Oh god guys, I'm so sorry for the lateness of this chapter coming up, because I ALREADY HAD IT TYPED UP AND EVERYTHING. IT WAS GOING TO BE CLOSE TO FRICKING 3000 WORDS WHICH WOULD BE MY LONGEST CHAPTER. EVER! *cries* and I forgot to save… and my computer shut itself off… and I died inside when I woke up in the morning to it off. At least I wrote it in a notebook, but that version is 1000 words and just the first draft. So.. :/ I apologize. And for anyone wondering what the f—k about the rest of the stories… hehe… Um those get attention tomorrow. I'll work on those chapters later. *sweatdrop* I feel awful. Cuz I mean.. I felt so badass because I had a really long chapter that I've never done anything like before, and then…. It just… disappeared.