Whatever It Takes

Summary: Tori Vega is a good actress, but she's tired of pretending. All she wants is her old life, her old friends, and her girlfriend back. When leaving is hard, coming back can be even harder. Jade West is tired of the pain, tired of feeling sorry for herself, and ready to start fresh. But sometimes you just can't let go of the things you love, even after they've hurt you.

Pairing: Jori

Rated: M

Welcome to the Fake It Sequel! This story has a time jump, it completely skips January through August from where Fake It ended. It also switches between Tori and Jade's point of view. Hope you all like it, and don't worry, in time all things missed will be explained.

I never imagined returning to Hollywood Arts would be a walk in the park, even I couldn't be that stupid. But I guess I just never expected what I got when I walked into Sikowitz class. The class was just the same as the first day I came here. I set my stuff next to the same chair as I always had. Nobody gave my seat choice a second glance, but they stared at me which was unnerving.

Robbie was staring at me particularly hard, "hey Robbie." I greet shyly. A smile works its way onto his face and he stands up and hugs me awkwardly, "How've you been?" I ask when he pulls away. I look at him hard. He's gotten a lot more muscle and he's not dressed like he normally was. He's wearing guy's jeans; that was something new.

"Good, I've been good. I didn't believe it when people said you were coming back." He shoved his hands into his pockets his shoulders hunching up toward his ears, "maybe you should move your stuff over next to me. Something tells me you don't want to sit there."

I glance at him nervously but pick up my bag and set it beside the chair next to him, he glances at the door where I can see a bobbing red head, Cat's voice seeps into the room and in a flash she's hugging me tightly, arms around my throat squealing into my ear, "I told them you'd be back! I told them!" she hugged me as hard as she could, until I almost couldn't breathe, then she let me go stepped back and threw her arms back around my neck happily.

Beck had walked in behind her, "Hey Tori." He greets, his eyes flicker back to the door for a second then to my bag and he seems relieved, my nerves shot up when I realize that Jade probably sits over there, and that's who they're protecting me from, or trying to. Dread has been sitting in my stomach knowing I'd see her again and Cat must sense the tenseness in my shoulders because she finally lets me go.

I sink into the seat next to Robbie and Cat sat beside me, Beck behind me. They caught me up on a lot of things I missed. Beck got a new movie role-which I actually knew about- Robbie got rid of Rex when he started dating some girl and when they broke up he just left the puppet alone unless he was on stage. Cat had, had two boy friends and got put on the wall for the best designer in her design class-which wasn't too much of a shock.

"And Andre is the second top in the piano class; I think he would hate that so much more if it wasn't Jade in first place." Cat babbled, "And I'm so excited you're doing senior year here. It wouldn't be the same without you. The end of last year was so awkward." I nod carefully, sliding down in my seat. I wasn't looking forward to this year as much as I had been this morning. Now I just wanted to go back to my apartment, crawl under my covers and bury myself.

The bell rings, Andre and Jade haven't walked in. Neither has Sikowitz. We all look around, waiting for him to burst in and scare us. Ten minutes into class we've all given up on catching him, he's going to scare us and we don't care to keep waiting for him to waltz in.

When he finally slams the door open his eyes scan across the students assembled in the class, then at a paper in his hand, "where are Harris and West?" he inquires. As if they'd been watching him from the other door, it opens and Andre and Jade walk in.

Andre doesn't look much different. He's still got the smile he always has on his face. He's in a red and white striped shirt and a pair of faded baggy jeans with bright red shoes on. He drops his bag at the chair I'd originally set my stuff down by and looks at Sikowitz, "we were in piano." he explains, as if that would be enough.

Jade simply walks up to him hands him a paper and spins back around to head to her seat and her eyes land on mine. The green color turned into an icy death trap and I felt like I was frozen in place being flayed. She looked away in a blink and sat beside Andre, but I was still frozen in terror. I'd never been on the end of a glare like that from her.

She looked different. Her dark hair held no highlights; it hung around her face pin straight like a curtain. Her makeup was a little lighter, but not by much. Her stare was intense, like she was focused and pissed off. Her shoulders were rigid and her back ramrod straight as she crossed her legs and tapped one heeled foot in the air. No boots. Slim jeans in a dark blue color, a dark purple top. It was the same girl, but different. Still hints of my Jade, mixed with old Jade, mixed with new Jade.

"This better not happen often." Sikowitz warns; I doubt he expects either of them to listen.

"It wont." Jade replied, actually sounding sincere. I couldn't tell if it was an act. Sikowitz had been her favorite teacher last year, and he probably still was this year, so I didn't doubt that she wasn't being honest.

