Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

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Chapter 1

The Prince had dressed in his red and white royal clothes and walked down the halls of the great palace to enter the royal court room where the Sultan and his bride, the Princess, awaited him. Eleven days had passed since the prince escaped the dungeons, strucked the evil Vizier Jaffar dead, and saved the Sultans daughter from Jaffar's attempt to kill her if she refused to marry him. When the Sultan returned from battle in a foreign land, the Prince explained to him about Jaffar's treachery and how he planned to execute the Princess if she'd refused to submit to his demands to be married to him so that he'd become ruler of all Persia. Hearing this, the Sultan honored the Prince as a hero and offered him whatever riches he desired, but the Prince wanted only one reward; the Princess's hand in marriage. The Sultan agreed to grant the Princes request. Shortly afterwards, the two were wed and they lived happily...well, for eleven days; the Princes troubles were only beginning. As the Prince approached the court room doors, he suddenly felt a strange coldness sweep over him as if an icy wind had blown on him. "That's strange; I wonder what that was all about. Maybe it's just me being nervous" the Prince thought as the Palace doors open; the Prince entered the court room slowly and smiled at everyone warmly. Everyone however, murmured softly to each other which confused the Prince; they were acting as if they didn't care who he was. The Prince continued up the royal rug until he reached the throne where the Princess and the Sultan sat; then things got even more strange. The Sultan and the Princess stared at the Prince as if they didn't recognize him; The Prince grew worried. "Princess, Sultan; why do you look at me so strangely?" the Prince asked in confusion. But no sooner had he spoke, another figure moved out from the shadows behind the Princess and glared coldly at the Prince, who quickly grew shocked when he saw this other figure; it was another Prince who looked exactly like him. "How dare you speak to the Princess!" he snapped coldly at the Prince and then pointed at him. "Guards; seize him, seize him!" the imposter commanded and several guards dressed in blue robes and armed with swords came and surrounded him. The Prince immediately grew frightened and was about to fight when the Princess spoke up. "No, don't hurt him; he's just a mad begger" she pleaded; the Prince was shocked to hear her say such a thing. "A beggar?! What is she talking about?" the Prince thought and then he saw the state of his clothes; they were torn and ragged like a street beggars clothing. " did that happen? They didn't look like that before I entered this room" the Prince thought and then looked up at the imposter who was sneering at him, and then the Prince saw something that almost made him lose it; the imposters face had temporarily transformed into the face of the evil magician Jaffar, and then back into the face of the real Prince again. The Prince was horrified; how could Jaffar have still lived? "No, God...No! I killed him...I killed him! How could he have returned?!" the Princes mind screamed; but he had no time to explain. The guards started closing in around him and he quickly took off running towards a large window. "After him; don't let him get away!" the lead guard shouted to the other guards; they obeyed and went to send word to the other palace guards around the city to capture the Prince. The Princess looked up at Jaffar (whom she thought was the real Prince) and warned him that he might escape, but Jaffar only smiled. "Don't worry, my dear, he's not going to get far" he said softly as the real Prince jumped through the window and onto the roof of the palace.

The Prince started running across the roof and jumped over gaps and onto other buildings. As he was running, two guards jumped onto his path. "Halt!" they shouted and drew their swords; the Prince didn't want to harm the sultans guards, as they were only doing their duty, but they were apparently leaving him no other alternative. The Prince drew his own sword and struck the two guards down and continued running across the roofs of the other buildings, feeling guilty about what he had just done. "Sorry...but it was the only choice I had" the Prince thought regretfully as he returned his sword to its holder and continued running. The Prince eventually came to the end of a large building near the ship docks that had a long drop; he looked back and saw the palace guards coming closer. The Prince realized that he'd have to jump down and risk getting hurt other than be struck down by the guards. The Prince jumped off and landed roughly at the botton with a painful thud; he felt a bit dizzy only for a second and then he got up to his feet and then turned to see more guards coming for him. The Prince immediately turned around and ran for the end of the dock where a merchant ship was just leaving port. The Prince reached the end and jumped off the dock and grabbed onto the edge of the open rear window of the ship and pulled himself inside; the guards came to a halt at the end of the docks and cursed themselves for their failure. The Prince, now safely on board, collapsed to the deck on his knees in fatigue; he felt abandoned, angry, and heartbroken. Somehow in a way the Prince could not understand, Jaffar had somehow returned from the dead and came back to finish what it was he'd started eleven days ago. The Prince clenched his teeth in anger and despair as Jaffar's evil face reappeared in his head; now that Jaffar had returned, the Prince knew that Persia was in great danger. With that imposterous disguise, no one would ever know that this man the people of Persia saw as a hero was really in truth their most danger nemesis who attempted to steal the Sultans throne and take rule over all of the kingdom; taking power over Persia would now be much easier for Jaffar since the Sultan, the Princess, and all of Persia saw him not as the evil Vizier, but their hero. The thought of this enraged the Prince and he panted angrily; he thought of the Princess and realized that she too, could very well be in danger with Jaffar acting as him. "I swear, I'll get you for this, Jaffar!" his mind shouted angrily. The Prince didn't know what to do now; the merchant ship was heading off to a place the Prince didn't know. All hope seemed lost...for now; the Prince drifted off to sleep in tears of sadness and hopelessness. As he fell asleep, he heard his painful memories repeating themselves in his mind; he heard Jaffar ordering the palace guards to capture him, the Princess begging them to leave him unharmed, and the he then heard the guards shouting at him. "What do I do now?" the Prince thought hopelessly.

