Author's Note: I have recently become obsessed with Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai and after watching a few episodes completely fell in love with Jayden, I didn't like his attitude at first but he is an awesome character and very good-looking. Anyway, while watching the series my mind started to wander (as it does) and I started to wonder what it would be like if Jayden had another best friend, outside of Antonio, that grew up with him at the Shiba house, and thus, this story was born. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended in the making of this series. I simply own my OCs and anything that is not recognizable from the show. Power Rangers belongs to Saban.

Warning: I do not know why I am uploading this now. I got back to University in a week and therefore won't really have time to do frequent updates. But I guess I am updating this now because I have spent the majority of the last week and a half perfecting the story line and forcing myself to write the chapters rather than just sitting there and watching the episodes over and over again. Plus, I didn't know Ji's last name, it is not listed anywhere, so Ava has her mother's maiden name.

Character Profile

Name: Avalon Brooks

Nickname: Ava or Av

Age: 16

Height: 5'3

Weight: 110lbs

Hair: Chocolate brown curls

Eyes: Hazel

Personality: Ava is energetic and carefree. She has a kind personality, willing trust others and give them the benefit of the doubt, even when no one else is willing too. She isn't above getting down to business when necessary, however. She is also skilled at, and enjoys, riding horses, and is skilled in symbol powers, but her martial arts has room for improvement.

Hobbies: Dancing and Horse Riding

Other Information: Like her Zord, the penguin, Ava is aggressive yet gentle, outgoing but shy, stable yet flighty. She is kind, caring and knows when to have fun but also knows how and when to be serious. She has an interesting history that she tries to keep from the other rangers, and she will do anything to keep her friends and the innocent out of harm's way.

Title: The Little Samurai

Summary: A Samurai's life was dangerous; he knew that better than anyone. But with his best friend is thrown into the mix, Jayden will do everything he can to protect her.

"Mama, tell me story..." yawned three year old Ava Brooks. She had cuddled into her pillow and pulled her blankets up around her, covering her tiny body from shoulder to toes, with her head being the only thing her mother, Evelyn, could see.

It wasn't very late. Only 10:30pm. But given Ava's age that was a more than appropriate time for a bedtime story.

Evelyn Brooks, however, was on a time limit, and therefore did not have that much time to tell and increasingly long story that would put her one and only child to sleep. But since this was probably going to be the last time that she would ever see her daughter again, she would, at the very least, do her best to spend the last few precious moments fulfilling her daughter's wishes.

"Which story?" Evelyn smiled, covering her daughter with a second blanket and picked up a stuffed penguin from the bottom of the bed. Ava smiled at the plushie and hugged it closer to her. It was her most prized and favourite stuffed animal out of the lot, and she had a lot of stuffed animals.

"The Samuwi..."

Evelyn smiled again.

The Samurai story was a legend that had been passed down from generation to generation. It was a story based on a real life battle that was taking place at that current moment, it was something that she was a part of, just like her mother had been, and her grandmother, and her great-grandmother.

"Alright, princess," Evelyn nodded, settling on the bed beside her daughter and hugging her close. "The Samurai. Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world, but Samurai warriors defeated them with power Symbols passed down from parent to child."

Ava's eyes were wide, despite the fact that she had heard this story so many times in the past; it was one of her favourites. "Are the Nighlok's around today, Mama?" she asked.

"Unfortunately," Evelyn nodded. "They had been defeated many years ago, but have recently resurfaced. But never fear, Princess, there is a new team out there battling the forces and protecting you and everyone else one Earth."

"More Samuwi?"

"Yes, Ava," Evelyn answered. "More Samurai."

"Like yooo?"

Evelyn couldn't help it as another smile graced her lips. "Listen to me, Ava," she said her tone suddenly serious. "One day this will belong to you," she carried out, reaching into her pocket and pulling out an oval device; it was white and black with a power symbol on top. Ava recognized the symbol, it meant snow.

"But Mama," Ava said, frowning as her mother passed over the device. "Penguin is yooo's..."

"Not anymore," Evelyn said, shaking her head and closing her daughter's hands over the Foldingzord. "Penguin belongs to you now. Keep him safe. Listen to your dad, and remember everything I have told you about Samurai. One day, Ava, the fate of the planet will fall to you."

