Chapter 7: Awakening

A Prophecy Of An Old Fear Thought To Be Myth,

Rears Its Hideous Head To The World Once Again…

(Simon's P.O.V.)

I was racing across the sky with my beautiful mate, Shana, as we danced through the sky. Laughing, I decided to do a slight twirl into the clouds, creating a spiral tunnel behind me. Tilting and letting gravity take hold, I drifted down as I heard Shana calling out gently and mystically, "Siii-monnn."

With my smile widening, I closed my eyes as I let myself pop out of the puffy clouds, but when I heard a loud screaming noise, I shot my eyes open, but I wasn't flying anymore. Red lights were flashing as the world was being thrown around. People where shouting out, others were crying hysterically, and all the while, I could feel my belt digging into my waist as I squeezed the armrests of my plane seat with a vice like grip. I don't know why, but when I turned and looked out of my mirror, I could see the world a flames as the wing tore off. Shutting my eyes, I felt a tremendous crash as I was tossed forward, and the screaming and tearing noise of metal stopped.

My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I peeked out through my eyelids, and I saw I was in a stone room with a parchment in the middle. Near it was candles of varying sizes, all with large puddles and lines of wax running down there sides. I already knew what was written down, but I felt myself walking forward anyways, and when I stopped, I looked downwards mechanically. Sketching was strewn across the paper as the ink wrote itself down. Pictures of wolves running across the ground, and birds flying through the sky moved along with the writing of the ink. It instantaneously stopped, but it was then that my mind took in a small paragraph that had haunted me in previous dreams…

'The land is in turmoil as the wolves come closer, and the owls darken the skies like the royal archers. We are the last stronghold from this bitter war, and I fear for our lives, that this will be the last of our fights. My sword is sharp, but my men are weak, this war starved off my brethren to the north. Humans will no longer roam these lands, nor will our mages fix our mistakes… whoever shall readith this, the next human to enter this world, read my story, and learn of this bitter war…'

Shaking, memories of what happened in the previous scrolls came to my head as the scene vanished from me, and it was then that the shaking became more persistent, and I felt tears spring into my eyes. Images of swords danced before my eyes before receding into the darkness, arrows with fire soared through the blackness only to be engulfed again. Horrible cries of pain would break through my hearing.

Warmth… comfort… love. I felt the darkness slipping away as feeling came to different parts of my body, but as an owl. Something is pressing against my beak firmly as soft warmth surrounds me. The slamming of my heart against my chest, with my rapid and shallow breathes filter into my hearing. As I opened my eyes, I was brought back to reality when I saw my true love; Shana.

Shana pulled her beak back as she felt my wings move around slightly, and when she opened her eyes and saw mine open, she sighed in relief. I took a deep and shaky breathe in as my heart started to hammer less and less against my chest, and I closed my eyes briefly to rid myself of some lingering images from my dream. "Was it another nightmare about the Others Simon?"

Without any hesitation, I nodded as I used my own wings to pull Shana closer to me as I rested my beak along her soft and aromatic feathers. "Well, if you would let me read it, I could help y-"

"No!" I stepped back away from her as she said that, and I felt my heart pick up again as fear lit up in my eyes. I saw the hurt in hers, so I added, "The things in it would change what you think of me…"

"They won't make me view you, my mate, any differently Simon. I love you, and you know that… why would something someone else wrote make me look at you differently?" I looked over at her as shook my head.

"The things I read… they changed my views on the Others… and the history in them… isn't meant for someone who isn't an Other… or it could cause… trouble." I looked down regrettably, but then I remembered something. I walked closer to Shana as I wrapped my wing around her and pulled her closer as I looked towards the back corner of the hollow and I asked, "How about we go out on an early flight… before everyone is ready to go and search for the remaining Pure ones?"

When I finished, she smiled as she planted her beak on mine and pulled away and lightly said, "What about crows?"

I chuckled as I unwrapped my wings from her and said, "I will protect you." I turned and started to walk towards the entrance when I heard Shana make a noise. When I looked behind me, she was walking back to the nest and said, "I feel like just relaxing for now… It is your first time in days being an owl, and I want to spend what time you are, close to you."

Sighing, I smiled as I turned back around and walked to the nest she was laying in. I carefully got in, and when I did, I wrapped my wings around her as we sat on the soft moss. Shana snuggled up into my side as I rested my head against on her head, and we were just now sitting there, enjoying each other's company…

(Tyler's P.O.V.)

Since when have I been the phantom… instead of Wolf? My musing was disturbed as the Pure Elites started to stir, and a few of them shook their feathers as their eyes blinked beneath the helmets they wore. One of them looked in my direction, and I remained perfectly still as he yawned before looking in another direction.

