Chapter 19

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The Z-fighters were all in accordance once they returned to Earth, all of them were to train until the invasion. Which meant Gohan would have to drop out of school for the second semester. Videl also opted to drop out and train with Gohan as well, she wanted to be with him.

"Kakarot, it's been how long? We're going to the GR now," Vegeta said after mostly everyone else left.

"What's the GR?" Goku asked excitedly.

"Gravity room, it's similar to the one on your ship when you went to Namek. Only this one is much stronger," Vegeta explained as he lead Goku through a series of halls.

"So what is this really about, Vegeta?" Goku asked, his mood suddenly serious.

"You're awfully quick to the punch tonight, Kakarot," Vegeta said nonchalantly as he pressed a button and a door opened. Vegeta lead Goku through the door way and pressed a button behind him. The door shut and lights came on in a larger version of the ship that Goku traveled in.

"And you aren't exactly the social kind yourself," Goku retorted.

"Too true," Vegeta said as he walked over to a console, "400 times gravity good for you?"

Goku nodded as Vegeta adjusted the settings on the wall console.

"My dad's going to wreck yours," Trunks said eagerly leading Goten to the observation room above the GR.

"No way, my dad is super strong," Goten said chasing after his older friend.

"Well we're going to find out soon, my dad already adjusted the room to 400 times Earth's gravity," Trunks said peeking from the window.

"This is going to be fun," Goten said peeking out the window overlooking the GR alongside his friend. The two boys could hardly see over the ledge between the glass and the wall.

"Kakarot I am not going to lie to you, we are very strong warriors. We have taken down some of the toughest threats this galaxy can throw at us, we could destroy a planet with a flick of our wrist practically," Vegeta continued as he made his way towards the center of the room.

Goku took a stance and said, "I know, not even our group can stop a massive invasion. Even if we could manage to contain their entire army to one area, if a couple slipped past by us then it would spell utter disaster."

"Then you already know where I am going with this," Vegeta said falling into his own stance.

"Yes, and you already know what I want to do," Goku said.

"And I'm telling you it can't be done," Vegeta said lunging with a fist aimed straight for Goku's head.

"You've never told me why though," Goku said easily blocking Vegeta's attack and countering with own roundhouse.

"The Saiyans, those of our original planet are savages. It would be doing them too much justice to call them animals," Vegeta said sourly.

"I don't know Vegeta, I've been doing my research lately. When I was in otherworld I met a lot of fighters, a lot of whom died about 20 years ago. I met one alien, he said he was part of an invasion force to take over a small world of peaceful people. He thought it was going to be a milk run. However it was far from that, there were Saiyans on that world, and they stopped the invasion," Goku said as he continued pressing an attack towards Vegeta.

"Impossible, I have no doubt that there are more than a handful of Saiyans left in this universe, however I doubt they've invested their time in planetary defense," Vegeta said blocking every one of Goku's attacks until he released a small burst of Ki in all directions and pushed Goku back. He then opened his own offensive firing consecutive Ki blast at Goku who seemed to dodge or swat away each and every one.

"That's what I thought too, but he said it was unmistakable. They were Saiyans, they had tails, and there was a small force of them on the planet, he guessed around 80 to 100 of them. They even wore armor similar to you, Nappa, and Raditz," Goku replied as he charged up a larger Ki blast and threw it at Vegeta. Vegeta smirked caught it and threw it back to its owner. Goku stared dumbfounded back at Vegeta who could barely contain himself.

"Your dad doesn't know the Ki manipulation trick does he Goten?" Trunks asked cockily.

Goten looked back a little frustrated at his friend before replying, "So what? Your dad hasn't landed a hit on him yet!"

"Doesn't matter neither has yours," Trunks said before sliding a chair over for him and Goten.

"Can you hear what they're saying?" Goten asked pressing his ear against the glass.

"Something about Saiyans and planetary defense," Trunks said still watching.

"What's that?" Goten asked tried to comprehend what their fathers could possibly be talking about.

