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I Know Your Secret

Camille sat under one of the trees in the school yard waiting for her two best friends, Alfred and Milo, to be dismissed from class. Everyone was now around the age of fourteen and fifteen, so at certain times there were special classes that were meant for boys only and girls only, but they still had regular classes where everyone would be together at school. Today just so happened to be one of the 'special class' days, and it was the boys' turn. So while she waited, she sat under the tree and began writing in her diary. She knew she should have left it home, but she had so much that she wanted to get written into it, and since she had nothing else to do, she decided to carry it along with her. When she was done, she closed the diary and lay it down on her lap as she rested her back onto the tree trunk, looked up at the sky in thought, and gave a heavy sigh.

"How did this happen?" Camille thoughtfully asked herself. "Why am I feeling this way towards him? We've known each other for years, which is why we're best friends. But… why do I feel… like… I want us to be more? I still don't understand it." she thought. She closed her eyes and placed her hands over her chest, on the side where her heart was located.

"I can't feel this way towards him! It's not right! Not because we're best friends, but because we're… we're… we're incompatible. It can't and should not happen! But… I've told myself that hundreds of times, I've written it dozens of times in my diary, and in my entry today, I just couldn't write it again… I finally gave in to my heart, and confessed to myself in my diary – no matter how much my mind denies it – I have fallen in love… with my best friend."

The school bell soon rang, signalling the day's dismissal. When she looked over and saw that Alfred and Milo had exited the door and spotted her, she quickly placed her diary in her bag pack, stood up and walked over to them. However, in her haste to hide her book of secrets, she had not placed it properly in her pack causing it to fall out and land at the foot of the tree, with her not noticing. Also, since the tree was big enough to hide someone or something from being seen, neither Alfred nor Milo had noticed the object fall out of Camille's pack.

Once they were reunited, they began conversing with each other as they made their way to their usual hang out; Hedgequaters.

About five minutes after the three friends had left the school premises, Cynthia and her cousin Louise where passing by the school and just so happened to pass by the exact tree which Camille was sitting under. When they did, Cynthia tripped and fell forward.

"I meant to do that." She said, once she got back up on her feet.

"Look," Louise said, pointing at the ground.

Cynthia looked and saw a book on the ground. She picked it up and observed it. It was plain red with a lock pad on it, but it wasn't locked.

"It looks like some sort of diary or something." Cynthia said, looking at the back of the book then the front again.

"It must belong to someone, but who?" Louise stated in wonder.

Cynthia opened the book to the first page and grinned at what she saw.

"It belongs to Camille Wallaby," she said in a mischievous voice.

"Then we should return it to her." Louise said, reaching out for the book, but Cynthia moved it away and slapped her hand.

"Ow!" Louise said, quickly pulling her hand back and started rubbing the top where Cynthia had hit.

"We should, but we won't." Cynthia said.

"But why not?" Louise asked.

"There's most likely some stuff in here I can use against her." Cynthia said, as she opened the diary to the first entry.

The first entry consisted of Camille introducing herself to the dairy and any other things everyday people knew about her. The second entry spoke about the mystery she and her two best friends had solved on the day she wrote it. The third also spoke of another mystery she and her friends had solved; as did the forth, the fifth, all the way up to the fifty-third entry. By the time Cynthia had read the sixth entry, she began to get very annoyed.

"Grrr! This isn't a diary, it's a journal!" Cynthia screamed in frustration, surprising Louise, as she began to flip pages and scheming through them. "All she talks about in here are the stupid mysteries they-"

Cynthia stopped mid-sentence when she read something that caught her attention. She grinned mischievously.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Cynthia said, when she read it. Louise didn't say anything because she knew it was wrong to read someone's secrets, and didn't want to know what Cynthia had found. But she knew she would find out anyway.

"Very… interesting," Cynthia smiled as she read the entry. It read…

"Dear Diary,

It's been a few days since we solved our last mystery and nothing much has been happening since then. Considering this, I can now tell you about something that has been bothering me for sometime now. I don't know what it is, but lately I've been feeling a little strange around my friend, Alfred. It started out when one time, he had rest his hand on my shoulder. I felt a small jolt go down my back, but thought nothing of it. A few days after, it happened again, and even then I thought nothing of it. But it still bothered me a little so in order to take my mind off it, I tease my other friend Milo. I know it might not be very nice of me to do that to one of my best friends, but its fun and it takes my mind of this strange feeling for a while. Besides, he's gotten used to it already. XD.

