Chapter 1: Beginning Clash

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(Wolf's P.O.V.)

Flapping, Chattering clicks and clacks of battle claws opening and closing, and the sound of hushed conversations accompanied our flight over the sea of Hoolemoore as we approached Destiny, and fate, on the same battlefield. Scout reports suggest that the Pure Ones had assembled a larger force than any before it, but we were going to meet them on the battlefield, with just as a ferocious force as their own. Flames, Coals, and Metal would clash on this battlefield before this war was over. Skirmishes were of the past, battles of history were equal to dust, this battle, our battle, will decide the owl kingdoms future fate.

I looked over at Tyler just as he did the same for me, and I could see that distant, but prominent flame burning bright in his eyes. I smiled just as he nodded, and I said, "This battle may be our last… sir. As they say… it has been an honor serving with you…"

He chuckled loudly as he looked back forward and spoke, "That is true, but don't count on your death too soon, you still have Spot to go back to." He clicked the smaller battle claws he was wearing, and I saw green sparks jump between them instead of sparks. His combat knife was strapped to his chest, even in its modified state; it gleamed with uncanny sharpness in the pale light. "Brace yourself Wolf; this may end up like those old wars just how they were in the history books."

When he finished, I looked back forward as I nodded, and looked at the shore far ahead of us, I heard my name sake howling even from this far out, but it was still too far off to tell how many there were as reinforcement and aid in this ruthless war. They are only going to this war with us since the Pure Ones have continuously raided them for unknown reasons… and killed innocent pups as an easy source of meat. The crows may be stupid, but even they know that to survive, is to fight on the side that won't stab you in the back after everything is done.

We passed over the edge of the shores crashing waves, and our small but deadly contingent of troops passed by over the land with a deathly silence, that could only be seen as a prominence of the upcoming fight. A few caws were heard from the surrounding forest, but we were informed that most the fighting crows would be waiting near the enemies positions, prepared for our attack. We were now passing trees as we were coming up to our meeting grounds for the main assault force. The real aerial boost that I was looking forward to was the eagles; they had been tough to convince, but when they had seen my reasoning, they had readily accepted.

We passed over a large clearing, and off to one side of the clearing was a large rock, and near the bottom of the rock was a small pack of three wolves. Tyler did some clicking with his beak, and our troops flew over to some trees while Tyler and I continued towards the wolves. When we passed halfway through the clearing, two eagles melted from the tree lines, and a large Wolf stood up.

Tyler and I landed in beside each other in front of the wolf, while the two large eagles landed near us also. The eagles were the first to speak, "The attack on the egg snatchers and chick-nappers is still a go?"

Tyler stepped forward and nodded and said, "It is, I take it you are the only two that will take part in this fight for the eagles?"

"No, there are three more of us, but they are resting before the attack begins."

Now the wolf spoke up, "My pack is ready for the attack and eager to get back to our dens after we have finished…"

After the wolf also finished, Tyler said, "Thank you for your support Fengo… now that we are ready, lets end the tyranny of the Pure Ones once and for all… every hour they live, more will suffer…"

The eagle straightened up and said, "We will fly with you."

"And we will wait until the main battle begins before we join…" Fengo finished.

I alighted into the air just as the two eagles did, with Tyler closely behind them, and Fengo started to trot over to his 'pack'. The two other wolves stood up, and all three of them blended into the shadows and were soon gone from sight. I clicked my beak loudly, and a gust of wind hit the forest floor as twenty heavily armed Guardians lifted off and into the air. We angled off to the south, and we were soon flying once more in our arrowhead formation, with the addition of five eagles spread out above our formation. With the added three wolves somewhere in the forest below us, and the crows waiting near the battlegrounds, I started to feel the pre-jitters of battle nervousness collecting in me, and making me feel jumpy…

(Outillisa's P.O.V.)

Soren and Gylfie were currently reading a joke book that they had found the day before, but I could tell by their postures, they weren't into the book too much. It is the war… along with everyone that had left to fight, I can understand how they don't want to do anything but to rush off and join them. I would do it if it guaranteed Tyler to live, but he pacifically made sure Spot, Shale, and I weren't trained for this mission… we have just as much right to go into battle as they do.

I sighed as I looked back down at the book I was reading, and absently skimmed over the words that littered the page. No matter how much I tried to focus on the functions of feather maintenance, I couldn't get my mind away from Tyler, or any of the good times we had had with each other. Oh Gluax please let Tyler come back to me safely…

(Somewhere northwest of Pure One Forces)

A figure clad in Dark cloth was slowly and carefully sidling its way up to a cliff that overlooked a deep valley with an ominous Blue glow. The figure had six weapons on them that were expertly concealed, and the figure had every intention of participating in the fight that was soon to enfold. It watched as large ropes closed downwards, snuffing the blue glow, but that only led to the eerie red glow as troops with battle claws with burning embers traced paths over the sky, keeping on constant alert, but clueless of the mystic being observing their entire operations…

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

Fengo was still hidden in the forests below as the Eagles and our owls were flying, and when we came from the tree cover, I shouted out, "ATTACK! WATCH EACH OTHERS BACKS!"

All the Guardians screeched or hooted loudly while the eagles' cry's sounded off, and the echoes came back to us. Tyler and I were racing ahead of the others, and I could see the cliff sides seem to slide off, and then I realized it was the individual crows, but amass…

I unsheathed my swords once we saw the first enemy troops, and since they seemed to be nothing more than scouts, Tyler left his combat knife alone. Before we could get close enough, the eagles dated past us in white and brown blurs. The first Pure One troop was a great grey, and he managed to cut an eagle across its wing before its wing was ripped off by another eagle, and the rest were quickly put down, but not before calling out and alerting the rest of the Pure Ones that weren't already.

A mighty noise sounded from the forest to our rears… it was loud, thunderous, and seemed to be many but mixed into one. I turned and looked back just as I saw the first few wolves racing out of the forest, yet still, the sound of their howl lingered in the air, only seemed to intensify; and it even struck fear into my heart as I saw the gleaming white teeth glinting in the light of the moon. I watched as more than two dozen raced from the woods, and it wasn't until the last one left the forest that the howl dissipated into the air.

Turning back towards the center of St. Aggies, I now saw the might of the Pure ones rushing out to meet us, and I charged forward just as the sound of snarling and growls encased the arena between both sides.

I held my swords out to the sides, and just as I swung them forward, they were met with the bitter edge of a small elf owl. I store into its eyes and noticed the hate filled glint, mixed in with the cloudy sensation that was said to accompany moon-blinked owls, Just if we were fighting true soldiers instead of forced into service owls…

I pushed the thought away as I plunged my sword into the gut of the young owl, but I quickly withdrew and pushed all emotions into the back of my consciousness, and turned to face another enemy, only to be met with a tidal wave of Pure One troops…

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