Ava blinked, tiredly, lay back into her pillows and within seconds her eyes closed, her breathing evened out and she was lost in the world of dreams.

Evelyn sighed as she looked down at the Penguin Foldingzord and then, her gaze full of sadness; she placed it on the bedside table, before leaning over and pressing one final kiss to her daughter's chocolate brown curls.

"Sleep tight, Ava," she whispered, crossing the room and sliding the door open. She didn't want to leave, but she knew that her destiny and duties prevented her from staying with her daughter longer than need be. "Goodbye my sweet little Samurai."

~*Thirteen Years Later*~

"47... 48... 49... 50!" a little boy, no older than eleven or twelve, cried out as he uncovered his eyes and peered around the park. "Ready or not; here I come!" he added, wandering off towards the city in search of his hiding friends. He descended a couple of steps and peered in through a gap in the wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of his friends, all of which were in hiding. "Brian? Jimmy?" he called, anxiously.

However, his friends did not answer him, instead a glowing red light escaped the gap and several hands melted out of the wall, grabbed onto the stone and pulled themselves free. They landed all around the little boy, hissing and snarling menacingly, as the kid screamed in fear.

With a squeak the mini black and white metallic penguin swooped through the air and bashed as many moogers as it possibly could, at least until it was joined by another metallic creature, this time a red and black Lion.

"Penguin!" a female voice called from the top of the steps. "Return!"

The mini penguin squeaked as it and the Lion returned to the two new comers.

"Run! Get away from here!" An older gentleman ordered, scooping up the little boy, and ushering him away from the scene.

Raising an arm, the female that had spoken, waved it through the air, drawing a symbol in white ink. She lashed her hand through the symbol as a white, powdery mist engulfed the scene, once the mist cleared, and a red Power Ranger stood alongside her.

"Look before you, Moogers," the older gentleman said as he returned. "This is the eighteenth leader of the Samurai Power Rangers. Descendant of the man that destroyed your master years ago."

The Moogers snarled and hissed between themselves, as if speaking their own language, before turning their attention back to the situation at hand.

"You have two choices," the older gentleman continued. "Retreat now or become rust on his blade."

"Aw, but if there is no fun in retreating!" the female pouted.

"She has a point," the Red ranger agreed. "Besides, I don't want them to retreat..." he said, removing a black disk from his belt, sliding it down the handle of his sword and locking it in place around the hilt. "I want to take them for a spin!"

The female grinned at the prospect of a fight. She stood at 5'3 with chocolate brown curls that bounced as she shuffled, anxiously, from foot to foot, her hazel eyes ablaze with excitement as she watched the Red ranger slice through the Moogers as if they were paper cut outs.

Once each Mooger had been defeated, the Red ranger turned back to his companions, and the female dashed forward to meet him.

"That was awesome, Jayden," she grinned, hugging him. "Wasn't he awesome, daddy?" she added turning to smile at the older gentleman.

"Wonderful," the man nodded. His name was Ji; he was the mentor to Power Rangers Samurai, godfather to the Red Ranger, Jayden, and father to the pretty little female, Avalon, although she was more commonly known as Ava. "I am so proud of the boy that I have devoted my life to training has grown into a master Samurai, and is ready to lead others into battle!"

Avalon, or Ava, as she preferred, bit her lower lip and glanced up at Jayden, her arms were still bound around his waist and his arm was still slung around her shoulders; but despite their actions, his expression looked anything but relaxed or happy.

"But i'm used to fighting alone," said Jayden. "I don't want to put anyone else in danger."

"Is that why I can't find my Samuraizer?" Ava gasped.

"Maybe," Jayden smirked.

Ava wrinkled her nose at him. "I will find it," she promised.

"Good luck with that," Jayden nodded.

"And if I can't I'll make you pay!"

"We will talk about the missing Samuraizer when we get home," Ji said, interrupting them. "Right now we have bigger problems. The Nighlok attacks are escalating; Jayden, more and more of them are coming across to do their evil -"

"Sure," Jayden nodded. "And if any more Moogers dare to pay us a visit they'll get a taste of my spin sword."

His arm slipped from Ava's shoulders as he walked around Ji, missing the slight shiver that tingled down Ava's spine as he let her go. It wasn't due to the fact that she was cold, because in honest truth she was anything but, it was more to do with the fact that she felt almost incomplete whenever he was not near her.

