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Summary: Ciel is a common prostitute in London, desperate to escape from the horrid lifestyle, when he is captured and is going to be used by a devil worshipping group as a sacrifice. Sadly, the sacrifice works, and Ciel is sent the depths of hell.

Rating: T

Characters: Ciel & Sebastain

When Hell Freezes Over

Introduction: An Attempt To Save Oneself

Ciel had always hated the feeling of loneliness that seemed to stay put with him. It was difficult, when all he did was sell his body to smelly old men, to convince himself that he was of any worth. He didn't enjoy the feeling of being ripped apart, and left to clean the blood and disgusting semen from his body. He hated that even if he tried, he'd never be able to cause a change in his lifestyle, since everyone he knew was in the prostitute business.

Ever since his parents died, he was left to fend for himself, and pretend that it didn't greatly hurt him (In many, many ways) to do what he did. But he had no choice. He had the option of starving, or doing this and living in a rich comfortable apartment in the brothel. He was fed well to keep his body attractive enough to obtain customers, but not too much that he gained a lot of weight. However, it still was an impossible thing for him to forget- that he was alone.

He had sat in his room, pondering over getting someone to be his lover, and take him into a even better house, but he knew there would be no escape from that. He would still have no freedom. Even so, he would keep his pride. Even when a man attempted to flirt with him, on the street, he would call out, acting scared.

It helped him to convince himself that he would get a life eventually where his body would not just be a toy in someone's games. He would not be used simply for sex. He would have meaning.

He knew that what he did was horrible and contradicted what he was supposed to be like but.. Being a male prostitute paid much better than any other job, and it was the only one that would hire a scrawny 13 year old.

He laid in his apartment after a customer had paid, and closed his eyes; Debating whether or not to move yet. His entire body ached and cried for medical attention; Which would come after the customers were out of the Mistress's hair.

He opened his eyes slowly, and gazed at the bathroom door, tempted beyond belief to hurry and run to get in a bath of hot water. He so badly wanted to soak out the pain, and the disgusting mess inside him. He would not dare touch it until he had had a bath. It disgusted him that much.

He slowly rose like a ghost on All Saint's Eve, feeling the pain course through his body. He trembled as he made his way the bath. He smiled when he saw a tub already filled with steaming water. The Mistress knew him so well.

He pushed the eye patch from his eye and looked into his purple 'cursed' eye. No one he knew could tell him what it was. All he knew was that it appeared shortly after his parents were murdered in a fire. He still hated whoever did it to his parents.

All he could remember before he passed out, was a man smirking as he walked closer to Ciel's limp body. He felt shivers run down his spine at the thought of the man.

He was shaken from his thoughts from the sudden breeze in his bathroom. He moved into his bathtub slowly, letting the water soak into his sore skin. Yes… This was exactly what he needed..

He smiled and allowed himself to lower himself all the way into the bathtub, content to let the hot water do its work. As his muscles unwound from the tension of unwanted sex, he allowed his mind to drift off into the haven of sleep.

When he woke up, he could see the moon through the window, and a towel beside the tub that hadn't been there before. The water was cold now, and as he got up, he saw the last of the man's release floating in the tub. He took the towel and wrapped it around his cold body and hurried to the bedroom, and quickly threw on his nightshirt, and slipped under the covers.

In seconds, he was fast asleep, not knowing that he was in grave danger. He did not know about the quiet stalker outside his bedroom, waiting for the Mistress to sleep. He did not know that he would suffer even greater than he already did.

And he did not know at all that he would meet a demon named Sebastain.

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