Anyway, that's it for now; until my next entry Diary.

*Camille Wallaby"

That entry was written about three years ago; when they were about ten or eleven years old.

Cynthia found this very interesting, and skipped ahead a few pages to an entry written about roughly a year ago. It read…

"Dear Diary,

I don't want to believe or admit it, but I think I've developed a crush on Alfred! =(

I don't know how it happened, but the strange feeling I have been getting have become noticeable to a point where I can't ignore it. Sometimes when I look at him, my stomach gets upset, or I feel my face heating up, or a chill going down my spine. I REFUSE to believe that I have fallen for my best friend, and I have two reasons for that. One – we're best friends, and Two, the most important reason of all – we're completely different species. *sigh* I can't allow this to happen, so I'm going to have to make myself erase this feeling. But how can I do that, when I spend every waking minute with him and Milo? I'm going to have to find some way; until my next entry Diary.


Cynthia's eyes widened in surprise as well as amusement. She flipped to the very last entry, which was recently written and read it. It read…

"Dear Diary,

I tried. I really tried, but I can't ignore it any longer. I have fallen hard for him. What started out as a crush I tried to erase, has developed into all out love. I am completely in love with my best friend. I did my best to make the feeling go away, but in the end, my heart won over my mind of logic. But although I may feel this way towards him, I can't let him know. Although I am not afraid of anything, the one thing I am most afraid of… is loosing my best friend; whether it be Alfred OR Milo. :'(

I can't let him know that I feel this way, and he must never find out, no matter how much it hurts me. I've been able to keep this from him for this long and think I can still keep it from him a bit longer; hopefully till we get older and find our mates.

*sigh* Well Diary… I finally confessed what I've been trying to ignore for the longest time now. Until my next entry.


Cynthia closed the book and smiled in satisfaction.

"Guess what Louise." She said to Louise.

"I don't really want to." Louise mumbled.

"The wallaby has fallen in love with her hedgehog friend." Cynthia told her. Louise was surprised to hear this, but didn't show it. "Who'd have thought that the only girl that could stand up to me would be reduced to a helpless kitten if anyone found out her secret? I can definitely use this against her."

"Come on Louise, let's go back to my place." Cynthia said as she turned and began running, slamming into a tree shortly after. "Who put this tree here?" she grumbled as she started walking a bit wobbly, the book still in her hand. Louise followed closely behind her.

Later that evening, about 7:30 pm, at Camille's home…

Camille entered her home after a long afternoon with her friends. When she entered the living room, she saw her sister, Cecile, on the couch reading a book. She was still in her sports outfit; a fashion phase she never grew out of.

"Hey Cecile," Camille greeted her sister.

"Hey Cam," she replied, greeting her back.

"Are mom and dad home yet?" Camille asked.

"They both called and said-"

"-Another late night?" Camille said, cutting her off and finishing her sister's statement, at which she nodded in reply. Camille gave a heavy sigh. "Figures," she said, as she made her way to her room.

About two minutes later, a scream was heard, startling Cecile and causing her to jump from the couch, drop the book she was reading and ran to her sister's room; which was the source of the scream.

"Camille! What's wrong?! What happened?!" Cecile asked frantically, as she barged into her sister's room.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I couldn't have lost it, I just couldn't!" Camille panicky exclaimed as she searched through her books she poured out of her bag for the third time.

"Lost what?" Cecile asked, but Camille either ignored her or didn't hear her.

"Why! How could I have been so stupid as to take it with me?!" Camille exclaimed, finally giving up as she sat on her bed burying her face into her hands.

"What did you lose Cam?" Cecile asked, approaching her sister and sitting next to her on the bed.

Camille swiftly shook her head, then removed her hands from her face. Her sister could see tears threatening to escape and knew her sister was forcing to keep them in. It was a code of their family to not cry under any circumstances; unless it was something really tragic, like the loss of a loved one. But to Camille, it was something tragic.

"I did a very stupid thing," She finally said to her sister. "I took my Dairy with me today to use while I waited for the guys."

Cecile raised an eyebrow as she looked at her sister with a look that said 'that's what all the fuss is about'.

"Your Diary? That's what all this is about?" she flatly asked.

"You don't understand!" Camille yelled, startling her sister. "My deepest, darkest secret is in there! If one of the kids finds it and reads it… my life is over! Ruined!" she exclaimed, gripping her head in frustration.

