"I promise this is going to be so good. Just tell me what you want, and I'll make it happen." He's kissing his way down my neck and running his hands back up my legs toward my center. "Your skin is so smooth, I could touch you all day and never grow tired of it."

When his thumbs reach my lips he tentatively slides his right thumb in between them, groaning when he finds me slick and ready for him. With no further hesitation, he moves his thumb up until he finds my clit and starts circling around and around, back and forth, and up and down. He pulls his lips away from my chest to look down and I realize no man has ever stared at me so intensely right there. But instead of making me uncomfortable as I would have imagined, it's incredibly hot seeing the desire in his eyes.

Especially when his tongue flicks out to lick his lips.

Edward's eyes glance back up to mine as he sinks two fingers inside me and starts pumping in and out.

"Oh my God, that feels good," I moan out, my eyes fluttering closed. One arm is wrapped around Edward's neck while the other is gripping the desk for support, as Edward seems to be on a personal mission to memorize the inside of my pussy with his fingers.

Then, he finds the rough patch of skin that causes my eyes to pop wide open and, "Holy FUCK that's it," to tumble out of my mouth. When Edward doubles his efforts on my clit, alternating between rubbing and tapping my G-spot, I'm so close to tipping over the edge.

The sensation creeping throughout my body is similar to what I've felt before, but ten times more powerful. I can't even stop myself from practically screaming, "Don't stop, don't stop, don'tstopdontstopdon'tSTOP!"

My fingernails dig into Edward's shoulder as my entire body trembles, and I let go and ride out the waves of pleasure traveling through my body. It's so intense, I'm half mumbling, half moaning incoherent curses, and I barely register when Edward mutters, "Fucking hell, Bella. Just wait until it's my cock inside of you."

Suddenly Edward's lips are back on mine, and I can feel his erection against my pussy. He grabs my hand and places it on his cock, his fiery jade eyes telling me exactly how he likes it as I stroke his thick dick. He tears open the condom wrapper, and I glance down at my hand wrapped around his cock, gasping at the sight. Edward chuckles before sheathing himself in the condom and wrapping my arms around his neck, "You better hold on, baby."

Without further preamble, Edward wraps his large hands around my hips and sinks himself inside me. When his hips meet mine, I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist, pulling him in deeper. We still for a moment, wrapped in each other's embrace, as he squeezes my ass tightly.

"Damn, you feel… fucking… incredible, Bella," Edward closes his eyes and rests his forehead against mine again. It's quickly becoming my favorite move of his. Edward's eyes pop open and I'm lost in a sea of green when he swiftly pulls out and slams back into me again.

"Oh, God" I moan out, closing my eyes momentarily while Edward continues to thrust into me roughly. My eyes open again to find Edward still looking at my face. He settles inside me and brings his hand around to rub small circles around my clit, never taking his eyes off of mine as he begins to slowly pump in and out of my pussy again. I find the intensity of his gaze incredibly erotic and it makes me moan louder.

"Do you like it like that, Bella?" he asks as he finally drops his face into the crook of my neck. "Do you want me slow and deep while I play with your pretty little clit?"

"Uuuugghhhh… Yeeeess, Edward… please," I beg him.

He speeds up his pace, thrusting into me faster as he pushes me back gently, forcing me to drop down onto my elbows. "Or do you want it like this?" He grabs my legs and pushes them up and over his shoulders, supporting my calves with his hands, folding me into a pretzel and hitting me at an entirely new angle. "Aaahhh…. Fucking hell, Bella. Your pussy feels amazing wrapped around my dick. Fuck, baby."

Edward picks up his pace again, slamming into me over and over again, both of us moaning in ecstasy. I feel the beginnings of another orgasm start to rumble through my body. I can tell Edward is close, so I slide my fingers between my legs and start rubbing my clit furiously.

"That's it, baby. Touch yourself for me. That's so fucking hot. I'll never get enough of you, Bella. You're mine now," Edward rasps out. At the words "mine now", combined with my frantic fingers and the tip of his cock hitting me just so, my body erupts into thousands of shivers and trembles. The walls of my pussy clamp down around his cock, and this orgasm feels ten times more powerful with his cock buried deep inside me.

"AAAAaaahhhhhh…. Fuuuuck MEEEE!" I scream out, laying back fully on the desk and wrapping my arm around Edward's neck to pull him close to me, needing to feel his skin pressed against mine.

"Shit, baby," Edward groans out as he continues to pump into me. "Gaahhh…. Oh my fuuck." He thrusts once… twice… three more times before stilling. His face is once again buried in the crook of my neck. His arms slither beneath my back and we lay on the desk for several minutes, wrapped in each other's arms until I hear him chuckle lightly into my neck.

He lifts his face and kisses the tip of my nose, "Practically the entire team has been talking about bonking you in this office. I can't wait to tackle you on the field Monday so everyone knows you're mine."

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KIWI DICTIONARY: (You won't need this going forward as all Kiwi phrases will be explained within the chapters… but you learn them as Bella does and she already knows these.)

Try – To score in rugby by running the ball into the 'endzone' - worth five points

Bonking – have sex, shag

Piss up – social gathering with alcohol

Pissed - drunk

Rellies – relatives

Wop-wops – out of the way location

Give your ferret a run – have sex with

Wet blanket – spoil sport