First I would like to start off by saying thank you for reading and if you would give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it as this is my first story. I am in college this is a way I'm going to try and spend some free time as I enjoy the stories on this website. I'm going to try and update at least once a week as my studies will have to come first, sorry. I'm not going to use the Japanese names as I grew up watching the American Dragon Ball Z, I'm sorry if this offends anyone out there. I would much rather offend someone by not doing something than doing it wrong. The background for this story is that it has been seven years after the Cell Games and the main differences from the series are that there will not be Majin Buu, however there will be a strong enemy to come, I'm going to try and be original. The other is that Gohan didn't stop training entirely, he trained just enough to maintain his strength. I'm really going to try and focus on giving Gohan more of a social life and how it affects him when things come down to the wire.

-Chapter 1-

It was a peaceful morning as always in the forest. It was late enough to be day, yet early enough to still sleep. Not a soul stirred or even made a sound, except for one about to become three…

"GOOOOOHAAAAAANNN!" yelled an overly demanding an unsatisfied voice from downstairs.

Gohan and Goten both jumped a foot out of bed from their sleep and were wondering what just happened.

"WAAAKE UPP GOOOHAAAAAANNN!" the voice called again this time getting more impatient.

Goten noticed the alarm clock, it was five-thirty in the morning!

"Mom, what is it!" Gohan yelled from the top of the stairs.

"Please tell me you forgot about your first day in high school already" Chichi said with a sigh. She was worried, she had faith in Gohan but she didn't want him to grow into a lazy high school student before he even got to school.

"No I didn't, I just wasn't planning on waking up for another hour. School doesn't start until eight, mom" Gohan explained as he scratched at his back. He wasn't trying to be lazy he just knew that Satan City was a quick fly away from home, he didn't have to be ridiculously early.

"That is well thought out Gohan, but you forgot about one thing"


"YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" she yelled as she woke Goten back up, "we're driving together to Satan City, I want to be there when my Gohan takes his first steps into a real school."

"But it will take an hour and a half to get there by car, can't I just fly you there?"

"No you cannot just fly me there, how will I get back? And I can't use my helicopter capsule in the city or over the highway so we're driving"

"But mo-"

"I just want to see my boy before he becomes a man" Chichi said with what looked like a tear in his eye. At that point Gohan knew that he wasn't winning so he gave in.

The brothers ate breakfast as Chichi watched the news to make sure traffic wouldn't be too bad going into the city, which it always was. After breakfast the pair went upstairs to get dressed for the day. Goten put on one of his identical orange jumpsuits while the elder brother put on a pair of pants, a nice shirt, and a black vest. Gohan was thinking of how much he envied his brother for his wardrobe as the two walked back downstairs. Chichi was already waiting in the car outside, misting a little at the thought of her son already as old as he is. And with the two fastened in they were off for the highway.

"I don't get it" Goten began, "if Gohan really beat Cell how come the city isn't named Gohan City"

"Because the world thinks Hercule Satan beat Cell all those years ago" Gohan answered with a little bit of humor in his voice. He never held a grudge against the man, actually he found it humorous how everything actually turned out. And he considered himself lucky because he wouldn't want that much attention in the first place.

"So he lied?"

"Yes, he lied"

"But isn't lying wrong?"

"Yes, it is"

"So why isn't he in trouble?"

"Because everyone believes him, and none of our friends really want to waste time to oust him"

Goten sat there and tried to take it all in again, the thought of a grown man lying about something so serious gave him a headache, so he simply stopped. Which is exactly what the car did five minutes later, the car came to a dead stop in traffic. It looked like it was backed up for miles. They have already been in the car for over 45 minutes and it was now seven. At the looks of things Gohan was going to be late to school and he didn't want to make a bad first impression. Gohan was starting to get anxious when Chichi said, "Just go, we'll just turn around. It's not worth making you late your first day just go."

Gohan sat there for a minute just dumbfounded at what his mother just said.

"Gee, thanks mom that means a lot," he replied kissing her on the cheek. She simply sighed and turned to the younger version of Goku and said, "But you! I'm not missing yours, GOT IT!?" Goten gulped as Gohan flew away trying not to laugh at his brothers ill fate.

"Ma'am the orders just came in from Master Iced himself, he is approving of your request for planet Earth next."

The reptilian just licked her lips at the thought of revenge, "how long until we get there?" she asked in her shrewd, demanding, yet freezing voice.

"Eight months," the pilot responded with a gulp.

