Chapter Twenty

Sam leaned heavily against Dean's shoulder as they rode in the back of the Impala.

Dean smiled at his sleeping sibling, happy that they were able to bring him home after two weeks in the hospital.

Sam's wounds hadn't fully healed just yet but the doctor assured them that he was well enough to leave.

"When are you leaving?" Dean asked his father quietly so as not to wake Sam.

"As soon as your brother's settled," John told him, "Bobby and I will make this as quick as possible."

Dean nodded.

John and Bobby were going to pay Marty Coslaw a little visit.

The man was clearly unstable and needed to be stopped before he hurt anyone else.

Bobby's professor friend had called back saying that although there had been cases of cats being attracted to men and women suspected of being werewolves, it wasn't all that common. Cats were far more likely to be associated with witches as their familiars then the companions of werewolves.

Just how many innocent people had Coslaw killed simply because they happened to own a pet cat?

Although John hadn't wanted to leave his sons, Bobby and Dean had convinced him that Sam would be safe.

"I'm not letting Sammy out of my sight this time," Dean had said seriously.


John parked in Bobby's driveway and got out of the car, coming around to the side to help with Sam.

"I've got him, Dad," Dean said and picked his still slumbering sibling up.

John stepped out of the way and walked towards the porch instead.

He held the front door open for Dean.

Sam's eyes opened slightly as the scent of Bobby's cooking wafted towards them from the doorway.

"Oh, so now you wake up?" Dean smirked and set Sam down on the porch.

John followed his sons inside the house, closing the door behind them.

"Marmalade!" Sam called and a yellow arrow streaked towards him from the kitchen.

Sam laughed as the cat twined her lithe body between his legs, purring.

Dean chuckled at the sight of his brother and the cat. He was so glad the animal had survived Coslaw's attack; Sam would have been devastated had the cat been killed.

"When's dinner going to be ready, Bobby?" John asked, leaving his sons in the living room and meeting his friend in the kitchen.

"Couple of minutes," Bobby replied, "Why, you so eager to get to Alaska?"

Sam looked up at the comment and frowned. He did not want his father to leave.

"I just want to get this over with," John replied.

Dean squeezed his brother's shoulder comfortingly and whispered, "They'll be back before you know it."

Sam nodded and bent down to pick up Marmalade.

"I wish they weren't going," he muttered into the feline's soft fur.

Dean nodded, "I know but they can't let that lunatic hurt anyone else."

"I know," Sam replied and carried the cat over to the couch where he sat down. Marmalade squirmed out of Sam's arms and stepped onto the back of the couch, lying down behind the teen and continued to purr.

Dean left Sam by himself and went into the kitchen. He sat down across from his father.

"Do you think that Coslaw's really back up North?" he asked, his voice low so Sam wouldn't hear.

Bobby, who was standing at the stove, turned around and nodded, "There'd be no reason for him to stay here. He'd think Sam dead."

Dean nodded. He just didn't want to take the chance that the bastard had stuck around.

"Dean, its been three weeks," John reminded him, "If Coslaw was going to find out that Sam was still alive and come after him again, don't you think he'd have done it by now?"

Dean shrugged, "Maybe he'd wait until Sam got out of the hospital."

"Son," Bobby began, "If I know Coslaw, and unfortunately I do, he wouldn't stick around to make sure his work was finished. He'd know we'd come after him if he didn't hightail it out of here. Hell, he should know we'd still come after him."

"If he knows you and Dad are coming up there, wouldn't he hide or leave or something?" Dean asked.

Bobby shook his head; "He knows the terrain better in Alaska. He wouldn't want to go somewhere he wasn't comfortable."

"Just be careful," Dean said seriously, "You've gotta come back to help make the potion for Sam."

Both men nodded.

"We will, Dean," John assured him, "Don't worry."


Sam was stuffed. He had eaten way too much but he couldn't help it. After weeks of bland hospital food, Bobby's cooking tasted as though Wolfgang Puck had made it.

He looked up when his father and Bobby stepped into the living room, duffel bags in hand.

Scrambling up from the couch, Sam rushed towards John and grabbed him in a hug.

