Chapter 5: The Fifteenth

Allen had gone back to Alexis with Lenalee following closely behind.

"LEX!" Allen yelled as they got closer to his sister.

Allen slid to his knees next to his sister and lifted her head trying to see if she was okay.

Alexis was paler than before even her used to be rose red lips were now a pure snow white color along with her skin tone.

"Alexis... Alexis! Speak to me dammit!" Allen screamed while getting less worried and more terrified for his sisters life.

"...Allen... You're not supposed to say bad words..." Alexis whispered. The tone of her voice said it all. She was in serious pain and was struggling to stay awake.

"Alexis... what happened to you... what are you doing?" Lenalee asked like Alexis was her own sister.

"...My Innocence lets me... spread it throughout whatever I want... so that's what I'm doing to the building..."

"Your Innocence is spread throughout the entire building!?" Lenalee asked- more like screamed.

All Alexis did was nod her head as a response.

"Lex... you need to stop this... you're hurting yourself..." Allen said with sadness and worry in his voice. "If you keep it up you'll die from fatigue."

"But... I need to make sure everyone is safe..."

"Lex... Everyone here is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, that includes their fighting capabilities as well. You can let go..." Allen said in a calming voice while pulling the small girl into a hug. "Everyone will be perfectly fine..." Allen whispered to his sister.

A few seconds after Allen started trying to calm down his sister, Lenalee decided to take Alexis' hand off of the wall. Almost immediately Alexis started getting her color and energy back, except her hair was still a silver-white.

"You sure they can take care of themselves out there?" Alexis asked her brother.

"I know they can take care of themselves. Don't worry." Allen said.

"Why is it that every time you say not to is when I worry the most?"

"Hehe I really don't know..." Allen said.

"Um... not to be rude or anything but I thought your hair was black, why is it silver? Did you dye it?" Lenalee asked causing Allen to just notice.

"Well actually... this is my real hair color... It's not dyed. What happened to Allen happened to me. You see it wasn't just Allen that called back Mana, I helped too. Allen got a gash over his eye while mine was a little more severe."

"What do you mean?" Lenalee asked.

"Yeah and where is your scar if you got one? I don't think I've seen it." Allen asked.

"Well... umm... How do I say this?... Well like I said my wound was a little more severe..." Alexis said with a scared smile as she started unbuttoning the top few buttons of her shirt to show her scar, the heart with the pentacle in it and lightning behind- if I didn't explain well enough the first time or this time then you can look at the cover picture.

"I um... I was stabbed straight through the heart..." she said with a sad and scared face. When she looked up to see their faces she saw they were shocked and terrified, especially Allen.

"H- How d- did you survive...?" Allen asked in terror.

Alexis looked down at the ground with saddened eyes not wanting to tell Allen the truth. Then a sudden surge of pain shot through Alexis causing her heart and cripple over.

"Alexis, you okay?!" Lenalee asked with worry.

"What's wrong?" Allen asked with almost terror.

"I know this pain... there isn't just the Noah and akuma... He's here too." Alexis said through the pain.

"Who is?" Lenalee asked.

"Who are you talking about Lex?" Allen asked, starting to get serious.

Just as Alexis was about to answer his voice came raining down.

"My dear exorcists! There is one young lady in particular you have that I would like to see!"

"The Millennium Earl..." Alexis answered finally while struggling to get up.

"Sis where are you going?" Allen asked while getting up to steady her out.

"If I may see Miss. Alexis Walker! My dear friends! I do not wish to harm any of you at the moment but I will do so if my dear Alexis doesn't come out!"

"Dammit..." Alexis whispered to herself as she started walking along the wall to the entrance where the Earl was. "That bastard... never lets me do anything..."

"Lex where are you going?" Allen asked as he went to carry her to where the Earls voice was coming from.

"I need to see the Earl otherwise he will attack and I know he won't attack me." Alexis answered as Allen put her on his back trying to carry her to where she intended to go.

"What makes you think he won't attack you?" Allen asked, now carrying his sister to the front gate and Lenalee walking along side them.

"I don't know why he hasn't tried to kill me yet. I've run into him many times and yet he doesn't try anything." Alexis answered while laying the side of her head against Allens back.

They were practically at the doorway when Alexis started to move around almost like she was trying to get off of her brother.

"Hey what's wrong?" Allen asked.

"Let me off. I can walk and I want you two to stay in here." she said as she started to get off of Allens back.

"What? Wait!" Lenalee yelled.

"Stay in here. I'll be fine." Alexis said as she pushed open the door.

Alexis took one step out the door and started to fall only to be caught by Allen. He put his sisters arm around the back of his neck to hold her up and used his other arm to keep her balanced.

When Allen looked up, he saw all of the Noah that he knew so far being Jasdero, Devit, Lulubell, Road, and Tyki along with the Earl in the center.

"Ah my little Alexis brought her brother to play too~ !" The Earl said with his already large grin growing even bigger- if that's possible.

"Shut the hell up Earl!" Alexis shouted with her head facing the ground.

"Aw Lexi. Don't be so mean! We only wanted to know what you were doing here." Road said as she tackled Alexis into a hug and hanging around her neck.

"Road... I'm in a lot of pain right now... Get off." Alexis said calmly.

"Okay..." Road said with a frown.

'What?! No screaming? No arguing that Lex isn't fun? What's going on here?' Allen thought to himself.

"You look lost and confused boy." Tyki said coming out of no where and leaning on Allens shoulder.

"Lexi you didn't tell your own brother? Hehe I guess that means he's hard to trust." Road said.

"He isn't hard to trust... It's just... I didn't know how to tell him. Also the fact that I was passed out most of the time I was here didn't help either. Tyki I hate to say it but... You were right... He is hard to beat at poker!" Alexis said while trying to get Allen to let go of her and standing up by herself.

"Lex what are you talking about? And why are you acting like these guys are family?" Allen asked while getting furious because Tyki was still using him as an arm rest.

"Allen... you really are an idiot aren't you?"


Alexis walked up to Allen and whispered into his ear, "Just ask Neah, Allen. He can answer any of your questions while your asleep."

"Wha-? How did you-"

Alexis reached up and smacked the pressure point behind Allens neck causing him to pass out.

"Sorry Earl. Practice got a little out of hand yesterday. And you akuma should be the blame of it all. You were supposed to make sure nobody got into the town!" Alexis yelled running her fingers through her hair trying to fix it. As she was doing so her skin started to turn an ash color and her eyes turning gold while the crosses appeared on her forehead.

"Why didn't you just attack the exorcists while you were still in the town-" Jasdero started.

"And why did you actually kill all of those akuma and go with them?" Devit finished.

"YOU'RE SUCH A BAKA! BAKA BAKA BAKA!" the twins said in perfect unison as per usual.

"You idiots! It's called playing along! I didn't want them knowing I was a Noah yet. I WAS going to attack from the inside but with you guys coming I guess that plan is canceled." Alexis said in a bored and angry voice.

"I'm sorry Allen."

"Why are you apologizing Neah? It's not like it's your fault."

"But it IS my fault." Neah said as he started to cry a little from the guilt and from imagining his nephew hating him.

"What are you talking about Neah?" Allen asked while leaning as far forward as he could while being chained to the thrown in side his head which kept him in control of his body.

"As you know there were supposed to be only 13 Noah, but then I came along and made it 14. Shortly after, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl which we named Cara. When she turned 12 we found out she was a Noah. Cara was the 15th Noah. She's also the one possessing Alexis. Your sister and my daughter are the 15th Noah."

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