"Excellent, those fools won't know what hit them…"

King Kai sat there staring at the Saiyan he has honed into the champion of champions. He had no idea after some lunatic crashed onto his planet and starting playing with Bubbles that it would lead to this. Unfortunately he didn't have a planet anymore he once again reminded himself. The Saiyan called himself Goku and has clearly been his best student and friend over the years, despite the trouble he has gotten in. Goku was floating there in mid-air with training weights attached to his arms and legs, trying to get used to the extra weight he put on.

"Hey King Kai, are you sure this is enough?!"

"You're doing great boy" King Kai remarked sarcastically. He knew Goku could handle another ton of weight on each arm and leg but he has to pace himself in order to not destroy his body. "Just keep training!"

Goku wouldn't disagree with that. He levitated even higher into the endless sky and started pretending to fight one of his past enemies. 'He is too much sometimes' King Kai thought to himself.

"Hey Goku, want to know how your family is?!"

"Oh yeah, it has been a while since I checked on them, how are they?"

"Well Chichi is controlling as always, Goten is probably going to run himself to sleep, several times today-"

"So they're all the same?"

"If you would let me finish, ahem, Gohan is starting his first day in high school today"

"That's great, can you tell me if he has been training still?"

"Enough to keep his strength up, but not to build any, but you aren't excited for him?"

"I guess, I really don't know what school is like. All I've done my entire life was fight," Goku said with a giggle as he just realized he still had the huge weights attached to his body.

Gohan just landed on the edge of town and was surveying where he was. He went to the city before, he knew where he was going he just needed his bearings. "Oh no!" he exclaimed as he looked up.

"Yeah flying is much better than the car!" Goten exclaimed as he was riding Nimbus straight into the city. 'He has no idea how much trouble he's in' Gohan thought to himself as he looked at his watch, 'Seven-thirty, just enough time to turn him around.' Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan to try and hide his identity somewhat and flew up to Gohan.

"What are you doing?! Are you trying to be seen?!"

"No big brother, just wanted to see your school"

"No turn around now before I make you" Gohan said, serious as ever. He wasn't the kind of older brother that beat on his siblings but he wouldn't hesitate if there were possible consequences.

"O-ok" Goten said with a look of fear on his face. He finally sobered up, and his face filled with terror, he wasn't afraid of Gohan as much as he is his mother when she finds out what he's been up to. He instantly turned around and headed home. "How could he think that would be a good idea?" Gohan said out loud as he descended to the ground, and transformed back into normal when he hit the ground.

The girl in black pigtails was walking alone to school as usual, minding her own business. She usually kept an eye in the sky in case something went awry. If it did then the bumbling idiots of police men in the town would come and ask her for help. However she didn't see a terrorists' airplane this time, what she saw time shocked her. A small boy riding a cloud, she thought she was hallucinating until a young man surrounded in gold light flew up and stopped him. Realizing something wasn't right, she made a mad dash for where she saw the stranger land.

As soon as Gohan touched ground he realized what he just did. Not only did he just fly in public but he turned Super Saiyan as well, just to scare his brother. He honestly was banking on general ignorance that no one saw him but that became nothing as he felt an energy coming for him fast. He made a break for the school realizing he was being chased and that he was almost late. Now he was scared, but not about being chased, but at what would happen to him when Chichi found out that he was late his first day to school.

Gohan finally made it to his first class just seconds before the bell rang. He surveyed the classroom as the teacher announced, "Everyone this is Gohan, he scored exceptional on all of his tests, which is a lot better than the rest of you. Please make him feel welcome and-"

"He can sit here!" A blond girl announced from the middle of the room pointing at an empty seat next to her.

"Thank you Erasa," the teacher responded with a stern look on her face. Gohan bowed and walked towards the empty seat indicated by the overly friendly blonde.

"Hi I'm Erasa" the girl whispered. "This is Sharpener," she said pointing the athletic young man with long blonde hair. "And I don't know where Vi-," Erasa was cut mid-sentence as Videl walked through the door late as if it was nothing.

"Nice of you to join us Videl, hope you weren't call in wasn't too bad this morning," the teacher said allowing Videl to take her seat.

"Nothing too bad this morning saw something strange and had to take a look to find out," Videl walked to her seat. Gohan flinched and tried to hide it, as she walked up her Ki was exactly that of the one chasing him to school this morning. Videl noticed the action and instantly became suspicious and she thought to herself, 'What's his problem? Wait a second he looks a little like the guy I saw flying this morning, but he isn't surrounded by a golden light. Maybe he knows something.'

"Videl, this is Gohan, he's new here," Erasa cheerfully said.

"Um, it's nice to meet you," Gohan said as he held out a hand.

"Why are you so on edge?" Videl questioned with a stern look on her face as she took his hand. That made Gohan flinch again and color drained from his face.

