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He was way high, feeling 10 feet high and bullet proof. He was living the life, from a small time dealer to a city-wide dealer. And he didn't even make this drug. He ripped it off someone, like he always did all his life. He looked down at the women he was banging. Being drunk and high, he was starting to lose his breath at sex now, but he kept at it.

"I'm living the life" he muttered. But little did he know that it would soon end.


Bruno pulled the car into the driveway seeing Tak sleep on the passenger seat. Nothing new, she always fell asleep during car rides unless she had some business. He got out the door before heading to the other side and picking her up. For a insane little child, she looked like a baby when she was asleep. As he walked to the doors, he could feel her nibbling his left shoulder. Again nothing new, it was something she always did. He never confronted her about this, just thought it be best not too, but he really did want to know maybe he could ask Zim. He walked up the stairs, hearing the creek of each step as he made it to the top floor. He walked into her bedroom before setting her down onto the bed and pulling the sheets over her. He walked out glimpsing over his shoulder again before shutting the door.

"Goodnight" he whispered


He paused for a moment looking over his shoulder again before seeing that she was half asleep and she would forget by morning.


The agents pulled up near 312 Sunset Ave, or what they saw a nightclub.

"Remember just ask questions" said Zita

"And break anyone's jaw that's gets smart with me" joked Michael

"Who owns the place" asked Dib

"A Mr. Jones" said Zita

"So how do we want to approach this" asked Dib eager to start

"We'll ill get a drink, Zita you can go bully the owner, and Dib you wait in the back."

"Why I gonna be in the back" joked Dib

"And why do you always say I'm a bully" asked Zita

"Because the last thing we need is for someone to bolt to the door, and Zita you can just be scary sometimes"

The all briefly laughed before getting out the car. Dib went around back, while Zita and Michael went through the front doors. As Zita walked in, another car pulled in behind her. She turned around to see a very short person who was wearing a coat with a hat concealing his face, while two people behind him followed.

"Why must Earth be so cold" said the short person before walking past Zita.

Meanwhile Michael was at the bar seeing if he could get some information from the hundreds of voices around. Already he saw a hundred ways he could arrest people, but he wasn't here for that. Someone then tapped his shoulder he turned around to see a group of teenagers.

"Hey, aren't you Michael Sanchez, the basketball player"

Michael then instantly forgot all about his why he was here and started to remember when he played basketball. He soon found himself signing autographs and taking, paying nit attention to the events around him and started ordering drinks.

Zim was climbing up the stairs. He was already playing the events in his head, imagining the pathetic human begging for his life. He stopped daydreaming as he approached the door to see two very large black guys guarding the door giving imitating looks.

"Out of my way" demanded Zim

"Excuse me?" One of them said giving an angered look. Zim merely sighed to himself before drawing a dagger from his sleeve and throwing it against the guy to his left. It struck his throat and despite him trying to scream he couldn't. The blood oozed out of his throat as he fell against the wall, leaving a smeared trail of it. The other guy was shocked for a second before meeting a bullet from one of Zims people. A silenced headshot took him down.

Zim reached for the handle to realize it was locked and glared at one of his guys to break it down which they did with ease. He walked in to see an office but to the left was an open door.

"Yea, keep going baby, keep going, ugh, yea, yea, almost their, eh"

Zim shuttered realizing what the human was doing. He gagged a bit before motioning one of his guys to deal with it.

The person who drew the gun walked in and pulled Mr. Jones off some women.

"What the Fuck?" Yelled Mr. Jones before having a gun punch him in his face knocking him to the ground.

"Go guard the front door and make sure no one enters" order Zim and the two guys made haste to obey. Mr. Jones was starting to recover from the punch, but being drunk and on drugs, he couldn't exactly pick himself up but soon felt skinny metal legs pick him up and place him on the table.

"Listen you filthy earthling, you've been stealing something of mine, and now I'm gonna cut you open"

"What?" Mr. Jones never expected a threat so bluntly. Suddenly his hands and legs were bound to the table. He attempted to get up but couldn't.

"Hahahaha ha, fight all you want human, but you cannot escape, I AM ZIM!"

The Irken laughed at his own remark before opening up his surgeon tool set. Mr. Jones realized what was gonna happen.

"Wait! Ugh, maybe we can talk about this, I got a lotta money you know, we can split it!, ill go away man"

"Haha, stupid, stupid, human" was the last thing Zim said before taking a buzz saw and slowly opening up the mans stomach. He screamed in pain while Zim simply laughed.

"Scream all you want human, but your terrible music will drown your screams" and with that Zim carried on with his work.


Meanwhile Zita made her way upstairs to the owners office, surprisingly finding no bouncers or security. She approached the door to find the two men she saw earlier guarding the door. As she walked closer, one of them spoke.

"Sorry mam you can't enter."

"Oh I think I can" she took out her badge. The two seemed worried at first but quickly opened the door. The stood idle as she walked end only to hear the coc of a gun behind her head.

Dam it

She messed up. One of the guys grabbed her gun and radio, but the way they were moving, they looked terrified.

