Aurthors Note: Well I'm glad to release the first chapter, hope you enjoy it. also if you have trouble distinguishing between the past and present, please tell me, and I'll make sure to fix it in the future.

The story is Rated M for language, violence, and future sexuality. So don't let little ones read this.

It was a rainy day in the city. She looked out the window, cursing to herself as the rain became harder and harder. Still the clock was ticking and she didn't have much choice. She sat back down in her leather seat spinning around to clear her head. She looked onto her desk and on it was a picture of a albino man with a blue suit, and red tie with short black hair. She got out a red marker and drew an 'X' on it before deposing it into the trash. She looked at the clock which read 3:18. Realizing it would be time soon; she opened her drawer, and slipped a few things into her sleeve.

She walked to the dull brown double doors and as of on cue, they opened, revealing a short little person. He was wearing a simple lab coat, but his unusual green skin was the eye catcher to most.

"Well about time" he said tapping his foot.

Not even bothering to respond, she shoved past him and headed to a shelve.

"Where do you think you're going?" he yelled out. "We have to go soon and if I do recall, you always bugged me about being late. Well here I am ready to go, and you're not even ready!"

Still ignoring him, she typed onto a computer changing her holographic disguise to a black dress wearing black gloves. Her hair was still the same blue bob cut it had been. She looked into the mirror.

'It almost feels like the real thing'

She was trapped on Earth now and not temporary anymore, forever. It amazed her at times. How the most advanced species in the universe couldn't even get off a planet. And it only got worse being stuck with the one you hated most. Zim!

She crashed landed back onto Earth after spending months in space. She almost lost her sanity as she had started talking to her headless robot. After crashing back, in a fit of rage, she got back to Zim's house and kicked his ass to the point he was almost dead. She then smashed, burnt, destroyed his base until not even the ashes remained, instead just a burnt out square. She could of left then but did one last thing that she now regretted. She infested his base with nano-bots that practically ate everything in the lab till there were only hollow spheres of dirt.

That's when she realized her mistake. Zim always managed repair his base no matter what kind of damage he was dealt with. But this time she had destroyed it permanently, making him unable to repair it. And being beaten to near death, he couldn't do much about it. The nano-bots had eaten his ship, the last one. She tried to steal the one Dib had only his "modifications" and rendered it useless. She was completely stranded on Earth.

She looked at the clock, and knew it was time to go. She put on her fur coat, and the front door opened, revealing a tall well-built man.

"We're ready to go boss" he said with his thick Boston like accent

"Were coming" she replied

Both she and Zim went out the front door to see the rain start to pound down harder. She felt a shot of alertness and opened the umbrella thou occasionally she would get stung. They approached the giant sleek black SUV. The man held the umbrella for her as she got in followed by Zim.

'Stuck on this rock'

After she failed to find a way home, she managed to contact her Tallest about her situation. However they said:

"Don't worry we'll get to you eventually"

They never did and Tak assumed they had forgot. Feeling betrayed, and realized she was stranded forever, she helped Zim. As sick to her stomach it had made her, she realized that if she was going to be on Earth forever, it be best to have at least some company that wasn't a human, but an Irken. Even if that Irken was the most insane homicidal defective that ruined her chance of becoming an invader and, in a sense, got her stranded on Earth.

Having lost everything, impart due to her, they were forced to live on the streets. She didn't care about Skool, and Zim was so beat up he couldn't even go and eventually forgot about it.

Zim's "data gathering" proved terrible. He had learned absolutely nothing about the human race and she had limited knowledge of it. They didn't get that the greenish paper was a source of currency in the area they were. Forced to live on the streets and beg for food, they barely made it. This went on for years. Her holographic human disguise was the one that did the most convincing. People ran at the sight of Zim who looked like something out of a horror movie with the ass kicking he got.

She smiled out the window, amazed at how she got here.

Then everything changed in so little time. A dark slender drunken man who was way to hyper asked her if she wanted a job saying that the pay was good. She thought it was her lucky break until she realized what he meant. She should have caught on to what he was saying:

"People are willing to pay for any age you see. Your what? 9? 10? The pay is pretty good. People think its sick but there's money in everything"

She left Zim convinced at that moment it would get better. It wasn't until he thrusted her into a room with a man who looked like he was in his mid-thirties did she realized what exactly he meant. They did have prostitution throughout the Irken Empire, just that it wasn't talked about much since war was the first priority.

When that man tried to make a move on her, she sliced his neck open. Being under so much stress, she acted instinctively. Then that drunken man burst in somewhat horrified at what he saw but then got angry and tried to strangle her. Being a trained invader, she snapped his arm like a twig before striking him down with one blow to his head. He didn't get up after that.

For some reason she insanely laughed at his death until she had to go as people started wonder what the noise was. Although she was back to where she started, she took every green paper she saw.

The rain pounded harder to the point they had to pull over for safety. She was in a hurry but didn't want to die in what humans called a car. She looked over to Zim who was sound asleep. Something about car rides always made him sleep. She did have another opportunity to rid of him.