"That would be an army defending a planet," a new voice cut in. Gohan and Videl walked into the observation room hand in hand.

"Gohan, do you know what they may be talking about?" Trunks asked.

"No clue to be honest," Gohan said putting his free hand behind his head.

"I know you're lying," Videl said with a raised eyebrow, "You're an awful liar."

Gohan sighed before walking over to the glass and saying, "This is just my speculation, but I think that Vegeta is looking to recruit more fighters across the galaxy and my dad wants to get the Saiyans from the original Saiyan home world."

"That would be awesome," Trunks said excitedly.

"Not really no," Gohan said trying to dash the boys hopes.

"Why wouldn't it?" Goten asked.

"Because you two weren't around when the real Saiyans tried to attack the Earth, I was. We shouldn't be tangling with them, they may bring us more danger than protection," Gohan said.

"But our dads could just stop them," Trunks said proudly.

"We'd be replacing one evil with another, we can't beat an army by ourselves now, we wouldn't be able to do it then either," Gohan said shaking his head.

"Vegeta changed, maybe these ones can too?" Videl asked.

"Maybe," Gohan said before looking back at the glass.

"Do you even know where to look for the Saiyans?" Vegeta asked, starting to get frustrated. Their fight has been fruitless, both fighters have been holding back and neither have landed a hit yet.

"Not exactly, I have a general area. But I know you do," Goku said.

Vegeta flinched a little at what Goku said before he looked up the observation room and saw the teens and kids watching. "It seems we have an audience," Vegeta said.

"That we do. Vegeta, how about you and me go tomorrow? If it's a dud we'll leave and I won't bring it back up, if it works then we have an army."

"Why would they listen to us?"

"Hello? You announce it to anybody and everybody that lives, you are the prince of Saiyans, make that the King actually now that Trunks is around and you're married. I'm assuming that's the crest painted on your armor?"

Vegeta was getting flustered because he knew Kakarot was making sense to him, had a valid argument, and was making fun of him all at the same time. "Fine, we'll go tomorrow but it will only be the two of us," Vegeta said.

"Awesome, what do you say we give them a bit of a show while we're in here?" Goku said.

Vegeta smirked before saying, "You're on."

Vegeta and Goku both powered up as Super Saiyans, the ground shook and bits of tile started to float in the air all around the room. The two warriors stood facing each other from across the room, gold hair standing straight up and teal eyes meeting each other. Then with the blink of an eye they vanished, the only evidence that there was a fight was the shockwaves from their hits connecting to the opponent. Then less than a minute later they were both back in their original spots facing each other. "Hey Kakarot, I don't know what you've been doing in the other world, but I've progressed more than I've let on," Vegeta boasted pointing to himself with a smirk on his face.

"Believe me, so have I," Goku replied with a smile that showed his confidence.

"Have you been able to push yourself past Super Saiyan yet?" Vegeta asked. And without waiting for a reply from his comrade he started shouting as he powered up. He was in his power up stance with his legs spread and his fists at his waists while he yelled as he unleashed power hidden in the depths of his body. His hair started to grow a little as lightning started to crackle around his body. Vegeta sighed as the transformation was complete, Goku was completely out of his league now. "Ready for a real fight now, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked cockily.

"So you were able to ascend too, huh?" Goku asked casually as he took his power up stance. And with an equally loud shout he went through the exact same transformation as Vegeta. Goku's hair grew and lightning started to dance around his body. "For the record, we'll call this Super Saiyan two," Goku said as he took a fighting stance with a smile to rival Vegeta's smirk.

"I shouldn't be surprised that you reached this point too. I shouldn't even be surprised that you came up with a term for it either," Vegeta said entering his fighting stance.

"Thanks," Goku replied cheerfully, "King Kai thought that Super Saiyan two would be a good name for it."

The two resumed their fight, they were again moving faster than the average eye could see. This time it was difficult to sense how the fight was going because they moved so fast. There were three times as many shockwaves from the fight echoing through the large chamber, and it showed no visible end coming soon.