Sikowitz started the lesson with us acting out random things, hyper fans, depressed old people, and things like that until he decided we'd had enough warming up, "now for some ABC improv!" groans circled the room, we didn't want to do that. Memories of my second day here floated around my thoughts. I grimaced.

"Jade, Oliver, Harris, Cat, Vega. Let's go." Beck walked up beside me with Cat bouncing onto the platform in front of us. Jade and Andre looked annoyed as they dragged themselves from their chairs and up to the stage, making a big production out of it, "Now Curly, a letter!"

"T." he blurts, looking flustered at being called on so suddenly, since he'd been staring out the window before. His eyes return to the window once Sikowitz looks away.

"Cat. T." Sikowitz says.

"Today is such a great day!" she blurts happily, grinning at me.

"Unlike every other day for you?" Jade snorts, Cat looks offended and hurt, her bottom lip juts out and tears glisten in her eyes.

"Very mature." I snap, stepping forward slightly; Jade glares at me hard enough to make my throat want to close up.

"Well this is awkward." Beck steps in.

"Xtremely." Andre looks at Sikowitz for approval. He shrugs.

"You guys are so mean." Cat huffs the sad pout now replaced by an unhappy pout I'd liken to a child not being able to get a toy.

"Zebras are too." Jade says after a pause.

"Always blaming animals for your faults." I roll my eyes. She's glaring at me again and inside I want to shrink back but my stupid stubbornness wont back down.

"But Zebras can be mean." Beck steps between us, much like on the first day. Always trying to play the good guy.

"Can we change the subject?" Andre snaps.

"Do whatever you want." Cat replies, sounding a lot less upset, but not quite as happy as before.

"This is ridiculous." Jade says stomping down to her seat.

"Extremely." I agree.

"Forget how ridiculous it is, it can be fun, right?" Beck tries.

"Good try, but I don't think so." Andre muttered.

"How about we all just try to have fun!" Cat says, her voice sounding pouty.

"I don't know…" I say.

"Just isn't that easy." Beck says.

"I'm done." Andre says.

"Kill joys!" Cat complains.

"Look Cat, a bird!" I point out the window, there's not a bird but it gets her attention.

"Man that's one big bird!" Beck says with mock amazement.

"Never seen one so large!" Cat agrees.

"Oh my god it's going to fly right in here!" Cat squeals, diving to the floor like the bird flew through the window.

"People! It eats people!" Beck flattens himself to the ground and so do I.

"Quite scary!" Cat yells.

"Really frightening!" I agree.

"Yeah! Oh crap." Beck stands and walks back to his seat.

"Shelter! We need to find shelter!" Cat yells.

"As fun as this seems to be for you two, I've got to stop you. Class is almost over. Good job girls. Andre, Jade if you purposely disqualify yourselves again I will give you detention." He tells them as Cat and I get up and take our seats again.

Sikowitz seems to be watching everyone and then he looks at me and then back at the class, "No. I don't want to talk about it." I tell him, because I have a feeling that will piss two people off very much and that's not going to help my situation in anyway, shape, or form.

"Fine." He heaves in a deep breath, "West, how was filming that movie over the summer?" he sits down across from Jade who looks like she'd rather be anywhere else, but she sits up straighter.

"It was interesting; I got to stage fight with Alyssa Vaughn, which made things entertaining. But the girl is a straight up gank." Her eyes flick back toward Beck, almost daring him to disagree. She went onto talk about cool things that cast did on set and a few pranks and when the bell rings she stops talking almost instantly and stands up, her and Andre rushing from the room before anyone else has even reached for their backpacks.

I glance down at my schedule. I've got piano for beginners, upon my managers requests. My feet drag me toward my class as I look at the rest of the classes. College Algebra, Gym, English 4, and for my last two class periods I would go to the studio to record. I pull the door open and peer around the class. I'm alone so far.

"Sorry I'm late-oh nobody has showed up. Not shocking." The man I'm assuming is our teacher mutters and then his eyes land on me and he's embarrassed, "Oh I'm sorry I didn-."

"It's fine, it's actually a relief to go unnoticed." I wave off his concern, still looking around the chair-less room. "Where should I sit…?"

"The risers. You're Tori Vega, right?" I nod as I head over to the risers that are built into the floor. I take a seat in the far corner, "it's nice to meet you, I'm Dan Richards." He shook my hand and smiled kindly.

"Nice to meet you, too."

A few more kids trickled in, none of them really gave me a second glance and I was thankful, "ah that's everybody except for my teacher's aide. Oh well." The class's grand total was 7.

"Okay, welcome to Piano for beginners. I'm Dan Richards; you can call me Mr. R or Mr. Richards. This course is fairly easy. I will just go over the basics, reading music will be gone over first, just a brief review to see where you're all at and based on the speed you pick it up you'll be given certain music to work on. I don't expect perfection. I just want you t-."

