Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: To Catch a Raven

Notes: AU/AR, takes place after Kyoya graduates Ouran. Will have an OFC; my first fic using one. Enjoy Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran. I will make no money from the posting of this fic.

~~~~~~~~********Chapter 1*******~~~~~~~

Kyoya made his way to breakfast; yesterday he graduated with honors from the prestigious Ouran Academy. The youngest Ootori male was pleased with himself, the last year had been quite good for Kyoya; his fortune had begun to change after last year's Ouran Fair.

That was the night he proved himself capable to his father, Ootori Yoshio, by outmaneuvering him in regards to their business dealings. Everything began to look up after that, his father began to respect him more, asking his opinion on certain financial matters and possible business deals.

Now Kyoya would go to University in Tokyo to specialize in Business and Finance; he was confident that he could keep up his stellar grades while assisting his father with the company business.

Sitting down at the table Kyoya glanced over to look at his father; the man had a look in his dark eyes, one that Kyoya had rarely seen directed at him, it was pride. Pride was showing in Yoshio's usually hard eyes, as quick as the emotion came it disappeared.

Yuuichi and Akito looked annoyed about something but what Kyoya did not know and truthfully he did not care. He and his older brothers had never shared a close relationship due to his father's constant plays at having them best each other for his sparse praise and approval.

Pushing the unsavory thoughts out of his genius mind Kyoya greeted his family, beginning to eat his breakfast that was placed before him by one of their maids. "Kyoya I wanted to speak to you after breakfast."

Yoshio's words were not a suggestion, they were an order. As much as Kyoya had proven himself to his father, the man was still the President of the Ootori Medical and such still controlled Kyoya's life to some degree.

"Of course Father." The younger male nodded in deference to his stern father, and continued to eat his eggs. When he father stood so did Kyoya, even though the raven haired teen was not finished with his food. Ootori Yoshio waited for no one, you waited for him.

Following his intimidating father toward his large study Kyoya was silent; several scenarios and reasons running through his mind on what his father could want. Could today be the day that Yoshio announced him as his heir?

No, Kyoya believed Akito and Yuuichi would be there for that announcement as well. Well he would find out soon enough, the tall male took the chair in front of the large desk and waited for his father to speak.

"Kyoya I am pleased with your results at Ouran. I have an offer for you." Kyoya nodded for his father to continue. "I will name you my heir if you agree to marry the girl of my choosing."

Kyoya's brilliant mind screeched to a halt; Ootori Yoshio his father would name him heir to their family's business if he married the woman of his choosing. Kami this was too good to be true.

"Who would this girl be father?" It was a valid question for him to ask. All Kyoya hoped for was that it was not Haruhi, not that he had an issue with the girl. Haruhi was just too dull and plain for Kyoya's taste, but if marrying the commoner girl would get him the right to be his father's heir he would do it.

"She is a student at Lobelia Academy, the same year as you. She has graduated with high honors as well. Her name is Yanai Karas; she is the granddaughter of Yanai Tadashi."

Kyoya pushed away the initial disdain of his possible betrothed attending Lobelia; after all not all the girls attending that school were raving lunatics that constantly burst into song and dance.

This would be a good match for Kyoya; his father had chosen well. The connections the Ootori family could make with this marriage alone were massive and the possible business deals that would open up for them even more lucrative.

Barring the girl wasn't a total troll Kyoya could see this working, besides he knew the girl would be at least somewhat attractive. An Ootori was vain and wanted everything that belonged to them to look its best; this included their wives, husbands or children. Ootori Yoshio would not marry his heir off to an unattractive woman; Kyoya hoped at least.

Decision made Kyoya looked dead into his father's eyes, eyes so much like his own and gave his answer; "I agree to your proposal father. I look forward to meeting my betrothed at her family's earliest convenience."

With that Kyoya had set his course; he would marry Yanai Karas and in doing do assume the title of heir to the Ootori Medical Group and would finally be recognized as the best of his brothers.

So what do you think so far? My psychotic muse hit me and this is what came of it.

I pulled Karas' name out of the ether but her last name actually belongs to a really wealthy Japanese family.

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