Whatever It Takes

Summary: Tori Vega is a good actress, but she's tired of pretending. All she wants is her old life, her old friends, and her girlfriend back. When leaving is hard, coming back can be even harder. Jade West is tired of the pain, tired of feeling sorry for herself, and ready to start fresh. But sometimes you just can't let go of the things you love, even after they've hurt you.

Pairing: Jori

Rated: M


It was strange to me to think about walking into my own movie premiere, walking down the carpet with stars bigger than me, all going to see my movie. To be playing in the big leagues. But the strangest part of the whole thing was that once I was done with everyone poking and prodding at me with makeup and hair products I was going to go downstairs and wait for my girlfriend to come with me.

As soon as the makeup and hair team set me free I jumped from my chair and almost ran out of the room, working to undo the ties on my robe so I could step into my outfit, as I walked into my bedroom, thankful to be alone. It was a simple pair of dark jeans ripped in certain places and a backless v-neck shirt that tied around my neck. I slipped on a pair of heels picked by my stylist and walked to my vanity where I sat down and stared at myself.

I thought about the last premiere I went to, and how I looked like a strung out nervous mess, and now for this premiere I looked different. I looked more grown up, more professional. Most importantly I looked aware and lucid and I wasn't worried about Ryder trying to bust down my door, or vomiting in the bathroom, or shaking limbs.

In the mirror I could just see my tattoo thanks to the plunging back of the dress. I smiled and looked at the tattoo on my wrist, running my finger lightly over the bumpy scar hidden beneath it. My eyes flicker over the jewelry on the top of the vanity, landing on the necklace from my dad. I pick it up and look at it for a few minutes and then I hook it around my neck, settling it in place.

I pick my phone up and slip it into my pocket, standing up and making my way from the room, heading downstairs. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and chatted with the hair and makeup team who were waiting for Tori's team to come down the stairs so they could leave together. They came down before Tori, accepted water bottles and then the huge group left.

My dad materialized from his office with my brother in toe, both dressed up nicely for the occasion. "You two look great." I complimented, my dad pulled me into a hug, carefully avoiding my hair, still fearing the rather menacing woman who worked on my hair and threatened him with a pair of scissors. My kinda woman, "where's Veronica?"

"She's not up for all the action so she's sleeping already." I nod, not too worried about my dads new wife not attending the premiere. I squatted down and hugged my brother, too. Dad, being the embarrassing pain in my ass he was, took a few pictures of us and demanded I let him wait for Tori. We didn't have to wait to long.

I heard her heels clicking down the hallway from her borrowed guest room. She'd gotten ready here to avoid the chaos at her apartment for Harmony. She came down the stairs in light, tight, pants in a light grey top. Her hair was straightened and her makeup light, in contrast to my dark makeup. Everything about her look was the opposite of mine, her shoes being the only exception-they were the grey version of mine.

My dad snapped a picture of her as she came down the stairs, putting her arm around my waist and kissing my cheek-something else my dad took a picture of while I scowled at the camera, "You know there'll be about a thousand and two pictures of us from tonight, right?"

"None of them in my house or taken by me so shut up and let me take pictures of my daughter and her girlfriend." I sigh and let him take pictures of us, and then of my brother and I and all the fun he wants until the clock says 5:30 and I chase him out of the house with my brother.

"You don't have to chase the man away, he could ride in the limo with us."

"No. They want to get there before the crazy cameras." Eric, Tori's manager, and Smith, my manager, show up around 6 and walk us through handling the premiere and cameras and questions and then walk with us out to the two limos waiting outside. Tori and I take one and the managers take the other.

"Hey Jade?" I turn to look at her and she leans over, throws her arm across my shoulder and crushes me to her, snapping a picture from her phone. She leans against me while she types with one hand and then she sets her phone down and presses her lips against my cheek.

"You're so bizarre sometimes, Vega." I tell her, she smiles and shrugs pulling her arm back from around my neck and leaning against me. I smile pull my vibrating phone from my pocket. Harmony texted me to tell me she was in the limo in front of us. I had no clue how she knew it, but as well pulled up to the premiere I watched her long legs come out of the car and she stood, pausing to wait for her equally tall counter part Claude to emerge from the back seat.

We rolled up next and I hauled in a deep breath, squeezed Tori's hand and the door opened. I swung my legs out and stood up, extending my hand back to Tori. She grabbed it and pulled herself from the limo, lacing her fingers through mine as we walked to Harmony and Claude, pausing for a few questions and for her to sign a few autographs.