"Wow I had no clue or dads are that strong!" Trunks exclaimed watching the fight, "What did they just do?"

"They ascended past Super Saiyan," Gohan answered with a grin. He wasn't surprised to see the two men at this state. He knew that it would be foolish to assume that either man hadn't reached that transformation yet

"Is that even possible?" Videl asked looking at Gohan with shock.

"Yeah, that's how I beat Cell after all," Gohan said looking back at her with a matter-of-fact look. She smiled at him and they all turned back to the fight.

"Why does it seem like they're holding back?" Trunks asked.

"You don't want them to bring the whole place down do you?" Gohan answered.

After another couple minutes of fighting, both fighters appeared to be evenly matched. Neither have landed a hit on the other yet and the GR was starting to take a beating. After one final shockwave both fighters landed on opposite sides of the room. They weren't even breathing heavily, however it was clear that the battle took a toll on their training gear and armor.

"Man I don't even remember getting hit," Goku whined looking over his orange gi and pants.

"It's the sheer energy we were putting out Kakarot, take a look at this place we have to stop for now and let the woman fix it. She can get this done in an hour, if we continue it'll take her a few days and then I'll have nothing to do," Vegeta explained as he walked over to the console.

'Tell him he can try fishing,' Gohan thought to Goku.

"Hey Vegeta you can try fishing," Goku said.

Vegeta didn't even look back to Goku as he started walking out of the room, he just saluted him with a middle finger as he walked out the door.

"Okay I'll see you tomorrow!" Goku yelled waving. He then gave Gohan a thumbs up and placed two fingers to his forehead.

"What was that about?" Videl asked confused.

"I told my dad to bring up fishing with Vegeta," Gohan said with a laugh.

"You're a jerk," Videl said playfully punching Gohan's chest.

The next thing they knew Goku appeared right in front of them with a grin on his face. "What's the fishing thing about?" Goku asked.

"Vegeta tried his hand at fishing and it didn't go too well," Gohan said with a laugh.

"Yeah mom was so excited that dad wanted a hobby that she bought him all of this brand new stuff. But we ended up trashing it and training, she was pretty angry at him," Trunks but in.

"I think he might appreciate the way we fish," Goku said looking at Gohan.

"He might blow up the lake," Gohan said with a laugh as Videl rolled her eyes. She knew how the sons fished and to be honest she wasn't sure how she felt about them punching huge fish out of the water.

Cole landed outside the cabin that he shared with the woman that he loved. He opened the door for her and they both stepped inside. They both sat across from each other at the lone table as if Sophia never left.

"Is that what happened when you-," Sophia began reached for Cole's face.

"I tried to save you, yes," Cole said letting her hand feel the damage of the flames.

"Oh my god, are you going to have it removed or keep it?"

"Does it matter?"

"To me no, it's your decision."

"I keep it as a reminder to stay on my guard at all times no matter what," Cole said taking Sophia's hand.

"I feel safe," she said before the two took an embrace inside the modest cabin, letting the night take the two over.

Early the next morning, before everyone woke up, Goku met Vegeta at Capsule Corp. The sun hadn't come out yet and the morning was still cool. Vegeta was dressed in his Saiyan battle gear with the red insignia on his chest, as much as he didn't want to admit it he was excited with the prospect of possibly taking his rightful place on the Saiyan throne. Goku on the other hand was carefree as usual and only showed up in his usual orange gi.

"So do you have any clue where we are going?" Goku asked Vegeta with his hands behind his head.

"Yes, I double checked the location last night," Vegeta answered uncrossing his arms.

"Ok, are you ready?" Goku asked.

"More than ready," Vegeta said.

"Ok, be still and clear your mind," Goku said walking over to Vegeta.

"Wait, what are you-" Vegeta tried to say before Goku had his hand on Vegeta's forehead.

"Ok I know where we're going now!" Goku said happily.

"Never do that again," Vegeta mumbled as Goku placed two fingers to his forehead. Goku grinned as he found their destination and they started to teleport. The next thing they knew they were floating over a vast jungle. Goku simply looked around while Vegeta's mouth dropped.