"Do not underestimate the power of Master Xandred if he ever awakens," Ji said. "His Nighlok allegiance is too much for just one person. Even one has strong as you."

Ava lowered her gaze as a distant memory surfaced to the front of her mind; it was a memory of her mother, the White Samurai ranger on the last Samurai team to go up against Master Xandred she had died in battle, protecting her friends. But she hadn't died because she had been a part of a team; she had died because she had stood alone against Xandred to protect her friends from evil forces.

"Teams of Samurai have battled this evil for centuries," Ji continued, breaking through his daughter's thoughts.

"I'm really supposed to lead a team?" Jayden asked, turning back to face his godfather, he noted the look on Ava's face and made a mental note to indulge into her further once they had returned home. Although he had a pretty good idea what she was thinking about, there was only one person that could ever make her look so sad.

"It is what your training has prepared you for," Ji nodded. "There are four others that have prepared for these dark days, and they await the call to join you and to fight as Samurai rangers."

Jayden hesitated, before nodding and walking away. Ji following.

"Hey," Ava squeaked, snapping out of her thoughts and running to keep up. "You can start by giving me back my Samuraizer."

"What makes you think I have it?" Jayden asked.

"Have you met you, Jayden?" Ava asked. "Now hand it over."

Jayden held up his hands. "I don't have it," he said, trying to sound serious.

Ava offered him a pointed look. "I know you have it! You always have it!" she said.

"Oh, you mean this?" Jayden teased, reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out the cellphone-like morpher. He held it high over Ava's head as she made a lunge for it.

"Give it to me!" Ava whined, jumping for the Samuraizer, mentally cursing him for being that much taller than her.

Jayden chuckled at her attempt to retrieve what was hers. "Nearly there, Av," he taunted, waving the Samuraizer just out of reach. Her fingers brushed the cool surface but didn't grip as he held it further out of her reach.

"No fair!" Ava pouted, as she fell back onto her feet, folded her arms and glared at him. "You're taller than me!" she whined, before turning to her father. "Daddy!"

"Jayden," Ji said, holding his hand out for the Samuraizer.

Knowing better than to argue with Ji, Jayden handed over the Samuraizer as Ava grinned, smugly, before accepting the device from her father and pocketing it. She then turned towards her best friend.

"You know," she said, pulling ahead and turning so that she was walking backwards. "For a Red ranger, you suck, big time!"

"I'll show you who sucks!" Jayden said, lunging for her.

Ava squealed and made a dash for the park as Jayden chased along after her, leaving Ji to follow behind them. It was sometimes difficult for the Mentor to believe that these two would be out saving the world from evil, when they could barely stop teasing one another for more than a few seconds.

~*Little Samurai*~

Ava giggled as the penguin Foldingzord danced around her, swaying back and forth on its snowboard.

She was sitting on the front porch with Jayden after returning from the park, where the red ranger had caught up with her, just short of the children's play area, tackled her to the ground, pinned her to the ground with one hand and tickled her, feverishly with the other until she practically begged him to leave her go.

The penguin Foldingzord was a present that she had received from her mother thirteen years ago. It was the night of the final battle between the previous team of Samurai rangers and Master Xandred, two rangers had been lost in the battle against the Master while the others had returned, downhearted and broken about the loss of their friends.

Evelyn Brooks, Ava's mother, had been one of the rangers not to return. She had been labeled brave and fearless in the face of danger by her friends and team-mates, but knowing that her mother had died a hero did not soothe the ache in Ava's heart at the loss.

Jayden's father, Charles Shiba, was the second ranger not to return. According to his team-mates, Master Xandred had set his sights on the Red ranger and tried to eliminate him before he could cast the sealing symbol, and he probably would have succeeded had Evelyn not pushed Charles aside, taking the blast for him.

She had died on impact.

Charles had then cast the symbol, sealing Master Xandred away in the Netherworld, before crawling the short distance to where Evelyn had fallen, took her hand in his and took his last breath, there and then, alongside the White ranger. They had died as they had been known: Rangers together, Friends forever.

"Rangers together," Ava muttered, scooping up at her Penguin. "Friends forever..."