"WHY IS THAT DOOR OPEN!?" Screamed a voice. Zita swore she heard it from somewhere in her life, but couldn't remember.

"Eh, theirs an FBI agent here" said one of the guys nervously

"And she told me not to worry, but I can prove her wrong, yes, we will bring her to her. Give me a minute to clean up"

Zita looked around, already planning her escape, hoping Michael would catch on when they went downstairs. The door opened again to reveal the small "man" she saw earlier and she could see some blood over him. Her heart beated harder, already knowing this man worked for "her", the insane crime boss of New York. A gun poked her back.

"Let's go" said the man.

The four people steadily walked down the stairs. The two guys afraid of what may happen if caught. Zita cautious about her next move. And Zim practicing his gloating speech he would yell at Tak for bringing in the FBI girl. Zita was in the front, the two guys behind her, and Zim, mumbling to himself further behind.

As Zita finished the last step, her eyes looked all around for Michael only to find him gripping some girls ass with a drink in his hand, surrounded by all the "cool" people. She sighed to herself. Michael just couldn't get rid of his Basketball career. She knew he just couldn't accept never playing Basketball. But her sympathy turned to anger when she realized she could use some help. Suddenly Michael darted his eyes to her, his simile replaced with a "oh shit" frown. She gritted her teeth at him trying to get him to see what situation he was in. He caught on and immediately got up, saying goodbye to all his "friends". With the drink in his hand, he pushed the crowd away walking to the guy who was behind the guy holding the gun to Zita. He looked away for a second before "accidentally" spilling his drink onto him.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry man" he said rising his hands defensively.

"Really?" Said the guy looking at his shirt before getting suckered punched in the chin. The other one caught on and took his gun out to shoot him and Zita grappled his arm before twisting and doing a Karate kick on his back throwing him onto the ground.

"What the hell Michael!" She yelled

"What, I saved ya didn't I?"

Before either of them could say anything else, one of the guys got up and ran up against Michael, arms around his waist, running against the railing. Zita was about to help before the other one got up taking a hunting knife out,

"Let's go bitch" he said eagerly yet tiredly

He swung at her while Zita dodged all his swings.

Michael meanwhile was punching the guy on the back, before kneeing him in the stomach finally being set free. The guy drew his gun but Michael grabbed onto it pointing it in the air letting a few rounds go off, which made the crowd panic and start running. As they wrestled Michael decided to try another method to get the gun, and gripped the mans balls.

"What's it gonna be, the gun or your balls!" He yelled forcing the guy to let go and punch him. Michael crashed against the railing and the guy charged at him, the next thrust broke the railing sending them both onto the ground. The guy attempted to reach the gun, now within his reach, but was pulled back by Michael. He kicked him in his face, desperately trying to get the gun. Michael got up half way throwing himself on top on the man, trying to get the gun. They wrestled for a moment before Michael started slamming the guys head onto the floor before he knocked him out. He turned over breathing heavily.

Zita was dodging the other guys swings, hitting him in the face every time he took a swung and it was starting to take its toll on him. Finally the bruised and bloodied guy took one last swing before another punch sent him to the ground. She drew her gun to the little man.

"DON'T MOVE!" She screamed painting heavily.

"YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" He screamed back.

She was about to say something before something struck her from behind. Her vision clouded and she fell to the ground. She looked over to Michael seeing him grip his chest.

"Forget the human, the Earth authorities are already here" was the last thing she heard before blacking out.


Zita started to awake, but quickly shut her eyes from the eye piercing white lights. Her whole body was asleep, limp, and she tried to move it before hearing "relax Zita"

She turned to see Dib with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh hey. How long have I been out" she muttered still waking up.

"Just a few hours, took a hit to the head"

Zita remembered the giant bruise on the back of her head.

"Oh right, I had him and then that guy hits me"

"Yea he got away, but you did a number on one of the guys who we got"

"It's not like their gonna talk"

"Yea I know, but we got something"

"Can't believe I got beat, I thought Michael had the other one"


Zitas memory slowly recalled the last few seconds she saw.

"MICHAEL!" She screamed

"What happened to him?" She demanded

"Agent Sanchez had a heart attack" said Mr. Rush standing by the doorway

"What?" Asked Zita bewildered

"It what happens when you don't take care of yourself. One of his arteries were clogged and the recent fight overworked his heart" explained Mr. Rush.

The room was silent

"But thankfully paramedics were able to save him before he collapsed. He's lucky to be alive."

After that Mr. Rush left the room.

"Get yourself some rest Zita, it's been a long day"

Although she wanted to protest, the bump on her head was thumbing, he brain begging her to lie down and sleep.

"Ok" she said before lying back down.

Dib turned off the lights and walked out to see Michael.

"How's he doing" he asked a nurse

"He just woke up, his heartbeat is steady, but the doctor recommends..."

Before she could finish Dib thrusted himself to the door to see Michael reading a book.

"Just Woke up?"

"About an hour ago, but I don't feel like having them ask me questions now" said Michael putting the book down.

"How's your heart?"

"Could of been worse."


"So where were you when I needed ya?"

"Out freezing my ass off, you can't hear anything outside except for the wind"

They both laughed before Michael gripped his chest.