He felt his father tense up for a moment before he returned the gesture.

"I'm coming back, Sam," John told him.

"I know," Sam muttered, his face against his father's jacket.

"What about me?" Bobby asked and Sam let go of his Dad to hug the veteran hunter.

Sam felt tears sting his eyes and he blinked them away. He hadn't said anything to his family, but the thought of his father and Bobby leaving reminded him of the day Coslaw tried to kill him and that scared him.

Sam released Bobby and stepped back. John reached out and ruffled his hair, smiling.

"You take care of yourself," he told Sam and the teen nodded.

"You too," he replied.

John nodded, paused as though he wanted to say something else but then turned around and walked out the door.

"We'll be back in a few days," Bobby reassured him.

Sam nodded and watched as the older hunter walked out as well.

The fourteen-year old went to the front door and peered out the screen, watching as the two men climbed into Bobby's old pickup truck and backed out of the driveway.

"Hey Sammy," Dean called from the living room, "There's a movie starting. You want to watch it with me?"

Sam tore his gaze away from the retreating truck and shook his head, "I'm kind of tired, Dean. I think I'm just going to go to bed."

Dean peered at him from the chair he sat in, "You sure? Are you feeling okay?"

Sam nodded, "I'm just a little tired."

"Okay, Sammy," Dean replied and turned his attention to the television.

Sam climbed the stairs slowly. Why did he have a sinking feeling in his stomach?

Dad and Bobby knew what they were doing. They were experienced hunters.

But so was Marty Coslaw.

Sam shook his head once he reached the landing.

He was just tired. He needed to rest.

Entering the bedroom he shared with Dean, Sam closed the door without turning on the lights.

He looked up and gasped at the figure standing in front of the window.



The eighteen-year old tore up the stairs and flung the bedroom door open. Sam slammed into him, wrapping his arms around his middle and squeezed tightly.

"Sammy! What's wrong?" Dean asked and turned on the bedroom light.

"H-He was here!" Sam stammered, his face buried in his brother's shirt.

"Who?" Dean asked, prying Sam away from him and peering into his brother's frightened face.

"C-Coslaw! He was in the room!" Sam exclaimed.

Dean looked up instantly but saw nothing in the bedroom besides the beds and the dresser.

"He w-was in front of the w-window," Sam turned and pointed.

The window itself was closed, the curtains drawn away to let the moonlight in.

Dean stepped into the room and peered around. He saw nothing. No one was there nor was there any sign someone had been in the room.

"There's nobody here, Sammy," he said calmly.

Sam shook his head, "But I saw him, Dean. He was here."

Dean frowned, "You were seeing things Sammy."

Sam opened his mouth but then closed it. He nodded and wiped at his face.

"Why don't you get into bed and I'll turn the light out, okay?" Dean suggested.

Sam nodded and climbed onto his bed, pulling off his shoes and tossing them onto the floor. Without bothering to change out of his clothes, he pulled the blanket up to his chin.

Dean turned the light off and began to close the door.

"NO!" Sam exclaimed, sitting up, "I mean, can you leave it open, just a little bit?"

"Sure, Sammy," Dean said and released the door, "I'm just downstairs if you need anything."

Sam nodded and lay back down.

Dean sighed and walked down the stairs. He wished he had gone with his father and Bobby to make that bastard pay for what he'd done; now Sam was seeing him when he wasn't really there! Poor kid didn't deserve that.

Dean returned to the living room and sat down. He stared at the television, not really watching it.

Marmalade jumped up onto his lap and began to purr, staring up at him with her strange blue eyes.

"Why don't you go and keep Sam company, eh? I'm sure he'd like that better than me," Dean suggested to the cat.

The animal stretched, her back rubbing against Dean's chin before leaping off his lap and running up the staircase as if going to do just as Dean had asked.

Deciding that he didn't really want to watch TV anymore, Dean turned it off and headed upstairs himself.

Like Sam before him, Dean climbed into bed without changing, only shucking off his boots before getting beneath the sheets.

He turned so that he was facing his brother.

Dean smiled at the sight of Marmalade lying curled up beside Sam, her eyes closed and her purring loud in the quiet room.

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