I had chosen this spot since it concealed me moderately well, and it enabled me to remain in comfort as I observed my enemy safely. A few females that were in this group started to preen there feathers as others started to equip their battle claws onto their talons, while others sharpened the swords they had in a depressing atmosphere. I sighed as I looked up into this sky, which showed dark purple streaks with the usual yellow of a setting sun. Night is coming… and that will be the perfect time to reveal the choice that kills them, or grants them a better life…

Peering into the trees around this relative sparse pocket of the forest, I could see other Guardians awaiting my signal. Ezylryb had come up with a plan to sneak up on a few known encampments, and to lure them into surrendering; or dying for the deeds of a Pure one. I had come up with the type of speech I would use, and I had showed them the signal I would give them when they would reveal themselves. I noticed how a few of them were dangerously close to the edges of the pocket, but that was alright; as the last rays of light vanished, and the comforting glow of the moon mixed in with the day. Now, while the air is in twilight, is the best time to do this.

Gently, yet loudly, I spoke out in a way that made my voice drift out from where I hid, and echo all around the camp, "You have a decision to make… surrender yourselves and learn how to be righteous. Or perish for something that should not have tormented this world…"

As I silently rose into the air and glided down into the pocket, I saw the stunned and still faces of many Pure Elites, while only a few of them seemed to be frightened from my sudden appearance. The three that had been sharpening their swords were instantly in a battle stance, and the others started to come out of their shock and also started to get in their stances. One of them, the one who must've taken the leadership role, said, "It was a mistake to come out here alone…"

I sighed as I looked at his rag-tag group, and I said, "You should surrender while you have a chance… if you don't, you will be killed."

I watched as the one who had spoken frowned as his feathers bristled, and he asked, "And who are you to threaten us? If you haven't realized by now, there are twelve of us and only one of…"

Raising my wings, I thrust downwards strongly. As I was propelled upwards, twenty other armed guardians flew from the trees and encircled the trees that bordered the clearing pocket. I now glared at them with a hard light that sent shivers down some of their feathers, and I said, "This is your last time to surrender… choose wisely."

The head of them looked around him, and his feathers bristled even more, and that was soon followed by his loud screech. I watched as they were easily and mercifully cut down, and I looked away so I wouldn't have to keep bearing witness to meaningless death. When the clangs started to die down, it was then that I looked back, and I saw four Pure elites hadn't died. One was a sword user, who appeared to be female, while the rest looked like male Tytos that sported battle claws. The female had struck her sword into the bark, while the others had landed and dug their claws into the dirt.

I wearily looked at them each, and the only one who would meet my eyes was the sword user. I nodded to the guardians as I said, "Take their weapons before leading them back to our camp."

Without waiting for a response, I took off while unsheathing my knife/sword. I can go look for another camp before they get those four back to the camp. The sooner we get this done, the sooner I get to relax and lead an easy life with Outillisa again. I sighed happily as that particular spotted owl popped into my head. The memories of the circumstances we met under hadn't been under the best ways for meeting someone. I chuckled as the memory of our first kiss popped into my head. Crazy how I forgot to ask how to land…

What do we have here? My path had led me to a part of the forest that appeared to have been destroyed as blood coated the ground in some areas. Tree branches were broken all over the area, and it reeked of crows. It is already night time… no crow ever stays out after dark.

I saw a few molted brown black feathers littering the ground, but that could be the feathers of crows who got in a fight. I flew closer to the ground as something reflected the moons light, and it drew me in. Battle claws and not just those were on the ground.

"What in Gluax's name happened!?" I shouted out. I felt like I was close to yarping a pellet, but I didn't have anything to yarp up. On the ground were three bodies mangled beyond recognition. The only parts of them that were noticeable were the chest armor, and weapons. Against every instinct that was shouting at me to fly away as fast as I could, I needed to know more. I landed near the bodies of the stricken owls, and that was when I saw the helmet laying a few feet away. Pure ones! But who could've done this… who would have wanted to do this?

"I need to get back and tell the others…" I mumbled to myself. I lofted back into flight, but that was when something started to make me feel itchy and confused, yet it also came with a strange feeling. A feeling I felt when I piloted my jet around combat airspaces. It felt like I was being watched…

A dull yellow light started to fill my vision, and as this light enveloped my body, I couldn't help but feel like I was losing control of my body and thoughts. It was like I was flying through caramel, yet I was also in a vertigo that was moving in every direction. I shook my head, and the feeling was instantly gone. I looked around me, and I just felt like a cold gust blew through this part of the forest, so I just sped away as fast as I could.

(Stella's P.O.V.)

They are back? And now owls can block us just as easily also now! I must find kreeth… If she is even still alive…

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