"You ok?"

"It's a little sore, but a little sleep will take care of that"

"We'll glad your alright man"

"So am I. So any word about Mr. Jones?"

"They found him bound and gagged, his stomach sliced open, and liver and kidneys removed. They also found two dead bouncers"

"So that guy is working for 'she'. Great...we had dam close."

"Close yet so far. Their was a witness"

"Someone actually saw this guy whose left everyone dead, and there's actually someone alive?"

Michael smiled gaining confidence in cracking the case.

"Yea but she's in a traumatic state."

"Are you kidding me?"

They both sighed, a silence settled in

"I think she'll be alright, we have people guarding her" said Dib

"You think she's in danger?"

"As the only one to see whatever happened in that office, I do believe shell be in great danger"

A knock in the door drew both their eyes to see the doctor

"Mr. Sanchez, I see your awake, I'm gonna have to ask you a few questions concerning your heart and your health"

"Ugh find. Well Dib looks like the doctors in"

"Ha, yep, take care Michael"

"You too man, you too"


Tak was busy sleeping, enjoying the peaceful silence around her until her antennas woke her up. She could hear the sound of a triumph march, usually in Irken Military Parades for the Tallests. But she knew it wasn't that, no it was

"Zim!" Was all she thought and from the sound of his footsteps, his ego was about to shoot out the longest gloating speech in history.

"MOVE ASIDE BRUNO!" Was yelled outside. Tak prepared herself and then the front door were thrown open, with Zim darting straight to her bed,


Before Zim could finish he felt a hand around his throat choking the life out of him.

"Zim...shut up"


"Then shut up Zim, just shut up or ill kill you"

She released her hold and Zim gagged trying to catch his breath. His head laid on the bed panting heavily, eager to talk, but valuing his life.

A few minutes went by and Zim was about to dose off when Tak broke the silence

"So what happened" she mumbled, still dazed from waking up

"Well the FBI found the place, had a fight, and eh, yea"

"Did they see you?"

"We'll of course they saw me, she had me at gunpoint!"

"I meant your face"

"Zims face? Nope"

"We'll then what's to worry?"

"WHAT'S TO WORRY!? The FBI found me, and got one of the people, WHAT IF THE HUMAN TALKS!"

"The person they got will not talk, you should know that. Mr. Jones sold drugs, the FBI must of got some lead off of some user and traced it to his place. They still have nothing. I trust Mr. Jones won't trouble me"

"Ugh, why do you doubt me? Yes I cut the foul human up"

"Then all is good Zim, go to sleep"

"Um yea, I forgot to tell you"


"I may have left a human in Mr. Jones office. He was mating and I kinda forgot about the girl"

Zim gave a nervous chuckle.

" better be in full panic mode, because IM IN FULL RAGE MODE"



"Well don't worry, um, I can take care of it"

"Do you know where she is?"

"Eh, no"

Tak was about to go off but quickly calm down.

"Leave me for a second" she said

Zim went out the room already afraid of her wrath.

Tak got up to slip on a robe, always finding human clothing comfortable. She emerged from her room with a blue robe matching her hair of the hologram she hadn't taken off yet.

Standing idle were Bruno, Zim and another bodyguard.

"You guys come with me"

The trio followed Tak to a long hallway filled with nothing but white walls

"After many years living on the streets I have built an empire. I control New York City, wiping out hundreds of gangs that have tried to fight me. In little over a year, I nearly control the entire coastline. In just one month I have manage to start in the Western Coastline. My drug is spreading rampantly throughout the world, and yet I worry. I worry about the stupidity of some people"

She shot a death glare Zim uneasying him more.

"I am not gonna let a mistake ruin everything I have built. Zim I seriously just want to kill you"

If Zim could pale anymore he would of. He could Taks rage around him

"But that's not the issue, this witness needs to be killed."

"Whatever you need" said Bruno cocing his gun

"Thank you Bruno but your to valuable to be caught. We don't know where the witness is, but that's no problem"

By the end of their walk, they reached an office. Tak pulled out a strange looking computer with the Irken insignia on it. The screen came up showing the events at the nightclub. Have superior technology, she was able to spy on any area on Earth. She tracked the car where the witness to a hospital downtown New York.

"You" she pointed to the bodyguard "Get some sucker of the streets and have him kill her, don't care if he's even caught, I want this women dead"

The bodyguard nodded his head before exiting the room.

"Bruno please leave, I need to talk to Zim"

Bruno soon left the room. Zim stood alone, fear growing in his eyes.

"Zim come here"

The low creeks of the wood were heard as Zim fearfully made his way to her. When he was in arms reach Tak snatched his antennas

"Listen Zim, if you ever mess up again, I'll split your stomach open, rip your Squeedlyspooch out and grind it till its nothing but jelly and force you to eat it, you understand?"

Zim whimpered already to afraid to speak, his ego completely deflated.

"Good then" She let go

"Go get some sleep Zim, it's been a long day for all of us.

She turned to the screen seeing the witness motionless, fear parlaying her.

"You better not talk" said Tak, closing the laptops and walking out the room.