Author's Note: This fic takes place sometime mid season three. There will be no ships. If I could've picked three characters as featured in this fic, they would have been Rex, Caesar, and Six. Special thanks to Flick for the inspiration and encouragement to write this! That is all.

Sometimes disasters happen without warning, gone one moment and striking the next. Unpredictability: that nameless fear that never quite leaves. This time, the disaster had warning, but that didn't make it expected. The warning was low, ominous roar that grew steadily louder, like the approach of an unseen speeding train.

"What the heck is that?" Rex complained, clamping a hand over each ear. The sound was echoing harshly from the metal walls of the Dam Headquarters around them. "Where's it coming from?"

"I don't see anything." Six drew his swords, turning his head from side to side. They were the only ones in that hallway-everyone else was already in the main room, ready for a briefing.

Before either of them had a chance to investigate further, disaster struck. There was a great tearing noise, and a blazing wound of fire and bone-wracking thunder spread under their feet, more than big enough to hold both of them. Rex flung his arms out, transforming them as fast as he could. He was too slow: with a startled shout, he plummeted into the chasm, giant fingertips barely scraping the edge.

The next thing Rex knew, he was lying on a cold, hard surface. He snapped his eyes open and rolled onto his back, realizing with some shock that the motion was hard, as though his limbs had been replaced with rocks. What was wrong with him? Had he hit his head?

"Initiate program shut-off. The transition-readings were higher than they should have been. What's Rex's status?"

That voice... Rex screwed his face up, discovering that his thoughts were sluggish, too. Where did he know that voice from?

"There weren't transfer problems," another equally familiar voice murmured. "We got him. Him and his 'Providence nanny'."

He turned his head to the left, and saw a plain, generic hospital bed. The room smelled of antiseptic, and everything had a raw, slightly too-bleached look to it. He turned his head the other way. There was another bed that Six was stretched out on, unmoving. Rex immediately tossed his blanket back, struggling to sit up. It was absurdly difficult.

"Six...? Nrgh-Six!"

"Hold still, Rex," the second voice from before sighed, and Rex found himself being pushed back onto the bed. Rex fought the hands, until he realized who it was.

"Caesar!" Rex blurted out. Then he frowned, doing a mental double take: The scientist looked different. Somewhere along the way, Caesar had gotten face-piercings and sideburns.

"Seriously, bro." Rex squeezed his eyes shut, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You're starting to make this 'new look' thing a habit," he mumbled. Did he really have to deal with him now, of all times? Rex tilted his head to the side, back towards his teacher. "What-happened? Why's Six out of it? ... Come to think of it, why was I out of it? We aren't at Providence, are we?" Alarm ballooned in Rex's chest, and he struggled to push himself up again.

"Calm down, Rex." Caesar let him manage to prop himself up this time, handing Rex a glass from a nearby table. "This isn't Providence, but you did just travel to a pocket dimension. The trip is hard on everyone."

Rex's eyebrows floated up. "A 'pocket dimension'?" Rex tried for a grin, and didn't fight when it became a grimace. He knew this story. "Seriously, 'bro'? Is this really the time to throw things like that back at me? Because I know this isn't new or anything, but I'd kind of like some answers, for once."

"I'm sorry to tell you this, hermano," replied Caesar, unsmiling. "But those were answers."

Rex opened his mouth to fire back a quip, closed it, and took the glass. It smelled strongly of lemon, and there were powdered traces of a juice mix at the bottom. Rex shook the glass slightly, trying to finish its blending.

"Why're we in a pocket dimension? And why's Six still out of it?" Rex swung his eyes up to his brother, untrusting. "I know who you work for. If this isn't Providence, then what, are they on their way?"

"This isn't Providence business, Rex," said that unnamed voice from before, and both Rex and Caesar jumped, looking over. "We're here because until we brought you here, you were in serious danger from another source, Rex. Lo siento, mijo-it was an emergency."

The source appeared, and Caesar walked out from behind a tall set of screens, his hair shorn down to a military trim. His face was hard, but wistful. Meanwhile, piercings-and-sideburns Caesar was still standing there by Rex's medical bed. Rex gaped, opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

"... Que huh? But-there's two of you!" Rex pointed from one Caesar to another. "Why are there two of you?!"

"Pocket dimension, Rex," The sideburn'd Caesar repeated, turning back to Rex. "we brought you here specifically because this place could handle more than one of us without complications."

Rex's worry spiked, and he automatically looked over at Six. "Complications? What kind of complications?"

"Nothing that you or Six need to worry about, hermanito," quickly reassured the second Caesar. Though there were stress lines across his forehead, his smile was gentle, and soothing. "Just focus on getting some rest. Your body is still trying to stabilize after the portal's transition. That's what Six is doing now."

"But he'll be okay, right?" Rex waved a hand. "That's what you mean? That huge-whatever it was, that portal thing-it's not going to have any side effects?"

The nearest Caesar looked thoughtful, but the buzz-cut one gave him another smile. "No, Rex. He'll be fine."

"Fine," Rex repeated slowly, looking from one Caesar to the other. Then he sighed, making a face. "I guess I'll just have to take your word for it. There's not much out I can do, is there?"

"You should go ahead and drink that, Rex," The closer Caesar said, gesturing to the glass. "It will balance your electrolytes."

"Yeah, yeah, I get the drill already," Rex grumbled, but lifted the drink anyway. After the first swallow he gagged.

"For the record? You guys seriously need better electro-whatsit drinks, here. The stuff my Caesar gave me wasn't anything like this."

The Caesars exchanged glances, and Rex frowned at them.

"Speaking of which, which one of you's my real brother? Unless-neither of you is? I mean, this is a pocket dimension, and both of you look pretty different from what I remember."

The two exchanged another pair of looks, and this time the exchange lasted a little longer. Then the Caesar with sideburns sighed.

"You're right, Rex. Your brother is still in your world."

"Okay... So send us back.. Or tell me what that 'danger' was that you mentioned just now. What's after me?" The glass in his hands wobbled unexpectedly, and Rex stifled a yawn.

"We'll tell you later, when more of us are back from searching," Said the Caesar with sideburns. "You'd better get some rest until then."

"I don't need rest, I need answers," Rex protested, face twisting as he held back another yawn. "Like why... am I suddenly this tired?" He dragged his eyelids back open and glared suspiciously at his brothers. "You... You put something in my drink!" He wanted to feel outraged, but all he could manage was sluggish irritation.

Against his will he felt his eyes slide shut, and the closest Caesar's hand shot out to catch the glass before it spilled. He felt hands push his head back against the pillow.

"It's just the fatigue from the transfer, Rex. Don't fight it. We'll explain everything when you wake up."

"I don't... want..." Rex mumbled. Before he could finish that sentence, he was out.