Chapter 4: Reinforcements

(Tyler's P.O.V.)

Pain… that's the best way I can describe my feeling. Searing pain was twisting and grinding all over my body, but nowhere more so than my gizzard. I had heard tales from some of the Guardians that there was a mystical metal that glowed blue, yet did something to the gizzard. I was writhing and crying out in pain along with my fellow Guardians, and the closest one to me was crying from all the pain. ARGH! I…CAN…DO THIS!

Growling, I struggled to my feet, but even then I was struggling to remain upright on my talons. I walked over to my fellow troop, and when I gazed down into her face, I could see she was twitching violently as the blue light curled and pierced through her chest. "Shale… g-get up! Y-You c-c-can do… it…"

I reached a wing down towards her, but almost instantly felt something leathery slam into my back. I rolled over with great difficulty to meet my attacker, but as I store up in shock, it was a bat. I growled in pain as the bat placed a large glowing blue clump on my chest. It burns! AHHH…

A great howling echoed around us and it was then, that a surge of wolves instantly tore through our downed owls, and clomping their muzzles down on any bat that was nearby. Fengo trotted up and looked down into my eyes with concern and confusion, and he asked, "My friend, what is wrong?"

"T-The blue light… i-it burns…" I gasped out just as my Gizzard gave a particularly painful twinge. I saw him look down and at my chest, and when he nuzzled the blue rock off of me, the pain died down a little, but it still kept stabbing through me. I looked up, and saw three metal bowls that seemed to be where the hellish blue glow was coming from. I pointed at it with my wing while my head fell to the ground, and I twitched before I said, "Y-You n-need to c-c-close those…"

As he looked up, I could see his lips curl up and he snarled as he said, "It will be done…"

(Simon's P.O.V.)

We reached the area just as the wolf pack split into three groups, and each one headed towards a separate corner. Each corner glowed an eary blue shade that seemed to throw blue arks into the center where the owls were crying out in pain. We ran onwards and towards the owls that seemed to be in the most need. When I stopped and clacked my armor onto the ground in front of the nearest owl, which seemed to have suffered a nasty crash landing. I picked him up the best I could and when his eyes popped open, he shuddered in sudden fear.

"We need to get these owls out of here…" an idea popped into my head, but it would be risky, "Shasha, come here."

She stood next to me and looked down at the owl curiously. I looked between her, and the owls' armor around its chest and back. "Shasha, pull your lips back and open your muzzle." She looked at me and seemed confused. "Snarl at me."

After I said that, she seemed stunned to say the least, but she quickly complied. I flinched back at the ferocity in her snarl, and she quickly sunk to the ground and flattened her ears backwards in response.

I quickly held out my hand and rubbed in across her head gently and said, "No that was alright… anyways, I need you to come here and try to pick this owl up by his armor."

She did a type of whimper, but she walked forward, and clamped down on the back of the armor near the top of the neck area. When she did have a firm grip, I said, "Good, now try picking him up and walking with him…" she did as I said, and even though it looked hard, the owl was the one that was still cringing in pain. "Great, now you two will do the same as her… she is in charge, so listen to her. Take the owls somewhere safe; probably outside of this blue mist stuff is a good idea."

I stood up and started to walk between the owls and towards the closest blue area. "Where are you going?"

I didn't bother turning around as I said, "To destroy those things…" with that said, I started to run between the owls. I tried to ignore the moaning and groans of pain, and I made sure to step on the bats that tried to get to the owls; I knew what vampire bats did…

(Char's P.O.V.)

That owl that had come towards us had at first almost been killed just like the other Pure ones that had, but when I recognized him as Wolf; one of the Guardians commanders, I had quickly told the one known as Shana. Her weapon wasn't quite like any I have seen before; it launched a wooden stick with something sharp on the end. She said that her friend, that Other one, had made it for her, and called it a bow and arrow.

I looked up into the sky as my sensitive ears picked up the sounds of wings flying closer and closer. I shrunk further into the shadows as my weary and hurting body acknowledged the fact of a fight coming up. My mind was made up that with my wing, I couldn't fly, nor would I try unless forced to. But as the silent flapping grew louder and louder, I soon felt more than heard the wing beats of not a few, but many.

The night sky darkened as a huge amount of owls flew over the forest edge, and I nearly jumped when Wolf started shouting, "Hey, down here!"

When I regained my senses, I shot a wing over his beak, but it was already too late, as am entire wing of owls descended towards us. Now he has done it… we will never be angle to fight them off.

The six owls landed smoothly, and I was stunned to see it was none other than the band of owls. I had heard about them, but didn't really think there was a chaw of chaws as the owls called it…

(Fengo's P.O.V.)

The pack I was leading finally reached the end of the path to our objective, and I was left staring up at massive coils of rope that held the metal container open. I looked back and forth between them and my back, how will we cut these ropes? We have no claws like owls, for ours can't cut that, and we don't have swords, no could we carry them like owls either. Maybe… maybe we can follow old traditions.

"Gnaw at the ropes, we might be able to snap them if we do it enough. Those who don't gnaw will guard the others." I turned back around, and I crouched on my hunches before I sprang up and was bounding over the rocks near the side of the metal bowl like thing. Just as I reached the top, I heard the ropes already creaking from my pack members tearing at the ropes from below. I opened my jaw and as I chomped down on the rope, I could feel the grittiness on my fangs as I quickly struggled to bite through the tough rope. I felt a few strings snap and slide past my teeth through the side, and I continued, but would yank also, getting more to simply snap from the force.

A loud creaking started to issue from the ropes base as the other wolves managed to thin them out even more, and while it was creaking, a loud SNAP cut across the air. I jumped back and closed my mouth as the mighty rope shot skywards, and the large metal teeth of the metal canister slowly tilted downwards. When it clanged shut, it shook the ground I stood on, but the blue light dimmed considerably, and as I looked back towards the center of the cliffs. Most the owls had disappeared, but there was still a lot, but when I observed my other groups, I saw one was still attempting to close the canister, while the other group was fighting the evil Pure ones. I growled as I saw one of my pack members across the distance be cut down by a pair of owls.

They put up a valiant fight, but we are built for ground fighting, not fights that involve the sky. Lupus… what can we do to win this? I howled out before my group split once more, some heading for the other wolves, while the group I led went to the owls that were fighting our friends and family. It crossed my mind before, but when it crossed this time, it felt more prominent, We may lose this battle… and if we do, what will happen to my pups?

The thought of the evil owls grabbing and slaughtering not only my pups, but that of my pack made me snarl viscously and pick up my pace even more. I saw another wolf about to get struck down, but this time, that giant metal Other stepped in and did something that killed the Pure Elite. Thank you Lupus for this blessing!

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