Chapter one: Introduction

Out in this world there are Mafia mobsters, bloodlust bikers, and just plain crazies. There is only one man who can figure out there plans and stop them and put them in the place they belong. This man's name is Agent 216. But everyone calls him Game because he quick to think of a plan to solve a problem. Game is detective who just graduated from the academy. Three weeks ago Game got a job at the R.P.A (Roblox Police Agency).His boss's name is Alexander "The Mad Man" Riegler. We call him Mad Man because of his small temper and when he gets mad he can kill a man. I remember just last week when one of my CO-worker was supposed to get coffee for the boss but he ended up dropping the coffee all over the boss. The boss was mad his face was as red as a tomato. Of course you would be mad too if hot coffee was dropped all on you. Poor kid though he ended up with a black eye and a broken arm. He can't work though do to the injuries. So I have to do his job.

A/N That was chapter one I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry if the chapter short. The next chapter will be longer. I'll update soon.