Jayden, who was sitting alongside Ava, paused and glanced subtly at her from the corner of his eye.

"Your mom died a hero," he reminded her.

"I know," Ava nodded. "So did your dad... but knowing that doesn't mend a broken heart. We still lost our parents."

"Well, technically, I still have a mom," Jayden pointed out. "And you still have a dad. So we didn't really lose our parents, we just lost a parent!"

Ava narrowed her eyes at him.

"Did you just contradict me?" she asked.

"No," Jayden chuckled. "I was just pointing out a fact that you seem quick to overlook. And it's: Rangers together, Samurai forever..." he corrected.

"But we'll always be friends, right? No matter what happens?"

Jayden smiled and nodded. "Always," he promised, pulling her into a one-armed hug and looking down at the two Zords in their palms. He and Ava may have been friends forever, and it seemed their Zords were too.

Ava giggled again before rendering her penguin immobile as her father hurried out onto the porch; he was carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows.

"Jayden, Ava," he called, drawing their attention to him. "Master Xandred must have awakened. A new breed of Nighlok more powerful than ordinary Moogers have mobilized."

Ava exchanged a worried and slightly scared look, with Jayden.

"You cannot wait any longer," Ji implored. "The time has come to summon your team of Samurai rangers."

"Are you sure i'm ready to lead?" Jayden asked. He still had doubts about his abilities. And his leadership abilities were on his doubt list.

Ji nodded. "One Samurai is strong," he explained. "But a team is unbeatable. Just remember your father's words as he left for his final battle."

Ava glanced up at Jayden as he lowered his gaze, his eyes glazed over, just like they did whenever he thought back to that fateful night. She, of course, remembered it clear as day, it was the night she had asked her mother to tell her the story of the Samurai warriors, it had been the last story she had ever heard.

"You're right, Ji," Jayden nodded. "I'll never forget his last words. I must not fail! I am the Red Ranger!"

"The other Rangers have spent their whole lives preparing to fulfill their Samurai destinies," Ji explained. "Fulfill your destiny to lead them..."

Jayden hesitated and glanced at Ava.

It was a look that Ava recognized all too clearly.

"Wherever you go," Ava said, smiling as she took his hand and squeezed it. "I go! Samurai together, Friends forever!"

Jayden matched her smile and pulled her into a one-armed hug as he turned to Ji and nodded.

Ji nodded once, in return, before loading an arrow into the bow and letting it soar high into the sky.

~*Little Samurai*~

Pushing open the doors to the Shiba house, Ji led Ava and Jayden into the family room. He rounded the rectangular table and opened the trap door concealed in the wood. From a young age Ava had learned never to open this door, for inside rest four Samurai morphers. One for each of the four Samurai's that would one day join her and Jayden at the Shiba house.

"I have been saving these for until you were ready," Ji explained. "Take them. Your fellow Samurai are on their way!"

Jayden nodded and collected the four Samuraizers. "I am ready to lead," he agreed, placing the four morphers in a red satchel as Ava returned to the front doors, she disappeared through them as Ji and Jayden followed her.

"Symbol power," Ava said, snapping open her Samuraizer and drawing another symbol in mid-air. "Horse!"

A magnificent white horse with red reigns and saddle appeared in front of her, causing Ava to grin at her work. Symbol power had always been one of her strong points. With no time to admire her handy work, the White ranger darted forward and caught the reigns, pulling herself up onto the saddle behind Jayden.

"Never forget the mission of the Samurai ranger," Ji told them. "Be brave. Work together and no matter what never give up!"

Ava nodded before tightening her grip around Jayden as, with a forceful swing of the reigns, the horse galloped off towards the gates of the Shiba house.

"Samurai forever," Jayden called back.

~*Little Samurai*~

The ground rocked as another explosion echoed from the inner city. Flames blazed brightly from a distance as smoke spiraled uncontrollably into the air.

Kevin, the new blue ranger, skidded to a halt at the edge of the road as a Black SUV with the ranger emblem drove towards him. "Wait!" he said, running out into the middle of the road, waving his hands to get the drivers attention. "Wait! Wait!" he rounded the back of the car and stood at the tainted rear view mirror. "I'm Kevin. And I'm here to fight with you!" he said.

The window rolled down to show a female with long dark hair in the back seat.