As the Prince had shut his eyes and fell asleep, a woman in blue royal robes appeared to him on the ship in his dreams. The Prince was laying on the ships deck and then he looked up at her and immediately felt a sense of deja' vu; she looked very familiar, as if he had seen he before, but could not remember when. "Come to me" the woman replied; her voice was beautiful like a morning dove. "Where; who are you, and what is it you want?" the Prince asked in confusion; the woman did not answer, instead, she vanished and then the Prince woke up from his dream to find that a large storm was brewing. He got to his feet and heard the ships crew panicking and shouting orders; the Prince grabbed onto a large wooden mast to avoid losing his balance as the ship was being tossed and turned from the storm. Then he saw a face appear in the cloudy night sky and immediately recognized the face; it was Jaffar's face. The Prince quickly drew his sword in anger and glared at Jaffar's face in the sky, who was sneering at him evilly. "Come down here and fight, you evil coward!" the Prince screamed angrily; but then suddenly, a large bolt of lightning struck the center of the merchant ship and sliced it in two. The Prince heard Jaffar let out an evil cackle as he tumbled into the salty sea water. The Prince quickly slid his sword into its holder and grabbed onto a piece of the ship and saw a large island in the light of the moon not far from the position he was at right now. "I have to get to that island; it's my only chance of surviving" the Prince said aloud and swam as hard as he could towards the island; it took forever, but finally after a long series of hard swimming, the Prince made it onto the sandy shore and fell asleep from exhaustion. Many hours later, the sun rose over the horizon and the Prince awoke on the sandy shore and got up onto his feet and looked around to see if there were any survivors from the ship wreak; there weren't any. The Prince looked down sadly and pitied the crew of the ship and hoped they'd find peace in the afterlife, but there was no time for wallowing in pity, now was the time to find a way off the island and back to Persia; but how? The Prince looked around and saw only trees and an enormous rocky mountain on his left; he also noticed that a part of the large mountain was hallow and had a strange drawing of the sun on it and found this interesting. It looked as if it was able to open somehow. The Prince walked up to it and then stopped when he kicked a small stone by mistake and caused it to land a few feet in front of him, and then he saw it sink into the sand; it was quicksand. "Oh no, what now?" the Prince sighed aloud; but before he could say anything else, the quicksand rustled and then seven large stepping stones rose up from within the sand. The Prince saw that the sixth one had the same sun emblem on it just like the large hallow rock at the end of the path that appeared out of the quicksand. "I'd better be careful; if I slip and fall in the quicksand, I'm done for" the Prince said and slowly walked across the stones; The Prince didn't know for sure, but by the look of it, the large rock at the end of the path seemed to somehow open in a way he didn't know yet. As the Prince made it to the sixth stepping stone, the ones behind him began sinking; he turned his head and quickly turned around and jumped the last stone just as the sixth one sank into the sand. The Prince now stood in front of the rock and then turned his head and noticed that the seventh stone with the sun symbol on it didn't sink, not right away; a few seconds later, the stone sank into the sanl and emitted a loud clanking sound. Suddenly, the rock in front of the Prince rumbled and then slid open to reveal a long stony, musty stairway that lead deep under the mountain; it was an ancient underground cave. "Amazing, a secret cave; maybe I'll find a clue down in here that will help me find my way back to Persia, and maybe I'll find that woman in here somewhere" The Prince said in wonder and walked slowly down the large steps and wondered just who that woman he saw back on the ship could be; she seemed to know who he was, but he didn't know who she was. But there was no time to waste; the Prince had to find a way back to Persia and finish Jaffar for good before at was too late. The Prince thought of his lovely wife, now in the hands of that evil magician, and became worried again; the Princess didn't know that the imposter was Jaffar and that left her completely unaware of any threat he may be planning. The Prince almost lost the Princess once, and he vowed not to lose her again. "Be safe, my love; I'm coming home, I promise" the Prince whispered as he entered the cave.

"I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this story. The Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame is one of my favorite games and so I thought I'd do a novel on the game. This is my very first Fanfiction story and since I'm a high-functioning autistic, I have a very active mind and I will continue to update as quickly as I can. See you next time"