"Do you sense that?" Goku asked. When he didn't get an answer he nudged Vegeta out of his trance," Vegeta?"

"What? Yeah I do, I can't believe this. This planet was supposed to be a wasteland, are you sure we are on the right planet?" Vegeta asked.

"Positive, come on let's find those Saiyans," Goku said starting to fly. Vegeta didn't say anything, he flew alongside Goku with his arms crossed. The trees and wildlife started to clear as they flew. The sky was a deep yellow and the ground seemed to be a deep red. The two Saiyans flew over strange wildlife over the forest and increasingly barer land. Soon a huge silver-steel colored compound was in front of them, it was in the shape of a hexagon and about the size of west city on Earth. However inside the compound seemed to be buildings poking out of the middle that looked similar to a city on planet Vegeta.

"Impossible," Vegeta muttered as Goku cheered in victory.

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go!" Goku shouted taking off ahead of Vegeta.

"Hold on Kakarot!" Vegeta yelled, "We don't know what's down there, I'd hate to have to blast the people we wish to enlist for help."

But it was too late by the time Goku was making his approach, an alarm went off and a dozen warriors seemed to have flown from nowhere. They had armor similar to Nappa and Raditz's as well as brown tails around their waists. They had a variety of lengths of hair, most of which was black, a couple were even bald. They all had scouters over their left eyes, each one had a different color.

"You're outnumbered, stop where you are and tell us what you want," one of them yelled.

"Are you all Saiyans?" Goku asked nonchalantly with a little bit of wonder.

"Yeah, so what?" one of them answered.

"That's awesome! I knew it!" Goku cheered.

One of the Saiyans growled and yelled, "Who the hell are you?!"

"His name is Kakarot," Vegeta cut in flying down into the middle of the circle.

"And who are you?" Another asked.

"My name is Vegeta, and I demand to see who's in charge here," Vegeta said with a smirk and his arms crossed.

"Vegeta? As in the planet, the king, or the prince?" One of them asked cautiously.

"As in the prince," Vegeta said with another smirk.

"Right, how are we supposed to believe that? Vegeta was reported dead on Namek , Frieza said he killed him personally," one of the Saiyans yelled pressing a button on his scouter. The device made some beeps and the interface ran wild until the small device blew up on the Saiyan's ear. He looked at Vegeta in shock and couldn't fathom an explanation until a deep voice cut the silence in the air. "That's the prince alright, actually that would make him the king now. I would stand down if I were you," came from a Saiyan with short grey hair that seemed to have flown up from the compound.

"What gives him the right to rule us?" the same Saiyan asked.

"He is royal blood, his father ruled us on planet Vegeta, he lead us when we were in need and we made him our king," the grey-haired Saiyan explained with crossed arms. He wore armor similar to Radtiz's only with an orange accent instead of a brown one.

"Some seems to know some respect," Vegeta said with a smirk, "What's your name?"

"Pikuro, I was off planet when it was destroyed. I went and tried to gather other survivors and came back to our first home, but why don't I show you what we have done instead of telling you? Stand down men and return to your positions," Pikuro ordered.

"Yes General," they said in unison and flew back to nearby foliage and behind rocks.

"Who are you by the way?" the general asked pointing to Goku.

"My name's Goku, I was off planet as a baby when Vegeta was destroyed," Goku explained.

"That doesn't sound like a Saiyan name."

"It isn't his real name is Kakarot, long story short he calls Earth home now and that is his Earth name," Vegeta butted in, "Who's in charge here?"

"We'll get to that, first I'm going to show you our capital city," Pikuro said as he motioned for them to follow him. They landed inside a hangar bay and there were huge ships everywhere unloading caged animals and plants in cases. There were also larger ships that looked like they were meant for combat, fighters and troop carriers.

"What is all of this?" Vegeta asked taking everything in.

