Falling Into Grey- Chapter 11

I cannot resist him any longer and he knows it, he grabs me and kisses me, devouring me slowly at an agonizing pace make me feel it right down there. He Pulls my hair tight and pulls my head back as he's bites my ears and neck, licking and kissing me. "Ahh" I moan

"You are very beautiful Anastasia, I want you very badly" he growls and he traces his hands down my back over my exposed skin to the top of my halter dress.

His fingers skim the top and he slowly unzips me as my eyes close and my spine tingles in anticipation of his next move. He places soft kisses on my neck and shoulders and finds my mouth and kisses me deeply. His mouth taste's so good I could just kiss him forever. He peels me out of my dress and I'm standing in just Kate's silver heels and my black strapless bra and panties.

"Come with me" he says and I take his hand as he leads me through his house.

We head into his bedroom and he closes the door and pushes me up against the wall. He kisses me breathlessly, heated and cups both of my breasts.

"I want you now" he growls as he yanks my bra down and bites gently on my nipples.

"Ahh" I cry. It feels so good. I am so wet already. He pulls and bites my nipples rough then softly licks and swirls his velvety tongue round and round to ease the ache.

I am moaning loud and I want him inside me so bad. I am panting with desire as he finds my mouth again. He undresses himself quickly as he kisses me and presses himself into me against the wall so I can feel his large erection. He rubs himself up and down against me through his boxer briefs as I whimper. He lifts me up and carries me to the bed and places me down softly and pulls my shoes off.

He trails kisses on my belly and down my thighs and groans. He turns me over and gently places feather soft kisses on my behind.

"Your delectable ass is still healing so I won't be too rough with you baby, I want to though" Oh my, he wants to be rough with me.

My eyes shoot open for a moment as I am face down on the bed trying to imagine what he means by rough.

"Uh" I moan as he rubs and kisses me. He climbs over me and kisses my back, moving from my shoulders down my spine as I whimper and moan.

"I'm so tempted to spank your sweet ass but it will have to wait until it's all better for me, that smart mouth of yours has been begging for it".

I suddenly imagine him spanking me and a part of my brain is asking for it too.

He traces his hand over my behind and moves down to my vagina, He pushes my panties to the side and rubs me slowly

"OH God" I whimper and he moves his hand faster. He rubs me back and forth spreading the wetness between my legs all over as he continues to massage my clitoris and groan

"Oh baby your so wet for me, umm" and I pant and move my ass slowly up and down.

He slips a finger in me and pumps slowly in and out and I can feel my arousal growing ready to burst soon. He rubs his erection on my backside roughly as his fingers push faster and deeper into me. He opens my bra and throws it to the side and turns me over and rips my panties off and tosses it behind him. Oh my!. I'm so heated right now my body is begging for relief and I need him to give it to me.

"Please" I beg and he kisses me and licks me as he pinches my nipples. It hurts and it feels good at the same time.

He grabs a condom from his nightstand and I watch fascinated as he rolls it on his enormous cock. I had no idea they were so big, maybe it's just him but I don't think it's going to fit inside of me. He climbs back over me and kisses me softly and eases into me. "Ohh" I cry and he pushes deeper.

"You're so tight baby, oh" and he eases out of me and eases back in again and I cry out.

My breathing is so heavy as I try to differentiate the pleasure from the pain. I haven't told him this is the first time I've ever had sex but I want it so bad, I need him inside of jaw is tight as he tries to push inside me. Finally he thrusts himself hard and I scream

"Ohhh" and he picks up a rhythm. The pain is slowly turning to pleasure as he shifts his weight on me and rocks back and forth inside me and I slowly relax.

"Why didn't you tell me it's your first time baby?" he says, his voice hoarse.

He slows down his pace and he eases in and out slowly as he looks deeply in my eyes and kisses me.

"Oh, Oh" I whimper breathlessly

"Tell me baby, why? He pleads softly as he makes love to me.

"I wanted you so bad, I didn't think you would want me if you knew, oh oh " I cry as he keeps his rhythm inside me.

"Oh baby I wanted you so bad, I want you" and he groans and moves faster and faster and pushes himself deep inside me.

I can't focus anymore the feeling inside me is changing. I feel a fire burning up inside me it's fast and deep and my legs start to stiffen as I absorb each thrust. The pleasure rips through me pulsating through my body as my breath quickens.

"Oh yeah, baby come for me now" he whispers as he bites down on my nipple and my body bows off the bed and explodes violently into an orgasm.

It goes on and finally I go limp. He pumps 2 more times into me and cries out as he comes inside me. His breathing is heavy and I feel confused and out of focus as the reality of what I've just done set in. It was magical, I waited so long and it was worth it. I wanted him. I tried to deny it but I knew it was only him and I hoped eventually I would be lying here with him and making love.

He pulls out of me and removes the condom. He leans over on to his side next to me and touches my face softly and kisses me. He doesn't say anything for a moment as we stare at each other in the dark with just the faint lights from the Seattle skyline sparkling through the window. He looks at me with almost a sadness and says

"Anastasia you are more beautiful than any other woman I've ever known" and he kisses my eyes. I smile and just look into to his deep grey eyes.

"Please say you're okay, I didn't know it was your first time" His look tortured

"I am fine, that felt nice, thank you Christian" I smile

He kisses me and sucks my bottom lip "Why are you thanking me? "He asks amused

"For making love to me, it felt so good, just what I imagined" and I sigh

"Well If you liked it so much I'll have to do again baby" and he traces his fingers across my nipples and they perk up at his tender touch. His hand makes his way down slowly to my vagina and his fingers slowly circle me round and round, oh it feels so good. He puts two fingers inside me and slides them in and out then traces my vagina slowly up and down. He leans over and grabs a condom again from his night stand and rolls it on.

"This time baby I'll take it slow, open your legs" and I obey quickly.

He spreads my legs wide and pushes my knees up. He traces my entrance with his tip slowly and dips in and out of me. He is so aroused watching my reaction to him as I writhe and moan, begging him for more.

"Please, please Christian" I beg and he sinks his cock all the way inside me slowly making me feel every inch of him. He does this over and over as I lift onto my elbows and watch him slide in and out. I reach out to touch him but he takes both of my hands and pushes them over my head and slams into me over and over as I cry out.

"You like that Ana? C'mon baby, come now" and my body lets go again but he's not done yet.

He slows down his pace again and slides his cock all the way deep inside of me and thrusts hard never easing out he pushes deeper and deeper inside me and then flips me over. He lays my down flat and pulls my legs open then grabs my hips and lifts my bottom off the bed slightly he presses himself into me and pushes his cock in and out teasing and torturing me, his hands slide under me and grabbing my breasts, kneading and pulling them while he pounds me and groans.

His hand move around me and he traces my behind slowly and deliciously

"Oh Ana, I want to spank you so badly baby, please?" he voiced laced with desire.

"Yes" I breathe and he slowly spanks me while fucking me.

The feeling is so good, the pain and the pleasure. My body rocks back and forth as her spanks me and fucks me. He slides out and stops and slaps my bottom then slams back into me, he repeats this over and over until I climax again and he comes hard as he spanks and spanks me.

"Oh I like this" I cry and he stills and collapses on top of me. He kisses my back and eases out of me.

"Oh Ana, I enjoyed that very much" his eyes ablaze with excitement.

"Me too Christian" I say as I turn over and he hold me tightly in his arms. He pulls the duvet up to my chest and kisses me and I fall asleep in his arms.

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