Kevin gasped and quickly zipped up his jacket, which he had hastily put on after the message arrow had interrupted his swimming meet. He hadn't had complete time to change into his clothes and therefore pulled on his trousers and a jacket.

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "I didn't know that the red ranger was a girl."

"I'm not the red ranger," the girl answered, opening the door to the SUV and getting out. She was smaller than Kevin, but he knew better than to judge a book by its cover. "I'm the Pink. My name's Mia."

Footsteps skidded to a halt as a petite blonde in Yellow stopped beside them. "Are you the Red ranger?" she asked, looking to Kevin.

"No," he answered. "I'm the Blue."

"Oh," the blonde frowned, confused, just as a guy in green approached her from behind.

"You guys must be my peeps," he said, sounding and acting more like a teenager than most. He was wearing a green leather jacket, white shirt, and black jeans.

Kevin frowned and pointed at him. "You're the Red ranger?" he asked.

"No, i'm mighty Green," the kid answered, staring at him, puzzled.

The sound of hooves caused the four multicolored hero's to turn down the road just as a white horse galloped to a halt a few feet in front of them and reared up onto its hind legs.

"With an entrance like that you have to be the Red ran - oh..." the Green ranger, Mike, trailed off as he noticed there were two people on the back of the horse. "Two Red rangers? Is that even possible?" he frowned turning to the other three.

Kevin shook his head.

Ava giggled and held up her Foldingzord. "I'm not a Red ranger," she said. "I'm White."

"Cool," Mike nodded, turning to Jayden. "So that makes you the Red Ranger."

Jayden nodded, and copying Ava's actions, held up his Foldingzord. "Yes. I am the Red ranger." he said.

"We're your team of Samurai," Kevin addressed.

"Let me warn you now," Jayden said. "If you follow me there is no turning back. Either we defeat the Nighlok together or they will take over the world. I will give these -" he held up his Samuraizer, "only to those ready to accept the challenge. Do not accept because you were trained to do so. Accept only if you are willing to commit and fight as Samurai Power Rangers with all of your heart."

Ava surveyed the other Rangers as she remained on top of the horse whilst Jayden climbed down onto the pavement beside her. From where she was situated, Ava could tell that whilst each of the other Samurai had been trained for this moment, it was obvious that they had other things going on in their lives, things that they had to drop in order to fulfill their duties.

As he gazed down at his swimming cap and goggles, Kevin sighed, before looking back up at his new team leader. "Without hesitation," he nodded.

"I've been planning for this since I was a little girl," Mia, the pink ranger smiled. "So yes."

"I'm ready to give it all I've got," the Yellow ranger, Emily, agreed.

"Okay, okay, do we have to be so formal?" the Green ranger, Mike, asked. "Let's do this thing!"

Ava smiled and nodded at Jayden as he turned back to her. Was there any real point in her telling him that she was ready and prepared for what was to come? He already knew that she would follow him to the ends of the Earth and beyond if she had too.

Removing the four Samuraizers from the satchel, Jayden threw each of them to his new team-mates, before returning to Ava and helping her down form the horses back. "Let's go!" he said, leading them towards the inner city where the Nighlok's were causing chaos.

~*Little Samurai*~

The Nighlok monster laughed as several people rolled down the stone steps and stopped at his feet. "C'mon down," he cackled, raising his sword as the people beneath him quivered in fear.

"Enough!" shouted a male voice from the top of the steps.

The Nighlok paused and looked up. "Well it's about time!" he said, as the group of Samurai teenagers stepped into view. "Huh, c'mon, who are you punks?"

"We're the Samurai rangers," Jayden said, snapping open his morpher. "Samuraizer!"

"Go, Go Samurai!" the five kids called out, as they brought up their morphers, before drawing their respective symbol in mid-air, with a powerful swipe multicolored spandex molded over their uniforms as a helmet snapped into place, and, to complete the look, a spin sword appeared at their waist. "Samurai Ranger, ready! Ha! Rangers together, Samurai forever!" they added completing the morphing call.

"Moogers!" the Nighlok yelled. "Get 'em!"

Spin swords drawn the Rangers met the Moogers head on, dividing them into five groups and taking on a group to themselves.

"I'm gonna flay all you fish faces," Kevin said, striking down two Moogers at once.