Mr. Richard's head spun around when the door to his classroom opened and Jade strolled in, her horrifying and analyzing gaze swept across everyone. Almost every person's eyes went wide with shock or fear, shoulders tense, spines ramrod straight. When her eyes landed on me anger filled her gaze, "can't you get your own classes?" she hissed.

"This is my class." I reply narrowing my eyes at her to at least look like I'm not ready to run away, "And I don't have a say in the matter."

"Jade, go sit down and play a keyboard or something." Mister Richards says in a calm tone with a hard glare to contradict it. She smiles at him and stomps up the risers between two kids toward a keyboard. From the depths of her Gears of War bag she produces a pair of headphones, with what looks like stickers of scissors on them, and plugs them in, her eyes closing as she starts to play something only she could hear.

"Now, you'll need to purchase a set of headphones, preferably ones that match up to our keyboards. I'll give you the specifics, and if you can find a place you can practice. My door is always open, but it's great to practice at home. You'll also need to buy this book, I can give it to you for 5 bucks here, or you can try and buy it somewhere else. Now I want you to go back to those pianos and make up a little tune that you think describes you and then you can come play it for everyone else."

The others were quick to get up and grab pianos which left me with one piano choice, since the others were still packed away. It was beside Jade, who seemed thankfully lost in her own world. I silently slid the chair from the keyboard back and sat down. I played a few random tunes, already knowing that I was going to play the first one I'd played.

As soon as he called us back I got up and sprinted from the keyboard to my original spot on the floor-far away from Jade. Once everyone was sitting again he looked around hopefully for a volunteer.

"Come on, none of you wants to play? There's 9 people in the room, its not so bad." He tried. I heard someone mutter something about Jade, "she can't even hear you."

"Yes she can." Jade said in a singsong voice, glaring at the girl who looked visibly frightened and scooted closer to the person next to her.

"I'll go." I sigh, standing. Mr. Richards smiles at me thankfully and then his glaze flicks toward Jade, a glare on his face, as I walked up to the piano bench. I sat down, found the keys I was looking for and played a quick few notes that were cheery, and then I walked back to my spot on the floor. Jade's glare burned the side of my head, I tried to ignore it.

After me the girl who'd made the comment about Jade got up and played a brief piece, almost as short as mine, not as upbeat. Everyone else followed her lead, cut it short and walked back with their heads ducked. But they didn't need to, I could feel Jade's heavy stare on me the rest of the class. When the bell rang I flew off of the ground and out the door, snatching a paper from Mr. Richards about the headphones and book as I did.

I didn't stop until I was inside the College Algebra classroom, the teacher was an older guy with a few wisps of white hair on his head, major sagging around his eyes and mouth that looked like frown lines and icy blue eyes.


"Tori Vega." He glances up at me.

"You better not be a trouble maker like your sister." He comments, "sit there." He points a chair over by the window. I walk to it silently and drop my bag on the floor, tilting my head and resting it on my hand so my face wasn't near the window.

I hardly paid attention as people came into class, until Andre and Beck walked in. Beck sat behind me and Andre in the desk next to mine, directly where I was staring so I wouldn't be facing the window. When he sent me a rather nasty, almost Jade worthy glare, I abruptly turned my head so I was staring down at my desk.

I had fucked up big time, I knew that, but I honestly couldn't get out of that party. I would have if I could have, I might've tried harder if I'd remembered. Andre and Jade needed me to be at their showcase and I let them down. I felt so horrible. I absently made squiggles on my notebook cover, ignoring the teachers lecture about what he expected from us, I let his words flow in one ear and out the other, anything to keep the thoughts of Jade and Andre from my head.

Once that torture was over I headed to the gym, Beck by my side chatting away to fill the silence until Robbie joined us. They were heading to theater while I walked into the gym. The gym was split between Freshman and dumb seniors that had waited until their final year to get this over with. I walked over to the senior area and just tried to blend in and ignore everybody.

"Tori!" Cat practically screamed, rushing over to me and slamming her whole body against mine, I almost fell over, if it hadn't been for the wall behind me. I put one hand on the wall to steady myself and hugged Cat back before she let me go.

"I hope you're not going to greet me like that every time you see me." I joke, she smiles at me and I rub my sore tailbone, trying not to wince too much. I couldn't say why, but my eyes flicked to the gym entrance of their own accord, just as the door opened and Jade walked in. That made a grand total of three classes with her. I hoped this was it. I just had to make it to theater without her, because she'd finished her English classes.