Soon the smile I was forcing became a natural smile and I was laughing at my cast mates jokes as we made our way around, only leaving Tori for a few cast photos. After the cast photo Jen hung around me, posing for a few pictures before she led me to Beck and Tori who were laughing and talking with a reporter. When we appeared on either side of them she turned to us and asked us a few questions about filming and what it felt to be on the red carpet and about to go see my first movie.

When she moved on we fled inside, Tori dragging me over to get us something to drink. Once we had our drinks she dragged me around so she could introduce me to some people she knew, and so she could find her band and say hi. We didn't stick around them long. Our managers came and separated us to mingle, but it was at least a little rewarding to talk to other actors, even if I did want to find Tori again.

When the movie was about to start I found her at our seats next to Jen and Beck, Harmony and Claude were a row in front of us. I loved seeing the movie, it came together so well. After the movie we all stood around and talked for about an hour before people started to leave, I tracked down my brother and dad and walked them out to their car, telling them I'd see them tomorrow.

Then Jen grabbed Tori and I and we found ourselves at the bar from the last premiere. Once again I found myself at the bar, but this time underage drinking wasn't an option, because they knew who I was. I got a soda and sat sipping it, watching Tori dancing with Jen. I had no clue where Beck was, but they were having fun so I wasn't going to go ask her so I could have someone to talk to. Two sodas later and Tori was walking away from Jen toward me, eyes locked on me.

"Been having sex?" I tease.

"Not yet." She grabs my hand and drags me off of my chair, dragging me into the mass of sweating bodies. Once again I didn't recognize the song, it was slow and gritty, and the way Tori was dancing to it against me was driving me wild. I let myself get into dancing, because I could use some good relaxing fun, and by the time we stumbled out of the crowd we were both sweaty and tired.

We stopped in the bathroom to clean ourselves up before pushing out of the doors. Our limo, driven by a guy Tori told me was named Eddie, was waiting at the curb for us. The driver opened the door and smiled at us, I smiled back at him and slid in behind Tori while he closed the door.

Tori walked up toward the window that separated us and told him something before she settled down beside me again, "what was that about?" I ask her. She shrugs she shoulder with a secretive smile. When we pull up outside a rather expensive looking apartment complex I'm baffled, but she just shoves me out of the car and waves goodbye to Eddie.

She leads me up to the elevator and we ride up to the third floor. We go into the last door at the end of the hallway and Tori tosses her keys into a bowl and throw her phone onto the couch before she locks the door. I stand by the couch and look around the living room. It's open but has that nice cozy feel to it.

She's got a couch a small table and two arm chairs positioned around the TV hanging on her wall. Her kitchen is small and she's got dishes in the sink that need to be washed. She walks over to me and stops in front of me. It feels like everything has slowed down as she leans in and kisses me slowly, her lips sliding across mine as her hands splay across my lower back and pull me flush against her.

She gently bites my bottom lip as she pulls away, scraping her teeth along it. When I open my eyes she's looking at me with a hooded expression, her eyes dark. I lean in and kiss her frantically, as if something inside me was finally kicked into action. She kisses me back with fervor and forces me to walk backwards. We hit a door and she fumbles with the handle and pushes it open, we tumble into the room, I break the kiss and catch my self on her dresser for balance.

"Tori, are you sure about this?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life." She tells me, stepping in front of me, "I love you, Jade, and I want you more than I've ever wanted anything in my life." She kisses me, stopping any reply I might've had, and it's the most passionate kiss I've ever had in my life. My hands find the bottom of her shirt and I tug on it, she pulls away and I tug it off of her before kissing her again, walking toward her bed as she undoes the tie around my neck and unzips the thing. It falls between us and the cold air of her apartment hits me and I gasp against her mouth as we tumble onto her bed.

Her skin feels like satin against mine, her mouth soft and warm against my skin, her teeth cold and harsh. The way her nails drag down my back as I kiss her breasts sets me on fire, the sound of my name coming from her parted lips like a song drives me wild. Everything about her just drives me crazy, and soon everything is tangled limbs and dark red bed sheets.

My body feels completely relaxed and spent when I wake up the next afternoon. We're lying side-by-side, Tori's eyes closed and her hair rumpled. Her legs are twisted in the sheets and she's clutching them too her chest. One breast covered the other moving up and down with her steady breath beside my arm.

She looked so peaceful asleep, all the tension from her face gone, like most people do. But she just makes it look so damn beautiful. I want to just lay beside her stare at her for all of eternity but my bladder has other plans for me so I carefully slip out of her bed and cross the room to the door, turning back to admire her bare ass before I slip out the door.