"Just like chopping down weeds back home," Emily said, pushing a Mooger away from her and delivering a final strike to another that tried to sneak up on her from behind.

"Oh, wow," Mike said, as he rolled back and forth on the floor. "I'm really getting my workout for the day!"

"Did someone order a chopped Mooger salad?" Mia asked, jumping into the thicket of her own Moogers and slicing them down as if they weren't even there.

"Man, I hate fish!" Ava complained, ducking to avoid her head being taken off. The Mooger behind her snarled as its companion's sword sliced into its shoulder. "Haha! They can take out themselves!" she laughed, unknowingly noticing that the Moogers were backing her into a corner. "Uh oh..." she squeaked as her back hit the wall and the Moogers closed in on her.

Damnit! Why do I do this to myself? She asked herself, looking around for anyone that could help her out of this situation. "Jayden!" she called, spotting her friend a fair distance away. She knew that he was her best choice of action, he knew her better, and he also knew that fighting was still not one of her strong points.

Hearing his name, Jayden looked around.

"Oh no," he whispered, watching as his friend spun her sword wildly, but she was still trapped. "Hold on, Ava!" he called, defeating the last of his Nighlok and rushing to her aid. He jumped over the Moogers and landed in front of the youngest of all rangers and effectively dealt with those that were harassing her.

"I'm sorry," Ava muttered as the last of the Moogers stepped backwards away from the Red ranger's spin blade.

"It's OK," Jayden answered. "Just be thankful I'm here!"

Ava nodded and turned her attention back to the Moogers.

"Is that all you've got?" Jayden asked, diverting his attention back to the Moogers too. Those with swords stepped back, allowing a new set to take their place. This new set, however, were archers and were armed with bows and arrows.

Ava's eyes widened. "Guess not!" she muttered, squeaking as several hundred arrows rained down upon her and Jayden.

"Whoa!" Jayden grunted, pushing Ava aside and wielding his sword through the air, deflecting and knocking arrows out of the way. One, however, managed to escape his blade and soared over his shoulder, he caught it just before it could embed into Ava's shoulder.

Ava sighed. She totally sucked at being a ranger. Five minutes into her first battle as the White ranger and already she had been saved three times by her best friend.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this... she thought miserably as Kevin squeezed through the Moogers, chopping them down with ease.

The Blue Ranger then re-grouped with Jayden along with the others.

"There is dozens of them," Emily said, glancing around at the thousands of Moogers.

"Yeah, but we can hold them off!" Kevin said, calmly.

"But they keep coming!" Mia protested.

"I will help you," Kevin promised her. "Just hang tight!"

Ava swallowed and glanced up at Jayden through her visor; the red ranger nodded once, and squeezed her shoulder. Being the youngest on the team and his best friend, meant that she need not be afraid to show her true emotions, he already knew that she was nervous of her abilities and scared of the outcome that could occur.

"Guys, we can do this together," Jayden said, spinning the disk on the hilt of his sword, transforming it into his primary weapon. "Fire smasher!" he commanded, removing a red disk from his belt and locking it in place on the top of the weapon, he spun the fire smasher through the air, the others ducking to avoid being hit, and then run at the Nighlok that stood before him.

"What's he doing?" Kevin demanded.

"What he does best," Ava answered, following Jayden's lead. "Ice Naginata!" she removed her white disk from her belt and secured it to the staff-like weapon, twisted it between her hands and slashed at the Moogers that ran to meet her.

Kevin turned to the others.

"Let's help them out!" he said, rushing after Ava and mimicking her actions. "Hydro Bow!" he commanded, fastening his blue disk to the primary weapon and firing laser arrows at the Moogers.

"Sky Fan!" commanded Mia. "Time to blow you away!"

"Earth Slicer!" Emily said, throwing her own weapon at the Moogers, it whipped around them like a boomerang, cutting them down, before returning to the Yellow ranger.

"Hey!" Mike yelled, as he lost the grip on his sword. He ducked under and attack and swiped the feet out from underneath the attacking Mooger. "That was a nice trick," he nodded, reclaiming his sword and holding it above him to avoid having his head taken off. "But I've got more than one trick up my sleeve. Forest Spear!" he said, transforming his spin blade into a staff like weapon, he attached his disk and a short pointed blade appeared at the top.

