Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: To Catch a Raven

Notes: Hello Lovelies! So this is the final chapter -for now- and it has a time skip. I'm also basing Kyoya's college life on the American system.

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He continued to thrusts his hips slowly, milking his earth shattering orgasm for all it was worth until he cock began to soften. Sliding his now limp flesh from his wife's now far from virginal body Kyoya collapsed onto the soft blankets, pulling Karas' body against his.

Glancing down he smiled down at his now sleeping wife, the fact that he had made love to her until she fell asleep was a point of pride for the Ootori male. Deciding they would clean up tomorrow Kyoya maneuvered them until they were both under the soiled blankets and still crisp sheets.

Before he allowed sleep to claim him Kyoya murmured the words he knew were true against his wife's temple; "I love you." After placing a soft kiss to the soft skin of his wife's forehead he allowed himself to fall into a deep restful sleep, a smile on his face.

~~~~~~~~********Chapter 8*******~~~~~~~~

Kyoya was happy with the way his life was going; it was six months after his and Karas' wedding and honeymoon. College was joining well for him and Kyoya was on the fast track to graduate with his Bachelors in Business.

Things were very busy for the newly wed male with Kyoya's many classes, his business dealings with his father and their investors but the Ootori heir always made time to spend with his wife.

Walking into their new home Kyoya smiled when he smelled the meal his wife was cooking for them; throughout their engagement Karas always said she wanted a small house or in her words just the right amount of space for them and their future kids.

Apparently the right amount of space was a five bedroom four bathroom home with a good size yard; the house was once owned by the Suoh family as a weekend home. Tamaki had happily offered to give them the house as an engagement/wedding present.

Karas was hesitant to take it but in the end could not help but give in to the puppy dog eyes of one Suoh Tamaki and caved. Another thing his wife wanted was to live without the constant annoying presence of servants.

Kyoya was adjusting well to their new lifestyle well, he truly enjoyed coming home and spending time with his wife while they ate dinner together; turns out his lovely wife was a wonderful cook.

Smiling the tall male slipped off his shoes by the front door and made his way to the kitchen. Kyoya stopped, taking in the sight of his wife flitting around the kitchen, frying thin cutlets of chicken while red sauce bubbled on the stove and pasta boiled on the burner.

He couldn't help the smile as he watched her, she was just as sexy now with her small baby bump showing as she was the day they were married. Kyoya was still shocked that in less than five months he would have a son to ass to his loving family.

His father was incredibly pleased with the news that Karas had conceived so quickly and with a boy to boot; Kyoya didn't care of it was a boy or girl as long as his baby and wife were healthy he could care less if he had to paint the baby's room pink or blue.

Karas finally noticed his hovering presence, giving him a bright smile she made her way over to her husband, placing a loving kiss to his lips. Before Kyoya could take full advantage of her lovely mouth Karas pulled away to attend to her cutlets.

Kyoya came behind his cooking wife, wrapping his arms around her and placing his large hands on her belly; "How are you and my son today? Still feeling tired?" Karas leaned back but did not break her eyes away from her delicious dinner.

"I feel a lot better now that I started taking the extra vitamins the doctor gave me; it was nice to take a walk around the garden in the back, enjoying the fresh air." Kyoya nodded, placing a kiss to her neck before he broke away to fetch himself a glass of wine to have with dinner.

Kyoya sat down at the dining table in the kitchen's nook, sipping his wine while his wife pulled dinner together. Soon enough both were seated Karas sipping water as he enjoyed his wine while they enjoyed a scrumptious meal of Kyoya's favorite Italian dishes.

Life was truly more enjoyable with just the two of them living here in the smaller home; never in a million years would he have imagined he would be satisfied with the way his life was now but he was.

It almost seemed like Karas was made for him. Yes, it was incredibly cheesy to think but it did not make it any less true, Karas made him happy and he made her happy. Looking at his wife Kyoya could not help but notice that she seemed to glow with contentment; it made Kyoya feel quite pleased that he had a hand in his wife's happiness.

Her gentle voice pulled him out of his thoughts; "How was work and school sweetheart?" "They went well, exams were quite easy and the meeting went well but that was to be expected we have been working towards the merger since before our wedding."

A hum of agreement was Karas' response; "How was your day love? Aside from walking in the garden; did you get a chance to work on your school presentation?" Karas quirked her head to the side with a grimace; "No I didn't get around to working on it but I did get out to pick up a few things for the baby's room, just a few onesies and outfits.

This weekend I'd like us to go and pick out a crib and paint colors for the room; he'll be here before we know it and I want to be prepared for him." Kyoya laughed; "Nesting already love?" A playful scowl crossed Karas' face causing Kyoya to chuckle again; "Don't pout love."

A playful huff came from Karas' grinning lips; "I've been thinking Kyoya and I've decided to take a few semesters off after this one. I want to enjoy being pregnant and being a mother and I don't think I'll be able to focus on our son if I'm constantly worrying about exams, presentations or papers. Is that alright?"

Kyoya was bit taken aback by his wife's words, he knew she wanted to finish school and become a lawyer but he respected her reasons for taking a break from school; "If that's what you want love I support it but I don't want you to give up your dream of becoming a lawyer."

Karas smiled before answering; "I know Kyoya and I'm not giving up my dream, once we are done having our kids I'll go back to school and get my degree but right now my dream is to be the best mother and wife I can be." Her hand reached and took his, squeezing it lovingly before Karas withdrew her hand and finished eating.

Kyoya just went back to eating his wife's food while thanking Kami, God and any other deity he could think of that he had Karas with him, that this woman was giving him a child and truly loved him. Whatever happened in the future as long as he had Karas and his children he would be fine.

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