I find the bathroom across the apartment and silently close the door behind me before taking care of my business, borrowing some mouth wash, and washing my hands. I wipe the remainder of the makeup from my face and fix the curls in my hair so they aren't sticking up in random directions and then I head back into Tori's room.

She's awake now, laying on her side with her phone in her hand, "not tweeting naked pictures are you?" she slowly lifts her eyes from her phone to me, smiles sleepily and turns back to the phone. I cross the room and crawl back into the bed behind her, resting my chin on her shoulder, "what's up?"

"Reading my schedule for the next month." She put her phone down and rolled over so now I was resting my chin above her breast. I leaned up and kissed her before resting my head against her chest. She ran her fingers down my side and smiled down at me, "So any plans for the day?"

"Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to stay here and map out every curve of your body, I've got to go have lunch with my family." I scowl at the thought of having to leave the bed, "and then I'm going with Veronica to pick out her baby clothes. You wanna tag along?"

"I'd love you, but are you sure she wont mind?"

"Positive." We get up and she changes into a new outfit while I drag on my clothes from last night. I fix my hair with her flat iron in the bathroom and touch up the makeup I just couldn't get off before we head down to her car. I tell my dad the plan and he gives me the name of the restaurant. It's a bit of a drive from her apartment, and when we get there the other three are already there.

Veronica Masters is a nice woman, and as much as I despise her cheerful, bubbly personality and the way she sees the world as rainbows and cookies, she makes my dad happy so I can't help but like her, "good afternoon, girls. It's nice to see you again Tori."

"You too, Veronica." Tori gives her a careful hug around her swollen baby bump, I just smile at her and take a seat beside my brother. She doesn't look to hurt at my greeting, in fact she looks like she couldn't care less. It was perfect. Tori sat down across from her and asked her a million questions about the baby while I talked to my brother about the movie, he's still super excited he got to see his first PG13 movie, and that his sister was in it.

"You know Jade, Tori and I were talking, and if you don't want to go with us you can always go help your dad and brother clean out the babies room." I glance at Tori who kick's my leg.

"I don't mind, really." I smile at her and she smiles back. After lunch we go to the huge baby store full of expensive things only Veronica can afford. She met my dad through Smith, she was a manager of some high profile clients, and now she was a home designer for them.

She'd come with Smith one day when we started filming the movie because she was going to help him with his girlfriends house, and she'd hit it off with my dad pretty well. They got married about four months ago after finding out she was three months pregnant, and now she wanted to get the baby room all set up. So she went through the store picking out furniture she liked and the colors for the walls I would be painting, since I was the only one that could paint in the family.

She picked a soft yellow for the trim and light blue for the walls, the colors went nice together, after the colors she picked out stencils for things she wanted painted on the walls, and by the time we were done we had our work cut out. Tori drove us back to the house where my dad and brother were finally done cleaning out the room across the hall from the guest room, three doors down from mine.

Tori helped me paint the room before she went and borrowed my shower. Everyone else was downstairs in the living room, so nobody noticed when I pushed open the door to my bedroom and opened the window. Carefully I crawled up into the tree happily settling myself where the branch met the base of the tree.

"Jade?" my eyes opened slowly and I looked into the window where Tori was standing in a pair of borrowed shorts and a tank top, toweling off her hair. She tossed the towel over the back of my computer chair and wandered over to the window, carefully stepping out onto the roof, "there you are. You coming down?"

"Only if you come up and get me." I tease. She smirks, and much to my surprise, makes her way up to me, settling down on the branch next to me, "well that's new."

"Trees are good hiding places." She shrugs, like that explains everything, and then she tips her head back, "I'm starting to see why you like being up here." We stay up in the tree and talk until my brother runs through the house screaming about dinner being ready. I follow Tori inside, shutting my window and locking it before following her down to dinner. Veronica has made a point to make dinner for us almost every night since she moved in, destroying the unhealthy diet of fast food we lived on.

Tonight she's made steak, a salad and potatoes. If there's one thing I love about her it's that she's an amazing cook, I inhale my steak and potatoes, so while everyone else is still eating their meal I'm picking at my salad, after dinner Tori and I clean up and then head back to her apartment with a bag of my clothes.

Once we get inside the apartment I wrap my arms around her neck and kiss her slowly as she leans against me, her hands on my hips, "I think we have to celebrate my moving in properly." She pulls me toward her room, closing the door firmly behind us. I'm by the bed when she turns around, staring me down with dark eyes and a determined expression.

It's safe to say that the night I moved in was a great night.