"Calm down sis! What's this secret of yours that's so deep, you'd die if someone found out?" Cecile asked.

Camille wrapped her arms around herself, lowered her head and walked over to her bedroom window and looked out to the sky at the stars.

"I can't." she said, lowering her head again. "You wouldn't understand." She replied, sitting on the side of her bed where she could still face the window, her head still facing downward.

Cecile walked over to her sister and once again sat next to her on the bed.

"Camille… I'm your big sister. I'm sure whatever you're going through I've already been through it. I can help," she said in a comforting way to Camille, causing her to look up at her sister.

"I highly doubt that." Camille replied.

"Try me." Cecile countered.

Camille then gave a heavy sigh. "Promise you won't freak out." She told her sister.


Camille took a deep breath to calm herself, as well as to keep back the tears that threaten to come out.

"I know… it's wrong. I know… it shouldn't happen, but it did." She started, and paused for a few seconds. Her sister waited patiently for her to continue.

"I… I have… fallen in love with… my best friend." She finished. She had finally told someone her secret.

"Which one?" Cecile asked.

"…Alfred…" she said in a soft voice.


"I know! I know! It's wrong!" Camille cried out. "But I tried Cecile! I really did try to erase the feeling when it started, but it only got stronger!"

"Camille-" Cecile was cut off again as her sister continued to ramble while pacing frantically up and down her room, not hearing her sister call out to her.

"CAMILLE!" she yelled, finally getting her sister's attention. Camille covered her ears from her sister's outburst.

"You didn't have to yell you know," Camille replied a bit annoyed. Cecile simply rolled her eyes in annoyance and sighed.

"Listen Camille, I know how you feel and what you're going through." Cecile explained.

"Y-you do?" Camille asked, sitting back next to her sister in the bed.

Cecile nodded and began to tell her sister her story. It turns out that she too had fallen for someone of another species, a fox; but after sometime of her getting to know him, she found out that he already had a girlfriend. But the good thing about it is that she never told him how she felt about him so she didn't get her heart broken by him telling her he didn't feel the same. Although her heart still broke when she found out he had a girlfriend, it was an easier heartbreak since he didn't know. But despite all that, she still hangs out and spends time with him as a really close friend.

Camille looked at her sister with surprise disbelief. She had no idea her sister had been in that kind of situation; though she couldn't blame her since it was against the law of nature for anyone to have romantic feelings for a different species.

"So you see Camille, I know what you're going through. But your situation might be different from mine. You, Alfred and Milo have been friends for as long as I can remember. So in a way, it's actually kind of normal, if not natural, for you to fall for one of them." Cecile told her sister.

She then eyed her sister from the corner of her eye with a mischievous grin and said, "Though I'm not the least bit surprised that you did; and I'm not surprised that it's Alfred either." Still grinning at her sister. Camille's face turned bright red from her sister's statement.

"I remember your first day at Gnarly Pre-Wood; Alfred was the first one to introduce himself to you, and you two hit it off right away. Then he introduced you to his friend, Milo. Ever since then, you three have been the best of friends. It was only a matter of time." She grinned toothily at Camille.

Camille, her face still red, scowled at her sister as she grabbed her pillow and hit Cecile in her face, causing her to fall and land onto the bed on her back as she started laughing.

"Come on Camille, relax. I was only trying to make you feel better," Cecile said, between laughter.

"You DID!" Camille yelled at her sister, the scowl still on her face. She then turned away from her sister. Cecile sat back up, still laughing softly. However, her smile immediate turned into a frown of concern when she saw her sister's expression. She didn't have the scowl anymore; her brows were furrowed and her face showed complete sadness. Cecile cautiously placed a hand on her sister's shoulder.

"You did make me feel better Cecile… but then you had to ruin it by teasing me about it." Camille told her sister in a sad tone.

"I'm sorry Cam. I didn't mean to, I…" Cecile apologized.

"How bout we go back out and see if we find your Diary." She suggested. "Where was the last place you had it?"

"By the big tree, near the school." Camille replied, finally looking up at her sister.

"Then let's go! Mom and dad aren't going to be home for a while, so we've got time to look." Cecile exclaimed.

Camille smiled at her sister as they got off her bed, exited her room, found some flashlights in the kitchen, and exited their house, making their way toward Gnarly Woods Academy.

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Published: 20/09/12

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