Chapter 1: The New Girl

She was just walking down the street- well alley to be precise -of what she thought was an abandoned town. But ever since she stepped foot in this town, she hadn't had a moment to rest. Her senses were going crazy telling her about the tens of thousands of akuma near by.

She had just been walking through an alleyway when she sensed another mechanical monster that had been born from the sorrow of a poor human being.

She pulled out her gun with her right hand and tossed it into her left and shot the bullet.

The bullet shot straight down the alley then turned on its own hitting the bulls-eye on the akuma killing it immediately.

She didn't care about the bullet, she knew it would hit and kill as soon as it turned the corner.

But this time something unusual happened. The bullet hit, yes. But it wasn't that. For the first time in the past month she had been in this town she had heard a new sound that sounded like a human.

She knew it hadn't been an akuma in desquise. She knew it was an actual human which she hated being around.

She turned around, put her hands in her pockets, and started walking away only to be stopped by a yelling at her to stop after only taking two steps.

She turned back around and saw the two boys. Both of them had the same outfit with only a small difference in design. The first had long blue hair pulled up into a pony-tail and a katana in his hand. The second was a red head just a little shorter than the first guy. He had an eye patch over his right eye and a green bandana holding up his hair, his hand was down by his side holding a hammer that was sitting in a holster of its own.

"Are you the one who shot that bullet?" the first guy yelled.

"What bullet?" she asked making sure her long tan trench coat was covering her gun.

"Sorry about my friend here he's always grumpy." the second said apologizing for his friend.

"I can tell... Maybe you should put a muzzle on him!" she said with a serious face and tone.

The red head couldn't help but fall on his butt laughing and the pony-tailed samurai just threw a face at the girl that said 'I'll kill you for that'. So she just threw him a similar face that said 'Bring it on tough guy'. The red head had stopped laughing and looked like he was ready to pee his pants in terror but decided to stop the two from murdering each other.

"Okay stop the stare down Yuu." the second said now ready for business.

"I told you not to call me that!" the samurai screamed at the red head while pointing his sword right in front of the others only good- or showing -eye.

The red head turned to face the girl but she had already turned around and was starting to walk away.

"Wait a second!" he yelled while running after her.

The red head had grabbed her arm and pulled a little by accident and just him touching her made her annoyed.

She snapped her head to the side while looking at the red head with a scary face that almost made him want to run.

"What do you want?" she asked in a tone that scared the boy even more.

"I'm sorry about that. My name is Lavi and my friend over there is Yuu."

"Dammit Baka Usagi you're going to die if you call me that again!"

"Hehe sorry. His name is Kanda Yuu but he hates his first name and prefers to be called Kanda."

"I really don't care." she said as she turned around making Lavi lose his grip on her arm and Kanda running to try and stop her and he ended up grabbing her left arm.

She turned around almost furious. "Let go of my arm..." she said slowly and angrily.

"No . Not until you tell us the truth. Did you shoot that bullet? Yes or no?" Kanda asked while getting VERY annoyed.

She pulled out a gun and aimed it at Kandas face and ready to shoot in less than a second.

"Wow!" Lavi said with child like amusement.

Out of no where she felt a chill go down her spine.

"You really need to let go of me." she said with a little bit of worry and concentration in her silver eyes which looked up and to the right passed Kandas head.

"You didn't answer m question yet."

"Seriously, you really need to let go of me right now."

"Why should I?"

"Ugh fine. Have it your way but don't complain if you get shot too." she said as she threw her 50 caliber Desert Eagle into her left hand lifting it up passed Kandas head and shooting it six times then dropping it into her right hand and putting it back into its holster.

"That answer your question?" she asked with annoyance.

"Yuu she has to have innocence, it's the only explanation. Excuse me miss but may I see your gun?" Lavi asked as calmly as you could be after being shocked and scared shit less thinking she would shoot Kanda.

"Go ahead, you can have it. I got twenty more at my house here in town."

Lavi examined the gun for a minute and noticed it was just a normal gun, fancy and expensive but normal. "So how did this gun take out all those akuma?" Lavi whispered aloud by accident.

"Can I leave now?"

"Not yet. May I see your left arm?" Lavi asked trying his best to make sure that didn't come out too strangely.

"The hell kind of question is that! Of coarse not!" she yelled angrily.

The next thing she knew, Kanda had pulled her closer and and took off her left glove then pulling up her sleeve to reveal a pitch black arm that matched the color of her hair, the complete opposite of her pale skin.

"Excuse me miss but we need you to come with us." Lavi said calmly and seriously.

A few hours passed of them sitting on the train and her yelling at them. When they had arrived at the Black Order headquarters Kanda and Lavi were nearly celebrating because she would soon become Komuis problem. Both of them thought of this as revenge for him sending them out to that town which caused them to be stuck with this girl.

They had almost gotten to the canal that rode underneath the Black Order that made it easier for exorcists to get in and out with ease. And of course this complicated girl decided she wanted to climb the cliff instead of take the easy way. Both Kanda and Lavi thought she was stupid, at the very least crazy for wanting to climb the ten mile high cliff but they let her do it.

After about ten or twenty minutes she had reached the top of the cliff without even breaking a sweat.

She faced the gatekeeper and was a little surprised and disappointed that she was already at the top. Damn I thought it would be more fun to climb it... oh well. She thought to herself.

"Hey where did those two idiots go? Hey! Hello? Anyone home?!"

"Hello~" said a voice that came from one of the bat like creatures floating next to her. "Please take the examination before you enter~"


"Gatekeeper please check this young lady~"

"Okay~" said a loud booming voice that came from the massive door itself.

"Wait what are you talking about?!" she screamed at the bat thing- golem -where the first voice- Komui -originally came from.

"Testing whether or not you are a human or akuma~" the door boomed. "...What's going on? I can't get a reading on her~" Then a pentical like mark appeared above her right eye even though you couldn't see it with plain eye sight it was still there. "AKUMA~! THE MILLENIUM EARL HAS SENT AN AKUMA TO ATTACK US~!"

The her face only showed annoyance and furiousity. "I'm not a god damn akuma you idiot! I'm a human with a weird make is all! So shut the hell up and let me in already!" she yelled furiously at nobody in particular.

Then the door opened. She looked over to see who it was standing in the doorway and with a shocked face she collapsed to her knees while still making sure she could see his face.

It was Allen Walker who had just walked out to solve the matter.

"Allen." she whispered to herself as tears started welling up in her eyes.

Allen looked over at the girl with a calm and happy smile which then turned into shock as he saw her face.

Allen ran over to the girl, picked her up to her feet and started hugging her like she was the only thing he had left and he never wanted to lose it as she buried her face in his chest while crying.

"I thought I lost you forever you know that. You shouldn't have run away like that."

"I'm sorry Allen... I'm so sorry." she said still crying causing Allen to be on the verge of tears.

"Hey Allen! You know this girl?" Lavi asked running up behind from the door.

"Yeah Moyashi, you know this girl? Better yet do you know why she complains so much?"

Allen was so busy crying tears of joy from his reunion with the girl that he didn't even hear Kanda at all.

Allen turned around whipping the tears from his face. When he opened his eyes he saw Lavi, Kanda, and many golems surrounding them so he knew most of the science division was watching.

"Guys this is my little sister, Alexis Walker." Allen said, showing his little sisters smiling face which was covered with tears.

It was amazing how such a simple comment could shock everyone that heard. Everyone being most of the order.