She was walking back to the alley with sheets of green paper until she came across Zim being surrounded by three guys.

"All I'm say'n man is I want ya wallet."

"Zim does not have this earthling thing you call a wallet, be gone" he waved his hand dismissively but the guys surrounding him only creeped in closer.

"Maybe you didn't hear" the tallest one gripped Zim by the collar. He formed his other hand into a fist and she knew all to well what he was about to do. She could of left him at their mercy and in his shape he would certainly die. She almost liked the idea but found herself rejecting it. If anyone was going to kill Zim it would be her. She didn't love him, not even as a friend. Instead she imagined him slowly suffering until his invincible ego was crushed and becoming a former shell of himself.

The car stopped at the traffic light. She looked onto the clock in the car. She tried wearing a watch, but with her arms being so skinny it fell off to often so she abandoned it. Soon it would begin. A sudden twitch of pain struck her left leg. It served her as a reminder of bailing Zim out.

She ran to the guy holding him and bit onto the guy's right arm, forcing him to lose his hold and drop Zim. Her razor sharp teeth were more than enough to hear the guy yell in an ear piercing scream. She loosen her hold before letting go and spat out the blood. The man continued to scream in pain which she found almost delightful to hear.

"Da hell is that man" said one guy

"Must be one of them fucked up streets kids" he replied. He took out a pocket knife waving it in the air.

"That fuck'n bitch bit me" yelled the man who was trying to stop the blood in his arm.

"I think dis kid needs a lesson" The man with the pocket knife approached her and lifted his right foot. She could tell what he planned to do. As he tried to kick her, she grabbed his foot and twisted it until she heard crack. She started to insanely laugh as whimpered in pain. He hugged his foot trying to hold back the tears but he failed to do so. The only one who wasn't hurt looked terrified and made a run for it, the guy with the bleeding arm collapsed from blood loss but the man with the twisted foot swung at her with his left leg and actually knocked her down. And where he managed to hit gave off a sting of pain. He tried to get himself up and hopped out of the alley using the brick wall for leverage. Angered by what he did, she extended her Pak legs and impaled him. He went down on the ground with a thud.

Of course Zim had refused to say she saved him. It was his pride and eventually she would crush that after more important matters were settled. It was that day were everything truly changed. Word traveled fast and got the attention of many people about her skills.

It was dark outside and she had gone to the store to get food. As she walked, five guys started to gather around her armed with crow bars, bats, and one of them had a gun. Sensing danger, she went to an alleyway. She could see their similes glow in the dark thinking they had her cornered. We she got to a dead end, she turned around to face her opponents. She noticed the lone survivor of the trio she beat up earlier. Now he was back with help.

"Yea that's her. She took a bit out of Tony man" he said on the verge of tears. A bigger man came toward her and gripped her collar.

"Let's get this over with" he said and formed his right fist into a fist.

Instinctively, she gripped the hand holding her, and instantly dug her claws into his wrist. The man let go trying to hold back the pain but almost screamed when the blood wouldn't stop coming out. She laughed out loud, seeing how weak and how fragile he was. The other four looked scared and it intensified when their strongest man collapsed to the ground mumbling to himself.

"Kill the bitch!" yelled one. Three of them charged head on her and then she extended her Pak legs. They all stopped, awed, and at the same time, scared shitless about her. Letting it sink in, she swung at one slicing his head off. One guy tried to swing at her and she blasted a laser from her Pak leg killing him. The other tried to run only to be impaled. The forth one, that lone survivor, tried running again but before he could even get out of the alleyway a Pak leg wrapped around him and dragged him back in. He screamed out loud before he too was killed. Zim just watched, interested in this but then went back to dozing off, still healing from the beating he got from her.

The car started to move again. Only the wind shield wipers and the rain making any noise and occasional grunts from Zim. Although Irkens didn't need sleep, they both found it relaxing and enjoyable when they did.

After her killing spree, she noticed a man in a suit with binoculars watching her across the street. When he noticed he raised his hand and a car came to pick him up and they drove off. She didn't think much until the next day when a black van came up to her and pulled her in. She was about to go into full rage mode when a guy pointed a gun at her head.

"Relax, we just want to talk" he said

He was the guy she saw yesterday. He was wearing a suit still holding the gun to her forehead but in his eyes he was scared.

"About what?" she replied wondering what they wanted from her.

"Heard, well more like saw, what you did back there. Have to say that's pretty impressive for a girl that's what, 9? 10?"

He chuckled a little before lowering the gun but the fear in his eyes didn't leave him.

"You shouldn't waste your talent on street gangs, I think more suitable, eh, work for us would do you some good"

"What kind of work"

Of course Tak knew what he meant, but wasn't about to fold to a nobody.

"Oh I think you're smart enough to know" he grinned.

The car stopped by a sidewalk and a man came in, drenched in water from the rain. He was the man from the picture she saw earlier.

