Power Rangers: Victorious Pirates


What if the victorious gang were power rangers? Will they help save the world or cause a lot of trouble? Join Tori, Trina, and Andre, Beck, Jade, Cat, Robbie, and their new friend Sunny in this adventure. Also this takes place after Power Rangers Mega force. I know Mega force might use the Ranger Keys, but I think the victorious gang would look good in a pirate theme costumes.


Red Pirate Ranger: Beck Oliver

Blue Pirate Ranger: Robbie Shapiro

Green Pirate Ranger: Andre Harris

Yellow Pirate Ranger: Jade West

Silver Pirate Ranger (later in the chapter): Sunny (Victoria Beckett Oliver; which is her real name)

Pink Pirate Ranger: Tori Vega

Back up Rangers:

Yellow Pirate Ranger: Trina Vega

Pink Pirate Ranger: Cat Valentine

Information on Sunny:

Sunny is the Victorious gang's new friend. She is 16 years old and in the same grade as the gang. Sunny just transferred to the school around the events of Beck and Jade's break up and after the Platinum Awards. Not a lot of many people know a lot about her other than she lives by herself and that she is shy and keeps to herself. Sunny is extremely talented; she does acting and singing just like her parents in the past does. She can dance and play many instruments. She can play the violin, the guitar, piano, and flutes. But Sunny has a secret: she comes from the future in the year 3000, just like the Time Force Power Rangers.

The reason Sunny is in the future due to the enemy taking over her kingdom and hurt her parents and siblings. The enemy is after her, because she is the princess in the future and that she is the key to saving the world.

That is why Sunny came to the past to find her future parents and tries to save them from the enemy. Sunny traveled with her companion, her friend that is a robotic bird named Navi. Navi is a robotic parrot that can also tell riddles and prophecy on which the Pirate Rangers have to find in order to get the Grand Power. Navi is also the one that can summon the zords in order for them to fight the monsters. Now Sunny is also the technical advisor for Rangers and has the past knowledge of the Rangers.

She is also the one who holds all the Ranger Keys in the treasure chest. Sunny also gave them the gang the morphers and also gain the Grand powers.

Sunny's favorite activities are playing games, working on her computer, reading books, making food, and also plan practical pranks. Sunny also loves to sing, dance, act and play her instruments. Her traits are just like her parents: she is kind, fair, responsible, mischievous, clever, and very practical. Sunny has a least trait: she tends to oversleep and being late for class. She tends to be an over achiever, and works herself too hard. Sunny can be very sarcastic sometimes, and ends up losing her temper. She has a weakness for candy and she is afraid of thunder. She also has very good looks from both her parents. Wavy brown hair just like her mom, brown eyes from both parents; Sunny has olive skin, just like her Dad, and cute button nose and eyes just like her parents. Sunny usually wears a yellow dress with silver ruffles and red ribbons. She wears a red hairband on her head and sometimes wears earrings on occasions. Sunny also wore heels and sneakers to match her outfit.

Like I said, Sunny is very shy and afraid to open up to people. She has trouble trusting people and always avoids them. But once she does open up, Sunny talks to Beck, Tori, Robbie, or Andre about her problems. Sunny will try her best to work together with the gang and help save the future.