"It's because he's not used to being around pretty girls," everyone turned around and saw Sharpener with a huge grin on his face. It gave Gohan enough time to regain his composure and ready himself against Videl.

"Can it Sharpener," Videl said, annoyed as always. A smile stayed on Sharpener's face for the rest of the day. Videl took her seat in between Erasa and Sharpener. Class started, everyone looked serious except for Gohan. 'I thought I was supposed to be learning stuff, I know this already,' he thought to himself, 'I should look like I'm trying.' Gohan started jotting notes down and paying more attention. By the end of the class everyone left with a headache, everyone but Gohan.

"Man that was hard" Erasa said, rubbing her eyes.

"It sure was" Gohan said, rubbing his eyes with an additional yawn added.

"Wait, are you yawning?" Sharpener asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Oh" Gohan said, "I was just really tired, I didn't really sleep last night. I was excited about my first day of school."


"Really, I'm serious"

"That's alright the ones who don't pay attention are usually out first"

"Alright I guess I'll try harder" Gohan conceded only to get the jock off of his back.

'What is wrong with him,' Videl thought to herself, 'He is so strange and awkward.'

Gohan was awkwardly walking down the hall trying not to bump into anyone which was proving to be a challenge considering how many students were enrolled. He thought to himself, 'no way are my classes going to be that easy every time, it's harder just to find my way around this place.' His solution came to him in a flirty Erasa who offered to help him find his next class. Gohan, awkwardly as has been for the past few hours, agreed.

The next class they all had together was gym. They all stood in a perfectly straight line across a field waiting for the unfit fitness teacher to slowly waddle his way over and call their names. Sharpener, given the fact that he was the head jock among his circle of friends, decided in his mind that an initiation was in order. He figured the best way to do that was to call Gohan into the boxing ring and humiliate him in front of everyone. 'Gohan is a nerd, this will be easy,' his ego told him. Sharpener ran up to Gohan, "hey Gohan want to go for a round in the boxing ring with me?"

Gohan not being a fool sees that Sharpener wants to establish himself as dominant. Gohan didn't even have to sense his Ki to determine his disposition. 'I won't go too hard on him,' Gohan thought to himself. "Sounds good to me, Sharpener," Gohan replied as both boys tried to hide back grins.

The moment they both stepped into the ring Gohan already knew what Sharpener's first move would be. He didn't have to read his movements to figure it out. Sharpener immediately started to throw punches as Gohan dodged every one of them. To Sharpener, he was moving as fast as lightning, however to Gohan, it was like watching paint dry. Gohan kept up the act for a good five minutes, impressed at the jock's stamina. Eventually a crowd started to grow around the ring. Videl and Erasa were both apart. Both of whom were amazed at the speed of Gohan, and disappointed in Sharpeners ability to land one punch. Beads of sweat began to increase as well as the frustration of Sharpener due to his plan being turned against him. 'Ok this is getting to be too many people, it's time to end this,' Gohan thought to himself. And with one swift tap to the chest by Gohan, Sharpener went flying out of the ring. 'Too much,' Gohan thought with a squint as he saw the jock sprawled out on the ground. 'I will get you Gohan,' Sharpener thought to himself as he stood up exhausted to see that Gohan hasn't even broken a sweat. The fitness trainer wobbled over as fast as he could whenever he saw the crowd forming around the ring, but by the time he got there, it was too late.

"Good job you too, not only did you provide yourselves some exercise, but you also provided the class with entertainment and an excuse to be lazy!" the massive man bellowed out at the two boxers. 'As if you need an excuse to be lazy,' went through the minds of every student in the class. "Get out of here you're all done for the day!" the instructor yelled, his pudgy face red from the exertion from his lungs.

Everyone got changed and showered before marching off to their next class. This resulted in everyone loitering in the halls for a good five minutes because the coach always lets them out too early. "Good match Sharpener" Gohan offered trying to be a good sport.

"Get one thing straight new guy, I was going easy on you to not look like a jerk in front of everybody," Sharpener passed off as an excuse.

Videl and Erasa walked up to the two boys in the hall. "Well if that was you going easy on him Sharpener I hate to catch a whiff of you when you're going all out, did you even shower after that?" Videl mockingly questioned her friend who she knew had a raging infatuation with her. Erasa only added to the insult by holding her nose and saying, "Pee-you!"