"Hello Ms. Tak, I'm glad we're finally able to meet" he said with a simile extending his hand. She merely looked at it, not familiar with the humans greeting. He instantly retracted his hand before clearing his throat.

"Bruno, please drive us to section eight" she said

If their was one thing Tak could not get rid of, it was referring to sites in numbers. It was just built into her brain from invader training.

The car moved again and she elbowed Zim to wake him up.

"What, what is now" he snapped

Tak could tell that the man across from her was staring at Zim. Apparently it wasn't normal for a human to have green skin. She remembered when people asked her about why she had three fingers. She made up a story of how she chopped her "other two" off which gave off fear from the people who asked her. Ever since she was in control of what humans called a Mafia, most people were freaked out by her. And that was exactly what she wanted. They were also scared of the green skin Zim who was always by her side. Zim seemed to have a habit of abducting humans for his "experiments". She made sure word traveled around that if you crossed her, she would kill you, or you would go to the green skin man, both were equally terrifying options.

The car stopped and she snapped back into reality.

"Um, Ms. Tak, we would like to negotiate the settlement which I'm sure both of our, eh, parties will find agreeable."

She prepared to speak, wanting to get this over with.

"Of course Mr?"


"Mr. Hackett, can we step outside?"

He looked at Tak like she was crazy for it was pouring outside.

"It's raining"

"I know it is, Bruno"

The large man got out of the car and pulled out an umbrella and open the door to the back.

"After you Mr. Hackett"

He got out the car but swore he heard: 'Foolish Human' and turned to see the green guy grinning.

"Aren't you coming" he asked

She started laughing insanely at how clueless he was, and fear started to develop his eyes.

"Mr. Hackett this concludes our meeting, Bruno"

Bruno drew a gun from his coat and Mr. Hackett's eyes darted up. His happy attitude was replaced with furry.

"You dam twisted little bitch, you think you can just kill everyone that stands in your way? You better watch what you're doing, because if I die-"

He was cut off when Bruno pulled the trigger, the bullet entering Hackett's head. He fell to his knees before falling into the mud. While Bruno got back in the car, Tak turned to Zim with eagerness.

"I'm waiting" she said coldly

"And here I thought you were in a rush" he mumbled before getting out a remote and pressing the button. Within seconds an explosion occurred rocking the ground for a second.

"That takes care of the remaining competition, Bruno I think lunch is good now, how bout that place you told me about?"

"I'll drive us their" he replied

As the car took off, she looked onto the dead body outside sinking into the mud. This was why she was on top. After the mafia highered her, she helped them kill off their rivals. She later found out these mafias were ruled by families and eventually she figured out that she could be on the top, and decided to eliminate anyone in her way. Her Boss, his name long forgotten, had hosted some celebration, and that's when she decided to make her move since his entire family was gathered.


It was what humans called Christmas, and Zim had limited knowledge about but knew enough that humans loved to celebrate it with their loved ones. Tak was leaning against the wall till Zim appeared.

"Everything is set, those humans won't know that-"

"Good to know, wait for my signal"

Zim looked a little mad about being cut off his gloating speech but walked away.

"Attention people, I like to get a photo of my wonderful family" The head of the family raised his wine glass and everyone followed. She chuckled a bit. Soon his 'wonderful family' would be his dead family. The lights were dimmed as a photographer approached the giant family composing of husband and wife, aunts, uncles, children, grandchildren, grandpas and grammas, etc. Tak whistled a tune low enough only an Irken could hear. Right after the picture was taken, the lights were shut off. The family and the crowd started mumbling to each other.

She sent a command to her Pak which trigger a bomb planted under the family. The explosion drew loud yells and scream of panic. She extended her Pak legs and started to kill everyone. Their we're loyal members to the head of the family and she wanted to crush all resistance. Impaling, decapitating, slice and dicing through everyone. Some tried to pull out guns but failed to spot her, and by time they did, they were usually on the ground dead. The women cried loud screams that could make anyone go deaf and she quickly killed them off to listen the noise.

She then spotted the man who had dragged her into the van running with a little boy, most likely his son. She darted towards them.

"KEEP RUNNING SON" he yelled out while he turned around with a pistol drawn. However Tak sliced off his right arm and he fell to his knees.

"I told him this would happen. I told him, I told him" he ranted it on
a few times

"Guess he should of listened" she grinned taking pleasure seeing him suffer. A few moments passed before she sliced his throat. He fell to the ground, and the lights came on showing the massive amount of the dead.

"And the child?" yelled Zim angered that someone had gotten away.

She had forgotten about the kid but knew he be no threat.

"What could a child possibly do?"

Zim looked like he was about to rant on but stopped, not wanting to deal with this now.

After the death of the family and loyal members, she took control of the whole mafia. She quickly learned how valuable money was in the human world but left most of business to people who knew how to manage it. She simply killed off anyone who stood in her way and many got the message.

"Bruno, what is this city called?" she asked

"Eh, New York City boss" he replied.

"I think I want more then New York" she thought before getting out of the car, thankful the rain had stopped.