Andy was half – well, more than half – expecting the knock at his door. "Come in, Nance," he said, with what he hoped was a reluctant tone in his voice.

"Hi," she said in what she thought was a shy tone, as she maneuvered past the door.

They sized each other up, both trying to figure out which path to take. Nancy went with an old standby and scooted onto Andy's bed. "Hi," she said again, this time with a smirk in her voice.

"I have a flight in the morning, Pants. I have a daughter. I have a life. We've been through this – I can't be near you."

"I'm not asking you to change your life, Andy. I just want to be part of it again." Nancy took a deep breath, "Just a small part. If only for a night, here and there. Now and then. Especially here. And now."

"No," he whispered. "No, Pants. Don't suck me back in. I'll lose myself again."

Nancy chuckled. "Not true," she said. "So not true. You are so much stronger now. You took what you wanted and you left. You left for 8 years. You won't get sucked in. You have the power now. You have all the power."

Andy's face fell, "Nance, I didn't. That's not what I wanted, not how I wanted... I am so ashamed of what I did. Back then, I mean."

She reached out and raised his chin gently. "Andy, don't be silly. I loved it. It was what I needed – what I wanted. Really wanted. Wanted for longer than I would admit." She held his chin and his gaze. "I had no idea. I knew that I needed you, but I had no idea of how much I wanted you. Not until then."

It was Andy's turn to be honest. "That's not my style you know, I'm not like that."

Nancy smiled, "I know. You're more about "where the sidewalk ends" and all that. Or so I've heard... actually, I have no first hand evidence of that."

Andy reached for her. "I think I can fix that."

Nancy couldn't resist one last power play, "But you have a flight in the morning."

"I do. And I'm going to be on it. But I plan to get a good long nap on the way to the West Coast."