So in the last chapter ended with Drew walking May home, Delia, Raquel, Gary, and John going to get something to eat and Ash, Misty, Dawn, and Paul staying at a park….. This chapter is going to start during the weekend at the weekend fair.

I want to ask you guys something though, do you think I should keep going on with this story?

Mkaii I'll start with the chapter…. HERE WE GO!

At the Weekend Fair!

"Hey guys what's up!" everyone turned around and saw two smiling girls, one with orange reddish hair, and the other with midnight blue hair.

"Hey Dawn, Hey Misty!" yelled Delia.

"Is everyone here yet?" asked Misty.

"No I don't see Paul" said Dawn.

"Paul, May, and Drew are on their way here so don't worry," answered Delia.

"HEY WHERE'S ASH?!" asked Misty.

"Uhm Misty where do you think he is?" Delia said pointing towards the food court.

"Of course" said Misty with a sarcastic tone, she started walking towards him.

"Oh yea Dawn they told us that this weekend pokemon can be outside their poke balls and enjoy the fair, isn't that great?!" said Delia.

"Yea it is, but I don't see your bulbasaur or cyndaquil," said Dawn.

"Yea once I let them out their poke balls they went off running," responded Delia, "hey look here comes Raquel."

Dawn turned around and saw the maroon haired girl on top of a orange colored dragon pokemon, "what pokemon is she riding on?" asked Dawn.

"Her Dragonite," responded Delia with a smile.

"Wow a Dragonite I've never seen one before!" shouted Dawn of amazement.

As soon as Dragonite started to land Delia walked up to it looking for something, "did you find those two?" asked Delia, suddenly the little fire mouse and the seed pokemons' heads popped out and jumped on Delia and knocked her down.

"Where did you two go to?!" she asked in a mad tone.

The two pokemon just looked down sad and disappointed that they ran of without letting their trainer know.

"I found both of them by the arcade," answered Raquel

"Well at least they sticked together," said Delia in a more calm tone, and started petting her pokemon gently on their heads.

"Well Misty why don't we let our pokemon out to have some fun too?" asked Dawn holding her poke balls.

"Yea lets make them join the party," answered Misty as she started throwing her poke balls with Dawn doing the same.

A white flash beamed from the poke balls and out came all the pokemon, a Psyduck, Politoed, Corsola, Starmie, from Misty's bag an Azurill popped its head out, then from the other poke balls a piplup, buneary, pachirisu, mamoswine, togekiss, and cyndaquil appeared.

"WOW! Dawn you also have a cyndaquil." said Delia, when her cyndaquil walked to introduce itself to Dawn's cyndaquil she noticed they were different colors, "hmm, Dawn why is your cyndaquil a different colo than mine?" she asked.

"It's because your cyndaquil is a shiny color, Delia," said a voice from behind.

"Drew, May you guys are here," said Misty as she was holding Ash by the ear so he wouldn't go back to the food court.

"Yea, we would've been here earlier if someone didn't take a log time doing his hair," said May in an annoyed way.

"Hey I'm not the only one to blame Ms. What Shirt Should I Wear," Drew responded in a cocky tone while pushing his hair back with his hands.

"Hmm whatever Drew," May said as she started walking towards Misty, Dawn, Delia, and Raquel, "hey let's go to the photo booth?"

"YEA!," all the girls started running towards the photo booth leaving the guys to take care of all the pokemon. Suddenly Paul noticed an elesquirrel pokemon missing.

"Uhhh guys I don't want to worry anybody but Pachirisu is missing," Paul said in worried tone.


"We need to do something fast," said Drew, he then noticed John coming towards them, "John can you do me a favor and distract the girls as we go look for pachirisu?"

"Uhm yea sure but what about all the other pokemon?" asked John.

"Let's take them to the playground they'll be distracted there." said Paul, as he started running making the pokemon and other guys follow him with John staying behind.

"Wow the pictures came out really cute girls" John heard a voice say and said, "Hey girls why don't we go and ride some of the roller coasters?" trying to distract them.

"Mmm no I don't think so," said May as she started making her way towards where the playground was with everyone else following.

At the playground with the guys panicking

"Wait is that Pachirisu right there?!" shouted Ash.

Paul started running towards the hyperactive pokemon to catch it.

"Five bucks he dives towards Pachirisu," said Ash trying to start a bet with Drew.

"You're on," agreed Drew.

The two guys were just watching Paul chase his girlfriend's pokemon, but suddenly….

"PAUL WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING HERE?!" shouted Dawn furiously with her face red from anger.

"Uhhh nothing is happening I'm just playing tag with Pachirisu and it's winning," Paul said nervously as Pachirisu was still running circle around him.

"Pachirisu return," Dawn recalled the pokemon back to it's poke ball, "Paul you don't have to lie to me I know that Pachirisu has the habbit of running away," she added as she let the pokemon out of it's poke ball again.

"Yea whatever," said Paul.

"Does he even have manners?" asked Raquel.

"Uhm well to be honest…. No he doesn't," answered Ash.

"Wow that explains a lot," said Raquel, "Ok Eevee, and Cubchoo come on out" she said.

The two pokemon yawned as if they were both woken up from a nice relaxing nap.

"Aww they are so cute," May said immediately.

"HAHA thank you," said Raquel.

May started letting her pokemon out of their poke balls a Beautifly, Skitty, Wartortle, Glaceon, Blaziken, and Venusaur came out.

"Wow May you have quiet the gang of pokemon," said Raquel.

"Yea I guess," May said in a flattering way, "Hmm," she noticed someone familiar walking towards them, started walking to Drew's side, and her pokemon were

looking at the familiar face.

That's the end…. This chapter was ehh.