That's when Sharpener thought it would be best to make a move, "you know Videl, I really am a great boxer, and I'm not above giving a girl some private lessons if you catch my drift." Videl stared at Sharpener with an anger usually reserved for criminals, but yet again the message didn't get through the jock's thick head. So she tried a more verbal approach, "You know Sharpener that would sound like a good offer, but I'd take lessons from Gohan the bookworm, he seems to know what he's doing more than you do. I especially wouldn't want you to lower yourself to teaching a girl." Videl was trying to make her words hit home, Sharpener has been infatuated with her since middle school. Videl has had enough and vowed when high school started to get him to stop, but every attempt just results in getting crazier and crazier over her. She doesn't want to seem like a bad friend, but that's all she wants to be with him is a friend. As always the insult thrown on Sharpener just made him want her more. 'These people are weird,' Gohan thought to himself as he tried to escape to his next class. However he didn't manage to escape before Erasa was grabbing his arm and saying, "Where you going Gohan?"

"Well I don't want to be late to my next class," Gohan tried to explain.

"That's ok, we'll come with you! Guys Gohan wants to move to the next class!"

That was the cue for the group of friends to grab their bags and start walking.

"So Gohan, what does someone do to be as fast as you? I'm sure it's just smoke and mirrors like my dad always says, right?" Videl questioned cautiously. She didn't always believe her dad about such things, but that's because he never could conjure up any evidence.

"Well actually, when you live up in the mountains you do a lot of running around and stuff. That really builds up your body a bit," Gohan explained, proud of his fast lie.

"Uh-huh, well that doesn't really explain how you tapped him square in the chest and sent him flying."

"Eeeee" Gohan froze, he didn't think of a lie this time. But was saved when Sharpener butted in, "hey why do we have to keep talking about Gohan, it's not like our lives all revolve around his."

"Doesn't mean they should revolve around yours either," Videl retorted

"But mine revolves around yours," Sharpener answered with a cheeky smile.

"And it's starting to tick me off," Videl said and walked away from the rest of the group. Erasa chased after yelling, "Videl, wait for me!" And Sharpener didn't see the point hanging out with the kid who showed him up at his own sport so he walked away without even as much as saying good bye to Gohan. 'No wonder I was home schooled,' Gohan thought to himself.

The day went on as Gohan expected, he had assorted classes with his three new friends if he counted Videl and Sharpener friends. Every time he had a class with them he sat near them but they both just stared at him. Erasa was the only one who showed genuine affection for Gohan, which at times was overbearing for him. She smothered him, and it started to make him really uncomfortable. She could tell in the last class of the day which they both shared with Videl. She wanted to try and break the ice, "So Gohan, are you doing anything after school today? We were all thinking of going out to the arcade or the mall or something." This really threw Gohan on edge, he's never spent time with people his own age, none the less go and have fun with them. All he ever really knew in life was training and studying.

"What else are you going to do? I doubt you know anything else here, right?" Videl asked, still suspicious. Gohan could feel her Ki rising slightly at the thought of having of having someone she doesn't trust around her friends.

"Um yeah sure I guess I can go, thanks a lot," Gohan said, a little nervous about Videl.

"Great! I can't wait!" Erasa almost yelled before she realized class isn't over yet.

'What did I get myself into?' Gohan thought to himself as the minutes counted down to the end of the day.

Paw City was usually bustling with life this time of day, especially with a baseball game being played downtown. People were so busy that, as usual, they didn't bother looking up to see hooded figure floating directly above the center of the city. A smile grew on his face as he raised a hand over his head. He then focused hard and created a small ball of light which expanded rapidly until it was the size of a car. He then laughed as he threw the ball smack in the middle of downtown. The explosion was huge, not a soul saw it coming. Paw City, the millions of people, was replaced by an enormous crater that stretched for miles. The hooded figure floated down to the ground, he was having trouble staying afloat due to the amount of energy that he just used. He looked around satisfied and sadistically laughed as he thought what he should do next.

Gohan and his new group of friends were walking down the street, heading towards the arcade when he felt something. He just felt a massive amount of Ki being released south of Satan City. He knew he couldn't have been the only one to have felt it. "Guys I really have to go, I just remembered there's something I have to take care of, sorry," Gohan said as he booked it for Capsule Corp. Sharpener didn't give a damn, while Videl's suspicions sky rocketed. And Erasa, clearly the most distressed yelled, "But Gohan! We haven't even gotten to the arcade yet!"

"Don't worry Erasa, we can still have some fun," Videl said trying to comfort her friend while giving Gohan's back a nasty glare.

"If you say so…" Erasa said, disappointment swept across her face.

And that's the end of the first chapter. I know I have a lot going on so far, but stick with it please, right now I'm writing what comes to mind so I'm surprising myself as much as you. Please comment and I'll try to get started on the next chapter.