Professor Layton looked at himself through his mirror with a concerned expression. His usual peach colored skin was now flushed, and pale. The only color remaining on his face were his rosey cheeks. The dark brown mop of hair was now sticking to his face do to the sweat that had drenched his bangs. He frowned even greater as he tried to work with the damp locks. After a good deal of fussing, his hair was somehwat managable, and was tucked up into his hat. He nodded once to himself, and huffed.
"Come now, Hershel. You made a promise to Luke, and a gentleman never breaks a promise."
So, after that little pep-talk, he left his room to head down stairs.

It had been quite some time since the two had a run in with Jean Descole, when he was on his mad search for the lost city of Ambrosia. Luke had grown a few inches since then, and Layton had promised the boy that they would go shopping and actually spend the day together. Not like they weren't almost always together, but that was usually when Layton was working. Today they would actually just be around each other for fun.

God knows how long Luke had been awake for. He couldn't sleep. He was so excited for the day he felt as if he would just explode. The boy practically worshiped the Professor, and was proud to be his 'apprentice' (he was really just with Layton because his father was away, and Layton had agreed to take care of the boy.) Luke normally just tidied up the house, because the Professor was too busy to do so-at least that's what Luke tells everyone- And most importantly made tea. Speaking of which, tea had already been made, and placed on the table, as well as a piece of toast, that was carefully being buttered. Luke wasn't allowed to cook. Well, at least he thought he wasn't allowed to cook when alone, but when the Professor was around to watch him, he would attempt. But, he was getting worried. The Professor was always a punctual man, always telling Luke that 'A true gentleman, Luke, is always punctual.'
The Professor was usually awake by six thirty, and downstairs making breakfast by seven, ready for any puzzles and hardships the day wanted to throw at him. Only, it was seven forty right now, and Luke hadn't heard anything from his room, nor had he seen him.
Just as he was about to get up and check on the Professor, he heard heavy footsteps coming down the staircase, and that certainly gave him peace of mind. He lifted his piece of toast and happily munched on it before he got up and got the tea cups set. The relief lasted only a short moment, for when Layton stepped into the dining room, Luke was a bit surprised to see he looked the way he did. A careful eye examined him, as the two cups were placed down, and the toast finished.
"Professor... you don't look very well" Luke blinked, his eyes finally meeting the other's which were dull and had bags.
Layton just returned the concern with a smile, and took a seat at the table, the news paper placed before him. He was greatful Luke had brought it in for him. He wasn't sure he would have made it to the door and back his head was spinning so badly.
"I am grateful for your concern Luke, but it's only a small cold, nothing to worry about. I still plan on having a nice day with you" or, for you rather.
Had Layton's clothes always been this tight? It was as if it was an oven, and he was roasting inside. He tugged at his turtle neck with one finger, as the other worked at the rubber band around the news paper. Luke watched him sceptically as he poured tea into each cup, and handed the Professor his.
"You know Professor, if your not feeling well, we could stay home."
"Don't worry Luke, I'm fine." He returned concern with a smile yet again, but that didn't phase Luke.
"But Professor, your nearly white as a ghost, and your cheeks are bright red."
"I really am quite alright, Luke."
"But Professor-"
"Luke, I would like you to just drop the topic in whole please, I am finished discussing it."
Luke sighed heavily, taking a sip of his tea.
"Yes Professor."

Layton couldn't seem to get rid of the wave of tiredness that hit him, even if it was eight thirty in the morning, and the two were driving into town. There had to be some way to keep himself awake. For a short amount of time, coffee had crossed his mind... but that would only show how desperate he was to stay awake.
"Professor, you missed about four parking spots now." Luke mumbled peering out the window of the Layton Mobile.
Layton jumped. He had forgotten he had made it to one of the clothing stores Luke favored over the rest.
"Oh yes, right, terribly sorry" He mumbled as the car swerved into a parking spot, then turned off, and the keys were taken out of the ignition. The doors were unlocked, and then the two got out. Now locked, the Professor and his apprentice made their way to the store. On their way there, the Professor was cut off by a young girl, looking up innocently at him.
"Professor?" She asked sweetly her hands wrapping around her back. Can you help me with this puzzle?"
A smile coressed the male's face, as he kneeled down to the girl's height.
After a bit of thinking, and an explanation to answer the puzzle, he had of course finished it.
"That's right! Thank you, Professor!" And with that the girl pranced off.
Luke was practically beaming with pride, just knowing that he was the apprentice of the great Professor Hershel Laton.
Layton was having a difficult time choking back the coughs that made their way up into his throat. He continued to tug at that orange turtle neck around his throat, but slowly, he had began to wish he wore something warmer. It seemed the temperature was dropping.
"Right, Professor?" Luke chirped cheerily, causing Layton to snap out of yet another daze.
He glanced down to the boy curiously. Luke frowned.
"You weren't even listening to me, were you, Professor?" He puffed out his cheeks, holding a dark blue sweater in one hand.
Layton sighed lightly, wiping the back of his forehead with his sleeve.
"I'm sorry, Luke. Would you please ask the question once more?"
Luke wasn't happy, but he repeated it.
"I asked if you thought this was really nice!"
Layton just stared blankly. Luke suddenly seemed so far away. And his vision was becoming a blur. Before he knew it, he was falling, and there was a scream.
What happened? Everything was... black.