Professor Layton

A burning sensation suddenly flared up in Layton's body. His eyes shot open. The back of his throat was burning, and his stomach felt as if a knife was being jammed through it. He bounced to his feet and ran out. One hand clutched his mouth, the other his stomach. The bathroom had never seen so far away before. He wasn't going to make it. He felt the acid of whatever he had ate the night before coming back up. A hand lifted and knocked open the bathroom door, before a leg slammed it shut, and he fell onto his knees in front of the toilet. His arms grabbed the top, and his head hung over the porcelain bowl as he emptied his stomach. This was definitly not plesant... or very gentleman like...
And he couldn't even remember when the last time it was since he had thrown up. He must have been but a small child. And how on earth did he catch such an illness? He thought that the torment had seized, but in an instant, he leaned right back over and gagged, throwing up more. Sweat dripped off his brow. Everything was spinning. This was practically like hell.

Emmy and Luke

Luke and Emmy headed headed down the steps and into the living room, where each took a seat on the couch. Emmy glanced about with a light sigh. Luke, however, was overly worried. Emmy glanced over at the boy and sighed placing a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to her with wide eyes.
"Your really worried aren't you?" She smiled lightly.
Luke nodded.
Really, Luke and Emmy, they were the only people he really had who cared for him. Ever since Claire had passed away...
"Listen." Emmy continued "If it makes you feel better, I'll stay here over night. This wasy if he gets any worse, I'll be here to help you. How does that sound?"
Luke stared at her for a moment, before he smiled and hugged her.
"Thank you Emmy. I don't know what I would do without y-"
But just before he finished, a slam was heard upstairs. Emmy pulled away and looked toward the steps.
The two picked themselved up and made their way toward the stairs, and then up them.
The bathroom door was shut, and some disturbing sounds were coming from behind it.
Emmy nervously knocked.

No answer. So, the door was slowly pushed open, to find a weak professor emptying his insides. The two were just standing silently.

The Professor panted, his eyes stung. His entire body ached. But now there were soothing circles being rubbed onto his back.
"Easy, Professor..." mumbled Emmy.
And she wasn't the only one, Luke was right on the other side, dabbing the sweat off his face.
Finally, the torment had stopped, and his eyes closed for a moment of relief.
Emmy wrapped the Professor's arm around her and helped him stand, while Luke flushed the toilet. Emmy led the Professor back into his room and helped him lay down. Maybe it was a good thing she hadn't left... she didn't think Little Luke would be able to take care of the sick Professor. Especially not when he was like this.
"Is there anything you want Professor?" Luke spoke up standing at his bedside.
And, although he felt even worse then he had before, he still had the ability to smile.
"Just some water would be fine, Luke."

Luke smiled widely, nodding enthusiasticly.
"Right, Professor!" The boy chimed scurrying out of the room.
In no time he had returned with a water bottle, and the Professor chugged down the water greedily. The cool water trickling down his sore and stinging throat was the best sensation he had felt in ages. His eyes slowly closed themself as he laid back. The cloth was placed back upon his head, and for the second time, the two left.
"Good night, Professor"
This time, he merely mumbled, and the two exited.

The next morning, the Professor woke to something dabbing at his head. He mumbled lightly, as his eyes slowly cracked themselves over, but were quickly shut once more, and then just left to squint as they attempted to adjust to the light. Now that he could see a bit more clearly, he saw the silhouette of his young apprentice. From what he could tell, he was already dressed and read for the day. But today was Monday...
"Luke... why are you here? You should be at-"
"I couldn't leave you home when your this sick, Professor!"
"But, Luke, Emmy could have just taken-"
"I told her to go to work. She gets paid for that, I can always get caught up on school work!"
"But, Luke-"
"And I have someone bringing my homework here, so I will have it done!"

The Professor sighed heavily, laying back down. He was just so tired at the moment.
"Alright, Luke..." He mumbled hoarsly.
His eyes slowly closed again.
"I should leave then" Luke muttered as he made his way to the door.
"I'll see you later, Luke, hopefully feeling better."
Luke smiled brightly.
"Alright, Professor!"
And then Layton was out like a light.

"Hershel! Help me! Hershel!"
There he was. Where was he? Was he anywhere? No... just... that voice. It kept ringing in his ears. A woman's voice. No-... No, it couldn't be.
"Hershel! Why didn't you save me?!"
Now he could see it all. Claire... his Claire.
He could see her. And the machiene. Just as it exploded. Her, screaming out his name, begging, and pleading for his help... but he was frozen. He was forced to just stand there and watch the event replay itself over, and over again. With her simply screaming, and asking why he hadn't helped her.
"Professor! Professor Please!"
What was happening? It was going white.
"Claire!" He screamed before everything disappeared.
His shot open. Emmy and Luke were standing before him. Each sighed in relief.
"Oh, Professor..." Emmy muttered patting his head with the rag. "You really gave us a scare..."
"You were tossing and turning, and screaming... I didn't know what was wrong with you... And I tried to wake you up, but you just kept screaming and flinching, and I asked Emmy what to do, and she just came over."
The Professor blinked. It was only a dream? He sighed just as they had earlier.
Emmy and Luke could only think about what he could have been dreaming about. But, they were sure he was in no mood to speak about it at the time.
"Well, now that you are up... is there anything we can get you?" Emmy asked?
The Professor took a long pause before shaking his head slowly. The two nodded and Luke scampered out.
"I'm going to get you something for your fever... I'll be back up in a short while." She cooed lightly before turning herself and heading out.

The pair had sat themself at the kitchen table after leaving. Luke had made tea for the two, and they were slowly, and silently sipping it, and thinking about what could have scared the Professor so. A cup suddenly clanked down, and he bounced up.

"I know what will make the Professor feel better!"
She rose a brow.
"Oh? And what is that?"
"We can make him some soup!"

BWAHAHAHA There is the end of that chapter! A bit linger than the other ones, but I thought that it needed a little enlightment after this chapter, and you all now how little Luke and Emmy will bicker! Hope you enjoyed!