Chapter 5

At the end of the Temple, the Prince found the horse statue and climbed aboard it and the statue sprang to life. "Okay boy, back to Persia. Fly like the wind, bullseye!" the Prince cried and the horse whinnied and took off into the sky and flew through the clouds like a speeding bullet. Finally, after all this hard work, the Prince was finally going back home to Persia. Now with the power of the bird Goddess in his hands, he'd be able to finish Jaffar for good and save the woman he loved. After an hour of flying, the kingdom of Persia came into view; the Prince looked around and saw the Sultan's castle below in the center of the city. The Princess's tower stood tall and high in the middle of the castle. "Down on the top of the tower, boy. Land there" the Prince said to the horse and they both descended down and softly landed on the top of the tower and the Prince climbed off the horse and looked down to see the window open into the Princess's room. The Prince clenched his fists as he prepared to climb down and into the tower; this was it. "All right Jaffar. Let's see if your in there" the Prince guessed with determination as he climbed down onto the window ledge and entered the tower; he looked to his left and saw...the Princess sleeping in her bed. "Princess!" the Prince cried out fearfully and ran into her room and next to her bedside; he leaned down and pressed his ear on her chest. Her heart was still beating which meant she was still alive; the Prince looked at her beautiful face and features and shook his head fearfully. "Princess, wake up...please!" he gasped even though he knew it was useless; Jaffar's spell was still in place. As the Prince tried waking her, he heard a soft chuckle behind him. The Prince turned around to face the person; it was Jaffar. "So, you finally made it back, I see. You truly are a bold hero, Prince" Jaffar sneered with his arms folded; the Prince gasped and drew his sword. "What have you done to her, you murderous snake?!" he demanded angrily with his sword in hand; Jaffar merely smiled. "She's dying, that's what I've done" he said and then cackled; the Prince screamed angrily and charged towards Jaffar, who then stuck him backward. "Fool, you can't defeat me; I'm all powerful. You should know that by now" Jaffar taunted as the Prince got back on his feet. "I know more than you know, Jaffar. You see, I've met someone who tells me that you laid waste to an entire kingdom years ago far across the sea on a mountain top" the Prince replied with a glare; this got Jaffar's attention. "What...?" he gasped with widened eyes; the Prince smiled slyly. "Oh, don't get me wrong, Jaffar; I know you know. I visited my original hometown which now lays in ruins because of you" he explained with more of an "you know what I mean" tone of voice. Jaffar tried making excuses. "I don't know what your talking about" he snapped. "Oh, don't you dare go playing that game with me! You killed my Mother, who by the way I met as a ghost, and then you murdered every innocent man, woman, and child who got in your way. So don't go telling me what you do and don't know" the Prince snapped, pointing his finger at Jaffar. Jaffar huffed and then stood firmly. He knew that the Prince knew too much as it was and that he was still alive and in his way, so he then decided to end it with a final warning. "Seems you don't know what your dealing with, Prince. You've gotten in my way for the last time and I will never let you have her" Jaffar replied coldly; the Prince raised his sword again. "So have you. My Mothers ghost told me the whole story about you and I promised to avenge her and all the innocent people you killed. I'm not leaving this place, ever, and I will see to it that you die" the Prince said firmly; Jaffar sneered with a sinister laugh. "No...It is you that will die, Prince. And I know just where to kill you" he said and then raised his hands and chanted a black magic spell as the Prince charged at him. Before the Prince could strike down Jaffar, everything around him went black and then a few seconds later, he found himself standing on what looked like an enormous chess board with chess pieces that had his own face and the faces of the Sultan, Jaffar, and the Princess on them. The Prince looked all around and saw only stone walls at the ends of the chess board, but at the end in front of him was a large structure made out of crystals. "Where are you, you snake!?" the Prince shouted out, looking around for Jaffar; no response. The Prince was desperate now as he put away his sword and headed for the crystal room; when he entered, he saw four Jaffar's on four crystal platforms and drew his sword. "I know one of you is the real Jaffar and I'm going to find you" the Prince said and struck the first Jaffar in front of him which vanished on contact. The same thing happened with the other three and the Prince then slammed his foot on the ground and pouted. "Where is he!?" he snapped in frustration and then saw an opening above him. The Prince climbed up and found himself in a large maze; and there at the top was the real Jaffar waiting for him. "So, there you are!" the Prince growled and started towards him; Jaffar sneered and blew him back with an attack spell. "Foolish Prince, you can't defeat me" Jaffar bellowed; the Prince then decided that it was time to use the power of the Sacred flame. "Oh, I can't...can I?" the Prince said with a sly chuckled and then spun around and then became Shadow Prince again, glowing with the power of the blue flame; Jaffar felt the aura emitting from the shadowy figure of the Prince and realized that it far surpassed even his own dark magic abilities. He knew he was no match for this power and began to step back slowly. " can't be?!" he gasped and then wondered how the Prince got his hands on something so powerful; the glowing Shadow Prince smiled with a taunting grin. "It is; it's the power of the holy bird Goddess. Your through, Jaffar, so you best surrender" the Prince warned but Jaffar took off running in fear. The Prince chased after Jaffar who ran through the maze trying to escape the Prince who continued to follow him close behind. Jaffar threw dark balls of black magic at the Prince, hoping it would slow him down but the power of the bird Goddess was much too powerful for him to counter; his spell was blocked by the Sacred flame surrounding the Prince. The Prince shot orbs of blue fire at Jaffar which he dodged as he turned the corner and run to another part of the maze. The Prince kept casting fire at Jaffar, but missed every time as he ran through the maze. "Come on, hold still, you snake!" the Prince growled in frustration; his moment soon came. Jaffar came up to a dead end at a far corner of the maze and knew there was no escape as the Prince closed in on him. "No...please...DON'T" Jaffar pleaded; the Prince shook his head. "You have so got to die" he said and raised both his hands above his head and channeled the full power of the Sacred flame into one enormous ball of fire. With full determination and courage, he unleashed the full blast of Sacred fire at Jaffar and struck him head on; everything went black for a second and then the Prince found himself back in his body and in the Princess's tower. In front of him, Jaffar stood engulfed in Sacred fire and writhing. "GYAAAAAAAAAAHH!" he screeched as he was burned dead for good; his skeleton then crumbled to ash. The Prince raised his fists in the air triumphantly and cheered loudly; he had saved Persia again. "YES...YES. PRAISE THE LORD!" the Prince cried happily and then suddenly felt a strange gust blow past him. He looked down at himself and found himself no longer in beggers clothes, but back in his royal clothing as he had been wearing before he'd entered Persia's royal court hall. "My clothes are back to normal; destroying Jaffar must have lifted the spell. Wait, that must mean...!" the Prince gasped and then ran into the Princess's room to find her awakened.


With the Evil Viziers death, the spell over the Princess was lifted. The Princess looked upon the Prince and saw the face of the man she loved. This time, the Prince took no chances. He ordered Jaffar's ashes scattered to the winds; the people rejoiced. And the Prince and Princess then lived once again in happiness and the rest of the Kingdom lived happily ever after.