Summary: Before the destruction of the magical population, Magic changes a few things and sends Her Chosen to live in another world where She has no control. Years later, a helicopter arrives in Qatar...

World: Harry Potter Book 1 and (eventually) Transformers Movie/Novel-verse (and extra characters if I feel like it)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (nor - eventually - Transformers), I just like using the characters to cure my boredom. This applies to every following chapter.

Chapter 1: Prepare For The End

Magic was used to being called by many names and assumed as many different entities. One of the most famed was Fate, though the description was not entirely accurate. While Magic could change small happenings (all prophecies did end up self-fulfilling) and predict some events, She did not always know what was to come; only when Her power fluxed, pulling in the knowledge from Her world's energy did She gain foresight. It was for this reason that events appearing certain to occur would suddenly go awry. Such was the case of Voldemort's end by the hand of a child. Her special creation, little one, descendant, protégé. Her Chosen.

Yet, not a year later, after watching the treatment of Her Chosen and the survival of the tainted one who should have died, another of Her knowledge bursts came into being. The destruction of Her world by the hand of the magic-enhanced humans.

Devastated, She formulated a plan to drain the wizards and witches of Her power, in effect killing them. It would not be soon enough to save all of Her creations, but most of them would survive.

Throughout her planning, Magic's mind continually drifted back to Her Chosen, the one who was to be pure, intelligent, giving, manipulated, and used in vain to stop the end of the "Magic World" as seen by the wizards and witches. No. She could not allow that. There would be enough death without that factor.

A pair of caramel brown eyes watched as an older man fiddled around with something laid out on an old picnic table. Every few days, a new object would be brought from wherever and taken to the table to be dismantled, examined, and put together again. Sometimes the man would become excited for one reason or another and babble about how interesting and inventive the creators were. Other times, the objects would not work correctly, frustrating the man and causing him to leave for a long while. It was for this reason that these eyes were waiting.

Another few minutes passed by as the man's grumbling turned into growling, skin pale to red, movements from smooth to jerky, and then, with a defeated huff, Arthur Weasley left the table, left the yard and, after grabbing his coat, left the Burrow.

The two spies grinned and revealed themselves, moving eagerly toward the unattended work bench.

"What do you think it's meant to do, George?" asked the one wearing a blue sweater.

"I dunno, Fred. Maybe it can blow things up? It looks a bit like a gun," said the other, a gold-orange wool scarf wrapped around his neck.

The Weasley Twins had not become infamous in their mischief and so did not have the watchful eye of their parents and siblings following their every move, which suited them just fine. At seven years old, their curiosity was reaching its peak. But when at one time they would have experimented with potions and spells to commit their creativity - a nudge, subtle and unseen, caused the two to focus instead on what their father did, branching away from that initial path. The result was a fascination with muggle objects such as the soon fixed megaphone.


"It's not that loud, George."

"Enough to shock Percy awake, though, yes?"

Fred was the first to actually fix one of the muggle devices when he was just over 4 years old. It was a 2XL Robot, an educational toy. It wasn't controlled by magic but by wiring and cogs and cylinder objects he later learned were called batteries. The two brothers had then taken to swiping other projects their father brought home just to see and understand how they worked. Their mother had never said it directly (though their father certainly did) but she always implied how amazing it was that muggles survived without magic.

They disagreed. What the muggles did made sense. The wheels aren't moving? Align the axel connecting them. Something won't turn on? Check the wiring. Need an energy source? Use the environment: wind, water, heck, even what was basically condensed lightning! And anybody could do it if only they paid attention, asked why and how and went through with it. Arthur Weasley wanted to know what muggle things were for and maybe enchant them, "perfect" them with magic. That was why, at least to the twins, Arthur could not always make things work. He intentionally performed magic around things, breaking them instead of using them as they were meant to be. Understanding them as they were.

And as the years would pass, the brothers would continue to question many things.

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