"Well the Saiyans have reformed after Frieza's reign and moved to another quadrant of the galaxy to get away from him. We never really bumped heads with any ice-jinn since him. We offer planetary defense now to weaker planets. For every planet that agrees, we set up a small base and settlement," Pikuro explained.

"Told you," Goku said nudging Vegeta with his elbow.

"The planets we usually protect are poor, so instead of paying us in currency, they trade resources with us and offer us services, as you can see by the animals and plants being carried around. One planet has even offered to help restore planet Saiya, I'm sure you could tell by the jungles and animals whenever you came here. Speaking of which how did you get here?" Pikuro asked with his arms crossed.

"Instant transmission," Goku said pointing two fingers to his head. Pikuro still looked confused, even more so when Goku transported and appeared on the other side of the room. It definitely riled up some of the animals. Goku transported back and Pikuro said, "I'll have to learn that trick someday."

"This is all grand and everything, but who is in charge here? Who organized all of this?" Vegeta asked starting to get impatient.

"Very well," Pikuro said before pressing a button on his scouter, "Your highness, I have some people you really need to meet, it's very important."

There were some inaudible comments made before Pikuro said, "Very good, we will go to the palace and meet him in the throne room. The palace is in the center of the city so we'll be able to see some of the streets before we get there."

"Lead on," Vegeta said. Pikuro started to walk and Goku kept gawking at all of the larger animals until he found the equivalent of a cow. 'Wonder what that tastes like?' He thought before realizing the was falling behind.

As soon as they stepped out of the hanger they were on a busy street that was dominated by pedestrians. There were both aliens and humanoid figures that Goku and Vegeta assumed to be Saiyans. The two guards at the door saluted the general as he walked out. Upon a second glance by Goku, they wore the same armor as Raditz did and had tails around their waists.

"Lots of aliens here," Vegeta pointed out to Pikuro.

"Yes, some come to live on Vegeta to find work. A lot of them are skilled workers and scientists who are responsible for most of the buildings and technology you see now. Others are merchants who import goods from their home planets to sell on the streets," Pikuro answered. Just then a small group of children, presumably Saiyan judging by their tails, ran past the trio.

"Children? Here?" Vegeta asked.

"Our leader thought that training and education would be required before children are ready to take up their roles in society."

"Roles? There's more than fighters?"

"Believe it or not yes. There's a few who are intellectually gifted and learn from some of the aliens here, some opt to do construction and building, the rest go into security and defense."

"How's the crime here?"

"It's here and there, but not too bad. We have enough guards on the streets that it's usually a deterrent. Most serious crimes committed by adults are met with death, that also keeps them from happening."

The hanger was on the edge of the city, most of the buildings appeared to be either small warehouses or apartment complexes. But they were all constructed out of the white marble like material the space pods were made out of as well with window tints similar too. As they walked closer and closer to the center of the city the buildings grew bigger in size and height as did the foot traffic and number of merchants on the streets. Peering into some of the buildings there were restaurants, trade stores, and more. And then they reached the palace at the center of the city. It held a perimeter wall around it with closed gates and what looked like grass and plants inside the gates before the building. The actual palace stood at about half the height of one of the apartment buildings next to it, but had a single spire that overlooked the entire city. As the trio walked into the gate, they started to walk towards the palace and were met by three men wearing Saiyan armor. The two on the outside had short cropped black hair, scouters, and blue and yellow armor similar to Vegeta's when he attacked Earth. The one in the middle was shorter, and had spiky hair similar to Gohan's only it was a little longer in length and stood straight up. He was skinny and had armor that fit him perfectly. This armor was blue and yellow too, only it had the red royal family insignia on it and had a cape that extended off of the shoulder pads. He wore a scouter with a blue screen and looked up at Vegeta who walked over and put his hands on the shorter one's shoulders.

Vegeta could only say, "Tarble? Is that really you?"

How about that? The weaker of the two brothers sent away was able to construct a Saiyan empire! Again sorry for taking so long, now that I'm back in school it should be easier to write these chapters up. Enjoy and let me know what you think.