"Seniors over there, Freshman over there!" a woman shouted, Cat squeaked and I jumped, hustling over to where she'd pointed for us to go. Cat and I took a seat far away from Jade who'd perched on the top of the bleachers as soon as she came into the gym.

"Abbot, Hannon, James, Jameson, Smith, Valentine, Vega, West." We each raised our hands to indicate who we were when she called our names, she moved over to the Freshman without an introduction.

She was a scary 6'1, with thick muscled arms and long hair pulled into a ponytail on the back of her head. She had a scowl on her face and a commanding voice. She looked like a wrestler, though she had legs perfect for track. I shook my head; I'd been spending way too much time with Harmony lately.

Harmony, my roommate, was obsessed with two things. Acting and Track. Her obsession with the sport could drive a person insane, but I loved the girl none the less. She was a great friend, one of the first I'd made when I started in the music industry. I'd recorded a track for her movie and met her at the premier. She befriended me because she was only a year older then me, and gave me a place to stay outside of the hotel Sky Records had gotten me after Jade kicked me out. I shoved the thoughts from my mind and stared up at our coach.

"My name is coach Northman. You will address me as Coach Northman, or coach. No miss, no Miss N, no Coach N. Coach Northman or Coach. You will dress out every day in a pair of gym pants or shorts and the Hollywood Arts gym shirt. You will wear tennis shoes, your hair tied back and no jewelry. You will run one lap everyday at the start of gym without stopping and participate in whatever we're doing-if you refuse you may jog the track for the period." She pauses to look us over.

"What a gank.." a girl beside me whispered.

"I don't care if you're a pop star," her gaze hits me, "in a movie," her eyes turn to Jade, "a dancer," her eyes turn to another girl who cowers, "or the President of the United States. You will do what I say, when I say it. Today is your free day, you must be doing something, walk the track, shoot some hoops, play volleyball, I don't care. Be active."

After she walks away four other girls get Cat and I to play volleyball with them, the last guy, Hannon, walks over to Jade and they go shoot hoops not to far away from our game. I keep my mind focused on the ball, making sure not to get hit in the face by a ball or in Cat's path to the ball, which would result in bodily harm I didn't want to deal with. By the end of the period we were all focused on the game that was tied. Everyone was watching us, sweat was rolling down my face and my hair was sticking to it.

Jessica Abbot served the ball over to us, Eli Smith spiked it back, one of the freshman hit it back, and Cat slipped on her way to the ball. I quickly rushed forward as Heather James managed to hit the ball enough for it to fly up in front of me; I jumped and hit it hard enough to go straight down onto the floor between Jessica and the Freshman. As soon as I knew it was done I ran over to Cat.

"Are you okay?" I asked, kneeling beside her.

"We won!" she squealed, holding her knee. She was bleeding, "oh but I hurt my knee."

"Eli, take her to the nurse. Vega go with her, take all of your bags." Coach handed me a pass and I grabbed my purse, Cat's back pack and Eli's notebook and rushed out of the gym after them.

In the nurses office her cut was cleaned out, bandaged up and she was left in the office to be picked up. I dropped her bag beside her, gave her a hug and said goodbye before I rushed off to English. When I got there were about 6 other people in the class, Robbie, Beck, Cat was supposed to be here, Eli, and some people I didn't know. I sat down beside Beck.

"Where's Cat?" Robbie asked, moving over to sit beside us.

"She hurt her knee in gym playing volleyball so the nurse is sending her home." I explained, pulling out my makeup bag and fixing my makeup now that I'd stopped sweating. I ran my fingers through my hair and flattened down some strays before putting my bag back away.

"I don't think I've ever seen you fix your makeup before at school." Beck comments.

"I've never been stalked by paparazzi twenty four seven before, either." I commented, kicking my bag beneath my chair. Beck just looked at me for a moment and then shook his head, "was I being too big headed?"

"No, it's just weird. I'm sitting next to a celebrity and I managed to forget." He chuckles softly.

"Good, keep forgetting. Maybe everyone else will, too." I mumble, Beck pats my thigh in a way that's supposed to be comforting, but it just annoys me. I tune out most of the introduction to the class and ignore most the comments Beck and Robbie say.

After English I got to leave to go to the studio and work on my album. It means I miss lunch, but that's a blessing right now. It turns out, just my luck; Jade got to leave, too. We reached for the door handle at the same time. I pulled my hand away and let her walk in first, following behind her at a safe distance.

She signed out, and then I did and waited five minutes for her to get out the front doors before following her, stopping by my locker that had been left up in my absence and shockingly it was still intact

I dumped the books I'd been given inside and closed it with out looking at anything decorating the inside. Assured that Jade was long gone, I marched out of the school and over to my mustang, crawling inside and speeding over to the studio, happy to escape my thoughts for a few hours.

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