While the other rangers dealt with the Moogers, Jayden went after the Nighlok.

"Booya!" the Nighlok said, spitting fire blasts at Jayden, who protected himself with his Fire smasher, he met the Nighlok head on, smashing him into a concrete pillar under the bridge.

"I think this will make an impact on you!" said Jayden, spinning his fire smasher through the air and slicing through the Nighlok and the pillar. He turned his back as the monster exploded and the others re-grouped ahead of him.

Ava smiled beneath her visor.

"Whoo!" Mike cheered. "Did you see how I rocked that Mooger?"

"What about Jayden?" Emily sighed, causing Ava to glare at her.

"Yeah," Mia nodded. "We all did great!"

"Great Samurai moves," Kevin said, stepping closer to Jayden. "You really are a master Samurai!"

Ava rolled her eyes, thankful that no one could see her.

"Thanks," Jayden nodded, retracing his steps and falling into lines beside them. "But we're not done."

"We're not?" Mike asked.

"But he went boom!" Emily nodded.

"The Nighlok's have two forms," Ava answered them.

"She's right," Jayden agreed. "You just saw the first..."

The fire from the explosion curled inwards and started to clear.

"Now get set for the Mega monster!" said Ava, looking skyward as a thirty foot version of Tooya towered over them. "Get out of here! Go!" she added pushing Mike aside as the new thirty foot monster stomped down on them, missing them by inches.


"Look at the size of him!" gasped Mike.

"How are we supposed to fight that?" Mia asked.

"Guys, we can fight this Nighlok," Kevin said, frustrated with the other's doubts. He swung his sword around and sheathed it on his belt. "Remember your training. We all have our own Foldingzord. If we each use our symbol power we can morph into Mega-mode."

Ava glanced at Jayden and pushed herself to her feet, reaching for her Foldingzord and Samuraizer.

"You're right," Jayden nodded at Kevin. "Follow my lead! Lion Foldingzord! Mega Mode power!" he tossed his Spin sword into the air, and drew a symbol over his Foldingzord which enlarged and transformed into a giant Lion to battle the Nighlok.

"See you in the air," Ava grinned over her shoulder. "Penguin Foldingzord! Mega Mode power!" she, just like Jayden had done, threw her spin sword into the air, placed her Foldingzord on the floor and drew the same symbol her friend had over it, her penguin squeaked as it grew larger, swaying back and forth on its snowboard. Ava smiled as her body armour transformed and she jumped into the cockpit of her zord.

With her Spin sword in hand, Ava contracted it inwards and locked it into the control panel in front of her, along with her starter disk now she could control the Penguin zord herself.

"We're right behind you!" Kevin said from the ground, and next second four a Turtle, Dragon, Ape and Bear, joined the Penguin and Lion Foldingzords in the air.

Tooya laughed as he fired his laser weapons at the five Foldingzords, the blasts exploded around the Ape, Bear and Lion, as the Turtle, Dragon and Penguin flew around them.

"Here goes," Jayden said, as the Lion zord snarled and lashed forwards, skirting around Tooya, avoiding his lasers and attacking.

"Bad kitty!" Tooya yelled, slashing at Jayden with his swords.

The Lion zord pulled back and growled at the Nighlok.

"We'll help you, Jayden!" Kevin said, venturing the Dragon zord forward. "I'll come from the left!"

"I'll take him from the right!" Emily nodded, commanding her Ape zord forward. The Dragon and Ape attacked, simultaneously, with Emily jumping up onto a nearby building and then racing down and jumping at Tooya, causing him to cry out as he was battered from all angles.

"My turn to give it a whirl," said Mia, retracting the head and fins of her turtle and spinning in a complete 360 circle.

"Oh, I better get busy," said Tooya, "in making you dizzy!"

He hit the top of the Turtle zord, sending Mia spinning out of the way. The jaws on his skirt then opened and trapped the Pink ranger inside.

"Oh no, i'm stuck!" Mia cried out.

"Hold on, Mia!" Mike called as he thundered forwards in his bear zord. Pulling back on his control panel, Mike ordered his bear zord onto its hind legs as he pawed at the Nighlok. "Spit her out, Skirt breath!" he ordered, only to be lifted into the air, like a teddy bear, and being dropped.

The bear, now in its immobile state, hit Tooya's foot causing him to spit Mia out.

"Thanks, Mike," Mia nodded.

"No problemo," Mike responded. "Now let's get out of here!"

"With you," Mia said, as she and Mike attempted to roll away.

Tooya tried to follow but was attacked from the sky by Kevin; he had reverted his Dragon Zord back into its immobile state and was attacking as a hexagon rather than a dragon. Jumping backwards, the Blue ranger transformed back into a dragon, and slithered, like a snake, through the air. "Mega Blade! Dragon splash!" he spurted hot blue flames at Tooya, as the others thundered in from behind.

"My turn!" Ava said, swooping high up into the air, the wings of her penguin flapping around. While Penguin's couldn't fly out of water they did flap their wings as they moved.

"Annoying bird!" Tooya growled, firing his laser weapons at the Penguin. The blasts made hits with the exterior Zord but turned to solid ice upon impact. "What?!"

"Time to put you on the deep freeze!" Ava said, swooping in low and swaying the snowboard back and forth as her zord looped around Tooya before slicing across his stomach. The Nighlok groaned as his mid-section turned to ice, the fragments of which travelled both north and south before he was completely incased.

"What an ugly ice sculpture!" Emily and Mia agreed.

Pulling ahead of the others, the Lion zord run under Ava as she swooped over him, leaving Tooya frozen behind her, she didn't see the point in hanging around, it wasn't like the Nighlok was going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

"Mega blade!" Jayden said, removing his sword from the console and transforming it back into a blade. "Pentagonal Fury! Strike!"

Tooya sparked dangerously before exploding into millions of tiny snowflakes.

"Samurai Rangers! Victory is ours!" Jayden nodded, shouldering his sword. "That'll teach him to mess with the Samurai rangers."

~*Little Samurai*~

Emily grinned as she walked ahead of the group, following Ava, who was a little upset that Jayden had rejected her hug at the end of their first battle as a team, into the grounds of the Shiba house. Thinking that she was going to be the youngest on the team, Emily was pleased to say that she had, at least one other ranger, who was the same age as her.

"What a rush!" said the blonde, looking down at her Foldingzord that hung around her neck. "We did good."

"Piece of cake!" Mike agreed, tossing his own Foldingzord into the air and catching it. He did it several more times for the Penguin zord swooped past him, distracted him, and caused him to miss the green square.

Mia gasped and covered her mouth with her hands as the square grew closer and closer to the pebbled stone path.

"Oops," Ava said, catching the green square before it had a chance to hit the floor. "My bad. Sorry, Penguin gets a little over excited! Here!" she tossed the Bear Foldingzord back to Mike, who caught it and pocketed it.

"We could never have done it without each other," Jayden nodded, smiling at Emily and missing the burning glare that Ava sent his way at the notion.

"Thank you for leading us into battle," Kevin said, taking Jayden's attention off of Emily and projecting it onto himself. Ava seemed to relax, visibly, a notion that did not go amiss by Mia, who smirked lightly to herself.

"Bravo," said Ji as he stepped out of the house behind the new team.

Ava smiled and dashed forward; Jayden may have rejected her hug, but she knew that her father wouldn't have. "Did we do well, Daddy?" she asked.

"Such energy," Ji nodded. "Such grace..."

"I'm gonna take that as a yes," Ava smiled.

"Who is that?" Mike asked turning to face the older gentleman as Ava sank into his embrace.

"This is Ji," Jayden answered. "He is our mentor and Ava's father."

"Welcome to your new home," Ji smiled, addressing the new team. "You have all come from different places and families, but share one noble goal. I am very proud of how you have come together."

"We just followed some good advice and worked as a team," Jayden nodded.

"Yes," Ji agreed. "But you are not just any team."

"We're not?" Ava asked, curiously and innocently.

Ji smiled and looked down at his daughter. "No, Ava," he said, squeezing her into a one-armed hug. "You are the Samurai Rangers!"

Ava grinned and bounced back towards her new team-mates as they each turned to face one another, she held out her hand as her Penguin Foldingzord squeaked and landed in her palm, turning back into its oval immobile form.

"Rangers together," the team of six called out, each with their own Foldingzord in hand. "Samurai forever!"

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